A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

Information: A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

Gh several procedurally generated floors to escape with as many gems as possible. There are guards, cameras, detectors and guard dogs to slip past as you edge your way around the level space-by-space. Like other roguelike games, you can only move in the basic compass directions – and the enemy makes their moves at the same time. You can also tap the ‘Z’ key to wait in one place, letting your enemies move along unaware of your presence. As well as the gems you’ll find scattered across each floor, you’ll also find items that can help you survive a little bit longer.

Signal jammers knock out cameras, a gun can neutralise any threat – but will alert everybody else on the floor – and a cardboard box can temporarily hide you from sight, like an ASCII version of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear franchise. Each enemy has a set path that they follow and a vision cone which you must avoid to stay undetected – and you can also sneak up and bash a baddie over the head to temporarily take them out of action, or make a camera go on the fritz just long enough for you to sneak by. Once you’re spotted though, the guards will begin to hunt you down – and won’t stop until you’ve either neutralised them or escaped to the next level! Created for the Ludum Dare 37 game jam, this ‘one-room’ themed game tasks the player with playing the developer’s new video game while it’s still being coded – with all the bugs, glitches, and unfinished levels you’d expect.

Startup A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

While the gameplay is understandably basic, the real fun comes from the player’s interaction with the developer – with each of you ultimately becoming each other’s nemesis. Initially you’ll be testing broken movement mechanics, which the developer dutifully fixes as you go. When the dev drops a door into the empty room, your first instinct is to go through it – but the level beyond it isn’t quite ready yet, and you’re under strict instruction to leave it alone. Of course, you’re going to make it your number one priority to get out of the room through the door – and dev is going to try everything to stop you. The fourth-wall breaking humour is fantastic, and the clever twists caught us by surprise.

It’s five minutes of your time well spent! Aboard the submarine Blue November, your captain has assigned you to find the traitor aboard the vessel it makes its way to Vladivostok. You have to find him before you get to your destination – and time is running out! Can you balance your own day-to-day responsibilities on the submarine with your secret mission to find the mole? You’ll navigate the vessel from aft to stern, inspecting the crew quarters, bridge and torpedo bays while keeping an eye on the crew as they perform their duties.

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While most of their actions seem to be on task, why is the torpedo gunner making whispered calls from the radio room? The nuclear engineer seems to be spending a lot of time in the crew quarters? And why is the Captain acting so strangely?

At the end of each day, you’ll get the chance to point the accusatory finger at a crew member or ask for more time. Pick incorrectly and you fail the mission – but take too much time and it could end in disaster for your crewmates! Unmind is a simple yet addictive puzzle game that tasks you with sliding a number of coloured dots around a grid maze. You’ll need to position the dots within their corresponding holes in the fewest number of moves. Sure, you’ll breeze through the first few levels – but you’ll soon find it gets much harder!

Installed Programs A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

Using the arrow keys to move the dots, the difficulty comes from the fact that you control all of the dots at the same time! This means a plan of action is required to drop colours into their holes in the correct order to get the puzzle solved in the fewest moves possible. Games in the ‘bullet hell’ genre can at times be impossibly difficult when the screen is saturated with tiny specks of instant death. They take infinite amounts of concentration and fast reflexes to survive.

So what better way to improve on this with something to drag it down to the ninth circle of bullet hell: a Typing of the Dead-style combat mechanic! As Ray Bibbia, mighty exorcist, you battle against the devil, who has possessed a young girl. To save her soul you must recite passages of Latin by typing them out with one hand while dodging waves of demonic attacks with the arrow keys in the other. You’ll have to manage some serious levels of multitasking – but if you take a hit you’ll drop you trusty Bible and become vulnerable to a losing a life. Lose three lives and you’ll fall to evil – but manage to recite three passages of Latin successfully and you’ll banish the devil back to where it came from once and for all! Draculaland – or ‘Draculalalaland’, as you’ll likely stumble through saying the title out loud – is a perfectly sized gothic adventure-puzzle game, following Jonathan Harker in his quest to slay the notorious Wallachian, Count Dracula, and rescue his bride Mina from his castle.

Public release A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

After receiving a telegram from famed vampire – hunter Van Helsing, Jonathan arrives in Transylvania to discover that his dear friend has already failed in his mission to take on the Count. The game is a super-accessible text-based adventure, where you control inventory management and your progress through the game with your mouse cursor, rather than having to guess specific, parser-friendly phrases to type in. Each scene only has a few buttons to choose from and navigation is much, much faster than typing in directions – and so, more time can be spent solving the inventory-based puzzles. Without spoiling anything, you may have to think cryptically to solve some of these, slay the evil vampire and rescue Mina! Fantastic spooky fun for those cold autumn nights.

Harking back to the days of the original Mario Bros., this charming platformer tasks you with collecting acorns across a map, which wraps around at the edges, while being pursued by your shadow. The shadow follows your exact movements, but is delayed by a couple of seconds.

Public release A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

Wipe Drives A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

So long as you keep moving and don’t walk over the same path you’ve just taken, you should be able to evade the shadow – but if it catches you, the game is over! Collecting more acorns spawns more shadows, which follow in a line of insta-death umbra. You can remove shadows by collecting rare fireflies, which randomly appear and fly from one side of the map to the other. The more adventureous will likely want to grab the +4 point honey jars that appear thoughout the game – but beware, these unleash a swarm of bees that aren’t restricted by the platforms and will mercilously pursue the red bear! Can you get on the leaderboard? Every wanted to run your own video game shop? This fun buying/selling game tasks you with negotiating prices on used video games and consoles in order to make a profit – when you’re able to sell them! Sellers will visit your store with their games and answer any questions you have about their history and how old they are, then quote a price they’re happy to sell at. It’s your job to use all the clues available to work out if you’ve got a rare gem on your hands or a total waste of money: it’s entirely possible to buy a game and end up losing money on it when it’s sold. It’s smart plan to test every item you’re presented with, because faulty games are a sure way to lose money. Some games are rarer than others – especially the hard-to-find Japanese imports – and fully packaged games are worth more. Some games are signed by the developers, but may also be damaged and faulty, so it takes a keen eye to work out what’s going to earn a profit.

You can call an expert if you’re unsure about an item, and you’ll be offered some advice for a $10 fee. If you’re not happy with how a negotiation is going – or if you’re just flat broke – you can also pass on unwanted items. This time, not even the scoreboard king is safe from being taken down by a new player: here, every player is armed with a swinging mace that gets larger with each kill. As you move your character around the map in search of foes using the WASD keys, you’ll need to weaponise your mace by skillfully swinging it around your head with the mouse cursor. Each player you take out increases the size of your mace! The mace can also be used to deflect enemy attacks, so a good defensive strategy is to keep it close. At the same time, though, this means you’re not able to get the kind of reach or swing needed to catch out the players who surround you. A mace at full speed is much faster than a player is able to move – so another great strategy is to keep the mace swinging wildly at its full circumference!

Latest firmware A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

You control a fighter jet in a mad-paced, free-for-all 2D dogfight over the ocean against other players. Each plane has a limited amount of health, which will cause engine failure if it plummets too low and a mid-air explosion if it’s completely depleted!

Leaving the area or crashing into the ocean incurs health penalties too, and flying too high will stall your plane, leaving you vulnerable for attack. Players score points by taking down other planes, collecting floating orbs and finding power-ups. These power-ups include a three-shot spread gun, a railgun, missles and even a rare laser superweapon.

Portable rus A.C.E.: Another Century’s Episode R for Playstation 3 (Japanese Language Import)

There are health pickups too, but players will also heal slightly upon killing another player. If you’re taken down, you’ll lose half your accumulated points – but can respawn instantly to get back into the fight. Make it to the top of the leaderboard and you’

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