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Ountless space battles, explore countless sectors of deep space, and watch your crew die countless deaths in the vast and pitiless void of space. Oh, well. A Good Match For: People who like deep simulations and challenging games, anyone who likes Firefly and Star Trek, people who like renaming their crew members after popular 90s teen idols. Not a Good Match For: Those looking for a casual video-game fling, people who like to win, anyone who doesn’t care for randomly generated challenges that can sometimes seem unfair. Boy, would it suck to have to survive a zombie apocalypse. Every choice would be a bad one, and every alliance you made would be a temporary one. Who’s going to betray you? Whom should you betray?

What if you had a child to protect? Ugh. Worst. At this point, most people are familiar with the critically celebrated first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead adventure game, which feels right at home on the iPad’s touch screen.

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If you haven’t played, this is the way to do it. It’s like an animated comic book where you make all the tough decisions. A Good Match For: Fans of adventure games or Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, those who like the Walking Dead TV show but wish the characters were more interesting or likable, misery addicts, Georgians.

What do you call a mobile MOBA? A mobiMOBA, maybe? Whatever you call it, Vainglory is an elegant distillation of the essence of a MOBA, pitting teams of three players against each other in battle a la League of Legends or Dota. Vainglory is simple, intuitive, and approachable, and a great entry point to the world of MOBAs. A Good Match For: Those who want a MOBA to play on the go, those who have seen the rise of games like League of Legends and Dota 2 and are wondering what all the fuss is about. This tower-defense title initially distinguishes itself with a cartoony renaissance faire motif that makes identifying your units easy and eye-pleasing. Its more crucial improvement is in offering permanent incremental upgrades that you can carry over from session to session, making it so that you get persistent rewards from dedicated play. That’s how you build a relationship that lasts, my liege. A Good Match for: Folks addicted to upgrades.

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Players just don’t get better structures as in loads of other similar games. Kingdom Rush also delivers stronger spells for your buffed-up emplacements, too. And you know what? You can level up those spells, too. Not a Good Match For: Those who want quiet strategy sessions. The characters who war with each other blurt out corny catchphrases that will annoy you really quickly.

It’s enough to make you wish death on your own soldiers. Monument Valley is a profoundly relaxing game. It will occupy only an hour or so of your time, but it’ll be a really nice hour. As the princess Ida makes her way through a lonesome and troubled kingdom, you’ll flip and rotate Escher-esque perspective puzzles to allow her to pass through beautiful, mysterious structures.

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In its brief runtime, Monument Valley manages to combine aspects of games like Fez, The Unfinished Swan and even Journey, while wrapping it all up in art that’s, well… look at the gif, man. While just as polished and fun as its two predecessors, The Room 3 further improves on series’s basic formula in some interesting ways. Each level still consists of a large object in the middle of a room, with you slowly picking, twisting, and puzzling it open. When you finally trigger a solution, it’s as gratifying as ever to watch the mechanism whirr to life and unfold into a whole new set of intricate challenges. But The Room 3 also turns inward, bending its rules of time and space in order to fit puzzles within puzzles and achieve maximum puzzle density.

Same creepy atmosphere, same mysterious story, better puzzles than ever. By boat, by land, by airship, by giant mechanized city with legs, do you have what it takes to make it… Around the World in 80 Days? That’s the question at the heart of 80 Days, a fantastical re-imagining of Jules Verne’s famous novel that casts you as Passepartout, manservant to the gentleman Phileas Fogg. As a valet, you are responsible for packing the bags, negotiating at markets, and planning the itinerary on your journey ‘round the globe. Each trip will be different from the one before it, and thanks to the game’s peppy writing and frequent surprise detours, each trip will be great deal of fun. 80 Days captures the joy and melancholy of travel with unusual wit and humanity. Not a Good Match For: Anyone looking for a low-investment, pick up/put down action game. Also, those who hate to read—the majority of 80 Days is text-based interactive fiction.

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Hitman games are famous for their open-ended sandboxes. At their best, they let you creep around a party or a museum, find your target, and creatively take them out. Hitman GO… doesn’t really do that. What it does do, however, is offer a bunch of smart, tightly designed puzzles that gradually become more complicated as you go, but are never too complicated to finish off in the space of a single bus ride. With its stripped down board-game aesthetic and abstract violence, it may not look much like a Hitman game, but it still manages to capture the series’ meticulous, satisfying nature.

A retro-styled adventure that pays homage in equal parts to Robert E. Howard and Shigeru Miyamoto, this indie release uses a grainy impressionistic art style to draw players into a lo-fi fantasy quest. A Good Match for: Folks whose last gaming hardware was the Atari 2600. Not only will Sworcery’s visuals ping their nostalgia, the ease of the game invites lapsed gamers back and its clever presentation shows off how sophisticated gaming’s become. Not a Good Match For: Those who want fast-paced action.

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You’re encouraged to meander and explore in this game and soaking up its decompressed experience matters more than winning out its battles. Remember Magic: The Gathering?

Sure you do. Blizzard’s new card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a lot like that, albeit streamlined and easier to pick up and play… and way more addictive. Like FTL, Hearthstone is another game that began on PC but seemed destined for tablets, and boy oh boy does it fit right in. After an hour or two you’ll be building your own custom decks and challenging your friends and strangers to matches, either online or, if you’ve both got iPads in the same room, in person.

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Each match is over in a matter of minutes, making it easy to fit into your everyday life. And while eventually you might feel tempted to start paying for the random card booster packs, you can wring a whole lot of enjoyment out of Hearthstone without paying a nickel. A Good Match For: Fans of card games like Magic: The Gathering, people who like Blizzard games, anyone looking for a fun (free!) online multiplayer game for iPad. Not a Good Match For: High-level perfectionists who don’t want to pay extra, people hoping for an offline option.

Hearthstone will do a good job of matching you up against random online players of a similar level, but if you want to build a deck full of rare, powerful cards, you’ll have to sink in some cash. There it is: proof that a multiplatform game released in 2012 can recapture the glories of a 1994 PC classic. The re-imagined XCOM delivers graphical upgrades and interface refinements like you might expect but what really makes it sing is the added attachment that you feel to the battles and the soldiers who fight them. Touch screen controls—pinch to zoom, sliding for camera control and movement and commands done by tapping or double-tapping—feel great on the mobile version, making it feel like very little was sacrificed to bring this accomplished re-imagining to your fingertips.

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The latest version also adds the excellent Enemy Within expansion, giving you even more ways to fail and watch your while team die screaming. A Good Match for: Efficiency lovers.

This version of human-vs-aliens warfare streamlines gameplay when compared to its predecessor. And the importance of cover in combat and clever deployment of perks makes you consider every decision intensely.

Not a Good Match For: Those who want quick skirmishes. The combat in 2012 XCOM can stretch on way longer than is necessary.

Because the battles require active engagement, you can feel chained to a session. Update 1/13/2016: The list gets an overdue update: The Room Three bumps off its predecessor The Room Two, and Hitman GO replaces list stalwart Spelltower.

Expect more iPad updates in 2016 than we had in 2015.Update 1/15/2015: Our list gets a healthy update as Papers, Please, 80 Days and Vainglory edge off Infinity Blade III, République, and SpaceChem. The expanded XCOM: Enemy Within replaces its predecessor, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Update 4/23/2014: The iPad has had a hell of a couple of months, with three new games earning a place on this list. Newcomers FTL: Faster Than Light, Monument Valley and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft push Device 6, World of Goo and Blek off the list. Update 2/04/14: With a new design comes an opportunity to overhaul our list, adding some games that should’ve been on here while making room for some new ones. Hundreds, Beat Sneak Bandit, Knightmare Tower and The Room all clear out for The Walking Dead, République, Blek and The Room Two. Update 11/01/13: Two new iPad models come out today. Maybe you’re getting one. Good for you! In the spirit of new stuff, we’re adding some recently released games to the lis

  • Hearts of Iron III: British Vehicle Pack
  • SingStar (Stand Alone) – Playstation 3
  • Horsez & Horsez Ranch Rescue Double Pack (PC-DVD)
  • Soultrap the First 3 Nightmares
  • Majesco-Blast Works:Build,Fuse & Destroy
  • JumpStart Advanced Preschool with Free VHS Video
  • 3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 [Japan Import]
  • NEW Nickelodeon Dance X360 (Videogame Software)
  • FIFA Soccer 13 PS3 FIFA Soccer 13 PS3
  • Virtual Resort: Spring Break – PC
  • The Eastern Realm Expansion -for- The Settlers Rise of an Empire (PC-DVD) Settlers 6 (Rise of an empire) required to play
  • Electronic Arts Fifa 13
  • Wildlife Park Tycoon
  • Heavy Fire: Afghanistan [Japan Import]
  • F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon – Playstation 3
  • Airline Tycoon 2
  • High Quality New Big Fish Games Mystery Case Files Madame Fate Puzzle Solving Pc Software Windows Xp Vista 7
  • Robert D Anderson & the Legacy of Cthulhu
  • The Jolly Post Office
  • Hitman: Sniper Challenge (Playstation 3)
  • Red Faction 2 – PC
  • Mass Effect 2 Inferno Armor Download Code
  • Child Of Eden
  • Puzzle Expedition – PC
  • CSI: Fatal Conspiracy – Nintendo Wii
  • Angry Birds
  • New Electronic Arts Madden Nfl 11 Sports Game Complete Product Standard 1 User Retail Wii