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Lashpoints added in Shadow of Revan, and is the final part of the Rishi storyline. Having learned of a jammer on Razorback Island that is blocking all attempts to warn the Republic and Imperial fleets above Rishi of the Revanites in their midst, players storm the island and battle through the Order of Revan’s forces in order to reach and deactivate the jammer. Like Blood Hunt and the Forged Alliances Flashpoints, Battle of Rishi includes a solo mode as part of the expansion’s storyline.

[42] In addition to Flashpoints, The Old Republic includes a number of Operations, which are mission events similar to Flashpoints but require groups of either eight or sixteen players. Operations are designed to be significantly more challenging than Flashpoints.

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[52]Terror From Beyond is an Operation added as the main focus of Game Update 1.4. The Operation takes place on the Gree planet of Asation, which has recently been overrun by monstrous otherworldly creatures and rogue Gree defense droids; an unknown force seeks to take control of the ancient hypergate on the planet. Players battle through hordes of enemies to reach the hypergate, where they battle a resurrected Kephess and the Dread Guard. However, once their servants are defeated, the Dread Masters activate the hypergate, unleashing Lotek’k—the Terror From Beyond.

The creature from another dimension is battled in a series of strategic waves, and the Operation ends with Lotek’k’s defeat.[17] Scum and Villainy, also known as Legions of Scum and Villainy, is a tie-in operation released alongside Rise of the Hutt Cartel, taking place on the desert world Darvannis—where the Hutt Cartel is apparently assembling an army. Players are sent in to destroy the army before it can take form, and they battle through the harsh desert and sandstorms before reaching the settlement of Oasis City. Fighting mercenaries and a number of bosses, such as the battle droid TITAN 6 and a large reek, the players then battle the four most powerful warlords who are being recruited.

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However, once the warlords are defeated, it is discovered that the true influence behind the mercenaries is the Dread Master Styrak. Styrak is defeated in a climatic battle.

after which the Operation comes to an end.[17] Dread Fortress is the first of the two operations added in Game Update 2.4 as the finale of the Dread Masters storyline. After completing their faction’s series of story missions on Oricon, players can participate in the Operation, which sees the players besiege the Dread Fortress.

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Battling through the structure’s defenders, including a number of powerful bosses, the players breach the fortress and encounter the Dread Master Brontes in the heart of the compound. Brontes serves as the Operation’s final boss, and the Operation ends with her defeat.

A Nightmare Mode for the Dread Fortress Operation was added in Game Update 2.7.[17] Dread Palace is the direct continuation of Dread Fortress, and sees players assault the Dread Masters’ sanctum, the Dread Palace. As the players proceed through the palace, they encounter the remaining Dread Masters—Bestia, Tyrans, and finally Raptus—who serve as the Operation’s bosses.

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Each Dread Master presents a different battle with its own challenges, and the final boss of the Operation is the Dread Council: the four Dread Masters fight the players together, and also receive aid from the spirits of Styrak and Brontes. After a lengthy battle with the four Sith, the players emerge victorious, and the Operation ends with the Sith Lords’ defeat.

A Nightmare Mode of the Dread Palace Operation was added in Game Update 2.8.[17] Star Wars: The Old Republic features two different styles of player-vs.-player combat, or PvP: Warzones and open-world PvP zones. Two open-world zones, the Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine and the Contested Zone on Ilum’s Western Ice Shelf, are accessible through general exploration and are open to all players. Warzones are accessible only through the Warzone queue system, which allows players to enter Warzones with other players from the server and return to the same location after the Warzone is completed.

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As of Game Update 1.6, there were a total of five Warzones, and Update 2.4 introduced the sixth type. Update 2.4 also removed 8-vs.-8 Ranked Warzones, as there was not enough demand for games to fill up. With Game Update 3.3, the PvP gear system was overhauled to eliminate the hard-to-acquire Ranked Warzone Commendations, with the prices for both standard and higher tier gear being drastically reduced.[54]The Civil War is an objective-based Warzone that occurs during Alderaan’s civil war, and features three gun emplacements situated in a valley with a ship for each faction hovering at either end of the valley.

Teams of eight players takes speeder bikes down from their faction ships to the valley’s surface, where they battle the opposing team for control of the three emplacements. An emplacement under one faction’s control inflicts periodic damage on the other faction’s transport, and the warzone ends when one faction’s ship is destroyed.

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[17]The Voidstar is a conquest Warzone that takes place on the Voidstar, a recently rediscovered Imperial prototype warship. One team of eight players attempts to fight their way to the ship’s datacore while the second attempts to stop them, and the teams then switch places.

Players must plant bombs on one of the two blast doors for each of three rooms, and if the players reach the final room before the timer runs out, they attempt to access the datacore. If the second team succeeds in opening a chamber that the previous team did not, the Warzone ends with the second team’s victory.

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[17]Huttball is a capture-the-flag style Warzone set on Nar Shaddaa, where teams of eight players attempt to carry the Huttball to the opposing team’s endzones. The arena features acid pits, elevated walkways, pits, and flame-jets, and the team with the highest score wins when the Warzone timer ends. Players are able to pass the ball between their team, and players steal the ball from opposing players by killing them in combat.

A new Huttball Warzone, Quesh Huttball Pit, was introduced in Game Update 2.7; the map is significantly different than the original, with a new layout and new traps.[17]Novare Coast is an objective-based Warzone introduced in Game Update 1.2, and it occurs on the Novare Coast of Denova. Teams of eight players attempt to take control of the three gun emplacements in order to destroy the other team’s base, which unlike the Alderaan Warzone is located directly adjacent to the battlefield.

When players of the same faction face each other, the Warzone is described as a live-fire simulation of the battle on Denova.[17]Ancient Hypergate is a unique Warzone introduced in Game Update 1.6, and it sees players battling on the planet Seline to take control of a set of two energy pylons.

By taking control of the pylons, each eight-player team is able to activate the nearby Hypergate for their faction and summon reinforcements that wipe out the opposing team.[17]Warzone Arenas are a new type of Warzone introduced in Game Update 2.4: The Dread War that are basic player-vs.-player combat with two teams of four players. A Last Team Standing type of Warzone, Arenas task players with the elimination of the other team. Three “Arenas of Death” were introduced in the update: Corellia, a farm on Tatooine, and an Orbital Station, which all lack the environmental hazards common to other Warzone types. If neither team is victorious after a certain amount of time, a toxic gas cloud known as Sudden Death will gradually envelop the Arena from the edges in; Sudden Death takes players out of stealth and into combat, and applies a damage-over-time effect.

[59] A new Warzone Arena, Makeb Mesa, was added with Update 2.5.[60]One of the major uses of companions is the Crew Skills feature, where you can send your inactive companions on missions to retrieve items or construct items. Players can have a maximum of three Crew Skills at any time, and Crew Skills fall into three categories: Gathering Skills, Crafting Skills, and Mission Skills.[61] Mission Skills allow players to send their companions on various assignments that can result in a variety of rewards, including credits and alignment points.

Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting, and Underworld Trading are the four Mission Skills.[62] The four Gathering Skills—Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging, and Slicing—allow players and their companions to gather various resources that are scattered across the various planets, and players are also able to send their companions on missions to acquire rare resources.

[63]There are six Crafting Skills, each of which allows players to create different types of items, and each Crafting Skill has a recommended Mission and Gathering Skill that helps players make the most of their Crew Skills. Armormech deals with the creation of armor, while Armstech and Synthweaving deal with weapons and robes, and Cybertech allows players to fashion components for droids and high-tech armors.

Artifice allows players to craft lightsaber crystals and other components, and the sixth and last Crew Skill, Biochem, deals with the creation of stimulants, biological implants, and medpacs.[64] Rise of the Hutt Cartel raised the Crew Skill level cap from 400 to 450 with Advanced Crew Skill training,[65] and Shadow of Revan raised it again to 500 with Expert training.

[66] 1Rocket Jockey Train Conductor Wor

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