Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Dubbed Edition) [Best Version] [Japan Import]

How to update Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Dubbed Edition) [Best Version] [Japan Import]

T. To equip these, you’ll need to spend the same amount of money as the ATK rating. Small amounts of money can be collected from cards – but the mega-money can only be collected from slain enemies! While battling enemies, you’ll likely take damage and lose HP. When you lose all of your HP, the game is over – so you’re going to want to find heart cards to reclaim lost health.

These, of course, also cost money so you’re going to need to find a balance between reclaiming lost health and upgrading your weaponry. A stronger ATK means you can take down an enemy in a fewer number of rounds, and you’re less likely to take damage.

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But the more powerful enemies can devastate your HP in a single blow – so be sure to have spare cash to recover after each battle! Boss battles are normally tougher, but reward you with a maximum HP boost and lots of cash to play around with. Just don’t get over confident!

Each player has a King, which can move three spaces in any direction; two priests, which can move two spaces in any direction; and two guards, which can move – you guessed it – only one space in any direction. The aim of the game is to remove all of your opponent’s pieces from the board by taking them in a move. Gone are the advanced strategies of check, castling and ‘Petrov’s defense’ – here, it’s all about back-to-basics, toe-to-toe scrapping with your opponent.

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For new players, a full tutorial showcases each of the piece’s available moves – and once you’re ready, there are increasing levels of difficulty with AI opponents ranging from Novice to Expert – and there’s even a two-player mode where you can battle it out against a friend, or team up to take on an AI. As well as ‘Battle’ mode, there’s also ‘Duel’ mode, which has you tasked with taking the enemy king as your main objective. Pieces may still be in play – but as soon as the king falls, it’s all over. It’s the most powerful piece on the board, and can be deadly in the right hands. Flight is a golden oldie that we recently got some time to play through again! The paper plane game was first published by Armor Games in December 2010 and since spawned countless other ‘grind’-style games – which have you repeating the same level over and over again while collecting power ups, scoring points, hitting boosters and trying to travel as far as you possibly can. After each run of the level is over, you’re granted cash to spend on upgrades like a better plane design, a powered engine, better fuel economy and score multipliers.

Some upgrades give you some degree of control over the plane – but all of this uses precious fuel. You’ll aim to collect stars to earn cash, with golden shooting stars being worth extra and giving a handy speed boost. Paper cranes can also be collected, which add to your cash pot and can be upgraded to give similar boosts. Finally, windmills are spaced out across the canopy and give an extra boost into the skies if you hit them when coming down for a sudden landing.

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With recent news that the much-anticipated sequel will be released sometime next year, this month we’ve taken another look at Kyle’s original AOL Instant Messenger simulator game. Harking back to our younger days of Windows XP, instant-messenger programs and being full of teenage angst, Emily is Away reminds us of the days we’d log on to MSN Messenger after school, waiting patiently for our friends to sign in and then playing it cool (read ‘freaking out’) when our crush would appear! Rule number one was never to start a new conversation as soon as they came online: you had to give it a minute or so, so as not to look too interested – but inevitably, they’d log off again soon after and you’d miss your chance!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes! Emily is Away plays on these experiences and follows the relationship between your character and best friend Emily over five years of their lives in a branching narrative. From high school graduation through moving away to college, you’ll decide which way the relationship goes with the choices you make – with you having to physically ‘hacker-type’ each pre-scripted message.

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It’s a wonderful way to make the game feel like you’re actually responding to Emily’s messages – and even includes moments where your character self-censors to avoid showing his true feelings. We can’t wait to try out Emily is Away Too next year – so if you’ve got a spare hour, give this one a try and relive those nostalgia-fuelled days of emoticons, cool lime-green fonts and music-inspired away messages.

These enemy forces include light infantry, rocket troops, minigun-wielding juggernauts and a selection of different heavy vehicles, which are all dropped before marching towards your base. You have some troops and tanks of your own that you can pick up and place on the map – but your best defense is a good strong flick to ping the enemy pieces off the table! It might sound like cheating – but all’s fair in love and war, as they say. You’ll want to assist your units by getting rid of enemy rocket troops early, as these can be lethal to your infantry and light tanks. You can even pick up and move enemy troops away from the front line, so your troops can mop up a much smaller resistance before moving forward. Once you’ve taken out the enemy troops with some Subbuteo-like flicking skills (and a little help from your army), you’re able to take down the enemy headquarters and claim victory!

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Recently, we took a look at Robin Johnson’s Draculaland in our Top Free PC Games list, which happily led us to check out his latest work of interactive fiction, Detectiveland, which at the time of writing is being judged as part of 2016’s Interactive Fiction Competition. The game places you in the gumshoes of Lanson Rose, private investigator, as you scrape together a meagre living by solving three unique cases, which you can play in any order. Like Draculaland, the game is completely mouse-controlled to avoid the kind of annoying word parser troubles seen in most other text adventures.

You’ll find clues – some useful and some useless – and store them in your bottomless pockets, while interacting with many different characters with unknown motives and exploring a whole town full of streets and avenues to get lost in. Thankfully, you can hail a cab to get you where you need to go faster! Released just before Halloween last month, Bloodlust is a stylised infinite-wave survival game that places you in the cape of a hungry vampire who must feed to stay alive…? dead…? Undead!

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As your health slowly drops, mobsters with machine guns – or “shady vampire hunters”, as developer Lung_ calls them – spawn into the game area and try to take you down with a hail of silver bullets. As the bullets fly, you’ll need to dodge them with a dash move – while also taking down the mobsters and feeding on them to regenerate your health.

Bigger mobsters earn you more points while also regenerating more health with each feed. While dashing, you’re also invulnerable to damage, so you can cut through the bullets while attacking. You can’t overuse it, though, as it has a cool down that can leave you vulnerable!

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The Little Crane That Could is a fun construction simulator for both Mac OS and iOS, putting you in the driving seat of an industrial crane and challenging you with a variety of tasks to complete. You’ll take control over driving your crane and manipulating the arm and claw to pick up, move and drop all kinds of items – from bridge parts to basketballs!

The controls are fairly simple, but the execution isn’t, and you’ll need to drive carefully or you’ll crash your crane and fail the level. What I like about The Little Crane That Could is that even though it portrays itself as a ‘serious’ game, it’s also a little silly – and that’s a good thing. Instead of going for the realism of having to actually work on a construction site, you’re treated to something much more fun, like dunking basketballs or building a bridge while you’re balanced on it! If you enjoy playing the free version of the game, you can buy extra levels from the App Store, but there’s so much replay value to be had with the main game that I’ve not felt the need to upgrade yet. I would recommend this game to anyone with the patience to play it: you’ll need good coordination to not tip your crane over or drop your load in the wrong place, and you’ll end up playing some levels again and again until they’re perfected. If you’ve played games like Surgeon Simulator, Farming Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator and didn’t quit out of frustration, you’re bound to enjoy The Little Crane That Could! Doblons.

io takes you to the high seas as you battle other players for naval supremacy. We love the ‘.io’ games – they’re basically the games you used to play on graph paper at school brought to life! Doblons looks deceptively simple, but there’s some important decisions to make should you survive long enough to upgrade your ship. More weaponry may sound like the obvious one to go for – but you’ll lose precious speed which may leave you unable to flee if you run into a fight you can’t handle.

As you sail around, you collect coins that will allow you to purchase upgrades such as a stronger hull, a faster turning speed and greater damage for your cannons. You can even purchase extra ships for your fleet, which follow you around collecting coins and causing a nuisance for the enemy. Each enemy you kill gives you points which brings you further up the leaderboard.

Be careful though: once you’re

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