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Tlefield. Many of Korriban’s NPCs appear as enemies during the Republic version of the Flashpoint.[17]Makeb is a resort world in the Mid Rim that was settled during the Mandalorian Wars, and the planet has a unique topography: Makeb is covered by towering mesas that reach thousands of meters into the air, and many of the mesas are breaking apart thanks to the Hutt Cartel’s mining operations.

The powerful mineral isotope-5 also warps the planet’s atmosphere, preventing most starships from entering the atmosphere. A Level 50–55 world that is introduced in the Digital Expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Makeb features lengthy world arcs for each faction, as well as plenty of daily and Heroic missions and even a mini-Operation, Toborro’s Courtyard.

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The Republic world arc deals with rescuing Makeb’s citizens and ends with the planet’s apparent destruction, but Makeb somehow stabilizes before the planet entirely breaks apart. The Imperial storyline, which deals with the Empire’s covert efforts to secure isotope-5 and therefore restore their advantage in the war, reveals the reason behind this, as Imperial players manage to stabilize the planet’s core and prevent its destruction.[11]The moon of Nal Hutta in the Y’Toub system of Hutt Space, Nar Shaddaa is a decadent and crime-ridden version of Coruscant.

Intended for players between Levels 20 and 24, Nar Shaddaa is officially a neutral world and is visited by both Republic and Imperial players after either Taris or Balmorra in Act I, though the only location accessibly by both factions in the Promenade shopping complex. As a city planet, Nar Shaddaa lacks a cohesive world map, and each faction explores a number of subzones that are directly adjacent to the other faction’s areas. Nar Shaddaa was a major location in the Grand Acquisitions Race World Event alongside Dromund Kaas and Coruscant, with several of the nine items required for the event located in the moon’s various districts.

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[17]The starting planet for the Trooper and Smuggler classes, Ord Mantell is a Mid Rim world that is dominated by oceans, islands, and larger continents. The events of the game occur on the island of Avilatan, and Ord Mantell is considered to be a Republic-allied planet that lies within the northern section of the “Coreward Worlds.

” As a starting planet, it lacks a main world arc, but the isle of Avilatan is embroiled in a fierce civil conflict known as the Separatist War between the Republic and a Mantellian Separatist Movement that objects to the rampant corruption that plagues their planet’s government. The Trooper and Smuggler class storylines result in the near destruction of the Separatists, which in turn leads to the events of the Cademimu V Flashpoint.

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[17]Oricon is a moon on the edges of the galaxy that is saturated with the dark side. A new Level 55 story area and Daily Mission Area introduced in Update 2.4: The Dread War, it is the site of the Dread Fortress, the seat of the Dread Masters’ power. Just prior to the players’ arrival, a Republic fleet has been destroyed over the moon, littering the region around the Dread Fortress with starship wreckage and possessed soldiers. Oricon features world arcs for each faction and a number of daily missions, and the world arcs lead directly into the Dread Fortress and Dread Palace Operations.

Each faction’s camp features a communications beacon that players must interact with to be picked up by their ship, which otherwise remains outside of the debris field around the moon.[17] When upcoming content was leaked in 2012, an early version of the Oricon storyline was included in the plans for Update 1.5—a single Operation entitled “The Dread Masters” that would take players to the planet in a story phase, similar to other Operations, without a Daily Area. Located in Hutt Space, Quesh is a planet that possesses a toxic atmosphere which belies the world’s potential value. The chemicals that compose Quesh’s atmosphere and are buried in Quesh’s surface, which were brought to the surface during the Quake millennia earlier, are refined by the Republic and their allies the Three Families into valuable adrenals. Players arrive on Quesh just as the Empire has launched an invasion, and while the planet possesses a world arc, it is rather short and each class only has a single mission there. Imperial players aid Moff Dracen’s efforts to draw the Republic into open war and eliminate the three Hutts who make up the Three Families, and the Republic storyline—which occurs chronologically after the Empire storyline—deals with General Korvan’s efforts to drive Dracen and his forces off Quesh.[17]A city-planet destroyed early in the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Taris has slowly crept back to life over the last three centuries, resulting in an urban wasteland that is gradually being reclaimed by nature.

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Located in the “Seat of the Empire,” Taris is designed for Republic players between Levels 18 and 22 and is visited at the beginning of Act I. The planet’s world arc deals with the Taris reconstruction effort, a government program under the leadership of Governor Saresh, and the vicious rakghouls are among the wildlife encountered on Taris’ surface. The wreck of the Endar Spire is one of many references to the events of Knights of the Old Republic that are present on Taris, such as a mission investigating the fates of the Outcasts.

Imperial players arrive at the beginning of Act II, between Levels 32 and 36, and they work with the Imperial invaders in order to destroy the resettlement initiative and return Taris to its previous state of devastation.[17]A desert planet in the Outer Rim Territories, Tatooine is visited by players halfway through Act I, between Levels 24 and 28. Republic players visit the city of Anchorhead, while Imperials land in the occupied settlement of Mos Ila, and players explore the Jundland Wastes and Dune Sea regions—both of which originated are locations that originated in the first Star Wars films. Other elements from the original movies are also present, such as the Tusken Raiders, Jawas, and the sarlacc pit. Both the Republic and the Empire’s world arcs deal with an abandoned Czerka Corporation excavation project in the Dune Sea; players work with either the SIS or the Imperial Reclamation Service as they locate the excavation and discover that Czerka found a Rakatan device—a device that contained a Rakata known as the Imprisoned One. Other missions on the planet involve Tusken Raiders, Jawas, or the various pirate groups and mercenaries throughout the desert.

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Tatooine was the primary focus of the Rakghoul Pandemic World Event, as the crashed Stardream spread the rakghoul plague across the world.[17]The ancient homeworld of the Jedi Order, Tython is a fertile and mountainous planet located in the Deep Core. Rediscovered by Satele Shan shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant, Tython is inhabited by the savage Flesh Raiders and an illegal colony of Twi’lek Pilgrims, and serves as the starting planets for the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular classes. As a starting planet, Tython lacks a world arc, though the majority of the planet’s missions deal with the Flesh Raiders or various problems relating to the Jedi Order or the Pilgrims, and Jedi players return to Tython frequently during their later class Arcs. Tython also features some of the earliest appearances of materials related to the Je’daii Order, the Jedi’s predecessors.

During the Assault on Tython Flashpoint, Tython is invaded by the Empire, and numerous Tython NPCs are present as enemies during the Imperial version of the Flashpoint.[17]Daily Mission Areas are small environments in which elder game players can complete a series of Daily Missions, missions that are repeatable once per day, with a Weekly Mission that rewards players who complete all of the Daily Missions in the area once per week. So far, there are three Daily Mission Areas, all of which are accessible by shuttles on various worlds or terminals on the Fleet. The Black Hole is an antimatter refinery on Corellia that has become a three-way battleground in the aftermath of the Republic’s victory in the Battle of Corellia.

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A corrupt Corellian politician named Harmon Torvix has seized control of the vital region, and Imperial forces have remained on Corellia in order to seize control of the Black Hole while Republic forces battle to break Torvix’s hold on the region.[17]Section X is located on Belsavis and is the original site of the Belsavis prison, and though it was abandoned when the prison expanded, it was also the site where the Dread Masters were originally imprisoned before being put into stasis.

In Section X, both Republic and Imperial forces battle the Dread Guard as the Dread Masters’ servants attempt to wreak havoc in the area and unearth technology and creatures that should remain buried.[17]CZ-198 is a small moon located in the Unknown Regions that is Czerka Corporation’s premier research facility.

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Following the Republic’s seizure of Czerka’s assets, Czerka personnel loyal to Special Executive Rasmus Blys refuse to allow either the Republic or the Empire to take the facility. CZ-198 was introduced in Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry, and features entrances to the two Czerka Flashpoints; the storyline involving the Flashpoints introduce players to CZ-198.[17] juli 26, 2017 om 5:10 am Spyro DS ($9.99) – Best Buy In the third game, the classic routine for “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” includes air dru

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