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Schilling and his three sons, Richard Jr., Ron, and Scott. Scott Schilling is now retired from the restaurant business and lives in Villa Hills. It just kind of grew. The spiral staircase went to six banquet rooms upstairs and then you had the Zebra Room below them. The Viennese Room could be three banquet rooms and held about 300 people. Then you had the Empire Room, which was the main ballroom from the original Beverly Hills, and that could hold 650. Then we added the Garden Room and the Cabaret Room….Wayne Dammert was a longtime waiter and banquet captain at the club and is the author of Inside the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire. He lives in Alexandria. It was really beautiful.

Elegant, I would say. Everything was gold and maroon. There were lots of chandeliers and the busboys were always cleaning them. Under the circular stairs there was a waterfall and walls of mirrors.

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Out in the back there was a nice garden with a fountain and a chapel. We had weddings, public school proms, police functions, business functions—any kind of party you could imagine.

Toward the end, people had to book two and three years in advance. Lise Bohannon was a waitress in the Cabaret Room. She now lives in Monfort Heights and works as an office manager.

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You could make a killing if you were a good waitress. I loved working there, not only because of the money but because we all worked so hard together.

There was this camaraderie—it was like a family—and that whole entertainment thing was very exciting. Jim Teter is a comedian and was a regular performer at the club. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

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The Cabaret Room was wonderful, comparable in size and certainly laid out like a big Las Vegas showroom—like the Sands or the Sahara. Eleven hundred people could pack in there, so the explosion of their laughter was real loud. I loved it. Jeff Ruby is a local restaurateur and a friend of the Schilling family.

It was great because you could see Vegas shows. I saw Redd Foxx in the lounge—not even in the Cabaret Room. There was nothing like it in this town and there hasn’t been anything like it since. David Brock was a busboy at the time of the fire and eventually ended up working for the Schilling family for 20 years. Today he lives in Independence. Anything Mr. Schilling built, he built it like Hollywood.

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He told me personally, “If you ever build anything, make sure it looks glamorous. You want plenty of lights.

You want it to be recognized. That’s the only way you’re going to be successful.

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” Commitment was everything to the Schillings. You come in, you work hard, and you take care of the customers.

Walter Bailey was an 18-year-old busboy. He now lives in Flower Mound, Texas, where he runs his own investment business.

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You were really working for three brothers, Ron, Richard, and Scott. Scottie was a big guy, like a linebacker, and he headed up the busboys and party services. Ron took care of the shows, booking talent for the Cabaret Room. And Richard ran the restaurant and bar; he was sort of the boss. Their father came in occasionally.

He had that look of a man in charge—you know, a guy who got things done. Jeff Ruby: He wasn’t big but he had a presence about him. He was loud, dressed good, kind of a tough guy. He didn’t mince words. He liked things first-class and his whole idea was to bring a Vegas-type atmosphere to this region. Larry Wetenkamp was a maître d’ in charge of parties.

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He’s now a retired schoolteacher living in Park Hills. Yes, [Richard Sr.] was tough. Yes, he was demanding. But when you have 350 employees you had to be or you’re gonna get your ass robbed.

But if you had a problem he’d help you out. I can remember many a time Dick signed a check over to an employee and said, “Here, take care of your mom.”Close to 3,000 people streamed into the club that night and the parking lot was packed with nearly 1,000 cars. Many were there to see singer John Davidson, who was performing at 8:30 and 11:30 in the Cabaret Room. Among the crowd was a small wedding party in the Zebra Room, an L-shaped space downstairs that had formerly been a storage closet. Amid the champagne toasts and cake, one patron had complained about a “funny odor” while others made mention of how warm the room felt. Shortly after the group disbanded, at 8:45 p. m., a reservation clerk caught a whiff of smoke while standing at her desk nearby.

Her search for the source brought her to the Zebra Room’s large wooden double doors, which she opened—and just as quickly closed, after catching sight of a cloud of gray smoke filling up the space. Wayne Dammert: I had been in the Zebra Room not long before. I had made up a bill for the wedding party and I remember looking at my watch just before I left. It said 25 until 9, exactly.

Well, it must have been around 9 when I got back upstairs and Fran Oaks, a waitress, came up to me and said, “Wayne, there’s a fire in the Zebra Room.”Walter Bailey: I was heading down the hallway toward the front of the building when a waitress rushed up to me and said, “Hey, do you know where the Schillings are?” Then she whispered, “There’s a fire in the Zebra Room” and took off. I’m thinking, It’s a girl, they get all excited about a fire, it’s probably just some appetizers burning. So I trotted down there and the room’s double doors were shut, which was unusual.

As I approached those doors, this thick, dark smoke started to seep out. When I saw that smoke, I thought, It’s not just a little fire, and I left the doors alone. Instead, I headed to the main bar, which was packed, and told them they needed to exit the building. David Brock: I was turning the corner and this busboy comes down the stairway, and I knew instantly what he was going to do, you could see it in his face: He wanted to open up those doors. To this day I don’t know what he was thinking.

I’m yelling, “Don’t do it, buddy. Don’t do it!” But he jumped over the railing and kicked both doors open. The fire had been in that ceiling for such a long time that it was roaring [and] it started to draw him in. It was like a suction. Scott Schilling: I was coming through the front dining room when one of the staff told me there was a fire. I got some fire extinguishers and then ran over to the [Zebra Room] where my brother Ron, Dave Brock, and one of the bartenders were trying to put it out. The lights were off in the room, all you could see was this glow, and of course smoke was billowing out. We couldn’t get to it. When the doors flew open, the fire was fed by a rush of oxygen, creating what is known as a “flashover.

” In an instant, the Zebra Room was transformed into a furnace, with every combustible item—chairs, tables, carpet, and wood paneling—bursting into flames. Smoke from the conflagration quickly spread to the club’s many rooms. “Get these people out of here!” Ron Schilling shouted.

The first call to the fire department went out at 9:01 p. m.Dr. Raymond Timmerman was a staff physician at St. Luke Hospital in Ft. Thomas and part of a small group of doctors and their spouses having dinner in the Viennese Room. He’s retired and lives in Ft. Thomas. We had already had our dinner when this young waiter came in and said we had to leave. He didn’t seem very excited so I said, “Well, I’ll finish my cup of coffee.

”John D. Hoyle, a former CEO of St. Luke, was dining with Timmerman. He’s now a public health advisor for the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D. C.We got into the Empire Room and I looked to my left and the doors were propped open. Smoke had already filled the bar and descended to two or three feet off the floor. There were two club employees standing there looking through the smoke. I don’t know if they were contemplating if they could hold their breath and go out the front entrance or what. I finally ran up to them, shut the doors, and yelled, “You can’t go out that way!”We got into the kitchen and there was a maître d’ in a tuxedo standing on top of a stainless steel table urging everyone to keep going. There was already some smoke entering the room and he was saying, “Come this way. Keep moving.

Come this way.” I remember there were two high school kids working as kitchen help and one of them turned to the other and said, “I need to find my time card. They’re going to pay me for tonight.” He started running his fingers through the timecard rack so he could punch out. Pete Sabino was a captain in the Cincinnati Fire Department.

He was there with his wife, son, and his son’s girlfriend to have dinner and catch Davidson’s second show. He’s now retired and lives in Delhi. We were standing in line, waiting to get into the Garden Room for dinner—there may have been 30 or 40 people ahead of us in this long hallway—and I half-jokingly said, “Which way do we go if we have to get out of here?” Right after that, these two waitresses came flying up the hallway toward the front of the building. They had panic in their faces. One nearly knocked my wife over. Then the gal at the podium says, “Come on, we’ve got to move.” We all made our way down the hall and out through the back exits. We passed by the Cabaret Room and I remember looking through the windows of the double-doors. It was business as usual—the show was going on and all the lights were on onstage.

As patrons downstairs made their way outside, upstairs, in the Crystal Room, the Afghan Hound Club and the Greater Cincinnati Choral Union were just sitting down to dinner. Smoke roiling up the stairwells began to infiltrate thes

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