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Tasy, or build your ultimate dream team, NHL 16 will deliver a single-player game mode for every type of hockey fan – each with new features that you’ve never seen in EA SPORTS NHL. Whether you play as a forward, defenseman or goalie, NHL 16 delivers a balanced gameplay experience that makes every position on the ice meaningful to team success. With gameplay innovation on offense and defense, players have new tools to not only score goals, but to prevent them as well. Finally, NHL 16 brings the game to life with distinct arena atmospheres, the most realistic players yet, and a story-driven commentary package to pull you into the energy of the game like never before. NEW WAYS TO COMPETE AS A TEAM:The New EASHL – Sharpen those skates and grab your buddies because the EA SPORTS Hockey League is back! This fan-favorite online team mode has been reimagined and lets you choose specialized player classes to deliver a balanced competitive experience on the ice. Player skill and your ability to play as a team will now be the determining factor in who wins and loses hockey games.6 v. 6 Online Team Play – Play online with up to twelve skaters including user controlled goalies.

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Using real-world NHL rosters you can compete in ranked drop-in games against players from around the world or invite your friends to a private OTP session before you step into EA SPORTS Hockey League. Online Couch Co-op – The perfect way to play when you and your friends want to jump on the couch, join forces and play some drop-in hockey online.

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It’s the best place to practice your team play skills before playing OTP or EASHL. A WAY TO PLAY FOR EVERY HOCKEY FAN: Be a GM: Player Morale – Being a GM is about more than just getting the best players, it’s about getting the right players to play well together. Each player on your NHL and AHL team has a different personality that you will have to manage.

Deal with trade demands, teammate relationships, and much more by calling team meetings or adjusting your roster to directly affect your team’s on-ice performance. Be a Pro: Shape Your Legacy – The way you play dictates the type of player you will become in an all-new Be a Pro progression system.

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On-ice actions directly influence attributes earned, ensuring that your Pro will reflect the way you play. Sim to your next shift and the ability to work your way up from CHL rookie to an NHL Superstar also make a return in NHL 16.Hockey Ultimate Team: Single Player Seasons – The most played mode in the NHL series gets even better. Improved player management and the introduction of HUT Single Player Seasons gives you another way to hone your skills before jumping online with HUT Online Seasons or challenging your friends with the Play a Friend feature.

Visual On-Ice Training – Whether you’re new to the NHL series and looking for pointers or are a grizzled veteran trying to perfect your game, this new training tool will help sharpen your offensive and defensive skills no matter your talent level. Visual aids project shooting targets, passing lanes, open teammates, and more. COMPLETE CONTROL FROM EVERY POSITION:Precision Skating – Utilize a new skating tool that allows you to make refined movements with your skater in any situation. On defense quickly jump into passing lanes and intercept the puck, or walk the blueline on the power play and open yourself up for that one-timer in the offensive zone. Seamless Puck Pickups – The ability to quickly control a pass or corral a loose puck can be the difference between generating a scoring chance and getting leveled.

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New puck pickups result in smoother transitions when receiving the puck no matter what your position, giving you more time and control to make your next move. UNRIVALLED GAME DAY AUTHENTICIY:Distinct Team Arena Atmosphere – Best in class arena authenticity gets even better with the inclusion of authentic arena effects and props including team specific celebrations, mascots, chants, and even signature props like the Lighthouse at the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota. Story Driven Commentary – Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Ray Ferraro are back and now call the game with even more emotion.

Hear Doc’s voice rise and fall with the action on the ice and get analysis from Eddie amp; Ray on the peaks and valleys of a NHL season. An expanded NBC SPORTS broadcast package and new pre-game intros brings the drama to life in more ways than ever before.

Features Diablo III – Xbox 360

Superstar Authenticity – Enhanced facial features and new equipment details synonymous with the league’s top players adds another layer of player authenticity. Use these new equipment elements to customize your own created character giving them a unique look, from custom stick tape, colored skate laces, tinted visors, and more. Playoff Beards – One of the oldest and most iconic traditions in hockey has arrived.

With accurate representations of beard patterns, length, thickness, and growth rates for individual players, the road to the Stanley Cup just got hairier. Click Images to Enlarge /p 9 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich.

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