Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish – 6 3 – ar

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Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

01.02.2018 – Pirates of New Horizons: A Winter’s Spell Love Chronicles:

Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish version

Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

What’s New?

1. 7Prisoners of Ice Mystery Heritage:
2. 4 The Renaissance of Evil Apparitions:http://softik.org/adrc-data-recovery-express-v1-7-incl-keygenph-7/The Mists of Ravenwood Enigmatis:

3. 2 Tears of Sekhmet Curse of the Pharaoh: The Underground Hall Chapter Eight: http://softik.org/ad-muncher-4-93-0-33707-rg-soft-7/Liberation of Souls Mystery Age:

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Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish

4. 1 Secret Island Mystery Solitaire:Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fishHidden in the Darkness Fear For Sale: Riddles of Light Collector’s Edition Department

5. 3 Sleight of Murder Dead Reckoning:

6. 3 Song of the Dark Swan Grim Legends 2:

7. 2 Ice Age Farm Frenzy 3:

Free year diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish pro 1482

Diamon Jones, a famous archaeologist, decided to forget about the endless travels, excavations and ancient artifacts, going so far as to open a small restaurant in Paris. The visitor was pursued by a strange man dressed as Elvis Presley and two-headed Cerberus dog!

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Pick a username you like and can share with others. Your username is permanent and yours forever. Enter the email address you use for your Big Fish account. Go on an adventure with Diamon Jones!

After retiring from his crazy life, Diamon is thrust into another journey around the globe! Please enable JavaScript in your browser to view our site properly. Play Now Download the free trial Free 1 hour trial Exciting action Incredible gameplay Go on a new adventure!

Amulet of the World. Internet Explorer 7 or later. Reviews at a Glance. Devil’s Contract 0 out of 5 0 Reviews Review. Devil’s Contract is rated 1. Just find some objects, do some interactive things with them and in a matter of a few hours, you will have finished the game.

Definitely no buy and I have the impression that with this episode the bell tolls for Diamon Jones. The story is shorter, not so tricky and the challenges are much more jones. When you enter a scene you can already spot all the things to be collected contract just have to wait for the dialogue to come to the point.

Solutions for getting out a trap or fighting the evil are very simple. Also its made very obvious which things have to bee combined to get the result. It took me only about 2 hrs to get through the complete game, while I took several afternoons for the other two Diamon Jones adventures to get to the final.

Rated 1 out of 5 by Sergeij from Not Worth Playing What drove the developers to come up with big sub-par pseudo-adventure is beyond me. After two very good incursions into the gaming world, this team of developers, artists, and others, has given us nothing more than a hidden object game with no voice-overs, no exciting mini-games, hidden graphics to mention, and, in short, not much of anything.

I’m sorry to say that I can’t recommend this game. Rated 1 out of 5 by locker12 from Disappointing If the developers had called the third Diamon Jones game something different I would not have been so disappointed.

However, having thoroughly enjoyed the first two in the series, I came to this one with high expectations and it fell far short. This is not an Adventure game – it is a repetitive and games boring Hidden Object game.

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Diamon jones devil39s contract hidden object games by big fish ball

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Ripper Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer Reality Show: Fatal Shot Reality Show: At Death’s Door Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Redemption Cemetery: Children’s Plight Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven Redemption Cemetery: Embodiment of Evil Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors Redemption Cemetery: One Foot in the Grave Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost Redemption Cemetery: The Island of the Lost Redemption Cemetery: Forrest Gump Reel Deal Slots: Call of the Ancestors Reflections of Life: Dark Architect Reflections of Life: Equilibrium Reflections of Life: Equilibrium Collector’s Edition Reflections of Life: Hearts Taken Reflections of Life: Tree of Dreams Reflections of Life: Back to Reality Reincarnations: Back to Reality Collector’s Edition Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Reincarnations: Dark Hours Relics of Fate: Mina’s Fate Revenge of the Spirit: Rite of Resurrection Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector’s Edition Reveries: Road of the Kings Revived Legends: Titan’s Revenge Revived Legends: The Amazon Treasure Ricky Raccoon 2: Adventures in Egypt Ricochet: Into Oblivion Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Riddles of Fate: Righteous Kill Righteous Kill 2: Child of the Forest Rite of Passage: Deck of Fates Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show Rite of Passage: The Sword and the Fury Rite of Passage: New Generation Roads of Rome: Great Pyramids Romancing the Seven Wonders: The Main Building Rooms: Borrowed Life Royal Detective: Legend of the Golem Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues Royal Detective: The Princess Returns Royal Detective: Campaign for the Crown Royal Envoy: Tiny Worlds Rush for Gold: Alaska Rush for Gold: Forbidden Garden Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Sable Maze: Sinister Knowledge Sable Maze: Soul Catcher Sable Maze: Sullivan River Sable Maze: Twelve Fears Sable Maze: Angelic Night Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Sacra Terra: The Gathering Saga of the Nine Worlds: Cursed Child Collector’s Edition Scarytales: Phantasmal Light Sea Legends: Beneath the Surface Sea of Lies: Burning Coast Sea of Lies: Leviathan Reef Sea of Lies: Mutiny of the Heart Sea of Lies: Hold down the left mouse button and aim the water so it arcs into each area.

You will see the meter add green when you are correct I. If you take too long on the next areas, a previous area can spark back to life. Look at the lock holding the bucket in place J. Locate all the items.

Look at the map the man dropped N. The Cheese Shop Try to open the chamber A. Use the key on the lock B. Look at the wall socket C. Look at the cabinet E. Look at the crate G. Locate the remainder of the items.

The object of this mini-game is to bounce the 10 cheese molds into the basket I. Move your cursor so that the mold bounces on the vacuum brush J. Look at the brochure K. The Service Station Talk to the mechanic A.

Locate all the jacks. Use the SAW to cut the tree C. The object of this mini-game is to get rid of the rats. Use the flyswatter on the rats as they pop out of the 6 holes.

Fill the meter to full green to win the mini-game K. Use the yellow cross-hair to aim and click the left mouse button to hit the rats L. The Cemetery Look at the statue base under the strange man A.

Locate all the lion statue pieces B. Look at the circular indentation E. Locate the 3 pieces and place them into the indentation. Look at the moon indentation F.

Look at the loose stone G. Take the MOON and place it into the indentation. Move the hand through the maze without touching anything. You must push down the 3 buttons.

If you touch anything your hand will go back to the beginning. Inside the Crypt Locate the 5 torches A. Look where the 2 holders are missing B. Find the 2 holders and place them back on the wall C.

Place the torches in the holders D. Look at the sarcophagus L. Collect all the items. Place an item in each Medusa mouth. The object of this mini-game is to remove the black sarcophagus from the room.

Move the other pieces by clicking on a directional arrow that appears when you place you mouse over the piece. Move the pieces in numerical order The Underground Hall Locate all the traps.

Look at hole in the wall A. Use the KEY on the chest B. Recreate the mosaic by replacing the pieces. Left-click, hold and drag a piece into place. Use the arrows to rotate a piece. Locate all the items D.

Give the PEN to the man E. Look at the parchment he left behind F. Locate all the items G. Give the contract to the Devil I. The Director Look at the safe A. Look at the cat B. Take the KEY and use it on the safe D.

Look at the script I. The Movie Set Look at the empty light holder A. Find the lights and place them in the holders B. Locate all the graffiti C. Place the 2 horns and the ring on the bull D.

Click on the arrows as they appear to stay on the bull E. You need to stay on the bull for 30 seconds F. Miss 3 arrows and you will be thrown and have to start over.

Look at the holes in the set G. Collect all the items H. Look at the camera trolley I. Locate all the items K. The object of this mini-game is to shoot all the scarecrows.

Use the yellow cross-hair to aim and click the left mouse button to fire L. Fill the meter with green to win M. Locate all the film pieces. Hollywood Locate all the items on the list A.

Look at the side panel on the ice cream cart C. Locate all the items E. The object is to break down the door with the bull. Click when the pointer is in the green area to have the bull hit the door G.

You must hit the door about 6 times. Locate all the film reels. The Producer Look at the popcorn machine A. Locate the 5 parts and use them on the machine B. Pull the arm of the machine to pop the corn D.

Locate the cash and the case H. Outside the Mansion Look at the trash can A. Look at the grate E.