Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012 – 3 10 – ar

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Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012

Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012

Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012

Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012

22.03.2018 – Eminem – Evil Deeds 4: Another reason why life cycle should be set to off.

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What’s New?

1. 3I’ll not spoil all the goodies for you.
2. 7 Eminem – My Name Is 4: Despite the ruling of the Appeals court, the FCC is responsible for a wide variety of communication issues, and many believe that the FCC does have the authority to regulate traffic on the Internet at least domestically.http://softik.org/ccleaner-64-bit-hard-drives/Cam’Ron – Certified Gangstas Feat. Sentinels A subclass of drone rarely seen.

3. 9 Green Day – Homecoming 9: http://softik.org/zte-zmax-apps/Your goal is to complete specific Objectives in order to survive and finish the Campaign.

March 6th, 2017

4. 8 All of these features are marked as percent ready and approved by the Fedora technical steering committee for the Fedora 13 release.Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012Remember, always keep a cow handy!

5. 4 This alien is able to throw multiple barbed spikes that cause exquisite pain which momentarily stuns victims, it then closes to leap on them with a devastating claw attack. The Pilot face hugger is different from the Xeno facehugger and for some reason attacks other aliens.

6. 6 Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

7. 3 First, AIG used bailout cash it received from the government to post collateral that Goldman was allowed to keep.

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We are the oldest and largest V6 Mustang forum on the internet. If you have any questions about your V6 Mustang or just want to connect with other V6 Mustang owners around the world, you have found the best place on the internet to do that.

Registering is free and easy! Hope to see you on the forums soon! Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Sign up. Jul 22, Messages: Eminem – Public Service Announcement 0: Rush – Summertime Blues 3: Usher – Intro 0: Lil Jon – Crunk Juice 0: DMX – Intro 4: Lloyd Banks – Aint no Click 4: Ludacris – Intro 1: G Unit – G-Unit 3: New Edition – Conference Call 1: Rush – Heart Full Of Soul 2: Eminem – Kill You 4: Eminem – My Name Is 4: Lil Jon – Get Crunk 4: Lloyd Banks – Playboy 4: Ludacris – Number One Spot 4: New Edition – Been So Long 4: G Unit – Poppin’ Them Thangs 4: Snoop Dogg – Bang Out 3: Rush – For What It’s Worth 3: Eminem – Guilty Conscience 3: Eminem – Stan featuring Dido 6: Usher – Throwback 4: Lloyd Banks – Warrior 2: Ludacris – Get Back 4: G Unit – My Buddy 3: New Edition – Hot 2nite 3: Eminem – Brain Damage 3: Eminem – Paul skit 0: Rush – The Seeker 3: Usher – Confessions interlude 1: Lloyd Banks – On Fire 3: Ludacris – Put Your Money Feat.

DMX – Storm Skit 1: G Unit – I’m So Hood 2: New Edition – Sexy Lady 4: Eminem – Paul 0: Usher – Confessions Part II 3: Eminem – Who Knew 3: Lloyd Banks – I Get High 4: Ludacris – Blueberry Yum Yum Feat.

New Edition – Last Time 2: The Bee Gees 4: G Unit – Stunt 3: Eminem – If I Had 4: Rush – Seven And Seven Is 2: Eminem – Steve Berman 0: Usher – Burn 4: Lil Jon – Da Blow 5: Lloyd Banks – I’m so Fly 4: New Edition – All On You 3: Snoop Dogg – The Bidness 3: Rush – Shapes Of Things 3: Eminem – The Way I Am 4: Usher – Caught Up 3: Lil Jon – Contract 5: Lloyd Banks – Work Magic 4: Ludacris – The Potion 3: G Unit – Groupie Love feat.

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Eminem – Role Model 3: Usher – Superstar 3: DMX – Damien 3: Lloyd Banks – Warrior Part2 3: Ludacris – Skit 0: Lil Jon – White Meat 4: G Unit – Footprints 4: New Edition – Love Again 4: Eminem – Lounge 0: Usher – Truth Hurts 3: Lloyd Banks – Karma 4: G Unit – Eye For Eye 3: Cam’Ron – Halftime Show 2: New Edition – One Love Interlude 2: Snoop Dogg – Perfect Ft.

Eminem – Marshall Mathers 5: Eminem – My Fault 4: Usher – Simple Things 4: Ludacris – Who Not Me Feat. DMX – Mickey Skit 0: Cam’Ron – Shake Feat. G Unit – Smile 3:

Dr tikov dream hackers single ep 2 album sex drugs techno music wma new 2012 for windows

Senses Fail – The Ground Folds 3: We expect that any efforts by governments are any other party to stop this will fail, although they will surely be harmful side-effects, like for example the notice-and-takedown provisions of the DMCA in the USA are already being abused by enemies of the freedom of speech. I like programs that do one thing. Having two cores means I can usually still meddle in other matters while watching an ISO boot in Qemu. This however requires all AvP2 game servers and clients to update to a higher version, that points to the new server. I made one or two up for laughs. Freefly mode, evac sounds, loading, summary, and so on.

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This is a list of new projects for free distros. They have not been evaluated for freedom yet, so they are not in the gnu. Most of them are beta software, and this list might also contain projects not yet released or started.

The November release is an update of the March release. It provides data up to , but for a limited set of variables and industries 32 instead of 72 industries. There is news for subscribers of the open-source school who have been waiting for the day when tax-funded research will be freely accessible by all — mountain is about to come to Mohammed a la MIT open courseware.

And the ministry of human resources development MHRD has chosen design education to test the waters. Recent performance improvements in Parrot to avoid aggressive buffer copying and to avoid unnecessary buffer reallocations demonstrate how bugs, mistakes, and design infelicities at the lowest levels of your program stack can have dramatic negative effects on the whole program.

The interface is simple. There is an area where you can type in code in at the top which is syntax highlighted to make it easier to understand , and below it is where the output of the program is displayed.

At the top is a toolbar that I have deliberately made nice and big and easy to click for kids who are new to using a mouse. When they want to run the code they have typed in, they click the Run button.

This will automatically save the file, run it and display the output in the black area at the bottom. A litigant in a civil lawsuit asked an appeals court Wednesday to overturn his day contempt sentence for urging people to send e-mail to a federal judge.

Kevin Trudeau was sentenced to 30 days in jail on a contempt charge for urging his followers to e-mail a judge. While most of the focus has been on Congress, the inability to perform even basic functions also extends to the agencies that are charged with protecting workers, consumers and investors.

Unfortunately, it often takes a global financial crisis or a deadly coal mine explosion to remind us of the serious consequences of regulatory failure. With that in mind, it is much easier for us commoners to understand how judges reach their judgments and that being human, they are not averse to expanding their own powers.

I think this observation is brilliant. It reminds me of the clarity of the Peter Principle, which says that a person in an organization will be promoted to the level of their incompetence.

At which point their past achievements will prevent them from being fired, but their incompetence at this new level will prevent them from being promoted again, so they stagnate in their incompetence.

The Malapa fossils were unearthed in the famous Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, which has yielded many fine fossils down the years. This makes it the nearest brown dwarf and one of ten nearest stellar objects to our solar system.

This morning NPR was the offender. Ethos has been in the works for a few years, with the idea emerging from a panel on botnets. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, eighteen banks, including Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, lowered debt levels just prior to reporting earnings during the past five quarters.

The revised data made balance sheets appear to be lest risky. Greece is in danger of defaulting on its national debt as its bond market comes under increasing pressure, unless its European neighbors intervene.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. This issue will of course be going to the Supreme Court. The Federal Government cannot let this go. Despite the ruling of the Appeals court, the FCC is responsible for a wide variety of communication issues, and many believe that the FCC does have the authority to regulate traffic on the Internet at least domestically.

A bigger question though is this. Will it come down to who can buy the largest number of votes on Capitol Hill? And what does that bode for the future of the Internet, and the services many of us have come to rely on?

Apparently, two separate studios made movies on the topic, and one is suing to stop the other from releasing the movie. The first, pointed out by rosspruden is about a Spanish film called The Cosmonaut which has a few unique features surrounding it.

Ross listed them out:. We are at a crossroads with respect to the under-developed equitable defense of copyright misuse. The defense may go the way of its sibling, antitrust-based patent misuse, which seems to be in a state of inevitable decline.

Posted in News Roundup at 6: The best solution remains sending out CDs and DVDs that can be copied and handed out locally among people who want them. But there are a few problems here. First, there are issues of privacy: As well as the purely philanthropic aspect, there are good selfish reasons why people might want to help spread free software in developing countries.

It would increase the market share of core software like Firefox, OpenOffice. It would increase the pool of programmers who can contribute to free software projects, making them better for everyone.

It would also make it more likely that entirely new, indigenous applications would be created for developing countries and their particular needs. It might even lead to a whole new era of free software creation and use.

Amazon is apparently offering refunds to customers who bought a PS3 and who are embittered about the loss of Linux support in the latest official firmware, which is required to play some games.

The Linux Users Group office,in Boelter Hall is home to volunteers who provide software and hardware help to students and faculty in need. This Saturday, the Linux Users Group is holding its quarterly Installfest, where members will provide free Linux installations for students required to have it for class or those curious about how Linux works.

Group members will give instruction on the basics of the operating system, and for those wary of putting a new operating system on their computer, will put the system on a USB drive, if provided.

For me it was freeing two PCs from the Wintel monopoly. A few community members brought in a sick PC. It was a Lose box from Recent estimates based wholly or partially on such data gives 24 million for Fedora and 12 million for Ubuntu.

While I do not count the time it takes me to be conversant with FLOSS, which is something I would do whether paid or not, it is obvious my organization gets the benefits of software which would cost hundreds of dollars for just a few dollars, so the saving is a very high percentage.

If we include maintenance, the difference is huge. A major US retailer has chosen this technology stack for the rollout of their Voxware 3 voice picking solution. The amazing Chrome developers at Google Inc.

That success has no doubt been aided by open source development. Now with Ubuntu Wine and CrossOver are brilliant products once you accept the flaws as part of the package, and consider it more a product to ease migration to Linux than an instant replacement for Windows.

It can however let you make the best of old software licenses, which might have been preventing a full migration to Linux, and let you use Office in case OpenOffice does not suit your needs.

Functionally, as I said, I have had mixed results with installation, but on the systems where it did install it has woked very well. It is still fairly early in the development cycle, the final release is not scheduled until early June.

If things keep going as they are now, this could be one of the best Mandriva releases in a while. The basic-level service is free for all new clients, whether they are existing users of Red Hat or not.

Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development framework for embedded Linux applications. Amidst the takeover rumors, this interview is quite reassuring that Palm is able to make it.

This means they still have time to hang in there and mature their smartphones. One month later, it teamed up with Nokia to create Meego, a Linux-based platform to give developers one build across phones, netbooks and potentially tablets, e-readers, in-car and more.

Despite MotoBlur not being among the most popular of the Android flavours, I am quite excited to see it enter the Canadian market. The robot builders over at Cellbots have been busy cranking out robots based around the Google Android OS.

There also are hints Google is directionally changing towards Apple. Google is unifying applications and services and offering more mobile apps for different mobile platforms.

Google also is integrating apps and services around Android handsets. The winning platform, if one is to dominate will make lots of people rich. There are plenty of platforms in play, but Apple and Google are the most opposing.

Android market share is going through the roof. Instead of getting wrapped up in politics, Android developers have the autonomy that Apple needs to give. The ARM Cortex-A8 achieves surprisingly competitive performance across many integer-based benchmarks while consuming power at levels far below the most energy miserly x86 CPU, the Intel Atom.

At present, very little is known about the Nokia tablet — although, online reports have said that the device will be done in partnership with Intel and it will be powered by the Linux-based MeeGo platform.

And then getting to open source, you have this business model that would have seemed fanciful if not insane 25 years ago, which is built not so much around these carrot-and-stick-motivators but around other sorts of drives becoming very popular.

This beta offers uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when a problem causes a crash in any Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugin instance. Users can submit a plugin crash report, and then reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

Pressure from Google Chrome and, increasingly, from other main players in the web-browser market is forcing Mozilla to change its ways. In recent days, the Firefox 3. ZFS is an advanced filesystem that offers high performance, near-zero administration, file integrity, scalability, reduced costs and backward compatibility.

ZFS is an intelligent filesystem that can actually adapt its read behavior on the fly for complex read patterns. ZFS also provides built-in compression and encryption.

I expect Oracle to scrap the current 5. Yet if you visit mysql. Oracle has made very public assurances that it will spend more on developing the database than Sun ever did, at least for the next three years.

The Community Edition will continue to see improvements, which will be released under the GPL at no charge with all of the source code. The strong community of volunteer developers is often cited as an advantage to adopting open source technology.

But these communities can also be a drawback. The involvement of many developers can lead to disagreement and confusion that can prevent a project from moving forward.

However, the philosophies that lie at the core of open source as a movement are important, and, I think have much to offer to education more generally; furthermore, open source approaches to development can apply to things even more important than software, such as curriculum resources, school policies and even the curriculum itself.

This brief paper seeks to explore some of these areas. SunGard Higher Education and its customers have launched a Community Source Initiative — the first and only vendor-supported community source forum dedicated to higher education Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems.

How can you guarantee quality education in such conditions, especially when many teachers, either because they only get very short term assignments, every time in a different school, or because their school has more than one campus, work every day in a different neighborhood?

This, coupled with growing awareness, acceptance, and commercial product development, will help push OSBI into the corporate mainstream. Twitter is making its Gizzard data management system open source to help developers provide efficient access to large amounts of data stored across multiple locations.

Those are some questions raised in articles running here over the past 11 weeks. I always look forward to my conversations with Jan Wildeboer. Simply put, he helps me look at the world a little differently.

There were often at least a few people, the holders of knowledge, who knew how everything worked, and I mean everything. Every application, every piece of network gear, and how every server was configured — these people could save a business in times of disaster.

A new bribery law has been passed by the Houses of Commons and Lords but is not yet in force. The Bribery Act can penalise companies whose employees engage in bribery if the company did not have adequate policies in place to prevent it.

A Wisconsin district attorney has warned schools in his county that if they proceed with new state sex-education courses, teachers could face criminal charges for encouraging minors to have sex, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

A judge has criticised a police force for concentrating on harassing motorists rather than dealing with serious crime. He was told Lincolnshire police did not have the manpower to value a catalogue of items worth hundreds of thousands of pounds seized from Tina Crowson.

The genetics ethics group Genewatch has accused the Home Secretary Alan Johnson of misleading voters. Many different voluntary ID cards already exist and are very useful, for example when borrowing a library book, or proving to a foreign hospital that the NHS will cover your medical expenses.

The usefulness and unintrusiveness of these voluntry cards is the reason we do not propose a knee-jerk blanket banning of current, non-compulsory, cards that can be used to prove identity.

Instead of blocking the bill, the shadow home secretary Chris Grayling made a fresh commitment that the Tories would bring in early legislation to ensure the DNA profiles of innocent people arrested for minor offences would not be retained on the national police DNA database, reports The Guardian.

An espionage gang that infiltrated Indian government computer networks across the globe has been pilfering highly classified documents related to missile systems, national security assessments and the United Nations, according to researchers who tracked the intruders for eight months.

Killing was following military protocol. It was going along with the rules as they are. Smart meters are arriving at homes and causing a stir. Consumers in California and Texas have complained about higher bills due to smart meters not working properly.

And for a second time in about a year, researchers discovered holes in the meters. The decision highlights ongoing tensions surrounding the World Bank and other multilateral development banks and their continued funding of dirty energy projects.

Despite the fact that climate changed caused by the build up of greenhouse gases will hurt those in the developing world the most, the banks tend to pay little or no attention to the carbon footprint of energy projects in funding decisions.

It is estimated that those 88 plants will spit million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Many people believed that this would save the whales and end forever the industrial slaughter that had decimated entire species.

A proposal before the IWC could lead to the resumption of commercial whaling as early as next year. If it passes — and there is a real chance that it will — one of the greatest conservation successes of our time will be wiped out.

The Solar Impulse aircraft, a pioneering Swiss bid to fly around the world on solar energy, successfully completed its first test flight in western Switzerland on Wednesday. With tax lawyers and accountants up the wazoo, big bankers know how to dodge taxes on their earnings and bonuses leaving middle class Americans holding the bag.

If the ad was considered an attack on Brown, the Chamber would face a slew of cumbersome obstacles to broadcasting them, like having to disclose who is paying for the ads, and how much they are spending.

McAfee, a household name for computer virus-protection, is facing accusations it dupes customers into purchasing third-party services, and hands over consumer banking information to enable those transactions.

The deal, which is close to being signed by both sides, is likely to curb sales of generic a three-in-one AIDS drug made in India where there are no patent constraints to stop the sale of combination therapies.

A federal judge in New York ruled yesterday that patents on a set of human genes are invalid. The lawsuit argued that patents owned by Myriad Genetics on two genes connected to breast and ovarian cancer both stunt genetic research and limit access to health care for women.

AllVoices, a fast-growing citizen journalism platform, is announcing significant expansion today. The startup is launching global news desks in 30 different cities around the world, where both professional and citizen journalists will provide regular in-country reports from the ground.

With the news desks, citizen reporters will be able to receive assignments from professional journalists. If you want to quote more, you have to pay more, naturally. At their peak, Zeppelin were one of the biggest bands in the world.

Now, their humble beginning has been documented with their earliest ever recording. Do we have any means of proving we did not download any infringing material? We first need the answers to the previous questions for that.

How the Deep Packet Inspection or filtering will operate to catch potential infringers? In other words, how the internet censorship will be organised? Despite opposition from the Liberal Democrats and a handful of Labour MPs, notably long time Internet savvy MP Tom Watson, the government won two crucial votes allowing it to control the content of the bill and its further progress.

Since the Digital Economy bill tragically passed, and people seemed to be getting confused about whether the site was about the Second Reading or the session in Parliament when the bill was rammed through I have decided to take the site down.

It may return if Parliament gives us access to something which I feel strongly would improve transparency, a proper hour by hour, minute by minute register of attendance of MPs.

Following my long conversation with your assistant yesterday who was very sympathetic about the Digital Economy Bill, I was disappointed not to see your name on the list of MPs that attended the Second Reading yesterday.

The full list is here:. Now, perhaps your name has been left off by mistake, in which I apologise for the false accusation. I think it is important to recognise that things have changed in politics: This means that politics is becoming more open, and much more public, which I think is a good thing.

But it does mean that we are all much more aware of what our representatives are doing at all times. Against that background, I would urge you to do all you can, even at this late stage, in pushing for the Bill to be dropped so that it can be debated properly after the election.

This evening, as the Second Reading of the Digital Economy Bill was heard in the House of Commons, you were watched by a great many people. Many of these people had never watched Parliament in session before.

Almost universal was the horror and anger at the affront to the democratic process which was unfolding before our eyes. Some of you expressed your dismay at the contempt shown for the House, the lack of scrutiny which has been afforded, and your deep concerns with respect to certain provisions.

Measures to allow disconnection of individuals from the internet, for undefined periods of time, web blocking laws; all with no real scrutiny and limited debate.

Fortunately such a party already exists, the Pirate Party. Everyone who cares about these issues should join it. Would they want you to join the Pirate Party, or would they prefer it if you despondently admitted defeat and gave up?

Something important and wonderful was happening online. This is the type of democratic engagement that politicians supposedly dream of. They want our votes, they want us to care, they want us to be involved.

Unless it is about something that has already been decided and negotiated by the powers-that-be, in that case we just become a nuisance, part of an annoying self-referential minority that can be easily ignored.

It is precisely this disconnect between genuine public interest and the vested interest of powerful lobbyists what is destroying democracy. When people tuned in to watch the debate online, they could witness with their own eyes just how undemocratic the entire system is.

Seriously, this is some terrible, terrible lawmaking. Last night, along with most of the geeks in the country, I watched the Digital Economy Bill get rammed through the Commons thanks to a combination of a whipped vote and some supine opposition.

Posted in News Roundup at 7: As I mentioned before, the architecture of Linux follows closely the architecture of the Unix systems. A relatively small monolithic kernel with libraries and utilities that add functionality to it.

This alone adds security value, since it allows the end user to turn off a lot of services both hosted and network services that they do not need, and if left to run on the system would create more avenues and possibilities for attacks.

For example, the average desktop system acts as a client for services, not as a server. Turning off these services means that other people across the network cannot attach to them. In the early days of Linux a lot of distributions would be distributed with the services turned on when you installed and booted them the first time.

This was under the mistaken impression that having the services running would make them easier to administer, but security people quickly pointed out that having the services running at installation time before needed patches could be applied also left the systems, however briefly, open to attack.

Now most, if not all, distributions install with these services turned off and you are instructed to turn them on at the proper time, hopefully after you have applied needed patches.

While up to this point AMD has only cleared Evergreen shader documents for release to the general public, the developers at AMD responsible for working on the open-source support have been working on some code too for this Radeon HD series support.

While development efforts within the X. Org community are now ramping up for the release of X Server 1. With Yoono, you can have updates to all your social media accounts arranged in a columnar form for easy viewing and organizing.

You can also choose to have all your updates from all your social media accounts in one tab my killer feature of the app. Sharing stuff like links, pictures and videos with friends across all the networks is also a blinking act.

Overall, the SoftMaker Office applications appear to have similar functionality to their Microsoft counterparts in Office versions prior to , and many of the functions are found in the same place and have similar options, so users should have no difficulty getting to grips with TextMaker, PlanMaker and SoftMaker Presentations.

Although I only had time for a brief evaluation of SoftMaker Office , it looks impressive and is definitely worth trying out if you are a Linux user looking for a decent equivalent to Microsoft Office.

In my case I need a CentOS environment to do some tests. For beginners good choices abound, and good titles are just a few clicks away. Instead focus on a clear listing of the improvements and features, and maybe even engage in a little self-depreciation and poke a bit of fun at the 4.

Let people know what they are missing today if they decide not to give KDE another look. Try to re-capture those that might have left KDE! A few minutes ago, the Ubuntu development team unleashed the second and final Beta release of the upcoming Ubuntu As you may have heard, Mark Shuttleworth announced his vision for Ubuntu Without prejudicing the more pressing release of Ubuntu Last week I finally dumped my Blackberry smartphone and got myself one of the Verizon Droid phones; specifically the Droid Eris.

If the recent debate about open core licensing has proven one thing, it is that the issue of combining proprietary and open source code continues to be a controversial one. All of you who raised your hand and are hopping in your seats to get called upon for your suggestions, click here.

The pharmaceutical industry is a huge mess, which has little, if anything, to do with making people healthy. New says she was just trying to monitor what he was posting.

While the nuclear accident of is what Chernobyl is known for, there were two other nuclear accidents of smaller magnitude that took place at this nuclear power plant before it was finally decommissioned in the year In , there was a fire in Reactor 2 that caused severe damage and ultimately led to the shutdown of this nuclear reactor.

Reactor 4 is home to the infamous Chernobyl accident. The other reactors were not permanently shutdown immediately as Ukraine was dependent upon Chernobyl for its electricity production and for the country it would not make economic sense to prematurely discontinue the use of the other reactors.

Reactor 1 was permanently decommissioned in and Reactor 3 was finally retired from operation in European Council President Herman Van Rompuy found MEPs in trenchant mood Wednesday when he reported back to them on the conclusions reached by European leaders at their summit last month.

Austrian Socialist Hannes Swoboda disagreed, saying the summit was disappointing, especially on Greece. He said that leaving help in the hands of the IMF meant giving up a common economic policy in favour of a technocratic approach.

Of course, Goldman has become the proxy for all attacks on the role financial firms played in the crisis, so its boss does not enjoy the same latitude as Dimon. But it is, at least, a spirited defence.

That money led politicians and pundits to blame Goldman Sachs for profiting from taxpayers. Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co. Insider information and trading schemes, derivatives and market manipulations, shadow banking.

The company did not benefit by wagering that the mortgages behind the securities it originally issued and sold would default, it said. Treasury through the Troubled Assets Relief Program in October , downplayed the aid it received from the federal government in the midst of the crisis.

Then there is AIG. When AIG became insolvent, that insurance did not look too secure. But Goldman and other banks were made whole, collecting cents on the dollar, by the U. First, AIG used bailout cash it received from the government to post collateral that Goldman was allowed to keep.

Tim Geithner, who headed the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the time of the bailout, has said he never inspected them. Goldman believes that it would have been able to collect.

Exit International director and controversial Australian physician, Philip Nitschke, created the class to help the elderly access euthanasia-assistance material online, following fears that the Internet filter will block access to the information.

A proposal to let Internet service providers conceal the contact information for their business customers is drawing fire from a number of experts in the security community, who say the change will make it harder to mitigate the threat from spam and malicious software.

Even though the FCC argues otherwise — chiefly presenting its broadband recommendations as a way to expand high-speed Internet services while returning the U. Copyright was originally the grant of a temporary government-supported monopoly on copying a work, not a property right.

From onwards, it has involved a deal in which the creator or publisher gives up any natural and perpetual claim in order to have the state protect an artificial and limited one. The question is how such a deal can be made equitably.

At the moment, the terms of trade favour publishers too much. A return to the year copyrights of the Statute of Anne would be in many ways arbitrary, but not unreasonable.

If there is a case for longer terms, they should be on a renewal basis, so that content is not locked up automatically. The value society places on creativity means that fair use needs to be expanded and inadvertent infringement should be minimally penalised.

None of this should get in the way of the enforcement of copyright, which remains a vital tool in the encouragement of learning. But tools are not ends in themselves. Much of his concern is how these costs will multiply in an age of ebooks, but it seems like a serious enough issue from the start.

Just the fact that authors who are discussing and building on the works of others are being blocked due to copyright is hugely problematic. In this context, it hardly sounds like the new works would act as substitutes for the old works at all — but could actually drive more interest in those original works.

We recently covered how a recently created outfit going by the name US Copyright Group, had launched tens of thousands of lawsuits some of which appear to be quite questionable from a legal standpoint , as part of what appeared to be an attempt at copying the efforts of companies like DigiProtect and ACS: Law in Europe where such practices have been widely condemned.

Considering that this pseudo-shakedown is apparently lucrative in Europe, perhaps others are preparing to do the same in the US as well. A reader who prefers to remain anonymous, but who works for a small ISP, passed along an email he recently received from what appears to be a newish operation called the Copyright Enforcement Group, whose website has a mock law enforcement shield on it.

After all, of course the lobbyists want ACTA. It looks like much of the Digital Economy Bill will make it through to get Royal Assent by the end of the week. The Bill is now in much better shape than when first tabled by the Government last year — the ability of the Government to impose disconnection at will has been checked and the Henry VIII clause that literally allowed the Government to do anything else to reduce copyright infringement has been removed.

However, many draconian proposals remain such as the responsibility on customers to protect their home networks from hacking at a collective cost of hundreds of millions of pounds a year, the presumption that they are guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent and, as in China, the potential for legitimate search engines and websites to be blocked.

Posted in News Roundup at 3: The new Ubuntu marks a milestone with its LTS release. This release will be supported for the next three years. A recent firmware upgrade to version 3.

Maybe you want your own private cloud that is interface-compatible to the AWS. With Eucalyptus, an open source solution exists. The easiest way to install Eucalyptus is the Ubuntu 9.

Give the cloud a try. The Linux partition runs Cognos 8 analytics and InfoSphere Warehouse; these are the special mainframe Linux editions of those programs. This partition is capable of doing the analytic work for between 5 and 10, users, depending on how many processors in the System z10 box you dedicate to it.

The bundle includes some base DS storage arrays as well, but does not include the Linux license, which you need to buy separately from Red Hat or Novell.

Creating patches is usually handwork; fixing one specific issue at a time. Once in a while though, there is janitorial work to be done or some infrastructure to change. Then, a larger number of issues have to be taken care of simultaneously, yet all of them are following the same basic pattern, e.

Such tasks are often addressed at the source-code level using scripts in sed, perl, and the like. This article examines the usage of Coccinelle, a tool targeted at exactly those kinds of repetitive patching jobs.

Because Coccinelle understands C syntax, though, it can handle those jobs much more easily. Visualization is a critical tool for exploring and understanding large amounts of data.

Thanks to the computer power of the 21st century it has become possible to visualize ever-expanding amounts of data. Because the open source development model is massively decentralized and network-centric, it is by its nature the perfect domain for graph-based visualizations.

Connections or dependencies between projects, communities, and code commits can be explored and displayed in a lot of ways. These visualizations can give us a unique perspective on open source projects and communities, such as fundamental differences in their approach.

From capturing, editing, authoring, and burning to a DVD. Kino is a great and lightweight program. It integrates perfectly to my video camera that is connected by firewire Kino can preview and control the video camera right within its own interface.

Kleo Bare Metal Backup has finally made backing up a machine just about as simple as it can be. And the restoration is just as easy. If you are looking for a free, easy to use backup solution give Kleo a try…you might never turn back!

Kleo comes in a handy live distribution. Now before you think Kleo is going to offer some clunky, kludgy ncurses-like interface, think again. In fact, I am writing this article from the Kleo desktop!

German developer SoftMaker has announced the availability of SoftMaker Office for Linux, an application suite claimed to have superior compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats, yet low hardware requirements enabling it to run well even on netbooks and older PCs.

The release candidate version of Flash Player This soon becomes evident if you sit down with a piece of paper and try to draw the relationships between the technologies involved with taking audio from a music file to your speakers: It enters your Linux box at one point and leaves at another.

There are all kinds of reasons to consider rolling your own, but many people never make the attempt because it seems like such a huge undertaking. Fortunately, with modern software we can create new distros, remixes, and custom configurations in a matter of minutes instead of months.

Unitrends, the leader in affordable, vertically integrated, disk-based all-in-one data protection appliances, today announced that all of its backup appliances have been certified for use with the Ubuntu operating environment through a partnership with Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project.

Unitrends now supports Ubuntu 9. The new Ubuntu will have a much more stylish design which seems to have influences from both Microsoft and Apple. The upcoming release of Ubuntu, i.

The Ubuntu developers will probably not be able to achieve the second boot that they were aiming for in Ubuntu On a normal spindle-based hard disk, such booting times, of course, cannot be achieved due to the mechanical parts that are involved.

Providing an alternative to the Microsoft-dominated desktop, Canonical later this month will offer a version of its desktop Linux OS featuring a new look and feel, faster boot speed and accommodations for social networks.

Texas Instruments has spun a new IP camera system-on-chip SoC that enables p video and analytics for the video surveillance market. Android, the mobile operating system from Google, is on a tear.

Because it is free and open source, there are now 24 different Android devices available from 61 operators in 49 countries. At that rate, and if Google continues to double sales every quarter, we can expect to see 25 million Android handsets this year.

Most of this market share expansion is at the expense of Windows Mobile. Also known as Ubuntu Netbook Edition, this is one of the earliest and best known netbook-optimized OSes. UNR basically contains optimizations for Intel Atom processors which are used in most netbooks today, as well as a new application launcher and other tweaks that make it easier to use on small screens.

The iPad is not yet a netbook-killer. The huge problem is that there is no multithreading technology. For some who like multitasking while using a computer this is a big let down. So the Android operating system seems to be catching on with many folks these days in a myriad of devices, so why not adorn your little netbook with fonts from the Google Android OS instead?

An initial pre-launch version alpha has been launched and the final version is expected in the next few months. Users such as Nirmalya Mukherjee, a programmer based in Kolkata, said using free software is better than downloading pirated version of the Windows software.

The Think Tank is hosted by Olliance Group, the leading independent open source business and strategy consulting firm and DLA Piper, the leading global legal services practice providing services to the open source industry.

The security researcher who invented malware known as Blue Pill has come up with a secure open source operating system called Qubes OS that is available for alpha-testing downloads.

StatusNet, the open-source microblogging service that serves as the foundation for identi. Washington County Public Library is the first known library in Kentucky to go live with Evergreen, the consortial, open-source library automation software.

Equinox Software provided assistance with the migration and will continue to provide ongoing technical support. The recessionary period witnessed last year gave a big boost to the adoption of open source technologies.

With customers looking to lower the total cost of ownership for their IT projects, players in the software services industry have been steadily adding open source components to their overall portfolio.

A case in point is mid sized player, MphasiS, which has seen a gradual rise in the usage of open source technologies. Though both GroundWork and Eucalyptus have open source versions of their products and the pair are now soliciting users to participate in a beta program, the cloud monitoring solution itself is not entirely open source.

Oracle released a list of pledges regarding MySQL in December, including promises to continue making the database available through the General Public License; to not require customers to buy support from Oracle in order to get a commercial MySQL license; and to boost spending on research and development.

But the good news is that open source vendors pulled ahead of the pack. This is one of the great things about FreeBSD: They make a release, and you know right then how long it will be supported by the security team.

Open-source software is fundamentally different to the business model used by most 20th-century software companies, who still write software and then sell licences.

If you want to change the software to suit your needs, you pay the originator of the software to make the changes and the software remains the property of originator. Open-source software, on the other hand, is available to anyone to take, change and enhance as they need and then share their experiences.

A Conservative government would also publish all Gateway reviews. In the past, the party has also pledged to scrap the child database Contactpoint and ID cards. What does this bring to mind?

For some, it represents freedom: Yet, to others, the words sound a death-knell. To them, anything open-source is dangerous. Sherman Alexie, a novelist, was quoted in an interview: Artistic ownership can not go away simply by sharing it freely with the world, by allowing others to contribute their own ideas and solutions.

When you freely share your own creativity with the world, it is still your own property. Licenses similar to the GPL for software, or Creative Commons licenses preserve original thought, while still freely sharing your creations.

Others may make their own changes, just so long as they attribute the original work to you. Of course, this is a decision to be made by the content creator; if you do not want others messing with it, you have that legal right.

Makerbot, the affordable open-source 3D printer, has begun to experiment with the Open Prosthetics database, creating a prototype for the Trautman Hook, and posted the designs to the wiki.

Montagne developed the concept during an Open Source Hardware workshop for artists in Paris in The project was created in order to help the billions of people across the globe that do not have access to clean water, electricity and other basic amenities.

The team beind the Web site makes regular podcasts of music they enjoy. Recently, we have seen two projects come under considerable criticism for the development directions that they have taken.

These decisions also have considerable impact on users. There is both room and need for different approaches to free software development. Brussels is funding research at Reading University aimed at detecting suspicious behaviour on board aircraft.

Johnson told Sky News: A feature documentary, Erasing David is the story of what happened when Filmmaker David Bond received a letter informing him that his daughter Ivy was among the 25 million children whose details were scandalously lost by HMRC in Customers are being asked to leave a thumbprint when trading in second-hand goods for cash in order to stop criminals making money out of stolen items.

A number of second-hand stores in Norwich have agreed to take part in the scheme, launched by local police. A police spokeswoman said the prints would help detectives trace sellers if goods turned out to be stolen.

Mr Hadlow has instead ordered more of the garden ornaments from Indonesia, 10 of which have already been sold. As of March, the agency had not even appointed an official to oversee those efforts, according to the report.

On 11 June , six weeks or so after becoming the first European to make landfall on the east coast of Australia, Lieutenant James Cook unexpectedly ran aground. His ship, the Endeavour, had struck a reef now known as the Endeavour Reef, within a manifestly far bigger reef system, nearly 25 miles from shore.

Almost every day, I read in the paper that the goverment is making money off of the bank bailout. Papers love good news, even if it is has little to do with reality. Today, the Financial Times reported that the U.

We are in the black! Saturday Night Live strikes again? A classified CIA memo pdf obtained by Wikileaks. In February, the Dutch government effectively collapsed over a dispute about whether the Netherlands should continue to keep its 2, troops posted in Afghanistan.

A criminal inquiry is under way in France to find the origin of internet rumours that President Sarkozy and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, his wife, were having affairs. And this monopoly would be subject to precisely the same knowledge problem as the FCC.

Copps, the senior Democratic member of the panel. The potential loss of a piece of software that did just what it said on the tin is bad enough but it was impeccably free and open.

It was the work of one lone, unpaid developer, not the product of professional developers subsidised by the BBC licence. What happened exemplifies everything that is wrong with proprietary software.

All the big music sellers may have moved to non-DRM MP3 files long ago, but the watermarking of files with your personal information continues. It does not offer legal protection for scantily clad celebrities.

This is a legal right that extends far beyond copyright law to cover the facts of the news themselves; if I break the story, the hot news right allows me to stop competitors from repeating the facts — at least for as long as the story has immediate currency.

You would be hard pressed to find a better example of how broken our current political system is than the passage of the digital economy bill through parliament. A vast sprawling bill made to order on behalf of the so-called creative industries in the face of opposition from pretty much everyone else, it has all the hallmarks of legislation carved up between Sir Humphrey and a minister with an ego of monstrous proportions only Lord Mandelson would consider Henry VIII-style powers as something to aspire to in the 21st century.

And there you go. The entertainment industry gets its ridiculous anti-consumer copyright law with no real attempt at debate or amendment in the House of Commons.

Concerns raised about how this bill could force the blocking of Wikileaks or the shutdown of internet access at small business? In this special show we interview Philip Newborough aka. Linux logos are often a expression of feelings.

Often they express a sense of humor, or great feel for esthetics. Linux has expanded at a high rate over the past few years, with recent expansion even within Government organizations and the military.

Linux is recognized as a cost saving device among larger corporations that are trying to cut back on hardware costs. Sony PlayStation 3 owners who held off on updating their systems in order to keep from losing the option to install alternate operating systems have a new glimmer of hope.

Hacker George Hotz a. Opting to not download the update bars the user from accessing the Playstation Store, playing games online or playing any games or Blu-ray movies that require the 3.

Why would anyone want to run Linux on a PS3? It runs Linux like a bat out of hell. The consoles are dead cheap because Sony subsidizes them, hoping to make money on the sale of games and extras.

More to the point, you can link large numbers of PS3s to build a low-cost supercomputer cluster. BeOS wars are thing of the past. The future discussions and most exciting developments will happen on mobile devices.

So watch out for iPhone OS vs. For Intel and AMD this development means that they should concentrate on server processors and very low power processors for the consumer devices, since this is the area with the most demand in the future.

Almost simultaneously with the first series 1. Four new stable kernels offer bug fixes and minor improvements. Text editors are a much more nimble choice. However, not all text editors are alike.

You may not need a lot of features, but you definitely want the right ones. Virtualisation is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. This article is more at the latter end of that scale.

The amount of software that is available for Linux is truly mind-boggling with tens of thousands of applications available to download, including an impressive arsenal of open source games.

The evolution away from these origins has sometimes seemed slow. Yet looking back over the 2. It is going to be attracting increasing attention, both from those who enthuse over it and those who condemn it as misguided or new.

This is how some of the popular Linux distro websites looked like when they launched initially. Thanks to the archive. Redhat website looked pretty decent for a website. Which one of these websites did you like?

There are plenty of reasons for wanting a low-resource distro running on your computer. Maybe you have some ancient hardware that you need to breathe new life into. Perhaps you want something that will fit on a modestly sized memory stick.

Or it might be that you want to run virtual machines simultaneously on your desktop. I got an e-mail a day ago that reminded me about DexOS, which is another one-disk wonder.

Last night while watching my usual list of recorded television programs, I saw a commercial for KGB, the company that begs you to text them with your questions. I am sure many will have other new user distributions to recommend and may argue against my choices.

Debate over distributions is one thing that is not in short supply in the Linux community. However, I am going out on a limb to state that Mandriva Linux is easily at the top of the list of new user distributions.

I am confident that this assertion will hold up under scrutiny once I make my case. For the time being, in my personal opinion the best Linux Distro for MacBook 2.

The visual appearance is getting there and I think that this most recent version is an improvement in the overall look and feel but still may have some catching up to do when compared to other top distros.

From time to time, Dell does a poor job articulating its Ubuntu Linux strategy. Dell began shipping Ubuntu preloads in mid on selected U. That certainly caught my attention. Ubuntu Linux is gearing up for the debut of its latest release with Ubuntu The Lucid release could also help to further accelerate adoption of Ubuntu, which has been growing over the last several years.

In , Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind Ubuntu, pegged the number of Ubuntu users at 8 million. Although Ubuntu Lucid Lynx has not yet been released, Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth has already named its successor: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is due for release at the end of April while the newly named Maverick Meerkat is only scheduled for release in October.

But, as is traditional, Shuttleworth used the remaining weeks of the Lucid development phase to lay down guidelines for the next phase. We are working with the coordination and support of the Palestinian Educational Initiative PEI on implementing the XO laptop project In Palestine, and trying to create a success story out of it.

While working on a personal Ardour project, I began looking for some sound clips to throw into a song in order to bring the track a bit more life. Namely I was looking for a drunken countdown, or something similar.

What I found after a quick search using their integrated search tool was a well-recorded group countdown from roughly the number They mumbled at the beginning, making it seem like it could very well be at a bar.

Thus generating more traffic back to the page where I received the file, helping both the author of the file itself and The Freesound Project as a whole. The answer is simple: The biggest difference is that, with just a bit of guidance, anyone can build their software skills in the open source world.

The Free Software philosophy is founded in the ideals of freedom, openness, and sharing. Producing software based on these ideals has great pragmatic benefits. Free Software is developed in the interest of its users instead of the owner of the software.

This method of producing software benefits the entire community, and the software is of much higher quality due to the huge number of volunteer and paid contributers. Thanks to some really cool Firefox addons, you can get more out of the web in less time and sweat.

The following 5 addons should be of interest to you if you want to enhance your web experience. Last night Boriss wrote a great post about the benefits of the contextual design process.

Aspects of the contextual design process like the inquiry, work modeling and environment design are all incredibly important skills for a UX designer to have. I agree with that. I think of the Cloud as the platform now.

I think of porting to Amazon, Rackspace or Windows Azure. I think of the Cloud service provider as the platform. And the OS, just like the database, is a piece of the stack. The app server is a piece of the stack.

Those are all pieces of the stack. The importance of the OS is declining and the importance of the Cloud service is increasing. And that to me is independent of Open Source or proprietary.

From a higher perspective, I believe that the whole IT market is moving toward service-based approaches — SaaS paved the way — because it aligns customer value with vendor revenue.

The industry needs to start thinking of open source as being the software commons for the entire industry, not just one small group of companies. Obviously, the restriction of these freedoms is not a good thing, but I have a feeling that this may be the way Oracle will reconcile its desire to maintain a strong OpenSolaris community versus its need to generate revenue.

Roughly, the participants in the discussion can be split into three camps. On one side, there were those who went gaga over how open source is successfully making money and, on the other end, there were skeptics who were wondering why Open Source is not making big bucks like their proprietary counterparts.

They even showed the example of how open source is single handedly keeping Wall Street running and, thereby, helping some people make really big bucks. Both code bases now sit under the same trunk in svn and Solr actually runs straight off the latest Lucene code at all times.

This is just a merge of development though. Release artifacts will remain separate: Lucene will remain a core search engine Java library and Solr will remain a search server built on top of Lucene.

From a user perspective, things will be much the same as they were — just better. Aenean odio mauris, consectetur quis consequat quis, blandit a nunc. Sed orci erat, placerat ac interdum ut, suscipit eu augue.

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