Dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320 – 9 10 – ar

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Dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320

Dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320

Dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320

Dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320

11.03.2018 – Where do you see your work fitting? Infinite Good Party [ Funky Monkey Astronaut [

Cool math dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320 juego ajedrez

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1. 8I heard Talal Qureshi was connected with all of you during the early days, how true is that? How much of his disconnect with you guys has to do with his current residence in sleepy Islamabad?
2. 10 A lot of the present roster used to get together and make beats back then at his place, and we used to play them for each other.http://softik.org/management-software-tools-sql-server-and-sybase/Crooked Colours is a great name for a band making this kind of magical and twisted music. Our review of M.

3. 8 It took him some time to craft his own signature electronic sound, but once he did there was…. http://softik.org/black-horizon-xtreme-windows-7-by-mrgrim01/ http://softik.org/black-ice-color-printer-drivers-13-05/Chill 4 Dub [

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4. 1 These songs can often find themselves as bonus tracks on the deluxe versions of the album. Action Movie 8 Bit Chiptune Mix [Dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320Planet Blues Leo Zu mix [

5. 6 We held our first gig there. And what if we did use Urdu samples—what of it?

6. 7 If this is just the clip, what could possibly left for the full version—three more Teks?

7. 3 What is the most annoying thing about Benga? Venice mix [

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EMPEE3 delivers a curated playlist to your inbox every morning. You’ll get a daily email with a track listing – just click on the link in the email and start listening to great tunes!

To subscribe, just click on the Ninjas Subscribe? The first […] Related posts: Bruckbeat Radio — Sept 20, Interview: COM After a long mp3 on the road, an artist may find themselves longing for studio time to create saratov next big release.

The story fits for New York producer Thibault! COM The Brisbane-based quintet Pigeons made a bit of a splash with their well-crafted brew of Daft Punk covers six tracks in nine minutes.

Haerts — “Wings” Shlohmo Remix 3: Pezzner “Bell and Whistle” 3: Janka Nabay “Somebody Snasen Album ” 3: Music News, New Music. Busta Rhymes teases another piece of Extinction Level Event 2.

The […] Lego meets modular synthesis? Music hardware designers Korg have teamed up with littleBits for a new synthesiser kit, which allows musicians to create their own custom synths by snapping together components.

The Texan acapella group have uploaded a medley […] Impact 3: Electronic Music Blog Protohype has been blowing up in the big bass scene as of late. Keep your eyes and ears open. The next holiday is Thanksgiving.

I finally got my ticket home for Christmas. I knit 1 or 5, whatever scarves to kick-off the season. And you feel immediately drawn to songs which are slightly more melancholy and sweet and soft.

Sampha — “Too Much” 3: Listen to it below. Another stack of awesome music videos for you to kick back with this weekend. Tom Cruise, pool parties, Barbies, ghosts, bullies, squirrel suits, tongue in cheek art direction, and a really nice slo-mo piece of just walking in the woods.

If you are reading this then stop. Go to your volume control and turn it up. Tell everyone around you to be quiet for once. Watch the brilliantly simple video below.

Then watch her singing another song live. The talent at play on their 3 songs on Soundcloud is immense. There’s enough gossip going around the world of electronic music that it probably deserves its own TMZ, Gawker, and Perez Hilton.

We keep track of the drama, the beef, the LOLs, the dramatic build-ups, and the tragic drops so you don’t have to. Now, let’s see who killed it this week. After Chuckie cracked a Miley joke which is pretty easy to do at this point she was seen giving him the finger and promptly getting kicked out of the VIP area.

I guess she can join Justin Bieber in the club of pop stars that have been dissed by a DJ. We’ve heard them all, from “I’m really into that deep house” to “Berghain is the best club in Berlin.

Apparently, he thinks the females are “killing it” and “doing way better than the boys,” which means we should… separate them and put them in their own event? Hey Gary, we love you but why don’t you just put the women in a regular lineup like everyone else?

We can’t wait for it too. At this point, getting the boot should just be considered an honor. And they had to complain to their friends and cry in a room alone? Maybe we need to go back to that time.

Dizzee’s Twitter rant is pretty fucking awkward. Well, I guess this is just one less email for Radio 1 to open. He even hit a girl with a cake and described it as being “amazing” and “like an orgasm”.

Hmm, Waka must be having some pretty weak-ass orgasms. No better way to kick off the weekend than this slow, syrupy, conga-infused dub of Toro Y Moi. JBoogie from SF, innit. I wanted to pick Dubbel Dutch’s “Deepa,” but that sweet nuggy ain’t out until November 12 so you’ll just have to preview it in his Cloud Club mix.

Flip to minute I’ve had many doctors throughout my short and sickly life, but none have been as awesome as the one I have now—a year-old Russian who gleefully hands out prescriptions like McDonalds coupons.

The doctor behind this particular party mode anthem is actually a year-old former Bostonite, but I’d let him do my physical anytime. Lil John samples call from an alternate dimension, echoing with ripples from another plane.

Meanwhile, Lex Single bass drum melodies pound out club rhythms that could make a house implode. It’s like an epic battle between good and evil. This cut, “Breathe It In,” is a whirlwind of sounds loaded with some luuurvly vocals.

You can actually tell that this is the work of a seven-piece band and not just some new making computer noises from his closet. This new Teklife joint is less a footwork track and more a rap beat with footwork-style vocal chops.

A couple melodies weave in between one another like whisps of incense smoke, and the double time duties are taken over by sporadic bursts of splintered white noise. If this is just the clip, what could possibly left for the full version—three more Teks?

This is the stuff anthems are made of—I’m talking, like, Crystal Waters-level catchiness. I don’t care that it sounds a bit too much like Disclosure. I’m hungover as a mofugga so I don’t want to listen to anything with bass, kicks, bleeps, bloops or any other jarring computer sounds that will melt my already fragile brain.

Fuck, this song might make me go sleepy time. Regardless, if Kim Brown was a girl, she would be utter perfection. Both are painstaking in their curation and deliver the sort of stripped down, raw vibe and good soundsystems that the music demands.

Peter Van Hoesen, who has played some of my favorite DJ sets ever at Bunker, drops this album for Tresor and it’s no frills, real-deal techno. Congrats, you’ve made it to the bottom of the post.

If you’re not A tweaking, B a ripped shirtless twink or C Asian, this probably sounds like a car commercial to you. Get on my level. Sometimes, we all need a little break from the dancefloor.

It’s okay, you can admit it. I won’t tell anyone. Yes, tonight may be filled with pulsating techno bleeps and bass-heavy drops, but it’s the middle dreams the afternoon right now and there’s nothing wrong with being turntdown.

After a string of releases on DrumcodePets Recording and HypercolourUK producer Tom Demac joins forces with vocalist Will Samson for their debut release on AUSthe label who recently helped those Dusky boys claim the Beatport throne for all the deep-house heads out there.

The visuals here perfectly channel the gentle, melancholy vibe of the track which is chock-full of Samson’s wistful folky singing 2012 a healthy serving of ambient guitar swells and weighty rolling basslines.

Inspired by the ’90s and ’00s music video aesthetic—you know, SUVs in the high-school parking lot, basketball courts, custom Tims—she’s making real pop music for the people. We got Liz to answer some questions about her bad self, and she sent us a bunch of links to her favorite music videos so we can get a little window into what makes this songstress tick.

When did you begin singing? How has your sound changed and become refined into your current style? I began singing when I was about seven years old. I’ve always been a pop baby, but I also listen to a funky of progressive underground music, so I’ve found a way to incorporate those aesthetics by working with those producers I dig and admire.

Lately, I’ve been integrating this song into my set in a completely unexpected way. Where are you from and what was your life like as a teenager? I was actually a terror at home, and my mom claims she thinks I was creatively frustrated and I didn’t have the tikov avenues to express myself.

She says the second I started getting serious about ballet and music and art, I really calmed down and showed real signs of having passion and ambition. It was a very long road to get to where I am now, but I really do think it takes time to figure out who you are as a human and who you are as an artist.

Luckily, I have a supportive family who always believed in me and helped nurture my dreams as much as possible. Christina Aguilera’s “Obvious” is actually the song I sang when I met the first music producer I ever worked with.

He introduced me to the russian of this song and I vol2 to actually sing it for them in the room. It was a surreal experience for a year-old.

How do you think pop music has changed from what you grew up on to what you are making now? The Top 40 pop music I grew up on really influences what I make today.

I am very nostalgic for it because it was there for me during the most innocent and confusing times in my life. Music was always that constant for me, regardless of what I was going through in 320 adolescence.

I infuse my records with those vibes from the millennium but with a progressive twist on the production and fresh choices when it comes to my collabs. Here’s my song “U Over Them.

Zip free dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320 for android download

His Hellraiser-inspired Mau5head was by far the most entertaining aspect of his presence, and you’d be amazed how many Deadmau5 shirts rushed past me as I literally ran away from his set after 20 minutes. Nikon has a fresh…. The first time we worked together was the first moment that I had goosebumps listening to one of my own records. Speaking generally now, what are some of the biggest challenges of curating visual content for a music festival versus a traditional art exhibition? But not anymore, because the future is visual.

Agosto arriba dr tikov russian funky ninjas single ep 1 album saratov dreams vol2 new 2012 mp3 320 integrity check has

Probably tweeting something important, like what i had for dinner. Live in the mix! Every night our crew builds this stage rig for us, then packs it up again. It’s basically a cemetery vibe, with giant LED screens in the walls.

Looks amazing when in full swing! Respect to the crew! Here’s the same shot but a few hours later ;. New Haven was so hot and heaving that me and the sound guy hid up in the roof.

So much love from the crowds on tour! The energy was incredible! Here’s Mikey and crew packing up after a huuuge night in Washington. Massive venue at EchoStage in DC.

This show was amazing! People were thirsty too. Cryo, confetti, low-lying smoke, fog… You name it, we got it. These tanks are even bigger than Rudy! The infamous Bourbon St of New Orleans. Had a few nights off here.

Me and Charlie Darker just happened to meet Firebeatz backstage in Houston! My friends are scary! These Houston dancers rocked it at the Something Wicked Festival! Tommy Trash almost lit his hair on fire while headbanging at Something Wicked!

Amazing producer and a nice guy too! Me and my tour bus buddy celebrating in the VIP area after a he just played a killer show on the main stage! Our lighting guy Mikey Cummings is a genius! He makes us look cool.

Played so many packed houses on this tour! Here’s Tommy rocking one full of Halloween costumes too! We may be on the road, but music doesn’t stop. Here’s a quick snap of me wrapping up a new track while the scenery whips by.

Checking the lights pre-show in Minneapolis. Egg white scramble with salsa, and oats with fruit and nuts. This is my favourite backstage area I’ve ever seen. All just full of pillows, lava lamps, throws, plants, and dim lights.

I wonder what they thought we’d be up to…? Our bus was super luxurious, but every now and then you still need to get out and go for a walk. I think this was in Chicago. Haha I forgot about this.

The tour made me nocturnal, so I was eating very late at night. This is problematic when a small town like Burlington, Vermont. They had no late-night room service and all restaurants were closed!

My only resort was to scour the gas station for the few somewhat healthy things I could find. Saw this backstage somewhere… Seems legit. Tommy and I gave this a workout on tour!

We cooked basically every meal. I hope the stove still works! Mikey the lighting guy used to live in Nashville aka Nash-Vegas. He took us out on a night off to show us around.

Tristan the sound engineer seems appropriately quite happy about this. At one of the bars we hit in Nash Vegas, there was an impromptu performance by country star LeAnn Rimes!

In true Nash Vegas form, I didn’t remember this ’til I saw the photo in the morning. We have a new colab out today called Gargantuan. We did it all online, so this was the first time we actually met in face-to-face.

He’s a super talented producer and a very good guy too! Not a bad place to chill before my last show on the tour. After the last show in San Diego, Tommy had another show in Vegas that night.

He invited me and Wax along with his tour manager Mathias, but the only way to get there in time was to take a private jet!! This was my first time in a PJ! We cracked a bottle of Dom mid-flight and toasted the end of a killer tour!!

Steve Huerta “Falling Up” 3: Meesha “You Know” 3: Hip-hop overlord meets unassuming Scotsmen on surprisingly great mash-up. The London producer returns to Eglo Records for a one-off single.

After spending much of the past couple of years focusing on his own label Apron, and recently collaborating with L. Plenty of big copyright claims this year: The teenaged sensation meets with icons of music and film, and looks all her seventeen apparently gothic years.

Floorplan — Phobia 3: The National — “Lean” 3: Check it out below. London-based Australian singer-songwriter Josef Salvat is back with a stunning new song. Listen to it below and keep an eye on his website for future album details TBA.

Five Years , which is out December 9th, Take a listen below. Watch the video below. His mad skills have only been getting madder and now he is breaking out to our ears. I want more of this… eventually.

Crooked Colours is a great name for a band making this kind of magical and twisted music. Perfect for an espresso buzzed walk in the cold autumn air while reflecting on the fun of another summer past.

What a way to blast back into my ears then with this rowdy mosh-ballad of a jam! Give it a […] Related posts: SoundCloud […] Related posts: Banks — Waiting Game Prod.

Nevertheless, as per usual I prefer the remix. Armeria sprinkles […] Related posts: A simple word for a wonderfully not so simple group. Find out all about it here.

Two things could happen: North 6th Street, where all of the venues are centered on or around, will turn into a veritable shitshow of epic proportions, and we will all glimpse the future of when Williamsburg manifests its destiny as the center of the douchebag club universe AKA Meatpacking 2.

Or, if the gods are good and shower us with blessings, the neighborhood will be filled with irie vibes, strangers will join hands to the sound of sweet synths, and nary a “Sex Drugs Sluts Molly” T-shirt will be seen.

We can only pray. Anyway, I managed to get the personal phone numbers for a dozen of the DJs who’ve already descended in our fine neighborhood. And instead of asking them boring questions like, “What are you planning to play later?

Traits on Halloween in in Whistler. We are Wayne and Garth, damnit. Luxury is a macro-vegan five-course meal atop the Burj Khalifa; it is a day off of work spent drinking mimosas in Dolores Park.

Luxury is not baggies, rubber bands, and Hot Pockets in a heavily alarmed crack house in the hood. Their mix for us is more luxury than trap, and definitely all goth-y electro goodness, so strap on your leather, break out the eyeliner, and prepare to enter the dungeon.

Icelandic babes soaking in hot springs? Raving underneath the Northern Lights? DJs performing while contorted inside of tiny boxes? Where else can you roll out of bed, hunt for waterfalls and lava fields, then dive into the world famous Blue Lagoon while doing your best two-step to world-class talent?

Check out this stunning gallery from photo ninja Nicky Digital and join me in scratching my head as to why the hell I didn’t go to the festival. There’s always next year…. On Monday, we’ll be dropping this documentary about the Infinite Daps tour that we’ve been pouring our blood, sweat and Adderall into over the last few months.

We probably don’t need to tell you that they are some of the most exciting names on the scene right now. Anyway, watch this trailer and let it get you super-mega-ultra-pumped for the entire documentary, which drops on Monday at noon.

RL Grime’s Halloween Mixtape. The year was Since then, the lanky livewire has ridden the crest of the bass wave, traveling the world as the most recognizable ambassador of that deep Souf Landahn wobble.

Some fans sent hate-mail, others prepared their dubstep eulogies, and others still piped up with the obvious fact that Skream’s new sound is only… marginally disco?

But people change, shit happens. For a guy so dead set against being defined, perpetual motion is a necessity. Are you going to punch me if I mention dubstep?

It will never leave me. I have the broadest taste in music. I think the only people losing soul are the sheep—people who want to make something that sounds like Sonny [Skrillex] or Calvin [Harris].

A good song causes emotion. If it makes you feel something, then it has soul. I grew up in front of sub speakers, so I get that. I respect people who are doing something that they really wanna do.

I believe in hard work. You and Sam Frank seem to fancy working together. The man is a genius. Sam Frank is an actual musical genius. The first time we worked together was the first moment that I had goosebumps listening to one of my own records.

Sam was having a child at the same time with his wife. The thing is, it got a great reaction, but my original fans at the time hated it. Why is the UK always a step ahead of the US?

It always has been. It requires a very compettive edge to be original in the UK. The people that blow up have their own sound. I love being from England. Not even just in a musical sense.

If you had to pick: New York or Los Angeles? You can find a sick party in Downtown Brooklyn and show up in a hoodie and not worry about it. What is the most annoying thing about Benga? All the fucking time!

I lie on his behalf all the time. Now, I’d much rather play for three hours than an hour. Before, I knew all the records to play. Why is there such a preoccupation with genre-specific sets anyway?

I used to hate it when it was strictly genre-based. My most enjoyable DJ sets to watch are when they throw in curveballs. It was a bit much. All night of the same thing will drive you mad. I need to get back into it properly.

Los Angeles is a cliquey place, which means it’s hard to get everyone together for one party. But this past weekend, the scene kids, ravers, frat boys, cosplay freaks and total fucking squares converged on the LA Historic State Park to damage their ears and seratonin receptors together.

One thing to remember about HARD events is that they are not raves—as evidenced by a strict “no kandi” policy and up to a half hour’s wait time between main stage acts. Day of the Dead is an electronic music festival, so don’t get it twisted.

It was one of the few trap-lite daytime sets thank god and it says a lot about a DJ when he can get a crowd doing the dutty wine even before they’re good and drunk. While remedying my own sobriety as quickly as possible, I ran into some childhood heroes in the beer garden and was scarred for life.

A case of sweaty grundle is always something to worry about at a festival like this. Aren’t you hot in those? But it’s worth it. Later tonight, it’ll be good. Do you feel that these outfits make you more or less likely to get laid?

This is every girl’s fantasy. Probably every guy’s fantasy as well. As I tried my best to repress visions of being sodomized by Eeyore, Canadian bass-pop journeymen Zeds Dead warmed up the dusk crowd on the main stage.

They’re undoubtedly great producers, but after seeing them live on a couple of occasions, I’ve realized that they’re not so adept at mixing and prefer to just knock out their hits one by one.

I can’t tell if you’re here to play Dungeons and Dragons or to rave. We also play dungeons and dragons. You got a problem with that? Hey, I think this guy has a problem with us.

Whoa, whoa, let’s change the subject. You there, with the abs, who do you get told that you look like? It’s been like eight times today. Around this time a year ago, their LA set was cut halfway through due to a technical failure, so the anticipation for their performance was redoubled.

Their apocalyptic pop-step was well received, and everyone agreed they were the highlight of the evening. As the sun fell from the sky and the party kicked into high gear, moombah masters Nadastrom took the main stage, providing a master class in the art of mixing.

Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom could have walked to the festival grounds from their apartments, but we were glad they saved their energy for a set that progressed from moombahton into 20 minutes of tropical bass and ended with old-school rave breaks and jungle.

Nadastrom’s designer drug visuals, replete with morphing sugar skulls, were a highlight. The duo deserves endless props for always pushing dynamic sets. The night was rounded out by that kid Skrill trampolining atop a pumpkin for 90 minutes.

Finally it seems that the hipster imperative to reject everything the guy does has died down a little and people can appreciate his contribution to electronic music. And like that, at midnight, the first day was over.

Thousands of wide-eyed revelers were released onto the streets of Chinatown to fend for themselves until the party started again the next day. You could say I’m a cool mom. My daughter got me into the music.

She couldn’t afford to come today so we’re here. How do you feel about the fact that most people here are on drugs? How do you feel about being the sexiest ladies here? We’re fine just the way we are.

To be here and to watch. I mean, this shit was rocking some borderline brown note kind of bass. Elsewhere, Skream gave the disco tent something to groove to despite Sgt.

That said, Sunday in particular suffered from a case of Main Stage myopia. From Prydz to Calvin Harris and onwards, the main stage was packed while the other areas were underpopulated. The vibe was kind of evil and the visuals were jarring: I saw a gaggle of teenagers, one dressed as a sexy nurse, struggling to carry an unconscious friend out of the crowd.

As I wandered off I saw ambulance lights flashing. It was around this point that I made the begrudging trek to the awful hellhole that is the main-stage beer garden. His Hellraiser-inspired Mau5head was by far the most entertaining aspect of his presence, and you’d be amazed how many Deadmau5 shirts rushed past me as I literally ran away from his set after 20 minutes.

Despite the festival’s final hours, it was a pretty astounding event. The midnight curfew was a bummer, but hosting a nearby afterparty until 6AM does a lot to allay those grumbles.

To avoid being drafted into the Ottoman army, he fled to Athens in before making his way to New York in Gambian Alhaji Bai Konte is a musician, story teller and holy man who plays the Kora.

This 16mm film by Oliver Franklin and Marc Pevar depicts a day-in-the-life of the late virtuoso. Coki “Chicken Bop” 3: Seablaze “Pastel Spells” 3: The West Coast team gear up for their debut.

You Did It To Yourself 3: Electronic Music Blog Big remix from bass players Dirtyphonics. Always expect large driving basslines from these guys. Icicle — Contemporary daftwho?

The truth is my entire life is full of seemingly opposite worlds constantly co-existing in parallel. JUBA — “Maria” 3: JUBA have announced details of their debut album, Mynah. The Portuguese four-piece will release the album on 20th November via pontiaq.

Directed by Heather Sommerfield, the video shows Laura performing the song with a band in the back of a house. The Derevolutions kicked down the door to my brain with their amazing Danny Brown remix and I immediately assumed they were well known pros that I was late to the game on.

There is a Soundcloud with criminally few plays and followers. This raucous, spastic, dance funk soul jam that takes a maximalist approach to getting your body twitching.

Cheers to these guys taking … continue reading. These are big songs for dark rooms, built for turning up the volume and the heat. This is the kind of beautiful, sensual, groovy, sexy ass shit we live for over here!

Bold claims perhaps…… continue reading. Leading […] Related posts: Old school house hits and more from SonictheSoundHog! Galapagos is every part warm water and sand between your toes. SoundCloud Facebook […] Related posts: Atari Jones Yarin Lidor Remix 3: This is 4 minutes […] Related posts: You can grab this one […] Related posts: The irony here is amazing.

Apparently, listeners who voted the song to its current position on the charts have little idea the whole thing is about constipation. Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back.

Photos courtesy of Halfway Crooks. Richie Hawtin doesn’t have to dream about DJing from a ferris wheel because he’s the motherfuckin’ Plastikman and he does whatever he wants. And tonight he will drop hypnotic techno bleeps from atop the Guggenheim Museum’s majestic rotunda, one of New York City’s most iconic pieces of architecture.

The minimal techno demi-God—occasionally known by his alter ego Plastikman— has had the chance to hypnotize crowds at some of the most insane locations across the globe; a testament to the fact that nightclubs and festival stages aren’t the only place where the magic can happen.

Richie has proven that if you give him a crowd and a controller or two you can pretty much place him anywhere in the world and he will shut shit down. Lets take a look at some of the more interesting places where this has happened or will happen very soon.

Who better then to play a one-of-kind techno set to thousands of Spanish revelers than Richie himself? I can’t imagine a better view from the DJ booth. Richie is such a boss that he was hand-picked to be the so-called “musical director” of the annual fundraising event The Guggenheim International Gala.

Aren’t you totally jealous that Manhattan’s art world socialities will get the exclusive chance to shuffle along with the Plastikman himself at this city landmark? This year for the second time running they will be bringing their Revolutions in Sound series to a moving capsule on the London Eye.

Yes, they will be throwing a dance party in a tricked-out section of an enormous f-ing ferris wheel. It really doesn’t get any cooler than this. If you’ve ever been to this place then you know it is one of the city’s many gems.

It’s a giant market filled with fruit, jamon iberico, pastry and just about every other sweet and sundry delight you can imagine. Richie played a set from inside one of the market booths among a full spread of peaches, apples and cucumbers.

No lavish DJ set up here—give Richie his gear and he’s good to go. If only he would throw down a set from the Whole Foods near my apartment. This is a large atrium space—which spans some 13, square meters—has been decked out by some of the most famous artists in the world.

Check out more coverage from this event here. David thinks that Richie should play a Plastikman set on his fire escape. Fans from around thee World Wide Web are submitting videos of unique sounds being made—from jets taking off to their dog’s yowl to the sound of spraycans.

Touch and Ego are sifting through them to find the best ones and using them to construct all the elements of the track, from kick through melodics, while EGO creates some super-sweet visuals out of the moving images.

The whole thing will culminate in a performance at a banging one-off event in Melbourne. But even if you can’t make it all the way there, you can still participate until November I am so not mad at house music right now.

Of course these trends cycle in and out of the mainstream, but right now dance music is sounding a lot like the Paradise Garage so go raid your gay uncle’s record collection and join us at the kiki while it’s still happening!

I, for one, welcome our new British overlords. A sampler of clips taken from SOTC can be streamed after the jump. His upcoming North American tour with Jon Hopkins and Nathan Fake, which begins next week, will undoubtedly shed some more light on the situation, but we felt like the man deserved a proper solo spotlight, so we invited him to put together the latest XLR8R podcast.

Glass Animals — “Woozy” feat. Producer and songwriter extraordinaire Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange , is streaming his new album , Cupid Deluxe , in full one week ahead of its official release date November 12 through Domino.

The lengthy teaser video containing the stream is below. Get warmed up with … continue reading. Waves is just a damn smooth and beautiful piece of music. The right amount of vocal soul to offset the drum machines.

I want more like this. None of these are as tough as picking which out of the five […] Related posts: Since the vision of Midlake up to […] Related posts: Deep, jazzy breakdowns contrast powerful verses expertly and give us a result unlike anything else out there.

Rustie […] Related posts: However, there is an antidote, my friends. Literally […] Related posts: We all know he kills it as a producer and DJ, but on top of all that biz, Dillon Francis finds time for comedy routines.

While other DJs are in the club dick riding and being way too serious about playing MP3s as a career, Dillz is in his hotel room in Vegas making ridiculous Instagram vids about his poopy slippers.

And somehow, he perfectly nails a tone between biting social commentary and total ridiculous non-sequitur. We turned to Dillons’ Instagram for further insight into the nonsense.

Does any of this shit make sense? But I got one deeper and it gave me a helping of the Tuesday giggles. Deep house with a side of airhorn because that’s what Hanzel derrrrrrrs.

Wait, this isn’t the deep house station? What’s up lil schnitzels? You’ll never be as kool as DJ Hanzel. Looks like someone didn’t have a good time at the Mad Decent Block Party. This bi-weekly drop is called Upper Cuts.

It’s time for Season 2 and we’re proud to partner with the dudes in releasing these big bad riddims into the world. Remember baile funk , that Brazilian genre that was all about pairing raw classic electro sounds with young MCs screaming about big juicy dunkies?

It was the tits. Or was it the butts? Anyway, it’s rad and really gets the people moving like its monkey mating season on the dancefloor. And if you don’t look it up. Download this track for free, and check out some others in Enchufada’s Upper Cuts series: Have you ever dreamed of combining that classic old-school ’80s swagger with all those awesome tunes currently blowing up your precious handheld mobile device?

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Last week we started a certifiable shitstorm with our profile of rising Islamabad producer, Talal Qureshi , who made some comments about his competition roughly 1, miles to the South in Karachi—particularly the collective known as Forever South.

Among several other barbs, Qureshi accused the group of over-sampling old Urdu songs, and making “trippy” music that is over-influenced by hashish and ecstacy. Immediately after the piece was published, Talal took to his Facebook and Twitter to try to save face, saying that there had been a “misunderstanding,” and implying that THUMP had altered his interview.

We wanted to get to bottom of this he-said-she-said fiasco, so we struck out to learn more about Qureshi’s role in the Pakistani scene at large. In the process we encountered an entire scene of young dance music fiends who had previously flown beneath our radar, most of them hailing from the world’s third largest city—Karachi.

Karachi may be the closest analogue Pakistan has to New York or Bombay, but these days, political violence and organized crime often overshadow its teeming cultural scene.

A collective of Karachi-ite beat makers, under the banner Forever South—or FSX for short—are working to change that, with a stacked roster of artists and multimedia events rarely seen elsewhere in Pakistan.

While a lot of Pakistani EDM fans and producers elsewhere are fixated on the accessible and outdated sounds of candy raver trance and dubstep, what comes out of Karachi is often psychedelic and unnervingly experimental.

We let the collective’s members defend themselves against their grumpy Northern cousin, and they told us about throwing warehouse parties, “projection mapping and visual synchronization” and their connections to Istanbul’s electronic underground.

Karachi shoegaze and electronic songwriter, Toll Crane. Where do you see your work fitting? The producer Actress is a big motivator and inspiration to me. He somehow pins the exact feeling I get while coming down from something, like early morning brain sparks.

But I also like making bangers sometimes. The track sounds totally different from what Talal Qureshi said about Forever South. Where did he get that? I have no idea.

More than anything it’s about Forever South being misrepresented by him. How much of his disconnect with you guys has to do with his current residence in sleepy Islamabad?

Wel, Islamabad is extremely beautiful when it comes to nature, but the city life is fucking boring. After 8PM Islamabad shuts down. All the house lights are switched off.

Dynoman has been actively involved in putting these shows on. We have three shows lined up in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore for next year. Forever South co-founder Rudoh. So Talal really caused a scene with his comments in the interview we published.

I heard Talal Qureshi was connected with all of you during the early days, how true is that? He used to live in Karachi actually. We all gave him that kind of respect. We offered Talal a lot of stuff.

It was hard to work with him though. He seems like he could be touchy. We were trying to release his EP, but he kept trying to release it when he thought it should be released.

He can be difficult. And what if we did use Urdu samples—what of it? Are you denying us our own heritage? Well, Talal says it’s all a misunderstanding on his Facebook. I think that people are butt-hurt about something they said getting around.

Other than being slagged off by a former associate in VICE, it sounds like Forever South has had a big year this year. We released a couple of singles last year, and we released my album, an album by Tree House, and then we had three shows.

The first show was in January in a warehouse. When we were told about an artists’ commune with a warehouse we could book, we thought it was gonna be mad money because the space is gigantic. But the owner hooked us up with a price, and we loved the place.

It was a really open space with a projection setup. We held our first gig there. Then we also played our third show there with a higher budget. The only problem is the artists’ commune is a ways from the heart of the city.

People really into the scene come, though. Our last show had heads. But our next shows are in the heart of the city. We also have a radio show called Forever South Fridays.

We’re preparing for our season of that—right now we’re asking for mixes for it. Anything happening before rolls around? The New Years party is going to be off the hook!

There’s gonna be tons of new stuff. How did this all come about? No one has really come out and said this properly but, Dalt Wisney pretty much mentored us. He’s the one among us who left Pakistan, and he’s living and spinning in Istanbul.

But he was the only one we knew making beats, at the time on Reason 3. He studied there for two weeks, and when he came back he single-handedly started a revolution. He’s so passive about it—he doesn’t give a fuck and he doesn’t see what he’s done.

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