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Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

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Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

What’s New?

1. 8The Lizard took control of some of the planet’s inhabitants.
2. 1 Xavier turned on Atlantis, wiping them out, and Namor swore revenge, spending the next ten years trying to kill Xavier. It also makes for a much smoother transition.http://softik.org/rca-pro-10-10-1-android-tablet-nib-review/You are right, what you are doing is very close to what I would have suggested. Earth Spider-Girl Penelope Parker.

3. 9 Spider-Boy Team-Up 1 http://softik.org/any-video-converter-new-edition-2013/Guardians of the Galaxy She is shocked when her skeptical daughter says to her “Oh mother, would you have believed a story like that if your mother had told it to you?

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Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final

4. 7 Had it worked, there likely would be no convincing you it was a mistake.Dr web 7 0 0 11071 finalThe compound interest calculator is awesome!

5. 4 I 9, Avengers Forever 5.

6. 2 Hi Michelle, What did you end up doing with this rental in New Zealand?

7. 5 Earth After heroes Storm, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel were taken from this world by Vennema Multiversal and brainwashed, they were later returned to this reality.

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Numbered realities a la Earth Thing-Night Falls on Yancy Street 1 4 fb Reigning–[Thor II 34], With no living source of blood available, the vampires begin to prey on themselves. Reed Richards created a bomb to final the world, but lacked the courage to use it.

II 24 Quasar Heralds, Paradise X 0 X; also a bunch of one shots. Microscopic Earths Strange Tales 82 March Parallel Earth dimensions existing within a series of sub-atomic universes; both time and space are the same and events on each world appear to happen simultaneously; people or places do not share the same names on each world.

Earth Morlun and brethren battled Master Weaver. Superior Spider 33 Amazing Spider-Man 9 Edge of Spider-Verse 5 We know she was based on “The Hub” when she became Omniversal Majestrix, but that doesn’t mean the Hub is the same place as Earth The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross” However, if you want to accommodate both and have them be the same world, Ross apparently describes the Justice Union stuff as being in the year AD, while the Top 10 stuff happens in the current day.

Earth Spider-Girl Penelope Parker. Brave and the Bold cartoon’s main reality. Home to a Batman who likes to team up a lot and, having really seen pretty much everything, takes all manner of weirdness in his stride; there is at least one villain who has not yet been seen to have a counterpart in other realities e.

No reality designator given for the Red Hood’s world – some sites online have said Earth Three, because that’s traditionally the number for the Crime Syndicate’s reality, but Red Hood’s web had an Injustice League, not a Crime Syndicate, and didn’t fit any of the iterations of Earth-Three seen in the comics, bar having those who are normally heroes be villainous and vice versa.

Earth variant Spider-Ham Peter Porker. Earth Reed Richards created a device to strip all superhumans of their powers, negating the need for the Superhuman Registration Act. Unstable Molecules 1 Night Falls on Yancy Street 1 Dooms, destroying their intelligence, and imprisoning them in the Hole.

Reed FF ; FF Earth Gwen Stacy became Spider-Woman. Earth Dimension-traveling Antontio Aggasiz stole a musical virus from a race of sentient melodies. Amazing Spider 9 Mentioned at end of Papist Affair, first ever Luther Arkwright strip.

Arkwright heads here after finishing on Earth to stop Disruptor activities there. EARTH – ABC ; “backworld” where the laws of science do not apply, and magic holds sway instead, a reality inhabited by mythological beings.

Amazing Spider-Man 10 Earth X-Men Forever 1 Earth Parallel England No. Papist Affair, first ever Luther Arkwright strip. As a result he did not remarry, Elizabeth I not born, and Henry never broke with Rome.

His son Henry IX proved a tyrant and religious fanatic, persecuted all who were not Catholic, Tudors held crown and many countries fell to English rule, forming the Holy British Empire.

No world wars, by s decadent England still ruled Europe and Americas, but dissent was growing, and Luther Arkwright helped the resistance. The strip can be read online here http: Earth Superflow connection off-line, White Events presumably prevented.

Earth Reed Richards slew the rest of the Illuminati to prevent their ambitions from exceeding their abilities. Uncanny X-Force 23 Earth Appears to be on 11071. Ultimate Comics Armor Wars 4 Days of Then and Now 1.

New World Beyond the Farthest Precinct 1. Earth Confronted by Illuminati, Beyonder remade Earth into a place where he was worshipped and adored. Earth – erroneous designation later corrected to Earth Thing, Reed and Sue Richards, Gen.

Earth Stark outfitted armored Avengers. Marvel Preview 4 Book One fb ]. Edge of Spider-Verse 2 EARTH – holder of Starbrand fights evil powers which plague her world, and is the idol of billions.

Franklin Richards, Doc Samson, Dr. Fantastic], Morales guardMs. Doom controlled the entire planet, merged with Earth by Dr. Magneto and Earth-Chaos Engine: Utopia– X-Men Millennial Visions With the increased population, persecution of the homeless replaced the mutant hysteria.

Secret Avengers 22 FFE –Spider-Man 1. Jonah Jameson, Lim, Dr. Earth Silk fled here to spare the other spider-people from the Inheritors, but she was pursued by Bora, Brix, and their hunt-creature.

Alternate Universes –What If? In 21st century Mongol Empire’s attempts to conquer the Americas were opposed by Thor, Moonstar, Wolfsbane and dimension-hopping Exiles. New Exiles 18 Earth “Spider-Cat” an actual cat with spider-powers and costume ‘s essence consumed by the Inheritors’ Bora.

Amazing Spider-Man 7 The X-Men would soon become more like bodyguards than champions for mutantkind. Nuclear war then erupts destroying nearly all life on Earth. Wolverine walks alone finding small signs of life here and there.

This new generation of X-Men face a newly hatred for mutantkind as the Morlocks attack the surface world. Buzz manages to use his ray on the X-Men, but it has unforeseen effects on the X-Men due to their X-factor.

Instead of making them infertile, it reverses their gender. Cerebro-X decided to reconstruct the X-men and began searching for surviving X-Men. This new team of X-Men have taken on a mission to discover what happened to the final X-Men and make the world a safer place for mutantkind.

What started with replacing damaged limbs eventually led to the team becoming mechanically rebuilt. The consciousnesses were downloaded into robotic bodies so the X-Men could live indefinitely.

Every private school was forced to serve its locational district due to overcrowded public schools. The government asked the X-Men for help in training its teachers to cope with the rising number of mutants in schools.

The retired group of X-men agreed to help, but had no chance against ordinary thirteen year old students. It became a massive failure and despite their old age, the X-Men ventured back out into the world to find and fight villains.

The deposed ruler of Genosha, Magneto gathered group of mutants together to form a new X-Men. Earth Exiles arrived to stop Namor from taking over the world and exterminating humanity.

Some X-Men have died, most are missing and the few left behind struggle for survival. The few remaining X-Men find themselves on a desperate quest for their missing comrades.

Mutantkind no longer are at war with normal humans and the X-Men find themselves battling evil on the same level that the Avengers and Fantastic Four do. By the yearno major villains or conflicts had risen and Jean and Scott settled down with children as a result.

A new prehistoric age began, only this time Cerebro was still online. Cerebro detected the presence of Apocalypse and began to gather a group of mutants calling them the X-Men to stop his return.

Earth had become an interplant peacekeeping planet achieving a balance between man and mutant. 11071, Meltdown and Chamber are web last three remaining mutants alive banded together as the X-Men to stop the Sentinels.

Rogue decided to use her powers to become a private investigator. These just happened to be from X-Men Millennial Visions universes. Rick Jones was mind-damaged and in a wheelchair, having betrayed the Hulk in the past.

The Intelligencia ruled the entire world. Doom for a court jester, took over leadership of the Eastern world. They honored their fallen, including Wizard, Klaw, and Hulk.

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Earth Medusa convinced Black Bolt to tell a joke. As off the s Marvel Universe map as G. Uncanny X-Men Evolution animated series Astonishing Thor 5 Earth A mother tells her daughter that the man in the moon causes the tides but her daughter doesn’t believe her. Earth Skrull Spider-Man considered feasting on victims like a real spider.

Dr web 7 0 0 11071 final version 106

The X-Men put an end to all tyranny, focusing on equality. Charles Xavier, adopting the name Savior, telepathically shared his dream with every person on Earth and brought them over to his cause.

He killed Magneto, who broke the magnetic sphere around Earth before he died and killed millions. Fantastic built a machine in Santo Marco that could convert the energy of mutants into power to save the planet.

Cyclops lover of Storm was the first to heal the Earth, sacrificing his life. After they ran out of heroes, Savior started pulling heroes out of other realities, killing countless versions of himself before starting on versions of Cyclops.

Earth Contest of Champions involving Godzilla vs. Rom, and the Micronauts. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration 1 Earth Young Loki killed Thor and the Disir attacked him. Earth Desak destroyed Olympus.

New Mutants 38 The Disruptors assisted German’s recovery and reunification after the Second World War, making it the dominant power in the European Economic Community.

Meanwhile Great Britain has remained a dominant colonial power, retaining many of its colonies, but now Germany is undermining that, for instance channeling massive amounts of cash aid via North American Irish organizations to Republican elements in Ireland, funding their terrorist actions.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe 1 New Avengers 22 Reed FF ; reality FF Earth Zombie Nazis sought to invade Earth Marvel Zombies Destroy 1 Earth Psycho-Man organized an army of super-villains, conquered Earth.

The Fantastic Four Franklin Richards, Thing only aging during the two weeks per year he could turn human , a Firelord character, and a female Spider-Man character fought the aliens.

In , with Franklin off in the stars, an elderly Thing addressed the diverse crowd of humans and aliens, all graduates of the Future Foundation. In , the Foundation saw an even older Thing reminiscing to a statue of his old teammates.

In , Franklin laid Thing to rest. Earth Centuries ago in the relative past, the Phoenix Force taking over the young girl Fongji, and she achieved peace with the Force within herself, bringing enlightenment.

New Avengers 25 Earth Luc an incarnation of a mortal version of Loki battled a demon princess in the kingdom of Francisco. He escaped his step-mother and went on an adventure, defying all the prophecies that stood against him.

Thor God-Size Special 1 Earth Native Porcupine was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe.

Death’s Head II 3 X-Treme X-Men 1 Earth Brian Lazarus encountered Man-Thing and Sybil in the s, and then again decades later in recent years. Infernal Man-Thing 1 Over the succeeding years, they killed all criminals in the world, then began killing people preemptively who might kill others.

Deathlok remained an avid opponent of X-Force. Psylocke then stabbed herself to stop it. A timequake, of which Pym had warned the future X-Force, rocked the world as Psylocke lay on the brink of death, but Magistrate Braddock intercepted her and healed her.

They sent X-Force back to the past, confident they would still have their future. Wolverine and Magistrate Braddock kissed. Uncanny X-Force 28 29, Cannonball and Mirage romanced, as did Sunspot and Magma.

The Defenders made the New Mutants aware of a deadly cosmic event that was forming around their team. Beast gave Cypher a clean bill of health. Cypher soon realized that little things were going wrong, like the colors at the restaurant were blue instead of red, the X-Men wore their patches on the wrong side, and Shadowcat soon confirmed that Wolverine and Cyclops had mended fences.

They found a vagrant Dr. Strange and fought off his demons. He told them the Defenders had disbanded, that Hulk had been exiled to space, and he intoned that Clea had committed suicide.

Cypher noted all the realities distinctions like Myspace being more popular than Facebook and John Lennon still being alive. Face entered, attacked Cypher wounding him and accidentally killed Karma.

New Mutants IV 47 Cypher had a terrible nightmare. Strange helped them realize they had to change the future to fix the past. The New Mutants arrived just as Cypher manifested the extradimensional sentience and tech-powers all at once.

Moonstar killed Bevatron and Jetstream. Cypher overwrote Blink with her future self as he had with Cannonball and Karma earlier , then killed Warlock as he had no future self to meld with, having bonded with Cypher permanently.

She found that he lived on the moon, having covered the entire planet in the tech-virus. The future ended, restoring the past to normal. New Mutants IV New Mutants 44 Earth Kashmir Vennema was recruited by Vennema Multiversal.

She later left the group and had a husband and child, but her family was killed by VM. She liberated brainwashed heroes from them and worked to destroy VM. This Kash teamed with other heroes to see VM destroyed.

She later went on to recruit a few other versions of herself to start a new VM. Earth Overrun by dinosaurs. Charles Xavier led Dazzler and Governor James Howlett to a new reality here to fight another evil Xavier.

After Dazzler and Howlett insisted they be transported to Earth to rescue Kurt Waggoner, Xavier recruited Hercules, Scott Summers, and Dazzler, who slew Xavier along with numerous dinosaurs. Strange, Punisher, Sandman, Dr.

He became the world-famous Spider-Man, fighting for years alongside dozens of heroes, including Thulk, Iron Devil, and General America, and fighting dozens of deadly villains. He eventually married his wedding attended by both heroes and villains and had a son and a daughter.

When in his forties, he battled Kraven the Rhino before realizing he needed to change his life. Fury helped him make new identities for his family and they moved to Chicago area. In time, his wife died and his children married.

He eventually moved into a nursing home. In the present, seeking to impress his great-grandson Stephen, Grandpa Martin revealed his past to him and took him web-swinging. Earth Black Knight wielded his ebony chainsaw in his reality.

Black Knight joined the battle against VM. By the time Cable went back into action, the world had been effectively destroyed, overrun by Sentinels, monstrous creatures, etc. After decades of fighting , an older Hope Summers who adopted the identity of Stryfe and Blaquesmith learned how to use that future’s incarnation of Deathlok to calculate events from the past and how they impacted the future, as well as to send messages to Cable Reality as precognitive visions, inspiring him to assemble X-Force and change events, which would then apparently altered Reality’s future.

Noting that they may have altered history beyond their ability to predict, they gave the younger Hope a Psimitar and sent her back to her time; stabbing Cable in the head with the Psimitar, Hope dispelled his powers, curing him.

Avengers Arena 1 Earth Captain Alison Blaire of the X-Force Protectorate helped protect the last human colony in a world of zombies who had killed every other human on the planet including Charles Xavier , but after a recon mission during which she launched a Cerebra satellite that confirmed no other humans survived she found the colony overrun.

She killed her former friends, including Captain America, before Xavier recruited her for his team of reality-hopping X-Men. X-Treme X-Men 7 Earth Counter-Earth merged with alternate Earth. Captain America 12 Earth Hyperion escaped from a dying world to this planet, raised by “Father” to become a highly moral being; remade the world with his super heroic teammates; world eventually destroyed when two universes collided.

First X-Men 5 Earth Deadpool was a transvestite performing the time-warp with back-up singers while Deadpork a Deadpool version of Spider-Ham swung by. Avenging Spider-Man 13 Earth Xavier-empowered Red Skull turned humanity against mutants, put the mutant race in concentration camps; the Apocalypse Twins spent time there as children.

Uncanny Avengers 4 Earth Apparently ruled by Magneto; the Illuminati journeyed there to find it being consumed by Galaktus and his herald, Terrax the Truly Enlightened. Ultimately destroyed, but Terrax survived on Earth New Avengers 4 Tribes of trolls, Beasts, and Nightcrawlers called Crawlers existed in the wilderness.

They stormed the castle and seemingly killed the Witch-King who feigned death. Captain Blaire sacrificed herself in the battle, turning into pure light before dissipating.

Xavier secretly took control of Xavier and soon revived an apparently slain Nazi, and then the three Xaviers traveled to and took over Earth, until Xavier and Xavier were slain by an Exterminator.

X-Treme X-Men 9 Earth Asgard destroyed in battle between the gods and the giants Sturm and Drang. Captain Marvel 8 Susan Storm became Kang when her future world was eradicated. Ultimate Comics Wolverine 4 July Earth One million years in the future, White Man recovered as last known human on Earth by extraterrestrials, placed in zoo.

Master of Kung Fu 1 Earth Otto Octavius went back in time to change history, befriending young Otto and inspiring him to become a hero in the future, joining the Avengers Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk against Dr.

Earth This reality’s Builders destroyed their reality’s Earth and exhorted the Earth Illuminati to do the same. New Avengers 11 Earth Earth destroyed by a Celestial due to machinations of Apocalypse Twins, mutants “raptured” from Earth prior to its destruction.

Years later, Kang projected the minds of this Earth’s Avengers Unity Squad into their counterparts before Earth’s destruction, allowing them to prevent it. Uncanny Avengers 13 Earth Ghost Rider served the Mecha-lords of Hell, drawing on the energies of machinery.

Ghost Rider joined the battle against VM. Earth Match Ben Hammil trapped in a well with a ghost girl. Earth S oldiers of Project Echelon took over the country. Red She-Hulk 59 When Spider-Man lost the powers he received by the spider bite, his natural mutant powers kicked in.

Earth Charles Xavier became a giant Acanti whale. A Brood Queen possessed him and used his vessel to house her army, but he was able to keep his powers a secret from her.

Bloodstorm joined the battle against VM. Earth Earth variant circa AD; Kelly became President, dedicated himself to mutant rights; plague released by the Friends of Humanity wiped out most of the planet.

This reality’s Forge sent his own Bishop back in time no idea what became of him , and resends Bishop back to try again. He succeeds, but with dire consequences – the plague reality was the past of the timeline discussed in the paragraph below, and Bishop disrupts it.

Circa AD, mutations went out of control. Cable forced to travel back in time to try and reverse what Bishop did. Atlantis then turned on the surface world, killing millions in tidal waves and horrifying Namor Miyamoto, representing Great Atlantis and Imperial Japan having a Japanese and an Atlantean parent.

Xavier turned on Atlantis, wiping them out, and Namor swore revenge, spending the next ten years trying to kill Xavier. On the HSM Albion the floating ship containing the final human survivors , they discovered black men held as slaves.

Xavier hit Namor with a brutal attack, but was downed by Dazzler and beheaded by Namor after the civilians were freed. Xavier was revived by “Witch King” Xavier and disembodied head Xavier under Xavier’s control , and the trio traveled to and took over Earth, until Xavier and Xavier were slain by an Exterminator.

X-Treme X-Men 10 April, Defenders of the Galaxy. Earth When Kang attacked, A. New York was divided into clans, including Iron Zone dominated by Iron Man, who eventually existed only as an organic brain within his armor , Strangetown dominated by Dr.

Avenging Spider-Man 17 Earth At age 18, Anna Marie encountered Touch, whom she fell in love with and who named her Rogue, and she brought his son, Cotton, to the parents of Cody Robbins to raise.

Deadpool video game Wolverine and the X-Men 29 Earth The biochip used to repair Tony Stark’s spine combined with nanites injected into Tony years before by Justin Hammer to form an entity that named itself Tony Stark 2.

The entity took over military missile sites and targeted major cities across Earth, forcing Iron Man to ally with Justin Hammer to stop the entity before it destroyed the planet. Earth 25 years in the future, Jean Grey School run by Professor Xorn and has numerous branches.

New Avengers 6 Earth Trickshot dreamed of killing Lord Demonpimp for women, but they favored Hawkeye. Earth Controlling disembodied head Xavier, “Witch King” Xavier revived Xavier, and the trio traveled to and took over this reality, until Xavier and Xavier were slain by an Exterminator.

X-Treme X-Men 12 Earth Otto Octavius, in Schenectady as a young boy, observed as the ghost of Peter Parker and May Jameson in a wedding dress stood by while a giant octopus attacked.

The giant unmasked as Torbert Octavius before disappearing. Avenging Spider-Man 19 Earth Diverged from Earth when, in the N-Zone, when that universe started to die, Reed Richards created the Infinity Gauntlet to stop his universe from dying.

He slowed down the process, but was turned into a Watcher as a result. Ultimate Comics Ultimates 27 Earth Wolverine teamed up with Indiana girl Wendy to fight aliens who had kidnapped her and threatened to kill Wolverine with a nuclear noose.

Astonishing X-Men 67 Amazing Spider-Man 11 Earth AIR Advanced Ideas in Regeneration collected samples from people with healing powers and inadvertently brought about a zombie apocalypse via efforts to recreate regenerative powers in a dead person.

Deadpool attempted to cure the zombies by consuming the healing factor himself and letting the zombies consume him; while the zombies were cured of their hunger and were returned to life, Deadpool’s consciousness was spread amongst all who fed on him.

Night of the Living Deadpool 1 The Avengers episode, “The Mightiest of Heroes! Earth Gamma bomb exposure made Bruce Banner healthier, but he went progressively mad while kept on constant military surveillance; while attempting to flee after Betty died from gamma poisoning, a government agent head Banner fatally shot.

Earth Electro taunted by monstrous spider. Amazing Spider-Man 3 Ultimate FF 4 Earth Bearded, goggle-less Hyperion in classic red and gold costume. Ultimate FF 6 Earth In-Betweener split in two: Order infused itself into S.

Order spoke out publicly against magic beings. Strange assembled a team to try and save Chaos: Chaos escaped as the Helicarrier crashed. Chaos summoned beings from alternate dimensions to this reality: Earth Hitler survived in s, and Earth remained war torn into the present, which was overrun by Nazis using Panzer Sentinels controlled by the uber-powerful Francis Talbot; visited by Deadpool and Cable’s X-Force, during which Talbot was wiped from existence by Deadpool’s time machine gun, which seemingly prevented the cascade of events that had led to this reality manipulations performed by Deadpool under instruction of Francis Talbot Iron Man 18 Earth Big Hero 6 movie Earth Potential future taking place 8 months after Earth Dimitrios eradicated humanity.

Earth Thanos gained absolute power, transformed all reality into a massive necropolis, populated by scavengers and the living dead. The Infinity Revelation Earth Leader slew General Ross’ Thunderbolts, only to be slain in turn by Mercy; glimpsed as hypothetical scenario by Leader Earth Squirrel Girl married Rocket Raccoon.

Earth Philadelphia was overrun with demons led by Venom “Flash” Thompson. No Way Home 5 Earth Alternate future in which the Fantastic Four all have beards except Sue. Earth Fifty year old Daredevil lost powers battling Jubala Pride Owl’s daughter ; young son, Jack, has hyper-senses.

Daredevil 36 aka 1. Earth Future where Thor rules Asgard but looks really depressed about it , Loki is evil again, but tells the truth admittedly, not the WHOLE truth , and Earth is in ruins Latveria, at least, looks like an ash-covered wasteland.

Loki from this future has been seemingly imprisoned by Reality’s All-Mother so he can offer advice about current and future events, as the Asgardians were unhappy without a predestined future; Loki secretly manipulates events as he hopes for an even darker version of the future.

Loki Agent of Asgard 1 Earth Black Swan manipulated Reed Richards and Tony Stark into locating Manifold, then slew Richards and Stark before escaping that world, which she subsequently destroyed.

New Avengers 15 Earth Hank Pym created Ultron to improve the world, but Ultron rapidly destroyed humanity with the exception of Pym, whom Ultron continually defeated and released, memories erased, to attack him anew; each time Ultron progressively converted Pym into a robot, eventually renaming Pym as become Ultron- version After the Ultrons apparently eliminated all other life on Earth, Pym guided the visiting heroes, along with Wasp and Giant-Man to escape back to Reality to try to rebuild it.

Age of Ultron 1 Earth Industrial corporations of Earth dumped toxic waste into the oceans of this world, poisoning and killing thousands of Atlanteans. Queen Namora of Atlantis led an invasion force to Earth in retaliation, but Doctor Doom Victor Van Damme sent them back to their world, along with poison to kill them all, to avoid more attacks.

Ultimate FF 2 Earth Conquered by Ultron, world overrun by robots, with only 30 million humans surviving; conquered Asgard and became new all-father, while other Asgardians plus Beta Ray Bill were trapped behind a power-draining magic mirror; Ultron created Avengers in image of 21st century counterparts Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye , along with corrupted Vision and Thor latter possessed by nanite Loki ; Avengers Black Widow, Captain America, Hyperion, Starbrand, Thor were sent to this time some years after the modern era via the Time Gem following the apparent destruction of the rest of the Infinity Gems, during which time Captain America implanted a bomb within Captain America, intended to affect the next future reality to which Captain America traveled.

Following the death of Dr. Earth Wolverine never de-programmed as Hydra agent. Enemy of the State Earth Lady Deadpool’s face healed of scars, but she was then rejected by other scarred women.

Earth Peter Parker’s radioactive spider-bite put him in a coma for weeks until he transformed into a man-spider. The Spider-Men of Earth and Earth cured him with a serum that rendered him totally powerless.

Spider-Verse Team-Up 1 Ultron Forever 1 Earth Granting fire to early man in the past, Johnny Storm worshipped as a god into modern times, where his form replaces the Statue of Liberty.

World’s Greatest Heroes ” Out of Time ” Earth One of five realities shown by John Aman, in which Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Johnny and Sue Storm killed in cosmic ray exposure during space flight; one was bald with pointy ears.

Earth Sinister was formerly a baron of his own Battleworld domain until he was conquered by Apocalypse and forced to be one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Old Man Logan 2 Earth Morgan le Fay came to Battleworld’s Weirdworld at some point and became the baron of the domain as the Witch Queen.

Earth World of living action figures. Their Spider-Man joined the Web Warriors. Amazing Spider-Man 12 Earth Conquered by Mapmakers. The Illuminati attempted to trap the Cabal there, but they escaped to Earth before it was destroyed.

Earth After his wrestler father el Aracnido died, el Hombre Aracnido became a hero and started fighting crime. Earth Adsit took an improvisation class and became a comedic supporting character on a critically acclaimed TV show headlined by a funny lady with glasses.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 5 Earth World without super heroes; homeless Jesse gained Nova-power, saved Earth from Skrull invasions. Earth Charles Xavier was born a genius into wealth and fame.

When men dressed as Sentinels slaughtered the group, Xavier reacted badly and killed them with his mind. She traveled to Earth, where she tried selling brainwashed heroes to the Secret Empire, but was killed by an alternate Black Widow instead.

Earth Squirrel Girl focused on studying to the exclusion of all else, including eating and sleeping, causing her to die and eventually become a skeleton. Squirrel Girl 7 Earth Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes joined the Super Soldier program to join the war effort to stop Apocalypse from annexing their Battleworld domain later referred to as “a forgotten kingdom”.

Planet Hulk 1 Marvel was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. The headquarters was eventually dismantled. Captain America and Iron Man Earth Dark future, Logan sacrifices himself to save the next generation of young mutants.

Edge of Venomverse 2 Earth Nova Sam Alexander returned to Earth for his th adventure, helmet stolen by young son, Jesse, so Jesse could adventure as Nova. Red Skull 1 Earth The Guardians of the Galaxy from Reality battled zombie aliens in the year Strange mind possibly possessed by Morgan Nicholls communed with Eternity.

Earth Adam Warlock that absorbed his entire reality and replaced Warlock Earth The Shield guarded against unrelenting attacks. Later as part of Battleworld it was called Breakland.

Marvel Super Hero Squad video game The government cloned the Carnage symbiote to battle Mayhem, but the resulting clones Bio-Predators slaughtered humans, forcing people to live underground.

An elder Mayhem eventually traveled back to the present day of Reality to stop her younger self from killing Spider-Girl. The End 1 Earth Swarm conquered Earth. Earth Super Attorney defended Chrysler Building eating monster.

Earth Thing used Doom’s time machine, prevented younger self of Earth from flying Reed’s spaceship. One Thing After Another Jamie Braddock on Battleworld. Secret Wars 2 Earth Peaceful celery-looking Ru-Bari of the Cygnus system were dismissed as unimportant by the Nova Corps despite their musical and artistic talents.

The formed the Corps du Chapeau and sent berets out into the universe to convert others to their cause, the berets turning the individual white and grey and making them drones. The Deadpool Corps attacked them and Headpool consulted with the Midgets of the Universe some sort of knowledge system that he communed with to learn about them.

Deadpool was turned as well and called himself Mimepool. Earth Xavier tested students with his Dreamatron; observing from a distance, Magneto vowed vengeance for his stapler being moved. Earth Inhospitable planet, home of race of powerful mutates, Gauntlet mutant group traveled here, stole their children as a source of human-compatible organs able to adapt to any conditions by mutating the host; native traveled to Earth to seek vengeance, lost left arm in battle with Nate Grey before explaining the truth, after which Grey slew all of the members of Gauntlet and sent the woman responsible for the idea to their planet for vengeance.

Earth Tired of being referred to as costumed clown, heroes forced Gen. Ross to dress like a clown. Earth Bullseye stubbed thumb hanging a picture. Earth Cap’s restaurant incorporated DD’s diner.

Marvel Knights Millennial Visions Earth Adam Warlock gained absolute power, transformed all reality into a state of constant death and resurrection. Ultimate Fantastic Four 27 Earth Human Torch was pulled from his own reality and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal into fighting for them.

He battled Captain America, Black Widow, and others. Die By The Sword 1. Earth Namor worked as stunt double for Mr. Marvel Apes Speedball Special 0 Sentient trash; frequented by a Man-Thing when seeking romance.

Earth Mutant powers manifested themselves via flatulence. Earth Slaying Ares pre-Siege, Sentry slaughtered the heroes opposing the Siege; subsequently taking out the Cabal when they attacked, Sentry learned of Osborn’s directing Lindy’s murder; unleashed, Void slew Osborn, then destroyed Asgard and Earth.

Earth Skrull Spider-Man considered feasting on victims like a real spider. Earth Iron Man displayed giant armor for advertising next to Statue of Liberty. Earth Female Charlie joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past.

Earth Native Madcap was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe.

Strange went to emergency room for broken hands. Earth After Danger left the Danger Room, Wolverine cut up the room’s sentient door for bases in their baseball game. Earth Kidnapped from her world, Black Widow was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until a rogue Kashmir Vennema freed her and sent her after other Kashmirs for revenge.

Black Widow killed many Kashmirs. She was captured and imprisoned on Earth A Space Odyssey, with the Watcher replacing the Monolith. Earth Native Hulk was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis.

Ghost Boxes 1 Earth Skrulls allowed Norman Osborn to form his Cabal as a traveling circus. Earth – incorrect designation. Should refer to Earth- Earth Rifleman of the Corps Excalibur 1. Earth Timebroker sent Weapon X to this reality to take care of Namor.

Kane died during this mission in battling Namor. Fantastic and Human Torch died, their identities were burned onto a disc and uploaded into the Vurtuvurse and joined the other eight billion virtual-consciousnesses that have passed away.

Unable to move due to his powers overwhelming him, the Thing pulls into the Vurtuvurse. Wade Wilson’s War 1 Earth Wolverine tried to get Phoenix to toast marshmallows on his claws.

Taking the name the Sinister Six this newly powered group were able to killed Spider-Man. Earth Sentry attended Agoraphobics Anonymous. The kids were able to escape and eventually went their separate ways.

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We both know they are part of the process. We both know they are not worth even a passing glance. We both know the market will not only recover, but march on to new heights making us wealthier.

Everybody makes money when the market rises. But it is what you do when it is collapsing that will determine if it will make you wealthy. That was a classic MMM post and for readers who might have missed it, here you go: Basically, VTSAX is a total stock market index fund and it holds stock in around individual companies.

I really enjoy your posts, James. I have been generally following similar advice to what you give for a while but you are REALLY helpful on the particulars and I want to thank you.

That gives me a few years worth of RMD in money market and the rest in stock. Is this the right strategy? Will I be able able to make enough in dividends to replenish my withdrawals? If not, my first step would be to move it there.

Plus it has the potential to appreciate. My guess would be an emergency fund. Way too long if an emergency fund is the goal. Thank you so much. I wanted to know what assets to have in my inherited IRA in order to produce enough cash to pay the RMD without selling funds at possibly disadvantageous times.

I need at least 1 year since I will have to pay RMD this year before I get any dividends and maybe a second year. Set it up to have the dividends and capital gains reinvested.

Treat the investment as a whole. I appreciate your comments and thanks again for this free and very valuable resource. It is in the very early stages of development and is tentatively titled: In a nut shell, I am not a fan of insurance.

Fees are high, the fine print in policies is daunting and the value is low. For those who follow the plan I lay out here: Having said all that, I also recognize that there are people who find themselves with young children and who have not built up any financial cushion.

That is a mistake that needs correcting in my view. But until it is, some insurance is a good idea. Buy only term and buy as little as possible. Just kidding of course. I have term only in an amount commensurate with the debt obligations I currently hold—mortgage, undergraduate and med school student loans—and I plan to only hold this policy until we reach FI.

Plus being young, its very cheap and provides some peace of mind. DI is something the salesman are always pushing on us young doctors. Any advice on this conundrum?

Lastly, I suppose I will forgive your butchering of my name. As for DI, I am no expert. But I think you have already figured the best way to call it. Anything sold that hard, especially insurance, is;.

After all, I essentially need one functional hand and a brain to do my job. I am indeed practicing in Florida. Just my 2 cents regarding DI: After my husband completed optometry school, we also had a mortgage and lots of student loans to repay.

We decided to get a good DI plan. We were nowhere near FI. It was a pain having to get his doctors to fill out forms every few weeks but the overall process of collecting the DI was not bad. So in our situation it was a godsend.

Yes it was fairly expensive but as you are well aware being an oncologist, things happen. I see it everyday in my nursing world too. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide!

Luckily, I stumbled onto your site after reading MMM. I wanted to do more and gain financial independence much earlier in life than most, so, as you can guess, I was extremely excited to find you.

I had to write you because I felt like I knew so much of your story after not being able to stop reading your blog this past weekend that I had to stop and say thanks for such tangible, great advice.

I look forward to continue reading! Sounds like you are off to a fine start and dumping that debt is such short order is impressive. Glad you liked posts here and the MF interview. I just had one question.

If so, how would I go about this? Actively managed funds almost always underperform index fund and they always charge more in fees to do so. I learn a lot from reading the comments. I posted a question about what to do with my kids money and thanks for your advise.

I will open an investment account with Van Guard and transfer the money over, but before I do that, I need your input: My husband is 48 and I am 39, have 2 kids, 9 and 2, house paid off, credits in GET for boys education, no debts.

After I do all that, I will put my money into the investment account. I like stock, real estate and energy funds. Should I invest my money in the same funds for both accounts or different funds.

I am really appreciate your input. Especially since your husband has a pension coming. That allows you to take an aggressive stance with your investments. Not a stupid question at all: What really matters is how much your expenses run v.

Also, how secure your income stream is. You are right about being able to access your contributions in the Roth. But remember, if you have that in VTSAX we could be going thru one of those down drafts when you need it.

Some quick bullet points on my personal situation. What would you change? I am fascinated by how close I come to many of your recommendations before I even read them. Any ideas for improvement?

I also can split this with VEMSX to get full exposure to the market as these are the only pure index options. The expense ratio is 0. I have not taken any action with this as of yet. Should I add this within the K?

Increase slowly maybe over time? I would like some helpful diversification but am educated beyond media driven panics at this stage. Which leads me to my final concern….

C At current savings rates and projected returns based on principles espoused here I should cross that FI threshold in approximately 7 years. I am not clear on what a good gauge for how much cash to keep on hand would be though and do not want too many lazy employees on hand.

At current spending rates I have approximately 18 months worth. Is this too much? So my first comment is pat yourself on the back for a job well done and have confidence in your ability to sift thru this stuff.

I only wish when I was 30 you were around to show me the ropes! But really it will be only the finest of fine tuning. It also depends on your expenses. But they do tend to smooth out the ride over time.

You are right, what you are doing is very close to what I would have suggested. Thanks for the very specific feedback and response. Honestly some of the salaries presented here intimidate me and some seem light years ahead in terms of earning potential, but it is not hopeless.

It was still very high before that as well. Six months of essential non-discretionary costs is particularly helpful and helps me nail down something decisive on the cash front.

I am not so much unsure as simply very open to the the feedback of others especially those who have lived longer and experienced more. As far as knowing exactly what to do, not quite.

I have gathered bits and pieces here and there over time from reading and had some low impact educational experiences provided during efforts to time the market and pick individual stocks ect.

This timing the market effort has been the hardest to eradicate, and inaction with lump sums of cash has been costly to me. It really takes training your mind to think properly about all of the relevant factors.

I am one who loves simplicity in its many magnificent forms, so naturally this rings true with me. For example it was immediately obvious long ago to me that consolidating accounts under as few roofs as possible is the only logical action before I ever read anything about it.

Needless to say then the idea of owning multiple, large cars with extra seats, houses too large, too many clothes, shoes, toys…these things are real problems in my mind.

I have made some shaky choices along the way, but these even tend to be moderate by societal standards. I have moved my entire apartment with this hatchback, and even RV in the high alpine at times as it sleeps a full 6 foot person in the back comfortably.

I am not paying anymore than the amount I aggressively negotiated and paid in full. It is hard to fully explain the excitement its incredible handling and impressive torque has brought as I carve winding interstate and mountain roads through the inter mountain west — all while averaging over 30mpg highway.

Perhaps I would have chosen the almost 50mpg diesel TDI version today, but such is life. Maybe not, who knows. Live, Learn and Grow! I seek balance as I will only live this life one time.

At any rate, thanks for your feedback and discussion on the specific funds. I have been targeting high impact funds with the lowest fees for a while and appreciate your candid information regarding what has worked and what has not for you.

I wanted to finally add that I read your post on MMM and really appreciated your spirit and tone. It is amazing how if I was to give a speech on the subject, it would be exactly like yours. We are a rare breed.

It is really about enjoying the journey, a journey filled with gratitude as well as options. Getting to FI is every bit as much about controlling needs as it is having assets.

A big perk to the TSP plan is the. To me the C-Fund looks just like an index fund, but the targeted F-Funds also seems to be an intriguing option, as they adjust for acceptable risk over time.

After reading your recent k column, a TSP seems to have the benefits of an employer-sponsored plan and more choice of traditional or Roth, tax-free Roth contributions when deployed!

This seems to be a no-brainer to me right? Move your question here http: But please understand I have no experience with or expertise in the nuances of Canadian investing. So my comment will have to be pretty general.

First, at age 23 you are off to a fantastic start with your income, low expenses, zero debt and money already in place. My biggest concern is that you are very heavily invested in Canadian stocks and bonds.

The problem is, Canada is a very small economy on the world stage. VTSAX being my favorite example. Especially with interest rates at all time lows. Assuming, of course, you can handle the wild ride that comes with them.

For more specific insights from my other Canadian readers, you might post some questions here: I found you through the Mr. Just, from that point on send all income from work or other sources to savings.

How do the mechanics of this work? Month 1 of retirement: Month X of retirement stocks have been taking a bit of a hit: So my question is why did you move to NH? We moved here in when I was recruited for a job in Nashua.

Would that be a problem? I believe we can make that work! But that has nothing to do with NH and everything to do with my restlessness. Other than having no income tax is a wonderful boost to building your stash.

And with everything to do around here, being FI and having the time is very sweet! I also linked to a couple of your posts today http: This is the worst summer I remember since moving here in Hot, wet and humid.

Hopefully when I return in September a beautiful fall will be waiting. I have very little relationship experience and would dearly love to get out and above and date women to both have fun and learn from the experiences.

So how do I reconcile my goals of being an Irish Lothario and reaching Financial Independence on a modest by Irish standards salary. All I can say is that I envy you having found your partner so long ago!

It is just that many, if not most, of those dimes were spent on buying my freedom thru investments rather than fancy cars, houses and the like. Focus on your pre-tax income and save as large a portion of it as you can, remembering that you are spending this money on investments to buy your personal freedom.

Hi, I agree with Jim. The simpler, the better. That is what I would probably do. Hi Jim; I am really enjoying your blog. I was wondering, would you be interested to help me with my road map for building my future!

I am very new at investing and started some Vanguard accounts. But am pretty scared about doing oo many mistakes. If you could be so kind and mentor me I would deeply appreciate it.

If you are interested, please let me know, so I can write my financial break down for you. Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. The whole point of this blog is to share what has worked for me and what has bitten me in the ass.

It is what I do and the advice I give my daughter. When I can get her to listen. Thank you for your kind response. The problem is, due to my depression problem, my mind is not as sharp as it used to be and i have a hard time focusing and retaining information.

I get lost somewhere in the middle every time I start. I would deeply appreciate your input since I trust your judgment. It is going to be a long one. So, here it goes. Few months back, the retirement scare came to me and i started searching all our options.

Luckily, that is when i found our blog too. My husband is 46 and I am We had a bad Bankruptcy two years ago and closed our dental offices. Short sale our home. I am staying home with our little ones and my husband works as an associate.

I am frugal and he is a big spender. I separated our finances few month ago and it is much better. Based on my calculations, i came up with this system and he agreed. His income get divided this way.

He is pretty bad with keeping up with this one since his jobs were very shaky lately. We share the bills and children expenses. This helped my to have a lot more control over our finances.

I saved a ton from my share and he is always low in money. But he said it was a wake up call and helped him to reevaluate his spending habits. Now as far as retirement goes. So I still need to figure that out with our accountant.

His income is significantly lower this year. Now, at our age, I am trying to figure out, what is the best way to invest. Most of my investments are taxed and are not in an IRA.

I was reading about the tax harvesting and made me think deep about what needs to be done. Should I wait and leave it alone. Will the loss help our taxes? How about the gain from the Health index?

What should I do to reduce the tax responsibility. We are in a high tax bracket. Have very little in our retirement plan and not in our twenties any more. We started very late due to tons of schooling, immigration, more schooling , opening our dental office, tons of loans to repay and finally our big fall at and bankruptcy.

The fear of future is making me very uncomfortable. Our second kid 6 years old has none. I would deeply appreciate any advise. It is an issue for me from time to time as well.

But they are in the past now and at 46 and 41 you are plenty young enough to build your fortune and as dentists you have strong earning potential. Once you get the IRS paid off simply shift that money to your investments.

Your wealth will explode! Key here is to keep your husband on the path. While you have the time to rebuild there is simply no room for big spending until you are FI.

He needs to pull up his big-boy pants and understand this. It could just as easily reverse tommorrow. These are sector funds and too narrowly focused for your needs.

But you should get this to Vanguard as well. Focus on building your wealth first. In the next few days I should have a post up recommending these guys. Not quite as cheap as DIY with Vanguard, they do provide an exceedingly simple way to invest in a portfolio of index funds.

Rather than choosing the funds yourself, you open an account and tell them your goals. The software then suggests the asset allocations to reach those goals. Thank you so much for your advices.

All of them sound great and I will start implementing them. Will let you know how I am doing. I also have an HSA account that is used for my huge medical bills for uncovered Antidepressants and dr.

Appointments hundreds of dollars per month But I am trying to use it to the max. HSA allows me to invest in Admiral funds without a minimum investment. I tried to move our traditional IRAs to Vanguard once online and it opened an Brokers account for me.

I will do that ASAP. Sorry to ask so many questions. I truly appreciate your time and care you placed in answering my questions and sooooo fast. I would sell all the Health fund. Great content there, and boy was my timing lucky!

I was days away from fully funding a self-employed k program for the business my wife and I run alongside my day job with Fidelity only to have my eyes opened to the huge disparity in fee structures.

And question 2 requires no rambling backstory: To what extent does the amount withdrawn in post-FI living vary according to the value of your investments? If you are going to continue to operate the business and it can reliably throw off 20k per year, then you need 15k more for your target spending of 35k per year.

What matters more is how you feel about the business and how much of your energy it takes to create that 20k. Made for a great academic study and it is heartening that in all but a couple of cases the portfolios survived just fine for 30 years.

In fact most of the time they grew enormously even with the withdrawals. All that said, I think that it is nuts to just set this up and let it run regardless of what happens in the real world.

The market is climbing and that provides a strong wind at my back to support this. I was reading through your stock series and really enjoyed it, but I have one question.

I noticed that you recommend keeping stocks in a taxable account and bonds and REIT in a non-taxable account, which seems prudent, but how do you do asset reallocation?

Let me know if you need any clarification. Although we have always saved, wish we had known some of this stuff earlier in life so we could have retired years earlier. Anyway, we feel like we have more than enough money saved to live off the rest of our lives.

In fact, we have enough income right now between SS and pensions that we have not touched our investments. However, what about Long Term Care? Is that something we should look into? I have been following MMM the last couple of months and have spent the last couple days reading many of your posts.

We now know what were are going to do, and now will not have to pick which financial advisor we feel has the best advice. We are also working on changing our will now that our children are grown.

Trying to decide if we need a will or trust. Any thoughts on LTC, will, trusts? Great question, but a bit out of my pay grade. But here are my thoughts…. These are very smart folks and they have very sophisticated analytical tools that allow them to predict with almost absolute certainly how frequently any specific bad thing is likely to occur within any specific group.

Personally, I carry as little insurance as possible. So no LTC for me. But this is me. I have a very high tolerance for risk and a willingness and ability to be very flexible with our lifestyle should bad stuff happen.

This is a very personal decision that has as much to do with your personal profile and attitudes as it does with any financial analysis. As for wills and trusts, again a question outside my scope.

This is very dependent on the laws in the state or country where you live, your net worth and your intentions. But if we all three die, say during one of our travel adventures together, our will specifies what happens then.

It also makes for a much smoother transition. I have also been talking to my son also about investing, and we were wondering what your suggestions are for college savings. I notice that a lot of the Vangaurd funds require bigger investments.

Also would he set up one of these college accounts or just put the money in his name. Being able to live on your SS and pensions while letting your investments run is a very cool thing.

College savings is a very tricky thing. The tools offered keep changing as does the effect such savings will have on the chances for future aid. My suggestion would be to look closely at the tax-advantaged options, and their restrictions and rules.

Funding his tax-advantaged accounts should come first. You are correct that Vanguard typically requires around 3k for most funds, and this includes their plans. The easiest thing would be to build the money to that level and then open the accounts.

Jim, Thanks so much for answering my questions even though you implied they were out of your pay grade. We keep thinking we might need LTC insurance, but for some reason could never get around to buying it.

Your answers were very helpful, and I passed your answer about college savings on to my son. We put three children through college without saving for college because we were funding our retirement account.

I went back to work part-time when the oldest started college and that is how we paid for their college expenses. Wish we had known so much of this years ago, we probably could have retired at a much younger age, but we have always saved so we are in a better position than most people our age.

Hello there jlcollinsnh, i have a question for you. Its about how to invest in Vanguard from sweden. I do know of one way, but thought i could ask if you know a smarter way before i start investing it.

I am a 29yr old swedish gentleman, with a pretty new found interest for saving up for an early retirement. Im very interested about investing thru the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund But i am unsure about my options for doing it from sweden.

I know i can buy them over the market as a stock traded fund ETF. But im not sure if its the best way to get them for a person living in sweden. Having a hard time understanding the info i see over the internet here, i did find a vanguard site for sweden, however, they have nothing like the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, the closest is a european index fund with about different stocks.

And thats not at all what im looking for. Found it at this link: From what i can se, the etf has an expense ratio of 0. However, id have to pay a brokerage fee every time i buy into it.

Brokerage-fees for buying american stocks is at Or would it possibly be better to buy every month, even though it bumps up the brokerage fee to 1. Couldnt find any info about it.

I do know where to invest it, we have something called Investersparkonto here in sweden. Basically you dont pay any taxes on dividends, nor for the valueincrease if you sell off any shares later on, it gives you a lower tax then the others if your investments grow at a pace of more then 3.

Instead you pay a small tax thats around 0. My I ask a favor? Could you post your questions above in the comments here: There, my question is now over at the link you posted instead.

I wanted to layout my personal situation for myself and my girlfriend and get some feedback from you re: I would save about an hour per day by being closer to work, and given the the fact that utilities would be cheaper and I would make money on top of mortgage, it seems like a good idea.

Where is that going? The income is mine and the expenses are ours. My goal is to increase my investments each month until the point that I get net-zero. OR save that money if I choose to go the house route.

I have disability insurance through work. Well, you are One Good Writer and I am totally persuaded to take action on your investing advice but have hit a mental speedbump: My kids will be college age in about 5 years.

I understand any financial aid package will be diminished if my Vanguard balance is too high. I was thinking of foregoing the VTSAX in favor of ramping up contributions to my Plan and to our life insurance policy in addition to keeping on with the IRA contributons.

Any opinions on this? My understanding is they use pretty sophisticated analytical tools when looking at income and assets. So, if has you indicated, that is still the case your idea has merit.

But you are closer to this and very likely are a better judge than I. As you sort it out, and if you are willing, you might share what you learn with the readers here. Putting it as a comment in this post: Once I graduate, I plan to permanently relocate and work in Latin America and start savings again, albeit at a much more modest rate than now.

Savings Once Back in the Workforce ? How would you suggest investing? Keep the 80k needed for school low risk and highly liquid high-interest checking and CDs?

I risk having to make my aggressive 6. What do you think? Jim, thank you for all time, effort, and patience you put into helping us all. I really appreciate your advice. I have been reading your site for a few months now and was hoping to get some feedback.

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