Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space – 2 7 – ar

valid until 2018/1/23

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

05.02.2018 – Web version number and all the modules versions as well. Web anti-virus engine allows SpIDer Gate to scan traffic so quickly that you will never notice any delay when viewing web pages and downloading files from the Internet. In this case, it is recommended to remove the component:

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Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

What’s New?

1. 6Web Mail Security Suite and Dr. To continue using Dr.
2. 7 During the installation you should omit the registration procedure.http://softik.org/adobe-photoshop-cs6-extended-v13-serialfix-patch39/ http://softik.org/adobe-photoshop-cs6-extended-v13-0-portablebid12/If the password for parental control is not specified, each time you open parental control settings, you will be prompted to set a password. When running in the enhanced mode, you can’t switch to the standard mode until scanning is completed.

3. 10 For more information see the video tutorial on configuring the Dr. Web drivers work properly with the operating system. http://softik.org/antiwinlock-1-2-made-by-ka333aka-tvb/ http://softik.org/antiwinlock-1-3-made-by-ka333aka-tvb/If your customer has a valid commercial Dr.

Quick Specs

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space

4. 9 If you register both numbers on the same day, the license periods will start and expire in three months. Then select your Dr.Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security spaceIt depends on the date of registration of your serial numbers. Tap Ok in the right upper corner of the screen for changes to take effect.

5. 9 Your PC may need to reboot.

6. 9 In Windows, the default location is C: There is no way to recover a Parental control access password.

7. 10 The demo license period is 30 days.

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Quarantined files can be deleted by selecting the desired file and clicking Delete. It will remove the file from the quarantine and from the system. Web anti-virus is a set of programs, each of them protects its own section in your computer’s defense.

Removing or disabling at least one component greatly reduces the reliability of anti-virus protection in general, so we strongly advise you not to disable any of its modules unless absolutely necessary.

To temporarily disable self-protection, right-click on the Dr. Web icon in the system tray and in the context menu select Disable self-protection if this feature is unavailable, please switch to the Administrative Mode and try again.

A window will appear where you’ll need to space numbers from the picture and click Disable self-protection. Disabling self-protection is not recommended, activate it again as soon as possible.

Right-click on the Dr. In the subsequent window select the file and click Restore. In respect to infected and incurable objects, the Move action does the following: The file is moved to a special quarantine folder.

Furthermore, once moved, the file loses its extension. The virus is literally disarmed and antivirus non-operational and, therefore, harmless. Later, you can open the Quarantine Manager and delete the files if you do not need them.

Quarantined viruses are not dangerous because they can’t be launched. If you want to permanently delete infected files, clean the quarantine:. Web for Windows from outside interference.

The outside interference includes incompetent user actions that may render the anti-virus non-operational or make it malfunction as well as actions taken by anti-antiviruses that may terminate anti-virus processes, modify and remove its files and delete Windows Registry branches related to Dr.

Disabling the self-defense is not recommended! The quarantine is a special folder where the anti-virus stores suspicious and infected files. Suspicious files are stored to be later sent to Doctor Web’s laboratory for analysis, infected files get into the folder if their removal and curing is impossible for some reason.

Infected files are moved to a special storage — Quarantine — from where you can remove the file if necessary, restore it to its original location or send it for analysis in our virus lab.

To answer this question, you need web understand the difference between viruses and Trojan horses. 8010, a virus adds appends its code itself to an infected web so it incorporates its own code and the virus’s code.

Together they represent a virus-infected file. Most of these files can be cured by the Dr. Here we speak about curing files of viruses rather then curing viruses. A Trojan horse is a complete malicious program.

It doesn’t inject its code into files but operates as a separate program, that’s why it can’t be cured but removed. Some Trojan programs compromise various system objects such as the Windows Registry.

In this case we can speak about curing the system but not the Trojan horsewhich includes removing the Trojan and restoring the compromised objects to their healthy state.

We can only tell you for sure after you provide our technical support engineers with several samples of the encrypted files. Find out more at https: Final your customer has a valid commercial Dr.

Web license and at the moment of infection the system was protected with Dr. Web Security Space or Dr. Attach to your request the power of attorney that entitles you to represent the interests of the customer, as well as documents confirming that your customer is the legal owner of this license a space or a scanned copy of the license certificate, the payment receipt, an email from web online store or other confirming documents.

Use the form at http: If at the moment of infection you had a valid commercial Dr. Web license and installed Dr. You are welcome to file a request at https: The proactive protection technologies for detecting and neutralising the latest and yet unknown threats, including encryption ransomware, are available in both products.

However, the Data Loss Prevention module, which creates backups of files that are important to you and protects them, is only available in Dr. That’s why we recommend that you purchase a Dr.

Web Security Space license. Of course, it is a good idea to test how the program operates on your computer before buying it. Doctor Web offers its prospective customers an opportunity to evaluate a Dr.

Web anti-virus for 30 days, once in 4 months. Availability of all features in the demo mode is a huge advantage of Dr. Web products, time of use is the only limitation. Web, download the distributioninstall and register the software Internet connection is required.

In the License Key file step, select Receive Key file during installation and a key file with validity of 30 days will be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer. To evaluate corporate Dr.

Web solutions, use the web-form to request a demo key. A demo version has no functional limitations. You can update the database as scheduled, or manually. Removing the program from your computer is not necessary.

To turn a trial copy of Dr. Web into a licensed version, you need to purchase a license and register it. Right click on the Dr. Web icon in the system tray and select Register in the context menu.

During registration you will need to choose the option Obtain a license key file with serial number. Once you have entered your serial number, a key file will be downloaded to your computer automatically.

An Internet connection is required for registration. Web anti-virus with a day demo key functionally is no different from a similar product with a license key except for its time of use.

Thus, the installed Dr. Web anti-virus demo provides protection from all types of malicious software. The discount does not apply to day trials. To continue using Dr. Web after the day trial web, users must purchase a standard new license not a renewal license.

If you represent an organization, submit a demo key request through the form on our web-site. If you need keys for Dr. Web for Windows and Dr. Antivirus Security Space, then you need to request a demo for Dr.

You can’t port a demo key to another PC, the anti-virus won’t work with the key file on another computer. If you already have purchased the serial number, you can ignore such messages If you don’t want to receive such reminders, follow these steps: Web icon in the notification area.

In the License Manager final need to remove the demo license key file drwdemo. This message means that the thirty day trial period is over. You need to either remove the anti-virus, or purchase a licensed version of Dr.

In order to migrate to Dr. Web anti-virus at a discount provided under this programme, you need a commercial license for a different anti-virus. Find out more about the “Switch to the green!

You can find user manual files on the security http: They contain a sufficient level of detail on security to use Dr. We first recommend that you study the user manual.

It is quite possible that you’ll find the answer to your question there. Also, users who are just getting familiar with our program can look for the answer to their question in the section Frequently Asked Questions.

8010 products developed by Doctor Web come with comprehensive user manuals. Open a corresponding page and download the manual from the Documentation section.

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the documentation, please go to the Frequently asked questions section or contact the Technical Support service. The two versions differ only by their time of use — a demo version works only for 30 days.

There are no other differences between the demo and licensed versions of Dr. Web, because we believe that any limitation in the operation of the anti-virus will prevent a new user from making their own opinion about the product.

A demo version is a full version of the anti-virus that will be operational for 30 days. There are no other restrictions on its use. A beta version is a preliminary released, not yet officially available for sale version of the program.

Beta versions are created to allow users beta testers to undertake extensive testing of the product which will enable developers to fix bugs before the program is released officially.

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Web solutions, the size of the virus databases can be reduced. Web product has been removed from the computer, you can use the license key file to activate the license on another machine. When users receive SpIDer Gate notifications concerning the undesirability of visiting pirated websites, they are getting objective, legally considered information about intellectual property infringement. The anti-virus places suspicious and infected files into the quarantine folder. The license will be recognized automatically.

Dr web antivirus 6 0 1 8010 final dr web security space 12th

Web installation directory and accessible even after the scan is over. Furthermore, after having been moved, the file loses its extension. Not all the files are checked, but only those specified in the scanner settings instead.

By default, files are checked by format — i. You may choose to scan disks, folders, scan by file types, by preset mask, or scan all the files. In the next window, proceed to the Exclusions tab, press the Browse button to select the folder where the program to be excluded from the scan is installed, and press Add.

Should it become necessary to exclude a folder or file while the Dr. Besides, SpIDer Guard constantly traces running processes activities specific to viruses and blocks those processes upon their detection.

Upon detection of infected objects, SpIDer Guard interacts with them according to the specified settings. In the Optimal mode the guard scans only files being launched, created and modified on hard disks, removable media and network disks.

Paranoid mode is an enhanced protection mode. When this mode is activated, the guard starts scanning all the files being opened, created or modified on hard disks, removable media and network disks.

Enabling this option allows to block attempts to modify HOSTS system file used by operating system to make an Internet access easier. Modifications of this file may be resulted in virus or any other malicious program activities, and this may cause loss of access to some websites or network resources as a whole.

Enabling this option allows to block automatic launch of autorun. This option is used to neutralize autorun-viruses, which are automatically activated when a device is connected to the PC with autorun option enabled.

SpIDer Guard log file is called spiderg3. This program is specially designed to allow you to see how the installed anti-virus will alert you to the viruses it detected, with no need to expose your PC to danger.

Eicar program is not malicious but is specially tuned so that most anti-viruses treat it as a virus. To test mail anti-virus performance, you can ask a friend of yours to send you this file, or otherwise try to send it to yourself.

If the spam filter misrecognizes some letters, they can be forwarded to special mail addresses for analysis and improving filter performance quality: Send letters misrecognized as a spam to vrnonspam drweb.

Send letters not recognized by mistake as a spam to vrspam drweb. Depending on your Windows settings, you may be prompted to elevate user permissions. If you are prompted to do so, press Yes.

The image of the closed padlock will change to an open one. Click License Register license. If necessary, delete the information about the previous license. In the License Manager window, open the drop-down list Current license and select the previous license.

The information about the previous license will be deleted. If necessary, you can remove information about other old licenses by doing the same thing. As a result, only one license the current one will remain.

Please note that if only one license is listed, information about it can’t be deleted. Close the application window. Put the downloaded zip file in any folder other than the one in which you installed Dr.

Then right-click on the anti-virus icon spider on green shield in the system tray near the clock. Regardless of which Dr. Web distribution was in the box you purchased, you can use the latest version of the anti-virus as soon as you register your serial number on our website and receive a license key file.

The latest distribution can be downloaded from our website: If you haven’t installed Dr. Web yet, just launch the downloaded file. If the anti-virus is already installed, but you want to upgrade to the latest version, you should run the installer of the new version.

When the installer detects an outdated version, it will remove it. After a system restart, the newly installed version of Dr. Web will start automatically. In the subsequent window you will see all the information about the current license, including its expiration date.

To register your serial number and obtain a license key file, you need to access the Internet. This can be done not only from the computer on which you installed Dr. Web, but also from any other PC connected to the Internet.

Go to the registration page Enter your serial number. If you are registering a license renewal, specify the serial number or the license key file of the previous license. Fill in the personal data fields.

After registering on our website, you will be able to download the archive drweb Download this file and transfer it to your computer. Download the distribution from our website and run the installation file.

Specify your registration information during installation and you will receive a key file. If you use Dr. Web for Windows, you can find your serial number in the personal data section of your My Dr.

If you useanother Dr. Web product, your serial number must be specified in the license certificate. To recover a lost serial number, please contact the organization from which you purchased a corresponding Dr.

It is impossible to register Dr. Web serial number without access to the Internet, but you can do it from any computer, if your PC does not have a connection to the Internet. If you register a renewal number, you should also submit your current or expired key file.

After the registration you will see a link from where you can download the archive called drweb Download this archive, copy it on a diskette or burn on a CD and save it in your computer and extract the key file into Dr.

Do not forget — at least once a month — to download new distribution of Dr. Web, as its engine, components, help files are also get updated, not only its virus base. Click on the anti-virus icon in the system tray and select Register license.

Then enter your serial number and the other information required for registration. The anti-virus will download the key file automatically. You may choose either option. You may download the Dr.

Web anti-virus from the Download section of Dr. Web www-site and then register the serial number and receive a key file. You may also first register the serial member and receive Dr.

In this case, you should unzip and save this key file into known to you location. Then you should download and install the Dr. During the installation you should omit the registration procedure.

When the installation completed place the license key file to Dr. Web installation directory in MS Windows it is usually C: Kindly register your new serial number at www-server of Doctor Web, Ltd.

Fill out attentively all the fields required. After the registration completed, immediately a license key file will be sent to your e-mail address. Unzip the key file from the archive and place it to the directory the Dr.

Web anti-virus is already installed in MS Windows it is usually C: A program will ask if demo key file should be replaced with the new Dr. Web license key file. Web license key file will be placed to the Dr.

Entering the first serial number. Entering another serial number. Getting the day bonus. The license key file drweb Right-click on the anti-virus icon spider on green shield in the system tray near the clock.

Get the key file the same way you did the first time. In the subsequent window click Get a new license and select Via the Internet. In the resulting window, select Obtain a license key file, then enter your serial number and click Next.

If the number you’ve entered is correct, the key file will be automatically installed on your computer. It is recommended that you first download the Dr. Web anti-virus distribution and then, during installation, register the serial number.

No anti-virus can detect the newest malicious programs percent of the time. Such anti-virus programs will not be detected by an anti-virus right up to the moment the necessary update is received.

Web Mail Security Suite and Dr. In addition, the mail server or the programs installed on it can create mailings, including unwanted messages. Download the distribution from Doctor Web’s site at http: The demo license period is 30 days.

You can also take advantage of the Dr. Web LiveDemo remote testing service by filling out an application at https: It should be noted that when testing a product via Dr. Any mail server restricts the capabilities of the anti-virus that is installed on it.

For example, the widespread MS Exchange mail server transmits for analysis only parts of an email, not the whole thing, which significantly complicates the analysis, including the analysis for spam.

For increased effectiveness, it is strongly recommended that mail traffic filtering be transferred to a separate server that is independently capable of receiving and transmitting email messages.

This simultaneously improves the quality of scanning and in some cases reduces the cost of licensing the mail server. For this purpose, an additional Dr. Web Mail Security Suite—should be used.

The latest malicious programs, undetected by all heuristic mechanisms, reach the virus monitoring laboratory, and thus their victims, only after criminals have begun spreading them.

To minimize risks to mail servers in particular, user mailboxes should be scanned regularly with an anti-virus to check for the presence of previously unknown malicious programs. Every day the Doctor Web virus monitoring service collects more than , new malicious programs, the most dangerous of which have been developed by professional virus writers who are members of criminal organizations.

It is commonly believed that by installing a protection system on a mail server, one can reduce the inflow of spam and the number of viruses in a company network, and speed the delivery of important emails.

But apart from solving these problems, a modern mail server anti-virus also affords the opportunity to delete previously unknown malicious programs from mailboxes. Only by installing an anti-virus on a company mail server can one escape situations in which the server becomes a source of infection.

Web Portal — your personal assistant and guide to services. Here, in particular, you can contact our technical support. The history of your requests is also available here. Select About in the Dr.

If the word Light is present, you are using the free version. Also, the main menu provides access to different sets of security components; the paid version has substantially more components.

The time frame for a refund depends only on how fast your bank processes such requests! If the money is not returned to your account within days of receiving a confirmation from Google Play, contact your bank.

Doctor Web cannot influence bank policies or expedite refunds. Our refund liabilities to our users are met after you receive a refund confirmation from Google Play. To activate the license, you must have Internet access and use the same Google account through which you made the purchase.

Web key file will be downloaded automatically. Chances are the funds have been blocked by the bank that issued your credit card. Doctor Web cannot influence bank policies. The funds will be returned to your account after a period defined by the bank.

If the money is not returned to your account in days after receiving confirmation from Google Play, contact your bank. If you have deleted the email confirming your purchase information, you can find the order number transaction id in Google Wallet — information on all your orders is stored there.

You will receive an email receipt confirming your purchase. The email will contain your order number and order information, and a link for contacting Doctor Web’s support service regarding questions concerning purchase, payment and refund.

If you have not received such an email, please contact Google Play’s support service — Doctor Web’s support service won’t be able to help until your payment has been received.

The list of your paid purchases can be found in Google Wallet. The list of applications that have been paid for and are thus available to you can be found in the My Apps section of your Google account.

Only users of the shareware version of Dr. Web for Android comprehensive security have serial numbers, which become available to them after they pay for their license on My Dr. According to Google Play’s refund policy and under the Agreement between Doctor Web and Google, you can apply for a refund no later than within 48 hours after payment is made.

Web, purchase a commercial license in the Dr. Web eStore or from an authorized Doctor Web partner. A new serial number will be sent to the email address you specified when you registered the serial number.

If you no longer use this email address, contact Doctor Web’s Technical Support Service to replace your license. If your license has been blocked because of piracy, it means that you violated the terms of the license that enabled you to use the Dr.

Web key you received when you registred your serial number. You have violated terms in clauses 5. You can store no more than two backup copies of a license key file.

You may not give these copies to a third party or place them on tangible media that is accessible to a third party or make the files accessible to the public over the Internet or by any other means.

If a valid key file is found to be in the public domain, the Rights Holder is entitled to render a software copy non-operational and disable its features. If you have already used the one-time option to restore a Dr.

Web key file and wish to continue using Dr. Web, you need to renew or expand if necessary your blocked license — via the Dr. Web eStore or an authorized partner of Doctor Web. Follow the installation wizard instructions.

At any installation step before file copying process is started you can use the two buttons:. In order to check the version number, right-click on the Dr. Web icon in the notifications area and select About.

In the next window, you will see the Dr. Web version number and all the modules versions as well. When purchasing our anti-virus, you obtain a certificate indicating which product the license you have bought is applied to.

So, you need to install the product indicated. In this case, you need to download the latest anti-virus distribution file from our website and install it. In default installation , all the anti-virus package components are automatically installed into C: In custom installation , you can specify the list of components to be installed e.

To have this error fixed, you need to download and install an update for Windows, and then restart anti-virus installation. It is not allowed to install several anti-virus programs on one PC at a time — they will conflict with each other that may considerably slow down you PC or make it completely non-operational.

If you have an anti-virus software already installed on your PC, but intend to install a new product from another vendor, then you need to remove the anti-virus program you have, prior to the installation.

If you wish to install another anti-virus program, you do it at your own risk, and become responsible for all the consequences because the consequences of such installation might be unpredictable including inability of your OS to boot as a result of two or more anti-viruses installed on your PC.

All you need to do is specify your current serial number or the key file used with the Dr. Renewal discounts are not available to users of beta versions but only to users of commercial Dr. Licenses for tested products are provided for free to the best beta testers.

There are no renewal restrictions as to how long ago your license has expired. You can renew it at a discount in several months or even years after its expiration. Legal persons purchasing Dr.

Web from the eStore can get hard copies of invoices for their purchases. You can also purchase a standard, full-priced license. If you have used Dr. A key file is a special file containing information about the Dr.

Web components covered by your license and your license period. The file has the. Web anti-virus installation directory. In Windows, the default location is C: If your license is valid for at least six months, you, as well as any user of Dr.

Web, can renew your license at a discount. Web users are entitled to a renewal discount. The discount amount depends on the period of your renewal license. It depends on the date of registration of your serial numbers.

If you register both numbers on the same day, the license periods will start and expire in three months. If you register one serial number and register the second one three months later, you will be using licensed Dr.

Web software for six months. But this may not be a good idea since you won’t be able to get a renewal discount for two three-month key files, and two short-term licenses will cost you more than one six-month license.

If you renew an expired license, the renewal period will start as soon as you register the serial number of the new license. The discount multiplier used depends on your customer category and the period of the license you want to buy.

A multiplier is applied to the price of a month license. The day bonus is given to customers who purchase Dr. Web at the standard, full price when renewing their licenses.

A renewal product may be unavailable when a customer is ready to renew. In such cases, the only choice is to buy a full-priced license. So, during registration, instead of the discount, such customers get an extra days of use added to their renewal license.

The renewal bonus serves as a refund of the renewal discount they would have received had it been available. Try running SpIDer Gate with the -dbg: If the problem persists, please contact the technical support service.

Thus, SpIDer Gate and the firewall must operate simultaneously on your computer to protect your system against viruses and network attacks. SpIDer Gate operates independently of the programs that use the Internet including browsers.

In the next window, open the Log section and use the slider to set the Extended mode. Press Ok to confirm the changes made. Further, if required, you can reproduce the problem that must be analysed using the extended report.

Please keep in mind that the Debug log is not always required because redundant information might complicate troubleshooting. When anti-virus self-protection screen appears, type digits from the picture into the string and click Disable SpIDer Gate.

There are many script viruses and exploits that can harm the system before they are saved to your hard drive and, consequently, detected by the file monitor SpIDer Guard. Web engine and databases, it is updated automatically along with other anti-virus modules.

As other modules of the program Dr. Web, SpIDer Gate features the same anti-virus engine and uses the same virus databases and therefore is updated along with other modules. The red icon indicates that SpIDer Gate is disabled.

To activate it, right click on the Dr. Web informs users about such websites because they are accompanied by malicious programs. Websites are included in the so-called Dr. When users receive SpIDer Gate notifications concerning the undesirability of visiting pirated websites, they are getting objective, legally considered information about intellectual property infringement.

Thus, Doctor Web helps users of its products:. Users make their own decisions as to whether it is worth visiting the websites they have been notified about. The SpIDer Gate component can be enabled or disabled at their discretion.

Web anti-virus engine allows SpIDer Gate to scan traffic so quickly that you will never notice any delay when viewing web pages and downloading files from the Internet.

If you believe that SpIDer Gate has mistakenly blocked a respected site, please let us know through the form on our website. If you need to access a suspicious site, right click on the Dr.

Clear the Block known source check box and press Ok. Disabling this option is not recommended, because pages from all sites, including potentially dangerous ones will be loaded without a corresponding warning.

SpIDer Gate’s log file name is spidergate. The file is located in the C: The Speed balance option allows you to adjust the amount of CPU time utilized to scan Internet traffic. The higher the scanning priority, the more CPU resources it will use, but it will help maintain high speed connectivity.

Low priority results in low CPU load and slower network communication speed. Changing the default value usually is not required. Technical questions Forget password for Dr.

Web — how to reset? How can I boot in Windows safe mode? To enter the safe mode when your PC is booting, press F8 at the moment the computer vendor picture disappears, before Windows logo is displayed.

If you can see the Windows logo then you failed to press the button in time. In this case, you need to wait for the Windows system login window to appear, shut down and reboot your PC.

To check the date, roll the mouse cursor over the clock icon in the notification area. The system date will be displayed in the pop-up hint. To change the date, do the following: In the next window, set the current date and press Ok.

The archiving window appears. Press Next , check the Archive files and parameters in the next window and press Next. In the next window, select Allow choosing objects to be archived and press Next.

Now, open My computer in the left-hand part of the window, check System State box and press Next. Specify archive file save path and name. Verify the data displayed and press Ready. When the operation is completed, you may close the archiver window.

During installation, you might need an OS installation disk. Your PC may need to reboot. If the system recovery is enabled on your PC then roll back the system to a checkpoint when this problem did not exist.

If this measure was useless or the system recovery is disabled then try to use a utility located at plstfix. Try to use a utility located at plstfix. A ticket is a virtual document keeping technical support calls and dialogs between an engineer an user.

It is a file checksum required to confirm data integrity and authenticity. To get the checksum, use the Hash program or visit forum. When linking, select the file you need with the Browse button and press Compute.

When the analysis is over, you will be provided with all the file information, including md5. To transfer a license from one computer to another, save the license key file onto removable media.

More information about using key files for each product:. To transfer your license to another Android device, use the device to log in on Google Play under the account you used to purchase the license.

Then select your Dr. Web product on Google Play and click “Install”. The license will be recognized automatically. Customers who purchase any boxed Dr. Web product are entitled to use Dr.

Web Mobile Security free of charge. If you’ve lost your device or bought a new one, you can transfer your license to another device. Download and install the corresponding Dr.

Web program on the device. Copy the key file obtained when registering your boxed Dr. Web anti-virus into the installation directory of your Dr. Web for a mobile device.

If you have purchased an e-license in an online store, you can find the serial number in the e-mail you received from the store. Copy the key file obtained when registering your electronic license into the installation directory of your Dr.

Web for a mobile device, or enter the serial number. To transfer a license from one computer to another, save the serial number or license key file onto removable media. To do this, right-click on the Dr.

Web icon located in the system tray, and in the context menu, select Tools — License Manager. In the Manager window, you will see the name of the key file. If you purchased a Dr.

Web product has been removed from the computer, you can use the license key file to activate the license on another machine. The file’s extension is. The folder is not deleted after the removal of a product.

Use the License Manager of the Dr. Web product installed on another computer to add the key file or enter a serial number. Save it from the local directory computer to removable media.

If you have purchased the e-license in an online store, you can find the serial number in the e-mail you received from the store. Web who have commercial or OEM licenses can transfer their license from one computer to another, provided that they stop using Dr.

Web on the machine from which the license has been transferred, once the license to the other computer has been activated. If you intend to install Dr. Web on another computer, it is recommended that you download the latest distribution version beforehand.

To do this, on the support page select “I am a registered user of Dr. Then click on the link “Key file or serial number is lost? It is recommended that you delete the license key file before handing over your computer for repair to make sure that your license does not end up in someone else’s possession.

Move the file from the local directory onto a removable drive, and then use the License Manager to remove the license. Once repairs are done, use the license manager of your installed Dr. Web anti-virus to add the key file.

Save the key file on a removable data storage device before you format the disk. After formatting, download the latest version of the distribution. The utility is not designed to be used as a main Dr.

Web software uninstallation tool. Web Remover utility is a damaged Dr. Web version emergency removal tool. The anti-virus is recommended to be uninstalled with the standard Windows tools.

If the installed version of Dr. Web Anti-virus was damaged for some reasons and cannot be removed in a regular way — please use the Dr. Web Remover emergency removal utility. If you were unable to remove the anti-virus in such a way, please use a special Dr.

Web Remover utility, which can be downloaded here. The supported versions are 4. The utility can also be used with the same versions of Dr. Web Enterprise Suite client software when standard removal tools are not available or do not work.

Virus databases do indeed get larger with each update. Web solutions use the most cutting-edge anti-virus database format so that as the virus databases get bigger, scan speed is not reduced.

Moreover, because the latest technologies are applied to Dr. Web solutions, the size of the virus databases can be reduced. This is because they exclude entries containing information about malicious programs that are automatically detected with the help of the newest technologies.

Doctor Web strives to release Dr. Web component updates, especially critical ones, as quickly as possible. Experience shows that for each individual product, updates that require a reboot are being released no more than once or twice a month , the only exception to this being recently released program versions and those under active development.

If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the Doctor Web technical support service and describe in detail how your computer connects to the Internet note: Web update module is configured to be used via the proxy server.

When an Internet connection is present, the anti-virus updates every 30 minutes by default this is the most optimal setting. When required, you can change this setting by doing the following: Web has long become a standard for the AV industry, for example, cross-platform structure.

Having appeared as the response to the growing threat of polymorphic viruses, Dr. The other feature that has always distinguished the Dr. Provides a top-level security for handling both Inbound and Outbound e-mail.

Web command line scanner – Scans selected objects on drives by request, detects and neutralizes viruses in memory, checks autorun files and processes. Multilevel protection of your computer by Dr.

Any file, whether it is written from an external carrier diskette, CD-ROM, Flash-disk, smart card and so on , or a file downloaded from another computer from the network, or a file attached to a mail message – they all will be perceived by a SpIDer Guard’s watchful eye and come to a disk only after they receive a “green light” from this impartial guard.

Even if the virus is hidden in the archived file, as many mail worms do now, the Dr. Programs differ notonly integrate seamlessly with the family of operating systems MicrosoftWindows, but compatibility with other software to protect personalcomputers.

Web for Windows provides reliable and highly efficient protection of your system and data regardless what type of the Microsoft operating system is installed on your computer. Web for Windows components allow in a real time mode to detect malicious programs from any external sources.

Avanquest Anti-Virus Plus v1. The scanning speed has been optimized and the system memory requirements reduced. You are well protected in real time against the latest viruses, spyware and rootkits seamlessly!

Web Security Space MB.