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G a completely full clip at the start of the reload animation, in contrast to the Garand’s clip, which is always shown as empty. The VSS Vintorez, In-game identified as the “VSS Snaiperskaya Special” (rather redundant, as VSS stands for “Vintovka Snaiperskaya Spetsialnaya” or Special Sniper Rifle. Essentially, the game identifies it as a Special Sniper Rifle Sniper Special.) Modeled with 10-round magazine, but carries 20. Fires full auto only, while the real VSS is select-fire. The Heckler Koch MG36 is called the “MG36” in the game. Has a 100 round Beta-C Mag. It’s aimed using the Export version’s 1.5x reflex sight, usable even without the Red Dot specialization. Using the 4x Scope spec. with this give the default optic some zoom. Before a patch that was released a few months after the game’s release this weapon was basically unusable in Hardcore mode, as the sight’s aiming dot was bugged (did not show up) in that mode. Apparently, it was accidentally considered a HUD item that shouldn’t be displayed (Hardcore features a minimalistic HUD) in that mode. The H K XM8 Automatic Rifle is called the “XM8 LMG” in the game. Has the same magazine as the MG36. The in-game description incorrectly states it comes with a built-in scope, when in fact it will only have a scope if one is equipped by the player as an attachment.

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Called “870 Combat” in the game. The Remington 870 MCS has a four round tube as standard, eight rounds with extended mags. It is always modeled withe the longer magazine tube. First unlocked shotgun. Called the “SPAS-12 Combat” in the game. The Franchi SPAS-12 has the same magazine tube sizes as the 870 MCS, and operates only in pump-action mode. Judging by its barrel length, it is the compact variant.

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The TOZ-194 is available in the PS3 and PC beta, but only usable in Single Player in the full game. Has a 8-round mag capacity, a slug version can also be found in single-player, although the slugs seem to explode on impact, making it quite useful as an accurate “power weapon”. Page 7 of 101 Page 43 of 101 A t-rex has broken out of a prehistoric park and is wrecking havoc on the streets of NY. See just how much carnage t-rex can cause by roaming the streets in search of cars, buildings, and humans, …

WHAT’S HOT? Users Stats: Page 89 of 101 8 hours median total playtime Philippine Peso Facebook Interactions (000) Type Nowadays, virtually every gamepad known to man is compatible with PC. What’s more, you don’t even need a lengthy HDMI cable anymore to play PC games in your living room – if you have a Samsung Smart TV, all you need is a robust internet connection. KOTOR would become the first console RPG where I felt like I needed to really understand the underlying statistical systems that determined the outcomes of my choices in combat, and where that information was readily available in-game. That might sound like work to some, but for me, seeing the math made gear and skill decisions far more significant.

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I remember working out the formula for a really good crit build for my character in my head, and when it worked exactly the way I thought it would, my journey towards the dark side was complete. By Plague Inc is a handheld strategy game with an incredibly dark premise.

Your only job is to kill every person on the planet with your own brand of disease. Upon naming and crafting your demented ailment you are asked to pick a starting location.

Startup Duke: The Apocalypse

Every country across the globe is up for grabs, but you’ll have to think about how such a disease would work in that environment. No transport links? Good luck. No healthcare?

They’re doomed! Page 74 of 101 Checks to “TrackMan A/S” should be mailed to: Digfender is a neat take on the tower defense genre. You’ll dig tunnels under the foundation of your castle, crafting a turret-studded maze to take out your foes. Traps and support towers are tossed in to keep things interesting — there are some in-app purchases to help you buy a few power-ups, but I’ve never felt the need to use them. Kirstenvs1 Platform: Facebook The ice cream machine has gone a bit loopy so just catch each ice-cream scoop before they hit the ground!

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Make sure each delicious scoop falls in the cone and remember, your ice cream order is only… 5 TheSixthAxis PLAYERS ON ICESenators Theme Super Mario World means so many different things to me. On a base level, it’s my personal favorite game in what’s probably my favorite series of games. It’s an incredible platformer that oozes charm, creativity, and challenge. It took what Nintendo built with the first three games on the NES, and cranked it up to the next level. Everything was bigger, brighter, and more complex.

2007 “The number one selling PC game is finally coming to consoles, as you gain even more control over the lives of your little computer people. Enjoy the freedom of creating and customising every aspects of a sim’s world, as you control their love life, their careers and their friends. Just like the PC original you’ll be able customise everything about the sims and their environment, from designing new clothes to building and decorating their homes. Neighbourhoods are now entirely open world so you can explore whole towns in one seamless adventure of shopping and socialising. All-new features have been added too, including new karma powers which allow you to instantly change a sim’s life by blessing their romance or ensuring an “”epic fail””. Or you can exchange your creations with other players online – and even share achievements with friends via Facebook. Being a control freak has never been so much fun. The Big Time: The biggest Sims game ever on consoles, with new open world neighbourhoods, more realistic personalities and more customisation options than ever before. Dream Features: Each sim has specific lifetime wishes to fulfil – or just try and satisfy their shorter term desires in everything from socialising to personal hygiene. Karma Chameleon: New karma powers allow you to intervene directly in a sim’s love life and career but sometimes your interference can have unforeseen consequences… Console Control: New control options and improved graphics ensure the game works better than ever on consoles, with simple and accessible joypad options for all. Swap Shop: View and download other player’s creations online, including sims, clothing and buildings. Or upload your own designs for the world to see. Create any Sim you can imagine and give them unique personalities! Fine-tune your Sims’ appearances and create millions of different personalities. Make them evil, roma” HacerickFab Rearmed, and I’ll look to like Xiahou Dun catching an arrow in the eye is done pretty well, given that they don’t explicitly show the arrow in the eye (or Dun pulling it out) given the T rating. Finding your way to the crown is easy at first, but gets much trickier in later levels, when the board becomes littered with pieces and the pathfinding is no longer obvious. The masterstroke: tying the stars awarded for completing levels to the speed in which you reach a solution. Speed chess players will have nothing on your deft digits in this game. Esta función de compra continuará cargando artículos. Para salir de allí, utiliza la tecla de acceso rápido a encabezados para ir al encabezado siguiente o al previo. Many thanks to the lovely PTA ladies for providing refreshments and Sally Sandwich and Mrs Rayner for helping the children make the buns. Skull Ball: ↓ ← Player I: 404 Maybe you’re looking for games that people want to watch more than others? Maybe you’re looking for upcoming games? Maybe you want mini games for your channel (or a channel that you’re about to create)?While picking a good game is important, the standard rule of thumb is to pick one that YOU want to play and that you can have fun with. If you’re having fun, it’s easy to do your best commentary and make your best videos. PewDiePie says it best, “Keep having fun with it and don’t try too hard.”Though it’s only in beta and is being released on October 21, Battlefield 1 will quickly become your own historical action movie. The game feels like taking part in a real historical battle – like you’re part of an enormous battle that you’d read about in a history book. It has tons of cool era-themed vehicles and weapons, and gorgeous maps with varied landscapes. It’s very intuitive, thrilling, and fun to play, and a true joy to watch. One of the highest rated games of 2015, Bloodborne is a thorough journey through madness. Its darkness, storytelling, and weird creatures will make for very interesting commentary and its creepiness will make for entertaining visuals. Make sure to also play the most recent DLC. Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the most popular games to make videos of. You can frequently find GIFs of it on the front page of Reddit, and its great DLC, massive sandbox, and huge modding community has led to some very click-worthy thumbnails, very interesting Let’s Play videos, and a maintained level of freshness that most games don’t have. If we’re being honest, FIFA 16 is very much like the previous games, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not exciting and immersive. As with the previous FIFA games, the online is very fun and will give you a ton of edge-of-your-seat experiences for videos. Can’t neglect to mention that opening packs can also make for some very good times. TrackMania Turbo is a super fast-paced, hyper creative driving experience that’s fun to watch, c

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