Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

Original software Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

U conserve energy for attacks. Eventually, I baited him flawlessly, not needing to heal until he began his second attack phase at 50% life remaining—tearing off his left arm and wielding it like a club. This phase was trickier. The bend-down-and-backhand move was purged from his arsenal.

I had to find a new way, a safe way, to bait him. The next two dozen or so attempts were more painful than the first few dozen. I’d get impatient and reckless during the first phase. I’d spent so long on the first phase that I found it difficult to adapt to his second set of moves. By the time I’d caught on, I’d died and had to try again. Recklessness is the number one cause of death in SoulsBorne games. I had to muster every last scrap of patience and hold on to them with a death grip. I steered clear of his stomps and tried to goad him into swinging his makeshift club at me. As soon as he wound up to swing, I’d scurry between his legs, take a swing or two at the closest one, then work my way behind him. He would sense me behind him and begin to stomp. That was my signal to get clear—the shockwaves from his tantrums deal damage, making his stomps twice as risky to instigate—then wait for him to turn around. When I did, I’d make a nuisance of myself until he swung again. Rinse and repeat.

Portable rus Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

PlayStation 4 records video segments to a maximum of 15 minutes. My final and successful run at that damn tree ate up nearly all of that. At last, I heard the telltale SLICE. The Last Giant jerked, then toppled.

I gasped loudly. My wife bolted upright on the couch from where she’d been lounging, probably fighting the urge to nod off (not that I blame her). A surge of euphoria lifted me out of my chair and to my feet. I pumped my fists and let out a barbaric yawp. As much as I love these games, and Dark Souls 2 in particular, they had become routine by 2014 when Dark Souls 2 was released.

Portable rus Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

Not routine in a bad way. Just a known quantity, albeit one that I loved. The jubilation I’d experienced from previous runs in each game was meted out over a series of small victories: locating the weapon I wanted to use for the playthrough, discovering a secret passageway I’d somehow missed before. This rush had a different source.

It took me nine hours to complete the first level of Demon’s Souls when I brought the game home on the day it released in 2009. If I could hop in a time machine and relive any gaming memory, it would be that one. Every death had been a learning experience, every inch of progress a discovery. Bringing down the Last Giant with a broken spoon was gratifying in a similar way. My usual bag of tricks was unavailable to me. To succeed, I had to learn and appreciate the nuances of a boss I had dismissed hundreds of hours earlier.

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That newly-in-love feeling had been at its most potent and addictive back in 2009. Future entries had better mechanics, items, worlds, and lore than Demon’s Souls. Nonetheless, they had all felt familiar in ways great and small. All it took to rekindle (if you’ll permit me a pun) my passion for the series was for arguably the easiest first boss in the franchise to become a threat again. Yonder is as relaxed as games get these days. Everything you do is slow-paced, but everything serves a purpose. In the case of fishing, players can use fish as currency while trading, and might be required to catch fish as part of a quest, or to pay a farm hand who wants food. Today, we’ll tell you how you can start fishing in Yonder, and where to snag the elusive Nackle fish. 1 year According to a new press release, Tecmo Koei is reorganizing its corporate structure.

Meh, right? That sounds rather boring and insidery, but the relevant info is how it impacts Team Ninja. Or, rather, the moniker. The release states that Team Ninja will be reorganized into two new development teams: Ichigaya Development Group 1 and Ichigaya Development Group 2. Neither of them seemed to have “Team Ninja” in them. The “Ichigaya” naming is because Tecmo’s offices are located near Ichigaya Station in Tokyo. What’s more, Team Ninja leader Yosuke Hayashi now has a new, official title: Starting April 1, he is the “Head of Ichigaya Development Group 1” and the words “Team Ninja” will no longer appear in his “official” job description, it seems. I’d imagine that Tecmo Koei isn’t killing off the “Team Ninja” brand, and this is probably more organizational streamlining than anything.

Portable rus Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

Team Ninja was slated to work on upcoming title Yaiba, and I’d be surprised not to see the Team Ninja logo slapped on that game. But, it could be the end of an era, especially if you hold on to things like names, logos, and business cards. The first reason is obvious: you can play offline. You don’t have to worry about server errors or Time Warner Cable while playing this incarnation of Blizzard’s action-RPG. Reason #2 is harder to understand without getting your hands on the PlayStation 3 version of the third Diablo, but it becomes obvious almost as soon as you do: Diablo III feels much, much better on a controller than it does on a mouse and keyboard.

Put the pitchforks down, folks. I was skeptical too. I spent many, many hours in the demon-infested hells of Diablo II (and a few more with Diablo III), and for a while, I figured a console version would never work. When I think Diablo, I think “click, click, click.”But after just a few minutes with Diablo III on PS3—which trades the clicking for nudging, jiggling, and mashing—I almost wish this series had been built for controllers all along. I know. Blasphemy. Really, though, it feels like a different game: I hopped on a demo at PAX East this morning, loaded up a Demon Hunter, and wandered through one of the dungeons, flinging arrows and firing energy bolts as I danced my way around a mob of enemies.

Wipe Drives Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

Original software Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

And it felt good. Surprisingly good. To play this version, you move around with the left joystick while using the colored buttons to attack monsters and interact with the world. On the PS3 controller, you can assign attacks to R1 and all four of the colored buttons. You use L1 (and, I believe, L2) for potions.

There’s also a new evade command: you can use the right joystick to roll around and dodge enemy attacks. The takeaway here is that you can move and attack simultaneously, instead of hammering your left mouse button to do just about everything.

Startup Electronic Arts Battlefield : Bad Company 2 – Platinum

For a ranged attacker like the Demon Hunter, this is near-revolutionary. It feels graceful.

Natural. More like you’re inhabiting your character and less like you’re guiding them from above. Worth noting: this is the first Blizzard-developed console game in 20 years. You might remember console ports of the first StarCraft and Diablo—for Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1, respectively—but those were built by external companies.

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This one is all in house. Likely you have questions. I did too. So after playing the Diablo III demo this morning, I headed to a back room to chat with Joshua Mosqueira and Matthew Berger, both designers on the DIII port. How diplomatic.

Ever the good parents, Mosqueira and his team don’t want to admit that one of their games is more successful than the other, but I suspect they have private conversations about how much better it feels to play something like Diablo III on a PlayStation controller. What’s new? Other than the obvious—the whole “new console” thing—Blizzard says they’ve overhauled the boss battles, making them feel more like the sprawling fights you’d see in an action-RPG on your Xbox or PlayStation.

“We know that there’s a huge tradition of boss battles on console games,” said Berger. “We’re going through bosses and updating visuals, cinematics.

Also, the pacing.”The item system has also been revamped, and you can now see whether an item will boost your stats even before you pick it up. Your inventory, character, and quests pages are now all tabs of one menu screen, accessible via the select button on the PS3 version.

And you equip items through a radial menu rather than a ragdoll screen. Fans have already shown some anger at this port—one message board user theorized that the PC version of Diablo III was actually a “beta” for this one. I asked the designers if that was true. Their answer: no. This version of Diablo III won’t connect to Battle.

net, so don’t expect any sort of cross-play between your PS3 and PC. Instead, you’ll use the PlayStation Network infrastructure to play online. You can also play co-op with four people in your living room. No split screen, though—”The last thing we want to do is make your nice big TV into four smaller TVs,” says Berger.

Interestingly, when you’re playing co-op, the looting system will go old-school. While in Diablo III on PC every player sees their own items and doesn’t have to worry about anyone else ganking them, on consoles, while playing co-op, you’ll all swim in the same treasure pool.”Loot drops a bit more, but everybody gets to share it,” said Berger.

“So if he picks up your bow, you can just punch him. We let the players police themselves.”No real word on PlayStation 4 just yet. Blizzard’s designers wouldn’t talk next-gen consoles—the PR representative sitting in on our interview shut down any and all PS4-related questions—but they did seem excited about putting Diablo on Sony’s next console.

Are there really people who still haven’t played Diablo III? Last we heard, Blizzard said they sold 12 million copies of the controversial game. So I was skeptical: just how many PS3 owners who might be interested in Diablo III

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