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Out. Then my partner came up to me and said they were bringing bodies out from the back. Bodies? I couldn’t believe it. So I went over and there was this man holding his dead wife in his arms who must have been seven or eight months pregnant. Walter Bailey: I went into the service bar [of the Cabaret Room]. By this time smoke was pouring out of the door so you couldn’t see a thing. But there were people all over. You could hear the voices.

It was like they were coming from the walls and ceilings. I groped around.

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Grab somebody and shove them out. Go back in and grab another person. My biggest fear was that when I was in there, somebody would grab on to me and hold me in there. Pete Sabino: I entered into the service bar as far as I could and there were just people laying down on top of each other in the doorway.

All you could see were heads. I tried grabbing this one guy from the bottom by the arms and he said, “You can’t get me out. There are too many people on top of me.” So I started pulling people off the pile and handing them over to some of the guys from the kitchen who were helping me. They were dragging them out as I pulled them off the pile. But I had to hunch over. The smoke was too much. John Beatsch: People were stacked like a pyramid. The firefighters were asking people to wave their arms so they could see them. At some point I went to get some lights.

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When I left you could hear people yelling for help. I bet I was gone only five minutes. When I came back it was completely silent.

That’s when you knew that it was going to be pretty bad. Pete Sabino: There was this woman…I tried [to] get a hold of her, but I couldn’t get her out. And I knew I had to get out because I had gotten a good whiff. She was still conscious, still alive, but she seemed to be wedged or something. I had to leave her and that bothered me for a long time. It bothers me right now, thinking about it. The garden area behind the club looked like a war zone. Bodies were sprawled across the grounds, their faces covered with jackets and napkins.

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Those who were still alive were taken to the wedding chapel, where the St. Luke physicians set up a makeshift examining room. The club’s single-lane driveway quickly became jammed; as a result, it took a long time for ambulances to reach the scene to collect the injured and drop off medical equipment. By the next morning a line of emergency vehicles stretched down the driveway and nearly a half-mile along Alexandria Pike. John D. Hoyle: When I knew my wife was going to be OK, the first thing I did was use a radio to contact the hospital.

I had run into a firefighter who told me about the situation in the Cabaret Room, how people were stacked up like cordwood. I got hold of Dr. Daniel A. Whalen, the chief of emergency medicine at St. Luke, who was on duty that night. I simply said, “This is Hoyle. I’m at the Beverly Hills and there’s a very bad fire and unknown amount of casualties.

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Activate the disaster plan.”Larry Wetenkamp: I wasn’t at the Beverly Hills when the fire happened; I was working at a little Italian restaurant next door. I’ll never forget it: This guy came in—he’d walked from the club—and he was smoking. I swear to you on my mother’s grave, he was smoking.

He goes, “I was at the Beverly Hills and I got out.” He comes to the bar and the owner, Ben Bernstein, said, “Give this guy a drink.”Wayne Dammert: There were all these bodies—maybe 100 at this point. And [I was] thinking there was nothing I could do. But then I spotted a young waitress, a girl I worked with, and said, “Are you religious?” She said she was and I asked her to help me pray over each of the bodies.

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Dr. Raymond Timmerman: People who [got] out were having trouble breathing. They just couldn’t stop coughing.

And as they came out the entrance they started to lie down, and we moved them back into the garden further. It was a very plastic place, just a lot of plastic all over, so when it burned it made a terribly black, heavy smoke that was irritating.

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The material was so heavy that apparently when they aspirated it, it got into their lungs and formed cylinders of this plastic material, which congealed, and they couldn’t bring it up. Donny Hammond: When they brought me out I actually thought I was OK. I looked over toward the wedding chapel and saw all those bodies and thought, “Get somebody else who is worse off.” But I wasn’t OK. Lise Bohannon: I started walking around the building to look for my father, who had come to see the show. I was going from entrance to entrance. It was horrific.

You’d see people you knew trying to revive somebody and then stop and have to regurgitate all the stuff that they’re breathing in from these bloated bodies, before trying it again. Richard Whitt won a Pulitzer Prize in 1978 for his reporting on the fire for the Louisville Courier-Journal. He’s now an author and lives in Marietta, Georgia.

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People were just walking around in a daze. They’d come up to you and say, “Have you seen Billy?” And, you know, I don’t know Billy. But you couldn’t rationally respond to that. Janice Popp: I don’t even know if I was outside when I came to. There were kinds of flashes, whether it was real or in my mind, I don’t know. It was like when you’re in a bad dream and not fully awake. I just kept telling myself, This will all go away if I can only wake up. Richard Riesenberg: It was a firefighter’s worst nightmare. I asked the other commanders to count their people because I wanted to know how many guys were inside.

At one time I think we had as many as 77. Finally I gave an order to get everybody out. There was no more we could do. We got all our people out and the head count was 100 percent. Five minutes later, I’m not kidding you, five minutes later, the friggin’ roof came down. John Beatsch: The fire was so out of control, I don’t know if we would have been able to stop it. The thing that we always think about is, it’s a shame we went to the roof first because there was nobody to rescue up there. Had we gone to the Cabaret Room, maybe we could have saved a dozen or two dozen more people.

Allan White was the news editor for Channel 12. He’s now retired and lives in Ft. Wright. It was just an eerie night because as I turned onto I-75 in Ft. Wright, I could see the glow in the eastern sky from the Beverly Hills fire. But at the same time, when I looked to my left, towards Ludlow, there was another glow. The Duro Bag Company was on fire, too. It looked like the world was coming to an end. It was horrible.

Nick Clooney was the anchor of the Channel 12 news in 1977 and regularly emceed special events at the Beverly Hills. He lives in Augusta. I remember a firefighter who had worked his heart out, he was sitting down and making notes, and he had no idea that he was crying.

I sat next to him and asked him what he was doing. He said, “I’m counting the dead but I’ve got a problem. There’s a woman who’s pregnant.

Is that one or two?”Pete Sabino: I got a ride home with a priest and in the car he turned to me and said, “Do you have a better feeling about God now?” I’m thinking, What a question to be asking right now, when I’m wondering how He could let this kind of thing happen. Army Reserve trucks cut a path through overgrown brush at the north end of the property to access the site. From there, they transported bodies to the Ft. Thomas Armory, where Campbell County Coroner Dr. Fred Stine and hospital officials had set up a morgue in a large gymnasium on the second floor. Refrigerated trucks donated by Kroger were parked outside and used to store unidentified bodies overnight.

The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science loaned students and equipment, and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, trucked in extra body bags. The dead were carefully cleaned, laid out in long rows on army litters on the hardwood floor, and covered with white sheets. Over the next few days, the doctors and nurses helped families identify their loved ones. Howard Ain is a reporter for Channel 12 News; he covered the fire that night. I was 31 years old and I had never seen this many bodies.

Most people in their entire lives don’t. They were in their ball gowns and tuxedos, just lying there, with little napkins over their faces. I looked at them and said, “Can’t you do anything?” This was as they were putting them in the big Army trucks.

They said, “What can you do? We don’t have stretchers.” That was hard to watch. Al Garnick is a retired Newport police captain.

He’s a deputy coroner for Campbell County and lives in Cold Spring. There was some comment about how we moved the bodies, but how do you move 160 people when you can’t get a life squad in there? We handled those bodies with dignity.

We tried our best, but nobody was prepared for a situation like this. Donna Oliver, an RN and evening supervisor at St. Luke Hospital, headed up the nurses’ operations at the morgue in the armory. She is retired and lives in Crestview Hills. Cleaning up the bodies was obviously a very emotional thing for everybody.

My thought was—and I know this doesn’t sound nice—but if we made it more like an assembly line it would be less emotional for the people doing the tasks. We had people washing the face, one person checking the belongings, and one person tagging the toe. We were all medical people and it was an emergency situation. This had to be taken care of, so we just did it. Larry Penwell went to the armory to identify his late cousin, Harold “Russ” Penw

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