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S controversial as it was beloved, largely thanks to its cutting-edge depictions of gore and violence that only a computer could deliver. Parents be damned, the franchise has made a comeback in 2016 with a fresh restart, appropriately titled Doom. Although the multiplayer might not appeal to shooter fans regardless of age, the single player campaign will pit you against demons in Hell for a lengthy experience that’s as bloody as it is satisfying. Postal is a blood’n’gore shooter, with an isometric view. Released sometime in 1997 or 98, it as been banned in the US and some other countries.

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First, the behavior is salient (the individual is preoccupied with gaming). Second, the individual uses the behavior in order to modify their mood (ie, gaming is used to escape reality or create the feeling of euphoria).

Third, tolerance develops (the individual needs increasingly more time to feel the same effect). Fourth, withdrawal symptoms occur upon discontinuation of the behavior (the individual feels anxious, depressed, and irritable if they are prevented from playing).


Fifth, interpersonal and intra-personal conflict develops as a consequence of the behavior (the individual has problems with their relationship, job, and hobbies, and lack of success in abstinence). Finally, upon discontinuation of the behavior, the individual experiences relapse (they reinitiate gaming).13Griffiths71 provided case study evidence of two young men who spent an average of 14 hours a day playing MMORPGs in order to emphasize that the context of the individual’s life is an important factor demarcating gaming excess from gaming addiction.

Aged 21 years, unemployed and single, “Dave” reported that gaming had a positive influence on his life because his social life revolved almost exclusively around the game, and playing boosted his self-esteem and gave structure to his everyday life. Dave did not perceive that his excessive gaming impacted upon his life negatively at all. For Dave, his extensive gaming did not lead to significant distress or have a negative impact in his daily life, and therefore his behavior cannot be classified as a condition that would fulfill the requirements of a mental disorder classification as outlined in the DSM-5.74 Upon starting a new job and entering into a relationship with a woman he met in-game, his excessive gaming decreased significantly. The second case reported was that of “Jeremy”, a 38-year old financial accountant who was married with two children and experienced detrimental consequences due to his “severe gaming addiction”, namely a relationship breakdown, lack of time for family activities, and loss of his job. Moreover, his playing time, craving for the game, and feelings of low mood and anxiety had increased dramatically.


He used gaming to escape from his real-life problems and tried to quit on several occasions, but was unsuccessful in staying abstinent. This led to a number of relapse episodes.71 The examples of Dave and Jeremy make a compelling case for how the same behavior (namely regular online gaming for excessive periods of time) can have almost diametrically opposed consequences due to different individual contexts, with one experiencing gaming as pleasurable and ultimately beneficial, whereas the other’s entire life was negatively affected by his excessive gaming.

Taken together, the individual, game, and cultural contexts appear to have a significant impact upon the extent to which problems occur as a consequence of excessive gaming in terms of how Internet gaming addiction is conceptualized. In this way, the cultural context can be seen as a lens through which individuals and others around them perceive and give meanings to behaviors and their consequences.

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It is critical to understand gaming problems not only by means of the observable symptoms, but to situate them within the broader context of the game, the individual, and culture. The aim of this review was to provide an insight into current perspectives on Internet gaming addiction using a holistic approach encompassing gaming appeal, context, neuroimaging research, and the diagnostic framework adopted for Internet gaming addiction.

It has been shown that Internet gaming has gained increasing popularity since the new millennium, and has led to a substantial growth of the gaming industry and the player fan base. MMORPGs have further been highlighted as offering a wide variety of incentives for players to initiate and maintain playing because they satisfy a variety of needs and tailor to various gaming motives relative to alternative online game genres. Some of these motives, especially escapism, the game’s mechanics, achievement and socializing have been found to be indicative of gaming addiction,5 suggesting that MMORPGs are more addictive than other offline and online games.15The cited neuroimaging studies of Internet gaming addiction and associated changes in brain structure and function furthermore correspond with the research domain criteria developed by the National Institute of Mental Health88 because they emphasize a move away from phenomenology to focus on pathophysiology for clinical diagnosis.

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Internet gaming addiction was found to share similarities with other addictions, including substance dependence, at the molecular, neurocircuitry, and behavioral levels. These similarities include altered dopaminergic and neuronal activity and brain morphometry, as well as deficient impulse control, behavioral inhibition, and general cognitive functioning.

However, there are no known biomarkers of Internet addiction at this point in time. Indeed, there are no known biomarkers of any mental disorder. Ever since Kraepelin,154 and thus for a century, psychiatrists have been searching to understand mental disorders as underlying physiological diseases, providing an additional incentive to continue research on the neurobiological underpinnings of mental health problems, including Internet gaming addiction.


However, research concerning the natural course of Internet gaming addiction, the most appropriate interventions, and large-scale epidemiology is scarce,157 suggesting that more work needs to be done to understand this behavioral problem more fully. King and Delfabbro158 further question the blurring of the boundaries between Internet addiction and video gaming addiction, as this may “promote further confusion”. Instead, they advocate a conceptualization of Internet addiction which incorporates various subtypes of online behavior, and establishing a diagnostic category of “video gaming disorder” which applies to both online and offline gaming addiction.

Ultimately, however, King and Delfabbro158 concede that the research diagnosis has sparked discussion regarding the nature of behavioral addictions, which testifies to a move away from acknowledging substances only as potentially addictive, and to broaden our understanding of addiction in general. Limitations, implications, and suggestions for future research If you never got to experience Rez back in the day, now is the perfect opportunity.


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