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T it’ll take hundreds of hours to know the ins and outs of every Overwatch character. Winning is about rhythm and momentum, and the resulting beat is one you’ll play on repeat. There’s only one reason the Souls series didn’t already feature on this list. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die was a sloppy PC port – difficult to recommend without a slew of suggested mods as accompaniment.

FromSoftware’s first flawed attempt, made at the behest of their fans, didn’t deter them from returning – better for their mistakes, tighter, and more familiar each time. Remind you of anything? Dark Souls III is the most confident outing yet from director Hidetaka Miyazaki, pieced together in the knowledge that an industry is in awe of his team’s twisted level design – not to mention their paradigm of frustration and triumph.

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Lothric is a Germanic fantasy world of long shadows and a longer learning curve, in which you’ll cut your teeth on strange diversions and side-bosses. You���ll build a sense of shared suffering with perfect strangers who scrawl messages in the stone and, once you emerge on the other side, enjoy an unequaled celebration of muscle memory and persistence.

It’ll be a victory won alongside countless, mostly unseen others, but one you’ve won for yourself. XCOM 2 is all about the squeeze.

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No longer a state-sanctioned effort but a guerrilla force, your anti-alien league rarely has time to sweep the map for its last remaining sectoids. Instead, you’re often subject to an unforgiving turn timer, a distant evac spot, and the threat of reinforcements from the incumbent ADVENT administration.

This brave sequel encourages a callousness from its commanders, demanding utilitarian maths that’ll have you weighing up the value of a squad of rookies against an incendiary grenade. Both distinct from and outright harder than Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 and its mods nonetheless return that sense of unfamiliarity that frightened so effectively in the first game. Some monstrosity will appear in your peripheral vision, indulge in a little introductory dance, and then a couple of turns later do something awful and unpredictable to your favourite grenadier.

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You can do all the research you like back at base, but until you’ve experienced all the horrors for yourself, there’ll be nasty surprises galore. This is the most accomplished and robust turn-based tactics game you can play right now, set against the most convincing backdrop Meier and his studio have assembled since Alpha Centauri.

The joy of Firaxis’ campaign is in peeking behind the facade ADVENT’s wizards have constructed – and the horror in deciding to leave someone in the cold-blooded embrace of the snakepeople so that your crack sniper can get to evac. You probably won’t like the version of you that XCOM 2 fosters. We often judge how far our medium has come by seeing how closely games can replicate the reality we live in, and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V delivers by the stolen truckful.

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Walking around Los Santos is like a trip to one of America’s great cities, and not just because iconic LA locations are almost perfectly cloned. Despite the obvious parody in every character and event, the world of Los Santos feels the most genuine place in all of videogames.

And it’s home to something special: a crime epic that involves three unique characters and a series of missions with incredible, endless variety. From stealing WMDs with a submarine to replicating the plot of The Italian Job, there’s an astonishingly broad collection of activities to get involved in. Furthermore, side missions will have you hunting through celebrities’ bins, jumping out of a plane on the back of an ATV, and… erm… gunning down aliens.

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All of that is to say nothing of GTA Online, which replaces the narrative of the campaign with a variety of online modes, crime jobs, and events. Thundering through the streets in your own pimped-out supercar, your buddies in tow Fast-and-Furious-style, is the ultimate GTA fantasy.

But the crowning achievement is Heists, which takes the idea of the campaign’s iconic set-pieces and turns them into huge, ambitious, cooperative missions. There’s one key thing you need to know about The Witcher 3: it has the best quests in all of modern role-playing games. While its biggest triple-A competitor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, took a lot from the MMO-style quest structure, Wild Hunt is all about story. Almost every quest is an excuse for CD Projekt Red to reveal more about its open world and Geralt himself.

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Even a simple monster contract can transform into an epic, multi-hour adventure full of emotionally-resonant encounters, betrayal, twists, and challenging battles. Hearts of Stone and Blood Wine, the game’s two major expansions, add even more without dropping quality – elaborate, morally challenging adventures that, despite their epic nature, remain surprisingly intimate.

The core game and its expansion are lessons in how to design quests, elevated by superb writing and complex, believable characters. The Witcher modding scene is healthy, too. Elite: Dangerous is a mind-bogglingly huge space sandbox, where you can shoot off to Earth or go all the way to the galactic centre, making your way there however you want. Fancy selling slaves and contraband?

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You’re a bad person but so be it. Maybe, instead, you can hunt down those bad people as a bounty hunter? Or just embark on legal trade deals? It’s gorgeous, too. From the exceptionally detailed, varied space stations and ships, to the terrifying suns that you’ll drop out of hyperspace near – everything is huge and striking and it seems crazy that it’s all inside a single game. Patches have made things more cooperative and story-driven, with various factions vying for power. Plus a season of Elite updates, Horizons, has changed everything with the addition of countless planets that you can land on and explore.

The mind only continues to boggle harder. One of the most friendly free-to-play games out there, it’s more than possible to play Hearthstone without paying a pennycent, and still have a lot of fun. As the bomb that blew digital card games wide open, it’s already got quite the legacy, but it’s also an impressive game in its own right. Combining that signature Blizzard polish, their endless archive of art, and a little bit of Magic: The Gathering, the small Team 5 crafted a nigh-addictive game of chance, skill, and strategy.

Perhaps the best thing about Hearthstone is how much it relies purely on your brain – it’s all deck-building, knowledge of what your opponents could be playing, planning ahead, reacting properly and knowing the odds. Little manual dexterity is required and that’s a rarity in popular esports. There’s an obscene number of resources available for getting better at Hearthstone, as a massive playerbase funds streamers, YouTubers, and fanbases.

It will take a lot of regular play to gather a decent collection of Hearthstone cards, but as your skill improves it becomes easier to ‘go infinite’.When it comes to shooters, we don’t really do ‘casual’ on PC. Sure, you can go play your console shooters on Steam, but the real scene for competitive FPS is the glorious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

You will buy it, you will play it, and you will be terrible. But it doesn’t matter.

Mastering its unique flavour of fast, twitchy, precise gunplay is a true pilgrimage for many PC gamers, and climbing the leaderboards of CS:GO is a genuine achievement. Global Offensive is also the best and most esports friendly Counter-Strike has ever been. Not only is it now part of the Steam ecosystem where there’s weapon skin drops all over the place and various cool meta stuff going on, but at a fundamental level it’s beautifully balanced and perfectly designed.

Beyond the classic small-scale single-life shootouts, there’s a great variety of modes that make CS:GO the most diverse Counter-Strike game. Check out Arms Race, where players must score kills to win a new weapon – the first player to use every weapon and score a final kill with the knife wins. The very best film tie-in game ever made, Alien: Isolation should be on your hard drive for the environment alone. If you ever wanted to visit the set of the classic 1979 sci-fi horror film, this is your chance: you’ll be able to explore a ship of the same class of the Nostromo, with all its clicking computer terminals, humming fluorescent lights, and scraping iris vents. From there, you’ll be dumped in a massive sprawling space station that evokes the terror of greats like System Shock 2, but with one important difference: at nearly all times you’re being stalked by a single, powerful, unkillable xenomorph. As a true survival horror game you can’t fight your enemy in Alien: Isolation.

It’s all about outwitting and avoiding it as you attempt to complete the puzzle-like game objectives – and doing so is an exercise in freezing terror. Developers Creative Assembly have produced some of the best artificial intelligence in all of gaming: a creature that actually learns and adapts to how you behave.

If it discovers you hiding in lockers, it knows to hunt through every locker. If it sees you jump out an air vent, it will begin to crawl through the ductwork in search of you. The xenomorph is out of sight for the most part, meaning you’ll spend much of your time listening out for the game’s excellent audio cues, and looking at your motion scanner in perpetual fear of a little dot. Alien: Isolation is tension at its finest.


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