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Who’s doing the best, or which country is basically playing the most. Lastly, you have your online leaderboards as well as Xbox Live Party options I’m pretty certain you can take up to 4 players online although I didn’t test it out. This area allows a few things, with more menu options. Leaderboards is normal, Event Records shows you the records for all of the vents. Game Progress keeps track of game completion as well as number of unlocks and more. Customise Teams allows you to change 8 of the countries outfits to their alternate ones. Lastly, Select Equipment allows you to equip your “gold” equipment that you unlock for performing well. There are only 8 pieces of equipment that you can change to gold. It’s more visual than anything. Of course we have some settings as well. They are broken up into Audio settings, allowing you to Mute Party Music/Speech and change to Low Volume on the in-game Music, Speech and Sound Effects.

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Video and Game Settings allows you enable 3D (I don’t have a 3D TV so I can’t tell you if its cool), the 3D strength, Brightness and your Controller Vibration. Last, you can view the credits.

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This is one of the best looking Olympic games I have seen in a while. Everything is really detailed and authentic, although I can’t comprehend on why none of the real athletes are in here. The sounds are well done and sound authentic as well. It literally is a beautiful game. So this is another Better with Kinect titles, is it better? Yes and no. Some events that I expected Kinect for, weren’t there and some of the controller events are just not fun, although Kinect on the dual control events does enhance it more. Mixing the two doesn’t really add any value to it, so the verdict on this one should just be “With Kinect”.

For an official Olympic game, its pretty official minus quite a few events, real athletes and the 150+ countries that are missing, it just seems this was made as a supplement to the Olympics. What I don’t get is the Olympics only happen every 2 years (alternating between summer and winter) – why would a game like this not have a ton of effort put into it? You have 2 or 4 years if you focus on one series, unlike the rest of the sports genre releasing a new title once a year. I don’t understand it, but anyway, for what it is, it’s alright.

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There’s quite a few events to keep the variety going and you might come back for some challenges, but I don’t see this one lasting that long. Maybe they’ll be more prepared and put more thought and effort into it when the 2016 Olympics Official Video Game arrives. The Xbox® Kinect® trademark, logo and products found on this site are the property of Microsoft Corporation®.

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