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Plored for days, weeks, months – each little secret and hidden slice of gameplay just waiting to be found and to make players rethink the way they approach the game. Home If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, or you just fancy something different, there are hundreds of completely free computer games available online, ready to download to your desktop PC or laptop. So here’s our pick of some of the best free computer games you can play without spending a single penny. Below, you’ll find our pick of the very best free PC games we’ve come across this month – but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Just click the links below, and you can browse our top picks for the past year! There are dozens of great games to get stuck into, and they won’t cost you a single penny. Playable in Google Chrome, Safari and of course, Mozilla Firefox, this multiplayer adventure game is powered by HTML5 and tasks you with guiding your avatar through a Zelda-esque world to complete quests, vanquish monsters and discover better loot. Some enemies can drop new weapons and armour, and the best loot is dropped by even tougher enemies – so you’ll need to work your way up through the ranks to stand even a remote chance. Some items can be found in chests – which are, of course, guarded by some pretty tough monsters – while other chests are hidden in secret caves, which are a bit like the dungeons in A Link to the Past. The game is packed with lots of fun pop culture references to find, and also includes a long list of achievements to unlock.

Your game world may also be populated by other players who can help you battle your way through. Just be careful they don’t beat you to your well-earned treasure!99 Balls is the result of combining classic games like Puzzle Bobble and Breakout.

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In this mash-up, you aim your shot to try to richochet your rings into the balls above to make them disappear. Each time you land a shot, the number on it will decrease to zero and it will eventually vanish.

You can pick up additional rings along the way, which will follow your shot like a train. This means that the same ball can be hit multiple times to quickly reduce its number. Any remaining balls will, after all your rings return to the base of the screen, move one space down the screen.

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If any balls reach the bottom of the screen, the game is over. You can pick up stars on the play area which can be put towards unlockable shapes to replace the default rings. Shiritori is a classic game revamped for modern day. The concept is simple: you take it in turns to come up with a word, and your opponent has to start their word with the last letter of the word you chose! Each player starts the round with a score of 100, and your goal is to lower your score to zero before your opponent does. Answering quickly scores a lot of points, but a long word will reward you just as much! The longer the word, the better – only five-letter words or longer will score points, with one point awarded for each additional letter. If you grow tired of beating (or getting beaten by) your computer, grab a friend and try two-player mode! Use words that end in unusual letters, like ‘quartz’, to really make things challenging – and try not to lose friends over it. Originally released as a mod back in 2014, but requiring the base Alien Swarm game to run, this newly version has been released for free – with no requirement to own the base game. Made by a community of fans, Reactive Drop is an expansion on the original game with more of everything – including new maps, aliens, guns, and game modes. Plus, the game also features full Steam Workshop support, so there’s a constant supply of new content being created by the community.

Taking a page right from the Aliens movie handbook, the game features squad-based combat from an isometric view where each player assumes a role with key responsibilities. You may be a heavy gunner whose job is to protect your teammates while they hack a nearby access panel or unweld a locked door, or plant an automatic sentry gun to secure an area while you focus on the threats from a different angle. The game features single player, four-player and new eight-player co-op, PVP modes (including ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Gun Game’, and ‘Instagib’), as well as additional modifications which alter the game for an additional challenge.

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The mod also includes new weapons such as Desert Eagle, Devastator, and Combat Rifle – with more promised to be on the way. There are four different classes of marines to choose from, with two different characters in each class and loads of unique items to pick up and use to suit your playstyle. If you ever played classic titles such as Lunar Lander or Thrust back in the good old days, you’ll likely be familiar with the mechanics – and inevitable frustrations – of this Ludum Dare game-jam title. For those who haven’t: in this game, you’ll pilot a small spacehip using your arrow keys to travel from one planet to another across a galaxy of debris, asteroids and bombs with only a single thruster as your means of propulsion.

In the process, you’ll want to burn your thrusters as little as possible to conserve precious fuel. You can pick up more, but that means having to get dangerously close to jagged planets and land safely on a fuel pad. Get to the goal safely, and you’ll move on to the next procedurally generated map. You’ll only start with the remaining fuel you had from the last level – so planning ahead is crucial! Inertia plays a huge part as you propel yourself through the vacuum of space. With only your single thruster to move forward, you must spin your ship around and thrust again in the oppositge direction to slow down. You’ll also need to avoid being drawn into large planets which have their own gravity to contend with. Fail to navigate safely to the goal and you’ll be right back to level one to try again. Just one more go then…It’s a super-addictive mashup between Tetris and Pipe Dream, where you must first build up several rows of connected tubes using pre-defined shapes and then drop a ball down the tube to score points and clear away the pipes you’ve placed.

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The ball will follow the path of the connected pipe, and you can even choose a direction for it to travel if you’ve managed to add one of the junction pieces. The ball builds up momentum with every continuous block it manages to flow through, and you’ll only stop scoring points when the ball runs out of momentum – or exits through the end of an unconnected pipe. There are also special blocks that can be used strategically.

Bombs can be used to detonate large numbers of pipes all at once, and ‘golden cross’ pipes can be used to bridge unconnected pipes where it wouldn’t normally be possible. Set in a dungeon spread across 16 squares, you’re a hooded, mustachioed bug tasked with stealing a golden acorn before making your escape down a trapdoor.

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Each level is protected by several armed guards who will try to stop you – unless you can outwit them. Each floor tile depicts a different type of weapon: sword, bow and shield. When you move in a chosen direction, the weapon you’re holding will be used to attack a foe in that direction.

Enemies also move in the direction you travel – so you can push them to swap to a stronger defense. Bows can defeat swords at distance, swords can defeat bow-wielders up close, and shields can deflect against any threat.

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If you lose a confrontation the game is over – but by cleverly manipulating enemy placement, you can put yourself into the right position, and have the best weapon to win or escape unharmed. That said, each enemy you vanquish will respawn elsewhere – and every 20 moves will spawn an additional foe. See you far you can get! In Riders of Rhea, it’s just you, your motorbike and the open dunes. At least, it was – until that darn space elevator got installed.

Now you’re bothered by roaming gangs of bad dudes, hell-bent on taking you down! Riders of Rhea is a roguelike survival game where you race around a 2D map searching for enemies to take on. You’ve got a limited amount of fuel and water – and your bike. This can be upgraded with a better engine, shields, armour and weapons, all of which can be taken from the wreckage of the biker baddies. You can even attack convoys, with transport trucks ripe for the taking!

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You drive by using the WASD keys to accelerate, turn and brake, and the spacebar gives you an overdrive boost, allowsing you to exceed your top speed and turn faster in a drift skid. That said, you tend to lose control of the bike when doing this, so use it sparingly if you’re struggling! Your guns also have a tendency to overheat when firing, which can be compensated by shooting in bursts (which is harder) or cooling them down with your water supply – just remember to switch it off again! The game is a delicate balancing act, and each pickup you find has positives and negatives.

For example, you might find more powerful weaponry – but you’ll need to remove a heatsink to make it, fit meaning your guns burn up faster. It feels like every week, another subscription-based MMORPG goes free-to-play. WildStar is a fine example of a free, multiplayer game for PC – and if you’re a fan of science fiction adventure, you’re bound to enjoy exploring and fighting your way across the planet with your custom character, battling alien races and crushing your enemies.

There are eight races to choose from, with six further classes that are tailored to the race yo

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