House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

How to install House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

Olls. Jim MartinA love letter to classic arcade fare, Horizon Chase brings the likes of the Amiga’s Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge and SNES racer Top Gear kicking and screaming into the present. This one’s all about insane speed, vibrant graphics, and fighting your way from the back of the pack – every time. But just because Horizon Chase has one foot in 1992, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely retro. The controls are perfect for touchscreens, the career mode is finely tuned for mobile play, and the visuals boast a gorgeous low-poly aesthetic that’s unique and modern, and yet evokes the feel of old-school racers – all without stabbing your eyes with chunky pixels. Craig GrannellLike AG Drive, Impulse GP envisions a future of looping tracks and insane speed, but rather than encase racers inside metal spaceships, it instead plonks them on hoverbikes.

Health Safety must be taking a decades-long break. As for the game itself, Impulse GP can’t match its most beautiful rivals when it comes to visuals, but it gets things right where it matters: speed, track design, and feeling like you’re hanging on by your fingernails. The courses are full of corkscrews, hills, twists and tunnels, and boost pads give you a stomach-lurching blast when you time it right. Just avoid the red pads (which slow you to a crawl) and rivals (who’ll knock you into a spin, given the chance) if you want to win. Craig GrannellJoe Danger was originally a downloadable indie gem for Playstation 3, but this iOS port is anything but a lazy conversion.

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A lot of thought has been put into making the transition to the small screen on the move as smooth as possible, with stunts, wheelies, ducking, lane changes, hops and everything else handled by simple swipes of the screen. All of which leads to a game that possibly surpasses the original, while managing to maintain the impressive colourful 3D cartoon style on a tiny screen.

Moreish, and a genuine labour of love. If you like it, also check out the sequel, Joe Danger Infinity, which shrinks the motorcycling hero down to pit his skills against rooms full of toys, and snooker tables with Joe-crushing balls. Alan MartinPutting our political correctness hat aside for a moment, the original game in this series was perhaps best described as ‘Redneck Racing’. Beaten up vehicles jostled around courses comprising a grimy mall car park and a wrecking yard. The sequel stripped away the character, but this third entry again gets the balance right. If anything, Reckless Racing 3 is even more oddball than its grandparent, with a decidedly surreal edge. You smash and drift your way through airports, abandoned nuclear plants, and genteel Mediterranean hilltop cafes. And along with straightforward racing events, there’s a Gymkhana mode, to test your skills at coaxing a rickety car around precision courses.

Startup House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

The physics is a bit floaty, but get used to that and you’ll spend many hours enjoying the best top-down racer on iOS. Craig GrannellTo some extent, the Ridge Racer series has long performed doughnuts on the concept of realism and doubled down on arcade thrills. But unlike some of the other arcade racers in this list, Ridge Racer makes you work for glory, slowly filling a nitro tank when you drift, and forcing you to get the hang of slipstreaming, in order to overtake rival cars. It’s not a simulation, but it feels more like proper driving than the likes of Asphalt 8.On iOS, it’s a gorgeous game, too, with 20 stunning tracks.

The whiff of IAP lurks, but you can leave that on the starting grid if you’re prepared to put in time and effort to hone your skills, rather than buy your way to the chequered flag. Craig GrannellIf you prefer racers to make a splash, Riptide GP2 dumps you in a future that has decided cars are old hat. Instead, rocket-powered hydro jets are the way forward, lurching their way along undulating watery tracks. This future also likes massive show-offs, and so at opportune moments, you must perform spectacular stunts to acquire boost. This is easier said than done. Some courses have handy yellow ramps, but others merely offer huge waves where you take your chances.

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One wrong move and you’ll find splashy disaster, hitting the water just before your rocket-powered hydro jet hits your head. Still, there’s great satisfaction in mastering stunts, and Riptide GP2 as a whole is a gloriously fun arcade racing experience. Craig GrannellSince Mario Kart arrived on the SNES, go-kart racers have infused a sense of fun, delight and surreal weaponry into the racing genre. When done well, they are properly videogame-y videogames, packed full of cartoon characters, dazzling tracks, and strange projectiles to unsportingly blast opponents with, just as they’re about to win. Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed has a further quirk, which is the ‘transformed’ bit found in the title. As you belt around, tracks mutate, forcing you to find alternate routes.

Sometimes you’re dunked into water or hurled into the air, and your kart helpfully transforms into a boat or plane to accommodate this. As ever, IAP lurks, but the game’s generous with in-game currency, and you can eradicate ads for 99p, or get free races forever for £9.99. Craig GrannellAn indie title that has been taking the horror game world by storm, this started out scaring the pants off the PC community before moving to iOS. You play a night watchman in a Chuck-E Cheese-style kids’ restaurant with animatronic characters. Except at night, these characters tend to get a little bit… murdery.

How to install House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

Stuck in your little office, the only thing you can do is use the various cameras throughout the restaurant to keep an eye on your furry friends, and activate your office’s security doors if they get too close. Watch your power levels, though – run out of juice and you’re toast. The tense, claustrophobic atmosphere and plentiful jump-scares make FNAF a nerve-shredding recipe for PTSD. Don’t play this on the bus unless you enjoy your fellow commuters hearing your girlish screams. Adam ShepherdOne of our favourite point-and-click room escape games ever, Forever Lost is set in a series of spooky, deserted buildings including hospitals, asylums and manor houses.

You’ll need find items and solve puzzles to escape. Scour every corner, look under every object and open every drawer and door to find the tools you need to unlock and solve new, challenging puzzles.

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Startup House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

There are three episodes of Forever Lost, each in the form of its own game in the iOS App Store, and each offering hours of gameplay. Together they tell the mysterious story of Alice and Jason that had me completely intrigued.

Forever Lost: Episode 3 was released on 9 July after a long, agonising wait. Never before have I found myself anticipating a new game as much as I have with each episode of Forever Lost. If you enjoyed The Room, you will love this game. It’s scary, offers great graphics and is utterly mind-boggling in the best way. Each episode is better than the last – I’ve already spend a few hours exploring and puzzling over the huge Episode 3 and I’ve still not finished it yet. Lost Within probably isn’t going to wow you with its novel take on horror. It’s what you’d expect: a point-and-tap survival horror game set in an appropriately terrifying insane asylum.

Original software House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

(You play as Deputy Pearson, tasked with checking the abandoned Weatherby Asylum for junkies and random kids before the place gets demolished.) But despite Lost Within’s conventional setting and storyline, it will scare the pants off you. The interior of the building is creepy in all the right ways – there are old gurneys and wheelchairs strewn about, eerie graffiti lines the walls, and everything is stained and rusted – and the attention to detail is excellent.

You can read the graffiti, see the screws on the wheelchairs, and tell the difference between rust, dirt, and bloodstains on the floor. You can go up to anything and examine it, opening drawers and cabinets and crawling under desks and into sturdy old lockers. As you progress through the asylum, you’ll start to interact with objects that give you flashbacks to the time when the asylum was in use. What’s cool about these flashbacks is that they’re also detailed; so detailed, in fact, that you can move through them while you’re in the flashback.

Original software House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame – Collector’s Edition

Gameplay is an excellent mix of storytelling and skill. You’ll feel challenged, but not frustrated, as you hide from monsters and try to escape the asylum. Highly recommended.

Sarah Jacobsson PurewalYear Walk is a difficult game to describe, because much of its power comes from its twisting, sinister narrative and it’s arguably more about the experience than the puzzles: this is a multimedia experiment in the form of a game, but it’s effective and affecting rather than arch. Essentially all you need to do is control the movement of an unseen character through a wintry, papercraft-styled forest, chaining together particular sequences to further progress. Some of this is perfectly intuitive, some of it requires throwing conventional logic to the winds to some degree, but the overall intent of the game is to make you feel lost and confused.

Alec MeerIf you’re still looking for scares, why not give Limbo a look? It’s a brilliant puzzle-platform game but the atmosphere is distinctly unsettling, and it has without a doubt the most frightening spider yet seen in a video game. That’s in the platform games section. The Walking Dead (below) is a more traditional take on cinematic-style horror (it

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