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Y popular these days, it seems only natural that developers would try to put them into just about every genre possible – like Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire and its mix of CCG and strategy game. Cornelia Van Bouwel, voorzitter van vzw Lextra Lingua: ragus_ae@hotmail. com Bake a decadent, creamy, and crunchy Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake. Chocolate lovers will be amazed!

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No one in Westeros takes anything lightly. Walder Frey (David Bradley) appeared surprisingly relaxed about Robb Stark (Richard Madden) marrying Talisa (Oona Chaplin) instead of the Frey daughter to whom he was betrothed.

But by now we knew just how willing George RR Martin is to maim or kill our favourite characters. The whole episode is a rattling pressure pot and just when we adoring viewers thought we’d made it through with no serious fatalities, the last five minutes happened.

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Talisa, Robb, and Catelyn Stark – plus poor Grey Wind – dead. Oh George. Originally Posted by Tizoc Enter the world of international espionage in Obsidian Entertainment’s blockbuster new modern-day spy-RPG. Assuming the role of Michael Thorton, players must use their strength, skills and smarts to survive the rigors and dangers of being an international spy. Alpha Protocol takes players to locations around the world and arms them with a full arsenal of weapons and gadgets with which to complete any task at hand. The game also features fully customizable character attributes and a unique dialog system that tracks players’ responses in the game, dynamically changing missions and alliances as they progress through the game’s storyline.

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It’s a bit abstract. You are the circle thing in the middle, and you rotate yourself to absorb the incoming spheres, matching the balls with the right coloured segment.

– Click to create and send a link using your email application Ant). Linux Wolfenstein is “unlikely,” as it is being developed by Raven, and though id has been a longtime supporter of Linux, there are “no firm plans” for Linux SEGA Page 8 of 26 It’s been a while since I reviewed a Wii fitness game and for good reason–seems that over the last year the genre has all but dried up. Just a few years ago it seems that I couldn’t go by a week without finding a new Wii exercise game, and Sony and Microsoft were falling over each other trying to get into motion controls. Today, third party developers have fled the Wii, Nintendo is focusing on trying to recover from its Wii U missteps by releasing traditional games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros Wii U, Sony has all but abandoned the Move, and Microsoft paid dearly for trying to force the Kinect onto users. But one thing is as sure as the dawn: Ubisoft coming out with yet another Just Dance. I admit, when it came time for me to try out Just Dance 2015 (or if you’re keeping score, what should be “Just Dance 6”), I wasn’t particularly enthused.

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As someone who’s played every version of Just Dance since the first one in 2009, I was admittedly getting “Just Dance Fatigue”. Sure, it’s been a lot of fun over the years, but I wondered if there was really anything more that Ubisoft could add to the franchise that hasn’t already been done? After playing Just Dance 2015, I’m happy to say that Ubisoft yet again has pushed the franchise forward.

And this time they did it with the online play, which they finally got right. You start out Just Dance 2015 by creating a “Dance Card” which will be your identify throughout the game. You start by choosing an avatar from a selection of cute cartoon faces. There are 227 avatars in all to choose from. You’ll start out with only 14 but can unlock additional ones by spending “Mojo Points” (the in-game “currency” you earn each time you dance). You also enter a nickname, your country (choosing from 135 country flags), and your age range (which again to the chagrin of us older adults only goes up to 40+).Once your dancer card is set up, you can track a bunch of statistics, including the number of songs you played, the number of calories you burned, the number of avatars you unlocked, the number of stars you’ve earned, your online level, and the amount of Mojo Points you earned. It’s definitely addicting to come back to the game to try to earn more points – The Song List – Once again, the song list is fantastic and has something for just about everyone, from this recent hits like Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando”, One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” and Pharrel Williams’ “Happy. For the nostalgic among us, there are old songs like Los Del Rio’s “Macarena” (complete with authentic moves)……and Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding OUt for a Hero”. And for the real old-timers among us, there are classics like Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and a cover of “Only You” by the Platters.

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For the kids there’s the song we all can’t get out of our head: Disney’s “Let It Go” from Frozen…– Choreography – The choreography, once again, is fantastic.

As they usually do, they did a great job of capturing the spirit of the songs, in some cases using actual moves from the original artists’ video. While 1-4 players can dance to any song, certain songs are choreographed for 2, 3 and 4 players and the moves can get pretty intricate and interactive (making it as much fun for people watching as it is for the people dancing).Overall, the steps are simple enough that newbies can play along, but complex enough that they’ll look impressive on a real dance floor if you master them. As a bonus, as you play you’ll be able to unlock alternate choreography for many of the songs. For example, “Happy” has a “Sing Along” mode and “Diamonds” has a “Seated Dance” mode.– Motion Controls – Ubisoft pretty much perfected the motion controls a few years ago, at least as well as they can be on the Wii. Even though you still hold a single Wii remote in your right hand, they’ve gotten really good at detecting whether you’re truly doing the dance moves correctly.

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A lot of people felt over the years that Microsoft would own this category with Dance Central, but as the dust has settled the king of the hill is still Just Dance on the lowly Wii.– Artwork – Again, Ubisoft stuck to the formula of using simple cartoon drawings and backgrounds, and it still works. Some of the artwork is beautiful, others are hilarious, and the animations that build up as you dance really keep you engaged during the game.– Workout – With Just Dance 2015, Ubisoft did away with the confusingly named “Just Sweat Mode”, and simply allows you to turn on calorie tracking for any song as you play the game. Similar to “Just Sweat Mode” in past games, there’s also a Playlist mode that lets you select songs to dance to for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or non-stop. Unfortunately, you still don’t have the capability to save playlists.– Community Remix – There’s a feature for the Xbox and Playstation that allows you to record your dances with your console’s camera and share it. While this feature isn’t available on the Wii, you will be able to play remixed videos that feature montages of actual people around the world leading you with their moves. Currently, there’s a version of Pharrel’s “Happy” that’s a lot of fun, and there’ll be more. If that were it, I’d probably give this game 3 1/2 or 4 stars–it’s a solid game, but up to this point there wasn’t much new. But what blew me away with Just Dance 2015 were the vast improvements in online play. You might recall that Ubisoft tried their hand at online play with Just Dance 2014 and did a pretty bad job of it. Just to participate in online play, you had to sign in with your Nintendo ID, then sign in again (or create) something else called a “Uplay ID”, agreeing to a bunch of disclaimers on the way. And even after going through all that, chances are their server would kick you out or crash on you. It’s a world of difference with Just Dance 2015. First of all, there’s no setup nor “Uplay account” necessary.

You can just jump right into online play in two ways:World Dance Floor – On the lower right-hand corner of the main Just Dance 2015 screen, you’ll see the words “World Dance Floor”, along

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