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Pers won’t be entirely helpless, however, and we’re promised that by working together it is in fact possible not to simply elude and survive, but to actually take Jason down. An ode to southern gothic horror and Quake-era FPS design, Dusk is aiming for the low-poly scares and hectic precision shooter action a good chunk of PC gamers grew up on. So far, it’s pitch perfect, throwing chainsaw-wielding maniacs, witches, and all sorts of occult enemies your way in massive levels hiding secrets rooms, weapons, and bosses in every corner. A four-player co-op stealth game with zombies that is also Metal Gear? Well, OK. We expected things would change at Konami post-Kojima, and this is certainly a change. After being sucked out of Mother Base by a rogue wormhole, you wake up in an alien landscape that looks suspiciously like the Middle East, and must battle hordes of the undead with your fellow grunts.

There’s plenty of MGS 5-style stealth, fulton devices, and both base infiltration and defense in the 15 minutes of gameplay you can see below. The dream Sega port from last generation. Shinji Mikami’s take on Gears of War finally gets its chance to shine on PC with unlocked framerate and resolution support.

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Combo a slide into a slow-mo shotgun blast to the face. Dodge a hundred missiles and punch a giant robot in the face. Defeat evil Space Russians. This is one hell of a third person shooter.

The hit of the year, a refined version of the now-booming battle royale genre that started with Arma and continued in H1Z1. 100 players parachute into an expansive map and scramble for weapons as a killzone slowly constricts around them, narrowing the playfield until only one remains. As we wrote around release, “Battlegrounds isn’t a simulation, but it retains plenty of Arma’s spirit.

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Using your eyes to spot and track enemies is an essential skill, for example. When you see someone running across a field, there’s this ‘I know something you don’t know’ sensation—I can totally shoot this guy, he doesn’t see me, you’ll think. But like Arma and DayZ, it’s usually not a matter of putting them under your crosshairs and jabbing the left mouse button.

You want to wait until they’re out in the open, when they’re checking their inventory, when they’re preoccupied and aloof. In these moments, I love the way Battlegrounds asks me to think critically and examine an enemy’s body language, check which towns are nearby, or guess based on the state of the ever-changing safe zone what that enemy might do next.”A first person shooter that’s more about mystery and nuance than blasting away, as you take control of a robot on an alien planet and explore a smartly compact open world. As we said in our review, Tolva is “a lean, intelligent sci-fi shooter with a watchmaker’s eye for detail that knows its strengths and plays to them beautifully.”Take a big open world, stuff it with 100 Far Cry-type outpost missions, and jump in with some co-op partners.

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes place in a Bolivian landmass where four players comprise a military taskforce sent to disrupt a drug cartel and the government it’s aligned with. While players may have a specific missions—whether it’s to steal some intel or kidnap an informant—how they choose to tackle it is up to them. Guns blazing? Stealth?

Or, as often happens, failed stealth that leads to guns blazing? The open world—the first in Ghost Recon’s ten-game history—promises diverse environments like mountains, forests, and deserts, explorable by ground vehicles, helicopters, and parachutes.

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The setting is close to modern day, so weapons and gear aren’t as futuristic as they have been in earlier Recon games. We had some fun with Wildlands, but as we wrote in our review, it’s “not worth it as a solo adventure. In co-op, Wildlands is an enjoyable stealth romp that too often gets in its own way.”New Prey has nothing to do with the old Prey, or Prey 2, which was cancelled back in 2014. Now in the hands of Arkane’s Austin studio, Prey is only familiar in name. Set in an alternate history where President Kennedy was never assassinated, the Soviets and the States continued their rivalry, until one took control of the Kletka Program, a space installation meant to control an alien threat.

The project is eventually abandoned, and a corporation takes over (uh-oh), turning the station into “a cutting edge innovation center” called Talos 1. Big surprise, things don’t go well. The spooks came early in 2017, with a first-person Resident Evil that we loved. “It’s a return to the atmospheric, slow-burning horror of the original, with a few nods to contemporary games like Alien: Isolation and Amnesia,” wrote Andy in our review. Later, he elaborated on how the game saved a troubled series.

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Needless to say, Andy’s a fan, as is the rest of PC Gamer. James also tried RE7 on PSVR and lamented the exclusivity deal that’s currently preventing us from such a good (horrifying) VR experience on PC. It’s a damn shame, as he said, but otherwise the PC version is in good shape—outside of its 90 fps cap and lack of ultrawide support. A remaster of a wildly over-the-top, inventive FPS that asks you to electro-whip enemies into spike traps and explosions and your big-ass boot as often as you shoot them. It’s still a blast if you missed it the first time around.

The old version’s cheap on Steam, while the new Full Clip edition includes remastered graphics and audio, a campaign mode that gives you every weapon from the start, and more levels for the score attack Echo mode. Oh, and you can play the whole campaign as Duke Nukem, with new dialogue that probably includes a lot of cuss words. We love Bulletstorm, but found this to be a pricey remaster. If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, no worries: you can spend your the romantic holiday shooting Nazis in the nuts. We got a look at Sniper Elite 4 during 2016’s GDC, and the World War II third-person sandbox shooter featured stealth, melee kills, and a whole lot of disturbingly graphic slow-motion x-ray sniper shots the series is famous for. Turns out it’s “a hearty improvement on Sniper Elite 3 that embraces freeform play, gets better in co-op, and most importantly lets us shoot things from very far away,” according to our review.

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Release date: May 9,2017 (Out now)Developer: Pixel TitansLink: Official site Strafe is a deliberately antiquated FPS, borrowing from the bread and butter simplicity of Quake’s breakneck template. It’s not just a nostalgia trip, though: Strafe is also pulls from Rogue. In our review, we found that Strafe “skillfully recaptures the look and experience of a full-tilt twitch 1990s shooter while faltering at building upon its potential.

“Coated in the neon colour schemes of 1980s cyberpunk, Desync is among the most visually striking shooters you’re likely to see in 2017. Developed by Melbourne studio The Foregone Syndicate, Desync is a precision-oriented twitch shooter with a focus on performative gameplay: basically, it rewards you for pulling off kills in the most spectacular ways possible. The studio is also working on a bafflingly granular leaderboard system, incentivising stylish play. If you can imagine a strange meeting of Hotline Miami, Lovely Planet, and Quake, you’re close to how Desync plays out. Sadly, we thought it was a shooter with no heart. Oh great, I’m going underground.

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