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Type of Flashpoint known as Tactical Flashpoints have been introduced. Tactical Flashpoints are role-neutral, allowing for any combination of classes to play alongside one another instead of requiring healers and tank, and are bolstered and level-neutral, allowing for players of different levels to complete the Flashpoint.[17] Game Update 3.0 added one-time solo versions of the Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan Flashpoints, allowing players to complete the Forged Alliances storyline and play through the expansion on their own; in the solo mode, players are assisted by a companion and a powerful support droid.[42]Maelstrom Prison is the second Republic Flashpoint in the series of Flashpoints dealing with Revan, and it is designed for players around Level 37. Having acquired the means to safely navigate the Maelstrom on Taral V, Master Oteg leads his fleet to the prison at the nebula’s heart so that the players can board the station and free the prisoner.

As they fight through the prison’s defenders and inmates, Grand Moff Kilran arrives and engages the Republic fleet, and he himself confronts the Republic team aboard the prison. After defeating Kilran, the players free the prisoner and learn of his identity as Revan, and after the Republic fleet escapes, the Jedi Master decides to pursue his own war against the Empire.

Original software Kane & Lynch: Dog Days X360

[17] Boarding Party is the first Imperial Flashpoint in the Revan series, and while it is designed for players around Level 33, chronologically it occurs after the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint. The Empire has learned of Revan’s plans to use the Rakatan space station known as the Foundry to produce an army of war droids to use against the Empire, and they decide to sneak through the Republic blockade around the Foundry by sending the players to capture the Republic frigate Dorin’s Sky. Players lead the Imperial boarding party in capturing the vessel and defeating its crew so that it can be used as a Trojan Horse against the Republic blockade.

[17] The Foundry is the final Flashpoint in the Revan series, and is designed for players around Level 37 as the Imperial counterpart to the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint. Picking up where Flashpoint: Boarding Part left off, the Flashpoint sees players board the Foundry and fight their way through the army of droids and Republic soldiers inside.

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In the process, the players learn that Revan intends to unleash his droids upon the galaxy to purge all those of Sith descent, and after defeating Revan’s assassin droid HK-47, the Imperials engage the Jedi Master himself in a battle to the death. A defeated Revan vanishes in a flash of light, and Darth Malgus claims the Foundry for the Empire.[17] Colicoid War Game is a shared Flashpoint designed for players around Level 41, and it is unconventional in regards to other Flashpoints in that it is an open-air environment with good visibility.

The insectoid Colicoids have typically remained neutral in galactic conflicts while they sell their powerful weapons and technology to both sides, but they have recently decided to align with either the Republic or the Empire. To decide which faction, the Colicoids are hosting a war game on a remote asteroid in the Outer Rim, and the Republic and the Empire send players to compete in the games. After surviving several waves of Colicoids in the Hive Battleground arena, players must then complete a hazard course that features multiple mini-bosses, and the third and final part of the Flashpoint is a confrontation with the Annihilator 6K-A2 war droid.[17] Directive 7 is a shared elder game Flashpoint designed for players at Level 48. A faction of renegade droids calling themselves Directive 7 have rebelled against organics and established a base on the moon of Zadd, from which they plan to eradicate all biological life. After several Republic colonies and an Imperial fleet succumb to the rebellion, an anonymous traitor leaks information to both galactic powers on the rebellion.

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Players are sent to infiltrate the movement’s base on Zadd, and after fighting through the rogue droids, they encounter their droid informant and rush to halt the rebellion’s leader—a massive computer intelligence known as Mentor—from unleashing a virus to turn every droid in the galaxy to the movement’s cause. The Flashpoint ends after Mentor’s destruction.[17] The False Emperor is a shared elder game Flashpoint, designed for Level 50 and higher players, and continues the story from the Battle of Ilum. Taking the stealth ship acquired in the Battle of Ilum Flashpoint, players board the Emperor’s space station and fight their way through the New Empire’s soldiers and alien allies.

When they encounter the Schism Collective’s leader Arkis Wode, players are forced to fight a rebuilt and reprogrammed HK-47, and then fight their way through the New Imperial Guard to Malgus’ throne room. In the final fight with the self-declared Emperor, the players’ faction gains the upper hand in the space battle outside, and Malgus is defeated and falls into the depths of the dying station just before the players escape to safety.[17] The Lost Island was added in Update 1.2 as a sequel to Kaon Under Siege, and the Flashpoint is designed for Level 50 players as it picks up where Kaon Under Siege left off. In order to put a stop to Lorrick’s plans to use the rakghoul virus as a weapon to conquer the Tion Hegemony, players storm his remote island laboratory on Ord Mantell, fighting their way through the wildlife that has been mutated by Lorrick’s experiments.

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Fighting through the mutated creatures and Lorrick’s defense droids, players defeat the mutated savrip known as Project Sav-Rak, as well as other twisted experiments and rakghoul-infected soldiers that Lorrick has been experimenting on before finally confronting the doctor himself. Lorrick uses his subordinates, whom he infected with the virus after they rejected his intentions with the rakghoul virus, as weapons against the players before injecting himself with the virus, and the Flashpoint ends with Lorrick’s death.[17] Czerka Corporate Labs is an elder game Flashpoint designed for players at Level 55, and is the first in the Czerka Flashpoint arc. Players enter the Czerka research facility CZ-198 and are forced to fight through Czerka security forces as they descend through the Atrium and down into the rest of the facility.

Refusing to allow either the Republic or the Empire to take his company, Rasmus Blys continues to send security forces to stop the players as they fight to reach Blys himself in his private labs where he has been experimenting on Flesh Raiders from Tython. Blys is killed in the ensuing confrontation that ends the Flashpoint, but not before he activates the living security system known as the Vigilant, leading to the events of the second Czerka Flashpoint.

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[17] Kuat Drive Yards is a Tactical Flashpoint introduced with Game Update 2.6 as a tie-in between Galactic Starfighter and the ground game. The Flashpoint assigns players two of five potential gameplay scenarios and three final bosses, allowing for a wide variety of experiences, and pits players against enemies from the opposing galactic faction. Completing the Flashpoint earns Reputation with either the Republic First Fleet or Imperial Forward Command, and a new area has been added to the Fleet to tie into the Flashpoint.

Kuat Drive Yards focuses on the shipbuilding corporation and shipyards of the same name, which Imperial Admiral Ranken attacks in hopes of securing the facilities for the Empire. However, the Republic’s Admiral Bey’wan Aygo seeks to defend the shipyards against the Empire’s assault.

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Republic players work to secure KDY against the Imperial invaders, while Imperial players work to take control of the facility’s defenses.[17] Depths of Manaan is a Tactical Flashpoint released with Game Update 2.9 that is set on Manaan, the ocean world from the original Knights of the Old Republic video game. Part 2 of “Forged Alliances,” the Flashpoint sees Theron Shan or Lana Beniko send players to Manaan to track down Colonel Darok or Darth Arkous, both of whom had ulterior motives in planning the attacks on Korriban and Tython.

The search takes players to Genetics Laboratory G-1 on the ocean floor, where they fight through security forces and the Force-wielding Order of Shasa before discovering that Arkous and Darok are allies in the Order of Revan and have come to acquire the Selkath scientist Gorima’s work on their Infinite Army. The pair escape and destroy the station, but players fight through the station forces and escape with the help of Beniko and Shan, who are revealed to have become allies in their hunt for the traitors.[17] With Game Update 3.0, a one-time solo version of the Flashpoint was added for the Forged Alliances storyline, as well as a Hard Mode of the Flashpoint.

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[42] Blood Hunt is a Tactical Flashpoint added in Shadow of Revan that is part of the expansion’s storyline, and thus includes a solo mode. Having learned of a clan of Mandalorians who broke ties with the Revanites, players travel to Tracyn Island to meet the Mandalorians, but their leader “Torch” forces players to face a number of challenges in the form of fearsome creatures. After defeating three of the challenges—two sets of six are alternated between playthroughs—and a pair of Mandalorian warriors, players battle Torch herself, who is revealed to be the legendary warrior Shae Vizla.[42] Battle of Rishi is the second of two Tactical F

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