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Capcom say that it will be “at a later date” compared to console early 2018.The Tropico devs are back, trading the Caribbean for one planet over, and disgruntled island citizens for slightly unprepared colonists. Strategy masters Paradox are publishing, and it’s rare they’ll let something subpar out the door. One to watch as we head through 2017.Despite running out of books, Metro isn’t done. It’s heading outside, for a year-round story – but it isn’t in an open world, instead taking place around several massive, interconnected levels. It was also one of the prettiest games at E3 and has giant zombie bears. Hooray.

Finally officially revealed at E3, Tropico 6 is just as dastardly dictatorial as the previous entries. This time you can quite literally steal the Statue of Liberty so there are some upgrades to come, too. It’s a while out yet but expect a bit more info as we get closer.

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The definition of a cult indie hit, State of Decay was a lot of great ideas that were well implemented and not locked in early access for a thousand years. It did well too, managing to garner quite the gaggle of fans that appreciated a group zombie survival where things actually worked. The sequel wants to do all that better and could be one of the semi-surprise hits of the year if it nails it. One of the prettier games at Microsoft’s conference, cyberpunk platformer The Last Night says it has the “heart of a sci-fi thriller” to go alongside, presumably, moving right and jumping.

We haven’t seen any proper gameplay yet, but it’s caught more than a few eyes. Dragon Ball is getting a proper fighting game and it looks set to give Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite a run for its money. Only a few characters have been revealed so far but it’s enough to get the FGC excited. Konami are doing another full Metal Gear game, and this time, they’re doing it without Hideo Kojima.

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Fan reactions are as to be expected, but at least it’s suitably silly – rock zombies, time travel, alternate dimensions, portals through space, time, and structure. It’s co-op in nature and likely won’t bear much resemblance to what’s come before.

Fully titled ‘The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa’, Barkley 2 is the sequel to one of the oddest fangames to ever exist, Charles Barkley’s Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. It was Kickstarted in December 2012 and has been in some form of development ever since. If it will ever come out is up for debate, but it’s worth keeping track of for “WTF?” points alone. What if Dark Souls was more literally dark? Here’s Ashen to answer: it’d be well depressing.

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With a heavy focus on co-op and hub towns to return NPCs to, it’s grossly difficult combat paired with a flat, simple art style and it looks really nice. The FTL folks are back, and if that’s not enough to get you excited… well, for one thing, there might be something wrong with you. That aside, it’s an isometric turn-based strategy game where you must save the Earth from various kaiju-sized threats by commanding humongous robots.

It looks extremely rad. Joining its erstwhile brother in fragging as a likely 2017 release, Unreal Tournament is taking a different tack – its been in open development since its earliest stages. As in, since they were still developing weapon models, deciding on movement mechanics, the very groundwork of the game. It’s going to be free and supported by cosmetic microtransactions.

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They’re still calling it pre-alpha so who knows when it will be out. Other than this definitely happening we don’t know a whole lot about it. You’ll play a Werewolf and will probably tear stuff up at a high rate. It’s to be the first WOD game since Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, so a heavy weight is on it to be proper good. Try not to cheer too loud: those folks behind Mordheim are making the 40k equivalent, Necromunda, and there really isn’t any excuse for it not to be great. Again, not a lot is known about it yet, but we’re primed and ready for a trailer and gameplay details aplenty. Capybara’s latest has been delayed more times than the end of the world. Below was originally meant to come out as early as 2014 with an announcement stating as much at E3 2013. That was four years ago, and after a delay in August 2016, it never revealed itself again. Capy did say they were deliberately going dark until it was done, but who knows when it may resurface.

We hope it does soon. Like a neon fever dream made flesh, Drift Stage has been hanging around the internet for a couple of years now, and we’re getting tired of grinding our teeth. The developers are running a non-Steam early access plan through their website, but $60,000 on Kickstarter back in 2015 hasn’t led to a release date any time soon. Crytek’s latest has morphed once in its lifetime – going from Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age to its current title. It’s a co-op monster hunting game with a creepy aesthetic, creating PvPvE moments of terror, hunting in pairs while trying to avoid each other. If it ever comes out it should be pretty good. Here’s a good, or at least reasonable, end to one of the many fan-game turned cease-and-desist stories. Galaxy in Turmoil used to be a fan-made Star Wars Battlefront successor until EA and Disney gave it the “er, actually.

Portable rus Memories Off 6: T-Wave [Japan Import]

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” Instead of taking their space-ball and going home, Frontwire Studios decided to keep it up and have got as far as space walks now. Nobody knows what’s going on with Death Stranding. Probably not even Hideo Kojima does. We’re not even sure it’s coming to PC as well as its Sony-funded home, but its showings so far have been as mad as a box of frogs and that just makes us want to tell you about it. The Mads Mikkelsen trailer reinforced this after the initial reveal and honestly we can’t wait for more. Doesn’t even matter if it never comes out. The other side of the System Shock development split, System Shock 3 is likely a long, long way off. We know Warren Spector is involved and… that’s about it. Otherside Entertainment are doing the actual production, with Spector now there as studio director – we’re expecting to hear more from them through 2017.Beyond an extremely short video celebrating incredible sales for the original game, Life is Strange 2 is mostly a mystery.

We expect to hear more before the year’s out but it’s almost certainly a 2018 game at best. Chloe and Max are unlikely to return and you can expect more feels right to the face. The next game from those guys who made The Witcher – you might have heard of it. They announced it far, far too early with a teaser trailer and we’ve heard nothing official since. They’re even got a little sick of answering questions about it, it seems, but did get funding for some special city tech recently. Supposedly, it’ll be out before 2019, but who knows. Yes, it’s happening (dot gif) but it’s probably a long, long ways off. According to creator Michel Ancel it’s at “day zero of development” and they’re looking for a lot of community input to get it moving.

Portable rus Memories Off 6: T-Wave [Japan Import]

Yes, somehow, we’ve found a game likely to come out after Cyberpunk 2077. Expect to hear more… at some point. These are the upcoming PC games that have got us most excited. Any games on the horizon that have you seriously considering a pre-order? Let us know in the comments.

Battleborn’s been pushed back to May 3rd, fyi. Collect all the artifacts in Greece , jusqu’à Please note original Sims 3 game required to play. With exciting content never seen before in a Stuff Pack, The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff introduces new venues to give your Sims’ entire town a makeover – complete with objects just as perfect for their homes. Build a chic new library, create an exclusive, high-tech gym, design a fun playground, or make chores a pleasure with a fresh new laundry room. The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff not only gives you loads of new inspired design to use at home, but includes new community places, like Scrumptious Nibbles Café, for your Sims to visit too! FEATURES: Pre-Built Venues and Lots-Give your Sims’ town a new look with spectacular ready-to-go venues and community lots-or construct your own cool setting. Fit and Fresh-Work out with the latest high-tech gym equipment, then clean your sweaty gym clothes in the new state-of-the-art washer and dryer set. Time to Unwind-Kids will love the new Sunny Bungalow jungle gym, slide, and sandbox, while grown-ups can play chess by the new fountain.

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Study Time or Story Time-Update the library with an elegant array of accessories, build your own study, or create cubicles with specialized sectional seating. New Casual Outfits and Hairstyles-Clothes for running errands, hanging out, or working out-there are lots of styles for all your Sims’ fashion needs. Me he comprado esta trilogia y estoy flipándolo aun, y eso que ya me los habia pasado todos en muuuuchas plataformas XD jeu roulette anglaise gratuite This old-school adventure game is all the more impressive when you realize it’s the work of one man. From the delicate pixel art to the smart story – all delivered in rhyme – you’d think a team of clever people had beavered away on Milkmaid of the Milky Way rather than a sole individual.

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