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Ell. He now chairs the business administration department and teaches at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was mind-boggling. Long rows of corpses.

Russ had been shot in Vietnam in the hand and he had this scar. That’s how I knew it was him. I called my parents’ house in Kettering, which had become sort of the hub, and told them the news. The first time I’d ever seen my uncle cry, or any men in our family cry, was that day. Tom Baker lost both of his parents, Warren and Jean Baker, in the fire. He lives in Centerville, Ohio, where he owns a trucking business. I saw my dad lying there in his suit. He looked like he’d been holding his breath.

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I’ll never forget that face. It was then that I broke down. My mom wasn’t that far from my dad. And she had that same look. Richard Whitt: We had a guy who was planning to be at the Beverly Hills that night and he was missing. I was able to use that as an excuse to get into the morgue and check off every face of the dead that were still unidentified.

The bodies were laid the same way, kind of ritualistic. That did live with me because every one of the dead, they had this black, dark soot going into their nostrils.

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Al Garnick: It was pretty warm that weekend. We had police department jumpsuits on and these orange looking work shoes. I perspired so much in that armory that the orange actually embedded into my skin and I couldn’t wash it off for a good two weeks. In all, 134 bodies were pulled from the Cabaret Room Saturday night, and another 26 the next day. Ninety-nine of the victims were found near the northeast corner exit. Eleven of those were behind the bar, and one body was sprawled across the bar itself.

In the southeast corner, 35 bodies were discovered, including 19 in another service bar area and one behind the stage. Three days later, two more victims were found upstairs, under a pile of debris; three people died later in the hospital. The dead included John Davidson’s music director, who, after safely getting outside, went back into the Cabaret Room to collect his sheet music; a young married couple who escaped separately but went back in to look for each other; and several seniors who never got far from their tables.

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There were teachers and homemakers, executives and laborers. The youngest of the group was 16, the oldest, 74. Fire investigators later concluded that “the Cabaret Room exceeded almost triple the number of occupants that the room could safely accommodate.

”Ernie Pretot: I got home at four in the morning and sat in my backyard. My wife brought me out a Coke and asked me how it was. That was just the wrong thing to say. I went to pieces.

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Richard Riesenberg: It’s a tradition in the fire department, you gotta have [your tools] spit polished [afterwards]. But when we finally got back to the firehouse, nobody was ready to do that yet. We all got downstairs where there was a little rec room and we cried. Walter Bailey: Our phone started ringing constantly, so I had this ad hoc news conference.

I told everyone that I would be at this 7-11 north of Highland Heights at a certain time. Three or four cameras showed up, some guys with pads, and I just explained what happened. I guess you could call it a press conference but I didn’t even know what one was at the time. Al Garnick: When I got home the next day I couldn’t sleep so I went and played golf at Mt. Devou. I got into this real bad lightning storm and ended up standing in this shelter.

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I remember kind of breaking down, saying to God, “I don’t think I’m going to make it.” You see that much death in one day, you don’t want to see it anymore. Believe me, I see death every day when I’m on call. I go to auto fatalities.

But it was just this magnitude of people. You’ve never been exposed to this kind of thing before.

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Janice Popp: My boss and his secretary, Betty, came to see me on Memorial Day. That was when I really started waking up. Betty was stroking my forehead. I knew I was in the hospital, I knew I’d been in a fire, but I didn’t know how bad it was until later. My mom came into my room and told me that [my friend] Darlene didn’t make it. Then I asked about Mary Ann, and she said she hadn’t heard anything.

When she told me that, I knew she had died. Pete Sabino: That next day after the fire, one of the lieutenants and I headed back up there. He couldn’t believe it. I went in the Cabaret Room and there were people charred and burned. Skeletons up against one wall. You’ve seen pictures of the Holocaust?

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Well, it was similar to that. And then there were some people sitting at a table—it looked like they were still alive. They weren’t burnt. They were down low, below the fire. I felt sorry for [those firemen], they really walked into a nightmare. I did, too. Everything about the Beverly Hills Supper Club received scrutiny: the building construction, the absence of sprinklers, and the lack of an alarm system or emergency training for the staff. Governor Julian Carroll blasted local officials for their supposed lax oversight of the club and then aimed his fire at the Schillings for their “total disregard…

for the safety of the patrons.” The National Fire Protection Association issued a report in September 1977. A separate but similar analysis was offered up that same month by state investigators, who concluded the cause of the fire was “electrical in nature.

” The following February, a grand jury was impaneled by the Campbell County Circuit Court to determine if any criminal violations had been committed. Its finding: No. Stan Chesley would not take no for an answer.

The man who would later be dubbed “The Master of Disaster” filed his first lawsuit on June 2, 1977, so that he could get court-approved access to the site. Over the next year, hundreds of suits would be filed, seeking more than $3 billion in damages for fire victims or their families. To simplify the matter, U. S. District Court Judge Carl B. Rubin consolidated the separate cases into a single class-action suit. Chesley took over as lead counsel, and with the help of William O. Bertelsman (now a U. S. District Court Judge) and Louis Gilligan, embarked on a groundbreaking legal tactic for his nearly 300 clients, going after not only the Schillings, who reached a $3 million settlement, but aluminum wire manufacturers; insurance companies; Union Light, Heat and Power. Co.; and polyvinyl chloride manufacturers.

Over the next eight years, Chesley extracted more than $49 million from the parties and changed the course of personal injury litigation. Stan Chesley: I get a call from a lawyer two or three days [after the fire] and he says that the state of Kentucky has hired a demolition company to tear down what’s left of the Beverly Hills Supper Club. Now you’ve got to understand, it’s sitting in the middle of [120] acres, so it’s no danger to anyone.

And they’re going to destroy it? That’s getting rid of the evidence. Richard Whitt: I had once worked in Kingsport, Tennessee, where there was a big chemical plant. I got to know a number of the chemists who worked there and we would have discussions about the dangers of fires. I remember one conversation about how when certain items burn they create this hydrogen thing. I knew public buildings were not supposed to have these kinds of materials.

So, on that second or third day after the fire, I took a pocketknife and ripped apart some chairs and curtains and sent the samples to a lab in Cincinnati. It came back that, yes indeed, when this stuff burns, it produces this extremely toxic hydrogen cyanide gas. My story on the chairs got picked up by everyone.

Stan Chesley: Good God! They’ve got seats that are covered or padded with foam rubber. Maybe 2,000 chairs.

Comfortable seat. So I’m learning, becoming a student. I don’t know anything but I ask. I’m off and running, and I’m pretty excited.

Richard Whitt: Stan Chesley called me up the next morning. He wanted to see the document from the lab. In return he shared with me one of his clients, a waitress in the room who had a photographic memory and was able to reconstruct everything.

That was the biggest banner headline I [got]. It was like 60 points across the top of the paper that said the [Cabaret] Room was grossly overcrowded. Stan Chesley: That was very significant, that there were more deaths than injuries.

None of them burned to death, everybody died of smoke inhalation—that’s why people were still at the tables, that’s why people were stacked by the doors. Nobody had ever done any study as to what caused the death of people. They’d done some studies on carbon monoxide, but nobody ever did anything on cyanide or burning materials or whatever.

The owner’s insurance company is there, but there’s no one there for the victims. I’m the victim guy. I assembled a whole team of experts—[an] electrician, [a] chemical engineer.

So I go up the hill, and there was this big command post and state police running around with their hats and their guns and their flashlights. The whole damn thing. And this guy said, “Hey boy, what are you doing?” This was the assistant to the governor.

He said, “The governor is really mad at you. His chief of staff wants to speak with you.” I get on the phone. I’m 40 years old—I remember it like yesterday—[and] he said, “You have no basis here.” I said, “Sir, I’ve got a United States Marshal here and if you’ve got a problem with my being here, you take it up with [U. S. District Court] Judge Gene Siler.” The phone went dea

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