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Playthrough being brief, the game has a good amount of longevity. But it’s the quality of the gameplay and the uniqueness of the atmosphere that makes this such a must-play. David PriceStealth, gunplay, silent death moves and some roleplaying elements. Deus Ex: The Fall is the iOS port of a deep, ambitious and critically acclaimed PC game, and loses little in translation, offering thrills and spills in a beautifully realised sci-fi setting.

The story’s all about cybernetic enhancements and post-human ethical conundrums, but it never gets in the way of the important stuff: hacking your way through a computerised security door, crawling down a tunnel and shooting a man in the head. Lots of fun, if comparatively expensive for an iOS game (and quite brief, too). David PriceController-based games don’t always translate well to touch devices, and Geometry Wars seems like it ought to be a prime example of that: the series is built around the dual analog sticks of console gamepads, letting you easily steer your ship with one stick and fire with the other, and precision is vital. But the touch controls in Dimensions feel extremely precise, with subtle thumb movements corresponding near-perfectly in the game. Geometry Wars 3 is fantastic fun throughout, delivering tense shootouts against an array of enemies, along with plenty of variety – there’s even a mode without guns, and for my money, it’s the most entertaining of the bunch. But Dimensions doesn’t just maintain the popular content from before: as the subtitle suggests, it also adds 3D stages alongside the typical flat ones, offering new gameplay twists and some nice visual pop along the way. Geometry Wars drops your little ship into a grid and then begins loading the space with enemies. Early foes might be simple creatures that slowly pursue, but before long you’ve got cubes that explode into smaller ones, glowing snakes that slither about, lengthy formations of arrows that bounce from wall to wall, and perhaps even a wormhole that’ll suck you in if you get near. Needless to say, the series thrives on chaos, and staying alive amidst that madness is a real test. But that’s where the fun comes in. Dimensions is a “one more time” favourite, as the quick play sessions and tough-but-fair design compel you to return time and again to increase your score. A lot of the fun comes from the extra gameplay layer beyond killing or being killed: each downed enemy drops little green bits that boost your score multiplier.

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As such, finding serious success – and taking down your friends on the online leaderboards – means nimbly moving through the madness and collecting while blasting. It amps up the tension to incredible levels at times. Typically, shooty space games of the overhead variety are about deftly weaving between bullets sprayed about the place, or trying hard not to die when belting along at insane speeds.

By contrast, Glitchskier is more about infusing proceedings with a sense of atmosphere. Although there’s no storyline, the game’s conceit appears to be that everything’s happening inside an ancient PC. You start games by double-clicking icons on a desktop.

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During play, your little craft blows away fragments of messed-up code and deadly flying letterforms. The sparse graphics, retro interface elements and pumping soundtrack afford Glitchskier a great sense of place. And the shooty bits are also nicely done. The main mission is short – just four levels – but every section is cleverly choreographed, to stop you becoming complacent.

Be victorious on blasting away the fourth boss, and you can then pit your skills against a tougher endless mode. Craig GrannellApple fans haven’t had much luck with the Grand Theft Auto games, one of the most successful series of our times. The Mac hasn’t even got GTA 4 yet, even as Mac fans clamour for news on whether they will ever see Grand Theft Auto 5 (above).But if you’re willing to go back a generation or two, there are some terrific GTA games on the App Store for iPad and iPhone owners to enjoy. Fortunately Rockstar have been making terrific games for years, and even their older stuff is great. GTA 3, for instance (below), is a violent, darkly humorous ode to mafia films that first sparked controversy (and accolades) in 2001 and burst on to iOS 10 years later. Aiming and firing can be tricky, but the touchscreen controls are otherwise surprisingly capable. Controversial subject matter aside, the game is stunning in its scale and brilliance.

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There’s more than a hint of arcade classics Missile Command and Parachute in No Stick Shooter. You’re armed with a turret at the foot of the screen, and must protect your base from the advances of kamikaze enemies intent on your destruction.

But unlike most games of this ilk, No Stick Shooter dispenses with virtual trackpads or joysticks – instead, you tap the screen like a lunatic, to hurl fiery death at your opponents in a frenzied battle for survival. And it is frenzied.

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Like the games that inspired it, No Stick Shooter takes no prisoners. Even early levels, which have you hurl explosives at doddering asteroids, are no picnic.

A few levels in, you’re attempting to juggle various weapon types (including crackling electricity and atomising laser beams), aliens that unsportingly dodge your shots, and vicious bosses that seemingly don’t want to die, no matter how much you shoot at them. For the casual gamer, it’s perhaps a bit much. But for anyone wanting the best in high-octane neon blasting with a brain, No Stick Shooter’s one of the best games on iOS. Craig GrannellThe graphics and sound are lovely – the obstacles are satisfying destructible, subsiding noisily into translucent shards – and a clever mechanic means that your ammo count is also your life. Run out of marbles (don’t worry, you can restock them periodically by shooting designated targets) and you’ll perish. From the cockpit of a heavily armed aircraft, circling above a bunker in which the last remnants of humanity have taken refuge from a zombie apocalypse, your job is to gun down zombies and save human survivors.

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Zombie Gunship some tactics involved in all this – your guns can overheat or be upgraded – but it doesn’t get in the way of the blasting fun. The grainy, surveillance-camera-style graphics help create an intense atmosphere, and the sound effects are top-notch. The strategy, the graphics and sound, and the undeniable thrill of sending the undead back to the grave they crawled out of make for a compelling iOS game. Philip MichaelsALONE… is what some would refer to as a cave flyer: you zip along a procedurally generated landscape at ever-increasing speed, trying your best to avoid the obstacles in your path and using the bare minimum of controls (just up and down) to preserve your little spaceship.

It’s an incredibly simple, stripped-back game, but things like this live and die by their speed; or rather by the sensation of speed that they are able to produce. And ALONE… is brilliant at this. The hectic soundtrack, the speed lines and space detritus flying past you, the barely controllable speed boost you get whenever you’re winged by a small piece of debris and the gradual acceleration as the game progresses – all of this contributes to a tightly focused thrill ride of a game. This isn’t to say that the devs haven’t given any thought to the cosmetics of the thing: there’s some great mysterious background imagery (reminiscent of Canabalt) and the shifting colour schemes are undeniably lovely.

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You just might not get much of a chance to appreciate them. David PriceAlto’s Adventure feels totally Zen. It hones in on a sense of serenity that the vast majority of endless runner-style games completely avoid, and when your time comes and you end up with a face full of powder (or worse, boulder), the conclusion doesn’t feel so devastating. Just get back on the board, man. Most of the credit for this unique tone goes to the visual design, which eschews realism in favour of building big personality via dazzling animations, a stunning day-night cycle (plus weather) that really changes the play experience, and a rousing bit of music. It doesn’t have an array of absurd tricks to pull off, but while Alto’s simplicity could rub some the wrong way, it’s worth sticking around and digging deeper.

You’ll always have up to three objectives to complete, and while the early ones are easy, the later tasks – a triple backflip, really? – require risking your run on a single move. Alto’s Adventure might not have the gameplay depth of your average snowboarding game, but spend a few minutes soaking in these slopes and you’ll appreciate its low-key approach to a typically “extreme” sport. Andrew HaywardThere’s something nightmarish about this sparsely elegant one-button platformer: you can’t win, you can’t escape, and eventually you’ll miss a jump and die. The aim is simply to get as far across that endless crumbling rooftop as possible.

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(It’s not even clear what catastrophe you’re fleeing, although the giant figures stalking the landscape behind are probably a clue.) The automatic acceleration and hyperactive soundtrack ratchet up the energy levels beautifully, the super-retro graphics are gloriously evocative, and it’s hard to imagine a more accessible or mobile-friendly game. David PriceJetpack Joyride is a delightful and addictive cave flyer that keeps us coming back for more. You play the role of Barry Steakfries, a disgruntled individual who breaks into a top-s

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