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Ayonetta’s fluid fighting style—combos, dodges, hair-based attacks—and absurd story deserved 4K and 60 fps support, and we’re happy it’s finally joined us.”Bayonetta is about flow,” says Phil. “In part, this is thanks to an advanced combat trick that brings everything full circle. If you dodge in the middle of a combo while holding down either punch or kick, you can resume the combo out of the dodge. This offset speaks to the fluidity of Bayonetta’s fighting style—as does the way she so smoothly transitions from dodge into attack, or from melee to guns.””If you want to build a giant Dyson sphere around a sun to steal all of its energy and make any planets that depended on it freeze to death, you can do that,” wrote TJ in our review. And who doesn’t? Stellaris’ Utopia expansion overhauls politics, adds factions to your population, and introduces Tradition trees—which are how you might blot out the sun. The add-on gives Stellaris a big push in the right direction, filling out the previously light mid-game. Verdict: Paradox’s biggest expansion yet brings Stellaris closer to its original promise with a stellar rework of internal politics and new endgame goals. Big Robot, which is headed by former PC Gamer contributor Jim Rossignol, brings us a sci-fi shooter mystery that’s two parts exploration—hopping and stomping around—and one part “crisp, satisfying combat,” as our review states.

It’s slow-paced, but smart, lean, and a step above the developer’s previous game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Like XCOM with lower stakes and axes instead of guns, Battle Brothers is pure fun. Manage a band of mercenaries, earn money to expand your operation and reach more distant contracts on the wide-open map, and fret over decisions in turn-based battles.

Installed Programs Mindscape’s Ten Pack II

“I kept humming with the victory and despair I usually reserve for XCOM campaigns,” wrote Ian in our review. “The archer who makes a wondrous 19% headshot; the swordsman who blocks and dodges his way out of certain death; the veteran soldier suddenly gutted, lost forever behind the veil of permadeath.

” (It’s also surprisingly gory given its cute little big-headed character sprites.)A throwback to ’90s adventure games, but not a nostalgia-driven rehash—Thimbleweed Park builds on the genre and is great on its own merits.

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It’s funny, and full of smart puzzles that “rarely require the absurd leaps of logic that would have you dialling the LucasArts hint line in the ’90s,” as Andy put it in his review. If you aren’t turned off by the obtuse introduction and constant, crushing challenge, Rain World rewards with unforgettable gloom. “The early hours are taxing, and in all honesty, it continues to be taxing,” wrote Shaun in our review.

“It’s not relaxing. It’s not a game to wash away your daily worries with. But the variety of the world’s barren landscapes will keep the determined pushing on, and the seemingly insurmountable challenges are, well, surmountable, but not thanks to ‘tricks’ per se. You just have to be smart about it. You have to learn—and then very vaguely know—how to survive.

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“An office favorite, Nier: Automata is bizarre open-world RPG with PlatinumGames’ signature speed-comboing combat—but that can seamlessly transition into twin-stick shooting whenever it wants. The combination works, as does the mournful, weird story and all its quirks. “Automata is a remarkable game with an incredible amount of style, personality, and flair,” said Andy in his review.

Andromeda is a contentious game, even—or maybe especially—among PC Gamer’s staff and writers: some despise it, some enjoy it. It was burdened by high expectations, and didn’t succeed at everything we hoped. But BioWare games are nearly always unmatched in certain aspects, and Andromeda is an accomplishment in scope, with some great missions and moments buried within its hours of dialogue and exploration. Tim couldn’t help but to compare Legends to Hearthstone in his review—how could he not, given the obvious parallels—and found that its deeper, less RNG-heavy systems provide a good alternative to Blizzards’ hit CCG. It lacks the same charm and vast playerbase, but delivers on the strategy.

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Verdict: A deep, and potentially rewarding alternative to Hearthstone that suffers from underwhelming art design and desperately needs an injection of players to grow the scene. A pure stealth game that stars a cynical, sweary goblin, the second Styx game is another lowkey release with a lot of good in it: “A generous game with a huge amount of stuff to do, some wonderfully realised levels, all of it augmented with an admirably flexible skill system that encourages and rewards creative thinking,” said Jon in our review. Verdict: A mean-spirited character leads a big-hearted game; you’re unlikely to dwell on its lore but its features combine well to create a satisfying stealth experience.

A maximum security prison provides the stealth-action playground in this Mankind Divided DLC, and while the story isn’t brilliant, the level itself is fun to puzzle out for six to seven hours. “While previous DLC System Rift felt like a retread of Mankind Divided, this mission is much more distinct,” said Andy. “The prison setting is radically different from anything else in Eidos Montreal’s rebooted Deus Ex, and the restrictions it places on you forces you to really dig into the game’s systems.”You’re playing a text adventure, but not on your PC—on a virtual computer on a virtual desk. And as you explore, strange things start happening in your virtual room. Stories Untold is “a wonderfully creepy idea,” wrote Andy, which is told in four episodes that form a “fascinating, subversive experiment in storytelling that delights in messing with your head.”Light platforming and incongruous Guitar Hero-style bass playing complement a funny, sad story about a young cat—well, a person who looks like a cat—returning home to her family and friends after dropping out of college.

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“Night in the Woods is a pretty special game,” wrote Andy. “It’s a celebration of why life is awesome, but never shrinks away from the fact that it can also be really shitty as well. And it wrestles with difficult issues in a way that made me think about my own life and relationships.”Planescape: Torment probably wasn’t going to be outdone by any successor, but Tides of Numenera succeeds at delivering the same style of text-heavy, philosophical roleplaying in a strange new setting.

“A little bit more humour would help disarm some of the game’s more self-serious moments, but I found the quality of the writing and the genuine philosophical complexity of Tides of Numenera’s questions compelling in a way that games rarely achieve,” Chris wrote in his review. “To say this is an RPG written of shades of grey is an understatement: in fact, given the multi-hued Tides of the title, you could say that it’s written in shades of everything.

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“The story can be safely ignored, but Sniper Elite 4’s big sandboxes for stealth and sniping are the series’ best. Nearly every complaint we had about the game that came before it has been addressed in some way, and Italy makes for a beautiful setting—at least until you watch a slow-mo x-ray shot of someone’s kidney exploding. Verdict: A hearty improvement on Sniper Elite 3 that embraces freeform play, gets better in co-op, and most importantly lets us shoot things from very far away. A reset for the Resident Evil series, RE7 moves away from the action movie stylings of the last few games for a creepier, first-person horror adventure.

” It takes an industrial pressure washer to the series, blasting off years of accumulated filth and grime,” wrote Andy. “And you’re left with a lean, polished survival horror that borrows from its legacy, but isn’t afraid to look to modern horror games for inspiration too.”What makes Hollow Knight stand out, above all else, is how expansive and lush its subterranean kingdom of Hallownest is. It’s a Metroidvania you could easy spend 30 hours playing and still have more to discover. Its bug-themed world is a wonderful mix of dark and depressing tones with adorable characters and hand drawn art. Hollow Knight is a surprise hit of 2017, and truly one you don’t want to miss. This game in one of the most popular racing series on Shockwave.

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com added weapons. Ther’s over 10 cars (all customizable), weapons, slow motion explosions, upgrades and lots of tracks!

It had nearly 200k hits a day for the first month or so on the site and pushes the capabilities of the engine to the limit. There are several racing modes to choose from from simple races and elimination modes to combat oriented competitions in which you blow up opponents or simply the world to gain points. The better you do, the more cash you earn, and the better the vehicles you can afford and upgrade.

The races are quick and snappy, perfect for a 10 minute break from work or some lunchtime fun. The game is free to play but in order to play multiplayer games, upload high scores or win prizes, one must join the Shockwave Club ($2.95/mo minimum). popular games for android Read the Eurogamer.

net reviews policy Cheese Just Dance 2016 is the next iteration in Ubisoft’s immensely successful Just Dance party and dancing game series. It is available for all the major eighth generation home consoles in October 2015.It’s that time of the year again, when new versions of many a game series is released in anticipation for the winter holiday season.

Most of the focus is on the competitive multiplayer and imme

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