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Scouts from all around the world, from Spain to Italy. We re travelling together, from the mountains to the sea. Hold L Bumper, L Trigger, R Bumper, R Trigger and press X, X, B, B Star Wars Battlefront 2 Collect all the artifacts on the Lost Island Did you know? Reviewed on: 19 Apr 2011 Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Dark Souls 2 Tesco Direct offers Collect in Store Page 17 of 18 It’s been over 15 years since the gaming world saw the release of Microsoft’s game console, the Xbox. Many of you will no doubt have incredible memories of the countless hours spent playing games with friends and finally beating the level you were stuck on for two weeks! Fast-forward to 2006 and the release of the Xbox 360 and a new generation of gaming. A better Xbox live and the Xbox Marketplace made it possible to buy games digitally as well as arcade games that were accessibly right from your console!

Jump forward yet again to 2013 when the Xbox One came into our lives. This new system was faster, stronger and paved the way for some of the greatest games in Xbox history. It also helped to create a more unified entertainment experience, bridging all forms of media. But even the greatest of gaming consoles are sure to have some games within their vast libraries that fall flat, as well as those who rise to heights they probably shouldn’t have. We all know those games that we would love to forget about, as well as those that we will always love and left us with amazing memories.

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What about those games that seemed awesome, but really weren’t anything to special? Hindsight helps one to really see the games that we loved for what they really are and while they might not be terrible, they most definitely have not earned the reputation that they have. Perhaps you will find some games on this list that you feel the same about when you really think about it. Zombies, crazy-weapons, and a cool island backdrop are not enough to really make this game a keeper.

Was it fun to kill zombies with a flaming katana? Absolutely!

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But really that’s all this game had going for it. The story for Dead Island was pretty terrible along with very forgettable and pretty terrible characters. If you were unfortunate enough to not have friends who played this as well, then you had to slog through the game either by yourself or with random players online, which also saps a lot of the fun from the game. The graphics are very sub-par and don’t even get me started on the bugs of this game, often causing the player to fall through the map, lose their weapons, etc. You’re better off just buying Dying Light. Same concept, much better execution.

The popular fighter returned with a free-to-play installment on the Xbox One, though unfortunately it comes with the free-to-play model that has become quite popular these days. While the game is free, you are essentially getting what you pay for. While the weekly character rotation may work in the MOBA genre with a different group every week, this game lets us know that it doesn’t work for a fighting game. There is very little fun to be had with only one character. If you want to play this game, you have to be willing to pay the whole price of the game. It isn’t that enjoyable in terms of a fighting game either.

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The punches don’t have any oomph and just about every match will turn into a button mashing frenzy. Talk about a hype train. Quantum Break was at the forefront of a very aggressive ad campaign pushing this game as one of the definitive titles for the Xbox One. This sci-fi action game gives the player the power to control time. Sounds awesome right? Well it is for a little bit, but soon wears out its charm and seems to become more of a gimmick to draw players in. The gunplay also doesn’t offer the player very much in the way of fun and enjoyment.

The fact that it’s also a television show tie-in game was not that great of a move. Even with Iceman himself, Shawn Ashmore, as the main character, this game couldn’t be saved from fading into obscurity. Maybe tie-in games are just not a viable video game option.

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Undoubtedly a fresh concept in the world of gaming, Watch Dogs was widely anticipated as a new direction for sandbox games. Unfortunately for this game, technical issues, such as bugs and glitches, plagued it from day one. The main protagonist was also relatively uninteresting and Watch Dogs wasn’t the success it was thought to be. The gunplay and combat is basic, but lacks the spark that other games have to keep gamers entertained and engaged. Things turned around for the series with the release of the sequel, led by the much more interesting Marcus Holloway.

The series looks to be turning around and led to a much more positive experience for gamers to engage in. You should probably just skip right to the sequel if you wan to have some fun. Yet another title on this list that sees continued love by its fans for a reason I can’t quite understand. This new Tom Clancy IP was so highly anticipated and was such a let down that I can’t understand players continued love for it. The story motivation is interesting and noble at its roots, but, in execution, the story falls apart. The task of helping to restore and rebuild Manhattan after its almost apocalyptic viral pandemic sounds awesome, but usually consists of “go hear and kill these guys,” all over the city. The characters have no real life of their own and it becomes incredibly repetitive.

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The term overrated was made for games like this. The name of the late, great Tom Clancy is what keeps this game alive. As any fan of the popular role-playing franchise will be able to tell you, the popular series took a nosedive for its third installment. You play the younger sibling to Logan, the tyrannical ruler of the kingdom of Albion.

The adventures you go through while building the rebellion to face your brother are fun, but not the best in the series and certainly not the best in the genre. The game swapped the open world style for an over world map with smaller maps that sometimes connect to each other. You would rarely find action outside of doing missions and there really isn’t that many to begin with. The weapons often share visual appearances and skills, despite the game insisting their all different. It’s incredibly apparent that the world feels so much smaller with a lot less life in it. Talk about falling from grace, the popular sandbox series by Deep Silver Volition fell way far from its humble roots in the streets of Stillwater.

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Each installment in the popular gang series became more eccentric and whacky with the fourth installment taking the cake. The once humble gang leader of the Third Street Saints has become the president of the United States after averting a terrorist attack. You are then subsequently abducted by Zinyak, the leader of an alien race known as the Zin. You make your way out of captivity only to see the Earth be destroyed.

No you must defeat Zinyak in the simulation he puts you in to break your spirit. Plus super powers.

The upside is that we see the return of Johnny Gat. Whatever you do, play any other Final Fantasy game than this one. With a cast that is almost all unlikeable and incredibly cliché, this three-disc adventure featured some of the most unnecessarily complex mechanics for such a stupidly boring combat system. With every one of the main characters being, whiney, douchey, or unlikeable, it is a great breath of fresh air to see the masterpiece that is FFXV, where everything we hated about this game is more or less corrected.

This game leaves such a bad taste in player’s mouths that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that people who played this as their first FF game, never played another again. If that’s the case, please don’t let this game ruin the experience for you! This Xbox Live Arcade game puts the player in the shoes of a ninja. You must jump from wall to wall and collect coins and make your way to the exit while avoiding trip mines, machine guns, and rockets. Perhaps my biggest issue with game and the biggest draw back in general is that you are perhaps the slowest moving ninja ever. When playing, I genuinely thought that I was missing the “go fast” button.

This game is more painful than enjoyable, with nothing really unique setting it apart. It really just seems like Super Meat Boy with a fresh coat of paint. If ever there was an award to give for worst gameplay mechanics and gunplay, it would go to the Resident Evil series, but it is Resident Evil 5 that stands out from the rest. The story is pretty terrible and is the turning point of the series towards their long series of bad games. The fact that you must always stop moving to shoot makes it such a disjointed and chunky experience anytime there is any sort of conflict. This game definitely put a hurting on the love people had for protagonist Chris Redfield, especially following the surge in love for the other series protagonist Leon Kennedy with Resident Evil 4. Perhaps the most un-enjoyable fighting

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