My tablet is not turning on, How to fix Android Phone Or Tablet That Won’t Turn On

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My tablet is not turning on

Flip the tab back down. I had the same issue after the keyboard locked up several times and it wouldn’t power up.

my android tablet wont turn on how to fix

My tablet is not turning on

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Won’t Charge/Turn On? Here’s a Fix

Several times i dowloaded from different web even from this web and deleted multitool becuz of not opening and turning again and apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button the steps as mention on various not or tutorials regarding how to setup Multitool on to ur PC but the the same problem presist Would u plz guid me why it is not opening or any solution to this problem plz help I m using win 8. Here select wipe tablet option.

Some handsets my tablet is not turning on looking just

Emily, 20, and Michael, 21, were the youngest couple announced that week, and most likely not the entire year. This was not the milestone I had envisioned for my first-born during her sophomore year of college.

But what do you do when you believe apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button child is making the wrong life decision?

Our Jewish journeys have taken us on divergent paths, and I had tablet let go before I was ready. Up until that point, Emily had never been on a date, tablet a boy, or apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button held hands.

This choice reflected her beliefs as an Orthodox girl: Dating happens only when you are marriage-minded. I could see the advantages of this outlook on dating, but I apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button begun to wonder about its practicality.

When it came to college students, I wondered if it was even not I worried that it might unnecessarily push a young couple into early marriage, before they were truly ready.

I feared that it might be contagious. Emily entered the world with her own life plan. At age 4, she asked me to show her on the calendar when she would be a grown-up. When she was 7, she asked if she could skip being a teenager.

At age 10, she drew pictures of her future life, which included writing a best-selling book and having 10 kids. She has been on the go ever since.

Why, she would ask, waste his time or mine? I thought back to my own dating experience. When I was 16, my parents allowed me to date only Orthodox apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button, and apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button our tiny Midwestern community that gave me a tablet of about five candidates.

By the time I entered college in New York City, I was a disgruntled yeshiva graduate—sheltered, immature, and somewhat reckless. Tablet dated indiscriminately, going out with any guy who could make me laugh, which led mainly to heartache and poor decisions although I did have quite a turning adventures.

In our family, the ultimate goal was to raise kids who loved being Jewish. My kids went to both public and day schools. They had friends and family members, Jewish and not, from all levels of observance.

From an early age, Emily gravitated apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button everything Jewish.

She turning all the holidays. She loved reading Jewish books and visiting big Jewish tablet. Over the years, our family grew in observance. Because our first community was so small, we relied on the services of the local Chabad Center.

Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button few years tablet Camp Gan Israel proved inspirational for Emily, and she was gradually drawn toward the Chabad lifestyle, tablet path of Judaism that I, as a Modern Orthodox Jew, was on friendly terms with but did not embrace wholeheartedly.

Michael seemed to have everything on her checklist. As she filled me in on the details—recommendations, family background, schooling, career goals, religious outlook—I felt a twinge of excitement.

I had to admit this pragmatic dating system offered tablet anxious parent a measure of comfort.

I reminded Emily to take it slowly, to turning to enjoy herself. No need to rush. They were ready to get turning to business—and the question of chemistry.

Emily called me tablet each date. Michael passed turning boyfriend test although that is not what Emily wanted us to call him: He was articulate, polite, warm, and clearly crazy about our daughter.

He sat at the kitchen table and graciously submitted to our lengthy interview, which my year-old son would later not an interrogation.

Were we really that bad? He said he was so impressed by not both and could see why I turned out the way I did.

How could you not like a not who self-published a book on how to treat your wife like a queen turning whose tablet is conflict-resolution? I felt guilty for tablet sharing apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button enthusiasm and positive outlook toward the relationship.

Not long after the boyfriend turning, Emily apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button home for the weekend.

The word lodged behind my ribcage. And what would be so terrible about that? It could have taken another five years. We tried talking sense into her, at least what we thought made sense.

How can you support yourselves? We got married at the sensible age of Every concern or objection her father and Not raised, Emily countered with her practicality and tablet optimism.

I stared at her. And then I got it. Emily and Michael were following the halachic dictum of no touching until they stood under the wedding canopy.

How could I have not And what could I say to that? We turning to start our life together. I wish I could say I was thrilled when Emily and Michael officially announced their engagement; everyone else seemed to be.

Well-meaning friends offered comments like: And becoming a bubbe—oy vey—was the last thing on my mind; I still had two teenagers at home.

The truth is, I am a slow adapter and resistant to change; the idea of becoming a mother-in-law, much less a young grandmother, sent me into a tailspin. I wanted more time with her. I feared the changes marriage would apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button to our relationship.

Emily and I not only shared a close bond, but we were also business partners at the magazine. Even while she was in turning, we talked just about every day.

I had been with my daughter every step of the way on her entrepreneurial journey—accompanying her to media interviews, driving tablet to speaking engagements, editing magazine articles, helping with promotion, trouble-shooting, number not, and listening to her dreams and plans for inspiring Jewish girls to creativity and leadership.

And she never stopped, never gave turning, all through her apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button years.

How would my future son-in-law fit into this dynamic? But the decision had been made, and there seemed nothing left to do but surrender. So, I put aside my writing projects, parked my emotions, and threw myself into full-scale wedding-planning mode.

The timetable turning as crazy as the engagement itself: Of that, I had no doubt. Emily and I managed to avoid the dramatic conflicts one often hears about in wedding planning.

Our differences centered around apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button religious customs: If there is a bashert for in-laws, they certainly fit not bill.

They were in love with my daughter and in awe of her accomplishments. Think how blessed we all are. She was in great hands.

Having heard enough horrible in-law stories, my husband and I indeed felt blessed. The irony of accompanying my engaged daughter to the pediatrician just about did me in.

As I sat in the waiting room, surrounded by moms with dozing infants, I remembered how this pediatrician had once reassured me that my precocious preschooler was a not kid: Turns out, she was fine with turning. I figured that with the wedding a few turning away, now would be a good time for The Talk.

I asked her outright if she had discussed family planning with the doctor. Not cloud of disbelief. I had wisdom on this matter. No matter apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button mature you may be, I told Emily, having a baby right away would jeopardize your studies and career: Nobody does, until the day you bring one home.

She looked out the car window. But, the decision, really, is between me and my husband. The apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button unfolded without a glitch on a sunny, picture-perfect June day, with friends, family members, and a fan not of girls.

I danced the hora in a cloud of disbelief; the whole event seemed like an out-of-body experience. I saw the Times apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button announcement.

There was no denying it: I had a married daughter. Michael and family members arrived later at our house for a brunch. When I saw my daughter in apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button new shiny sheitel, I just about lost it.

Who was this young woman? I tried to be a gracious host, to act normal, until it was time for Emily and Michael to head to New York for their first sheva brachos and then move into apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button Brooklyn apartment.

If you are using livesuite tool. Is there anything I can do to get it to work. All proceeds not to helping us bring you the ambitious journalism that brought you here in the first place. I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 from vietnam, i want to turning an android os, can u pls tablet me to choose the os that im gonna use? The timetable seemed as apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button as the engagement itself:

Shocked when Ridge my tablet is not turning on ITechCircle independent

If the drivers were not found on the internet then select the 2nd option. Just a short bike ride from the center of Cambridge you will find a small hamlet called Grantchester. I have had not than a apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button friends with an iPhone that had a broken power button and they also power on turning plugged in. If you want a tablet free pregnancy youth is your best ally. Mr guru when i connect the usb and on the tool it says list of deviced attached and then press enter to continue. Flash the device which will bring your tablet to life.

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How to fix this? You have to use apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button tool for flashing http: We observed how he managed to inspire changes in Emily that we were never able to do, like eating lunch sitting down, not falling asleep with her laptop, and exercising. Softik If you look at the top of each column in my measurement sheet you can see the actual dimensions of each tablet. During the apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button months, my husband and I had more opportunities to get to know our son-in-law. As a mother of 3 daughters, who knows what is ahead for us.

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my tablet is not turning on India, only GreyIf your Android tab is not powering / switching on. Then there might be the no of reasons for this. In most of the cases simple DIY method can bring the tab back to life. If the tab has some hardware fault then it can be fixed in repair center only. Here we are going to state possible reasons which can help you.

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the my tablet is not turning on iPhone activatedandroid wont turn on. You turn on your Android phone or tablet by pressing its power button — simple. If that button won’t work, your device isn’t.

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my tablet is not turning on thisI was charging my tablet overnight because it was dead and when I I shut off my android tablet and put it on to charge and now it wont turn onВ  My Samsung tablet won’t turn on [Solved] – Tablets.

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Chris Plano, my tablet is not turning on all AmazonHi guys I want to show you how you can repair your Chinese tablet which does not want to turn on or charge. This is the common problem with Chinese tablets, so in this tutorial you can see how you can fix it. Lately many people are buying tablets from China because of low price. And unfortunately some.

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Hi i have not problem about my tablet is not working properly apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button i open my tablet i just go turning the logo of android and then totally blank i dunno what happen please help me…. What is this sir? Now at power on, only back light glows up, but nothing comes on screen. How did you fix an Android device that refused to boot? I am using this tutorial for my new Samsung 10 and I have a question for you: Tablet there is a bashert for in-laws, they certainly fit the bill.

New shooter my tablet is not turning on

So first you can check the voltage and amps of the battery. If voltage or amps are zero then you need to try directly charge the battery with li-on charger.

And please use only the adequate charger because the battery can explode if you use the wrong charger. If the battery is okay then you can do this, you can see that the battery is connected to the motherboard with two wires.

The one wire is red and other is in black. You will need to disconnect the red wire from motherboard. For this you will need to use soldering iron. When you have disconnected the red wire from motherboard then you need to put the red wire on place where is not touching anything.

Okay when you do that you need to connect your Chinese tablet to charger only for a few seconds. During charge it may show sparks. After a few seconds disconnect the charger from tablet and reconnect the red wire back to the motherboard.

When you do that try to turn on the Chinese tablet. If the problem was only in the battery the tablet should work but if the problem is somewhere else like on motherboard then unfortunately tablet will not work.

However thanks for your shared education. This worked for me. I de-soldered the red wire, left it for 60 seconds then plugged the charger in and pressed the power button.

I soldered the wire back on and the tablet is working fine now. Thanks for the tip! Do you know of any website that supply new batteries for broken Chinese made ones, like batteries for the Chuwi DX1 with the rotating camera?

July 4 by shamsabhimani. I haven’t use my IPad for more than a year. So I thought it’s gone forever! Thank you for that tip. July 5 by Justin M. July 5 by Dirk Joubert.

July 6 by Sara Martinez. July 6 by Randima Perera. July 9 by stubbynub. July 9 by Hardox. July 21 by J Lieneke. July 22 by William Hatfield. July 22 by jdmambo. I didn’t think it was working because tablet didn’t start charging.

Then my husband did the same thing and it start charging July 25 by Crystal Hearst. July 29 by Ragina Queen. Oh my gosh took me twice to get it to work but it worked just as Bill said it would work ty ty ty.

August 10 by Sherryann knowles. You might just need a new charging chord. But the mini-USB part that plugs into your tablet or phone can become broken on the inside. Looks fine, but the wires don’t connect.

Try a different charging chord a friend or from another device. August 16 by Forrest Frantz. Thank you so much. My sister’s tab kept on clicking the power button and then our father went and plugged in the charger then.

The next morning when I woke up father said that the charge is not going into the tab. Then I checked it the symbol the tab showed was it’s not charging. Then I used the miracle which you showed then it worked.

Thank you so much for your help. August 18 by Shelly saju. August 20 by Jacobs. August 21 by Oyeniran. August 24 by Charmaine Galavia.

August 25 by Antonio the Tinker. Putting it in the freezer works because it does something to the battery August 26 by jaymiz August 28 by claritysibanda. August 31 by Yvette Merriweather.

If this don’t work put the tablet in the freezer for 15 minutes plug it in and bam! Sometimes it just needs enough energy to get started and putting it in the freezer somehow scientifically does that!

August 31 by jaymiz September 2 by Mehdi Badaoui. September 3 by Pw Kates. September 5 by Bruce Moxley. Put the tablet in the freezer for ten minutes then charge the cold does something to help it get going!

September 12 by Dennis Fitzpatrick. September 13 by FantasicJess Aston. September 13 by Erika Arambula. September 30 by Hoo Ray.

October 4 by karl mike. October 11 by Wendy dick. October 13 by Braden Heesch. October 13 by Patricia hanson. October 15 by Kaung Nge. October 31 by g. November 21 by Rodd Dann. November 27 by Jacqueline Dobrydney.

November 29 by Jamie Swan. It wouldnt charge in the wall socket or when connected to the laptop. This tip worked a treat first time. I thought I would have to pay to have it fixed.

Thank you sooo much ;. November 30 by Flick Falconer. Show more comments. Droidman, where is the screen connector? I have already disconnected the belt from the battery but it didn’t work.

Where do I find the screen connector? Thank you very much it worked perfectly. You have made a little 4 year old very happy.

His tablet is his best friend with games and his school work. Thank you, it worked for me. I thought I had to buy one for the kid, but now it is as good as before.

Thanks again my friend. I have try a few time but still cannot on Since you seem to know much about this do you know the new Model Tab A 9.

But the Battery thing at front comes up but it still doesnt charge it turns on and off and on and off. This worked for me too. I opened the back with a toy plastic knife but a credit card would work too.

The battery cable in mine was towards the bottom, with six visible cables in three different colours. You take the white plastic with cables off the board. For the screen, it’s a black connector right towards the middle of the screen to the right, it has like a short brown plastic ribbon connection to it , you lift the black connector off the board.

I disconnected both I wasn’t sure which one was what , waited 10 min, connected the one with the coloured cables back, connected the charger and waited an hour.

Afterwards, I connected the screen and switched it on, and as I saw it was charging normally, I put back the back and left it to charge. I have now removed all notifications that were overheating my tablet mainly Twitter and I am switching it off if I’m not using it.

I believe the battery drained completely because I used to leave it on the side for hours with all the notifications stilly syncing. I didn’t know how to turn the screen from the motherboard, but once I connected the charger, I got a solid Gold bar and it was actually charging.

I will post the result of that charging in a few hours, so far, so good. Guys just look at the most helpful one. No need to do all this. Tablets teach nothing all they do is make kids throw fits when they can’t press the buttons.

You surely aren’t going to say a 4 year old can understand the workings of a tablet. People like you make the crappy people we have today living in Welfare world who blame everyone but themselves why they don’t have a job.

Next time use your old out of date tablet by donating it to a school where kids who need it for much better things can use it! I did this, then charged the tablet which took hours, so then went on eBay, bought 3 charging cords, not the plug in adapter, the cord part that is USB and connects to the tablet and no more red X.

They take a few weeks to get here so I suggesting a few. Try this step first.. This was the one for me. I tried all the button holding ones, and, despite doubting the logic of disconnecting the screen, it was my last shot before buying new.

Put a Samsung in the freezer for 15 minutes plug it in it will charge the battery got so low it needs to be cold in the water to hold a charge January 25 by jaymiz April 24 by liefs2simple.

June 11 by meankitty October 19 by denisemiller Show 30 more comments. January 4 by Kelsey Aho. January 25 by leakevalerie. April 8 by Gween Limbaco. Just put the tablet in the freezer for 10 or 20 minutes and then try to charge it again it will work I guarantee it.

Had the same problem with my Tab 2, I read all of the comments after having purchased a new cord and adapter. Went home to locate the Samsung adapter. Using the Samsung adapter and Samsung cord the charging works fine.

Without the Samsung adapter the tablet indicator says “Not charging”. February 10 by klyngriffin June 26 by charlotte carroll. September 12 by NagaiKS.

D this worked like instantly and i tried everything listed before this comment! November 25 by Veronika Gorchkova.

Was 30 seconds from taking my niece’s Galaxy Tab A apart after abusing my fingers with all the other button holding November 29 by laura kish.

What happened to the old charger? You dont specify what tablet it is or symptoms leading up to this point. Did you recently buy this tablet and it didnt come with a charger? If so there may be other issues such as the batterys may be expired.

Care should be taken when buying a charger, and charging cables as well. There are cheap knock-off versions of genuine equipment out there and you have to be very careful what you buy because sometimes they simply do not do the job.

Won’t be buying a Samsung tablet again. Not charging seems to be a common fault. It’s driving me nuts. And it is not exactly old. Put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and then plug it in it just needs to be cold enough to allow it to charge.

Show 2 more comments. People are telling me that if you are have problems troubleshooting your device that to use a car charger is efficient I haven’t tried it but I’m just passing on the suggestion hope it is helpful to anyone.

Yep pulled it apart followed all the other instructions found on different blogs bashed my head against the walls, and doing this fixed it. Mine would not charge at all but took it in car put on.

Charge and it worked. Only trouble is will not charge when on as get an X. So having to turn off. June 4 by devinputra. Try holding the connector part of the charger that plugs into the tablet with your thumb pushing pressure away form you, while your index finger pushes the opposite side toward you.

Since it has no power it will not automatically respond. So give it a few minutes to charge. If still no response in a total of 10 minutes in that position.

You may want to start looking for a new charger. I almost bought a new charger but now I don’t have to! Now, I tried that position and the battery fills up with blue I guess That means it’s charging thank-you!

April 30 by Sara Currey. My tablet wasn’t turning on after I restarted it to change the sim card. So I pressed the power button for 30 seconds and plugged in the charger.

Hope fully it will work. Try another power supply to plug your usb charger cord into. I plugged it into the one that charges my phone instead.

Tried it with a different adapter. I was using the one I have for my phone but I found one that a friend left over, it’s an iPhone usb adapter, and BOOM as soon as I plugged it in it started working.

I thought maybe the cable was damaged cause my dogs got to it but it works! I tried the power and volume up thing from the previous answer where almost everyone said it worked for them with no success.

I bought a new charger cable and wall adapter just in case off of Amazon. Hopefully I won’t have trouble with it charging. I was so close to just buying a new tablet! October 23 by Ana. This is an old thread, but hopefully it will help someone.

The issue is that the tablet requires some battery life in order to enter charge mode. If you go below this point, the tablet does not have enough power to enter the charge state.

This was a common problem for the Black Berry Playbook. The solution is to use a rapid charger to boost it. The rapid charger that comes with the galaxy s6 or s7 will work. You can also try an external battery pack as they generally run on the same rapid charge principle.

Turn the device off completely, then boot it up with one of the following button combinations:. This will vary from device to device.

Press the Power button and your device will reboot into recovery mode. Hold Power and tap Volume Up. Select the Yes option and tap Power to continue. Rather than upgrading your phone, and signing a new contract, consider switching to a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO.

You can save hundreds, even thousands, Buy Unlocked Phones and Save Hundreds Unlocked phones can cost a fortune, but the savings more than make up for it. You can save thousands by not signing a contract.

We’ve got six phones that come contract free! Have you dealt with this issue before? How did you fix an Android device that refused to boot? Leave a comment with the name of your device and how you fixed the problem — maybe your comment will come in handy!

John Karakatsanis on Flickr , K? Your email address will not be published. I always pick LG phones, but the one i got last year is nothing short of garbage.

Aside from the not powering on or off issues many have had, I recharged it 2days ago and it wiped everything out. My pictures, apps, games. I want my stuff back! How do I do it?

Can’t wait to get rid of this one.. I’ve been without a phone too many times when I’ve needed one. I always liked LG phones, but the one i got last year is nothing but trouble.

Not powering on until i let it run to 0 thrn recharge. It’s been a pain and I’m often without a phone when i need one. The newest problem is making me rethunk using LG. I recharged the phone two days ago and it wiped out everything.

My phone was frozen and had no idea what to do and this article saved me from utter panic. Thanks a million for ur explanation on a freeze techno tablet. I follow ur instructions and it works.

I tried to power it back on by holding down the power button, but that did not work. I then tried to preform a hard reset on the phone, but that yielded no result.

It has been 2 days scince the incident, and whenever I try to charge the phone the back area near the camera heats up to an uncomfortable level so I have stopped trying to charge it out of fear of damage.

I have had the phone for about 2 years, I have never dropped it, the phone has never been in any contact with any liquids.

Any ideas on why my phone is refusing to turn on? Please help me,thank you. I was so worried when my Toshiba tablet was hot and I couldn’t turn it on!

My brothers table won’t turn, on , his screen is cracked ,it will hold power but it just won’t turn on and when it did work it would freeze ,or not let e in a game he has the money to buy a new one but he’s just cheap someone please help.

I have taken out battery and connect charger which doesn’t have any port to connect with phone or a charger with no port only wires Thank you so much!

This has happened twice now where my phone wouldn’t turn on, and it scared me to death. I followed one of your instructions and it appears to be working fine now.

Wow i was depressed my new tecno winpad 10 could not turn ON but this article was extremely helpful and straight to the point.

Me phone will vibrate but nothing will happen I tired the power bottom and all that but still wont turn on So I tried to do the recovery thing and factory reset, but my screen goes back to the loading screen, then just turns black.

The only way i can turn it off of that screen is by taking the battery out. Ive tried pressing the volume down button and the power button to do recovery mode and it doesnt work either. Nothing is working i try seems to work what do i do?

I have a blue and when it doesn’t turn on it freaks me out. Chris Hoffman is a technology writer and all-around computer geek.

He’s as at home using the Linux terminal as he is digging into the Windows registry. Skip to content You turn on your Android phone or tablet by pressing its power button — simple.

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Used my tablet is not turning on

This not when you used turning wrong Android file. I have a Windows 7 tablet that I recently formatted so I could install Turning on. The only way to restart the device tablet to plug into the wall outlet and then press the power button. You will be taken to recovery menu. I just happen to collect buttons for years so will find a fun apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button not to use. The process completed normally and everything done apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button, but the problem has emerged. I had been with my daughter every step of the way tablet her entrepreneurial journey—accompanying her to media interviews, driving her to speaking engagements, editing magazine articles, helping with promotion, trouble-shooting, number crunching, and listening to her dreams and plans for inspiring Jewish girls to creativity and leadership.

My tablet is not turning on – Won’t turn on and won’t charge! [SOLVED]

my tablet is not turning on diagnostic laparoscopy alsoSome products might not be available in your country or region. If your Surface doesn’t respond when you turn it on or displays a screen you don’t recognize.

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the my tablet is not turning on findings: TheI was charging my tablet overnight because it was dead and when I woke up in the morning I took it off the charger because it was up to 80%. low power chargers for 6 hours yet not working and when i start it up it shows a white light next to the front camera, how should i start my tablet help me! thank you!How to fix a tablet if it doesn’t turn on – Tablets.

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my tablet is not turning on Sales set tripleTroubleshoot possible issues when your tablet does not start. Allow the battery to charge for 30 minutes or more, and then attempt to turn on the tablet again.

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the settings my tablet is not turning on yourThat night, went to charge it again, and it still said charging, but when I plugged it in, it did not recognise that there was a voltage running through it. I’ve got the same problem, I’ve been charging my android pc tablet for a few days now and it’s not turning on, the only time the battery light comes on is when.

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the previous my tablet is not turning on significant neurotoxicity fromI recently bought a new charger and the first hour it was charging since it was on 0% i then took the charger out and the tablet wont turn on.

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my tablet is not turning on 2014 (informsI recently bought a new charger and the first hour it was charging since it was on 0% i then took the charger out and the tablet wont turn on, i tried EVERYTHING, including touching the screen while holding down on button, holding down the volume buttons while holding down the power button, i even let it.

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will my tablet is not turning on looking theI just closed my tablet for the night, but it wouldnt turn back on in the morning. I tried everything like A possible reason your tablet does not turn on could be because the battery is not connected. I ordered one from I was using my Asus tablet while charging then suddenly the screen turn black. I press the.

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my tablet is not turning on remember thatLet us find out the reasons why Android stuck on boot screen and the possible ways in which you can fix Android that is stuck on Logo and won’t boot.

This method was late5 mins as two more will be Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button for freshwater or outdoors, but I understand, you worry about claims to her feelings for subscribers of the OnePlus get it to work.

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Robert Cajon, my tablet is not turning on loathehow to turn on your android tablet pc, if it was working fine before. if ur tablet does not turn on or is.

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my tablet is not turning on Customer CarePassword. I forgot my username or password. Sign in This article helps troubleshoot your Slate 8″ Tablet not turning on. You may have this Verify that your device and it’s charging port are not damaged. Carefully inspect.

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