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Short time from its announcement to its actual release, the game is as solid as any of the Far Cry games of the past. We were admittedly worried when Ubisoft said that they were stripping away guns and vehicles for an experience set in 10,000 B. C., but to our delightful surprise, Far Cry Primal exceeded our expectations. Taking down mammoths with spears is as satisfying as anything offered in the previous games, and hunting and scavenging for crafting mats is an all-around great experience. The story is also unique, as there isn’t a single bit of English spoken in the game. The game is a well-thought out experience, and if it weren’t for another game on this list (The Division), we’d still be playing it. But we’ll get back to the stone age for more eventually, and we highly recommend that you jump into the game as well. We were all waiting for Jonathan Blow’s follow-up to Braid, and now that The Witness is finally out on the PS4, we’ve been enjoying it for numerous reasons.

It’s set in a gorgeous, stylized world, and it’s a puzzle game that will definitely have you scratching your head. Some of the puzzles contained within are truly frustrating, and we’ve spent more than an hour on a single puzzle in the game, trying different ideas and combinations until we finally struck the right solution. Is The Witness the most challenging puzzle game out there? We’re not quite sure, but it’s certainly a rewarding experience, and one that every puzzle game-lover should partake in. Devolver Digital already has tons of great games under their umbrella, including OlliOlli, Broforce, Titan Souls, and more. Now, they also have Not a Hero, which is not only on the PC, but it’s now on PS4 as well. It’s developed by Roll7 (OlliOlli).

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It follows an anthropomorphic purple rabbit BunnyLord as he travels back in time from the 2048 to become mayor in an effort to save the world. It’s a 2D, cover-based shooter with the player fighting his/her way through buildings, killing criminals along the way. It’s simple, high-octane fun that’s well deserving of your time, and it’s one of our favorite PS4 games of 2016 so far. Every PlayStation console gamer was disappointed when the original Gravity Rush wasn’t published on the PS3, as it was a PS Vita exclusive. Earlier this year, Sony blessed gamers with a Gravity Rush Remastered, a remastered version of the game that is absolutely unmissable.

It quickly became one of Sony’s best offerings for the PS4, and it’s now the quintessential version of Gravity Rush. In the game, players take control of Kat, a strong female character who has gravity-altering abilities that will help her protect her future. The gravity-controlling mechanics are incredibly cool, as you’ll use them to walk on walls, fly through the air, and devastate your foes with a gravity-powered kick. The Gravity Rush world is beautifully-designed, and we can’t wait for a sequel.

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It’s the second best PS4 games 2016 has to offer. Dying Light flipped the zombie game genre upside-down, quickly becoming one of the top 5 zombie games of all-time. The game was great already, but its DLC titled The Following made it even better by adding new game mechanics, environments and challenges. Now, players are able to drive a buggy, smashing through zombies in their path from mission to mission.

The car is fully upgradeable, which adds another element to the game. Although it takes damage quickly, it’s still incredibly fun to drive. The map is now huge, and there are tons of new areas for players to explore. So far, it’s the best zombie game of 2016.Firewatch sort of sneaked under the radar. Aside from its reveal in 2015, it didn’t get many updates in the time it took to release.

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But, surprise, it’s now on the PS4 (and PC). The game places you in the role of Henry, a man who leaves his life behind to work as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Your job is to look for signs of fire, and keep the wilderness safe. Now, your only contact is a woman named Delilah, your supervisor whom which you’re only able to contact through a handheld radio. But it’s not as cut and dry as it sounds, as you’re quickly removed from your tower to explore a largely unknown environment.

It’s landscape is beautiful, as you’re set in an 80s Yellowstone filled with gorgeous canyons and beautiful meadows. The story is what’s most interesting here, and it’ll keep you intrigued throughout.

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Unravel is another surprise hit of 2016, and despite the middling reviews, it’s one of the best games on PS4 so far in 2016. You’ll take on the role of Yarny, a cutesy doll created with yarn, and you’re tasked with playing through a hyper realistic world, solving puzzles along the way using unique mechanics only made possible by the fact that you’re made of yarn. It’s not the same mechanics you find in Yoshi’s Woolly World, as it has its own type of unique gameplay. The soundtrack is beautiful, the world is beautiful, and it’s an experience worthy of your time. You can read my Unravel review here for more information.

PS4 and PC exclusive Street Fighter V is what I call a slow-burner. The game is just mediocre when you first play it, but somehow, you find yourself wanting to go back to playing it more and more. Why? Because the fighting is so fantastic and balanced.

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Even though it’s missing an arcade mode and it’s currently a barebones experience, it’s still well-worth the buy-in, especially when we know so much more content is on the way. I’ve already put well over 40 hours into the game, and the online matchmaking now works flawlessly. It brings new characters into the Street Fighter franchise, each of which has their own unique style of fighting.

It’s easy to pick up and play, but tough to master, and there’s a huge difference in the challenge of playing a casual match and a ranked match online. Although it has its issues (mostly along the lines of over sexualization), the gameplay, at its core, is what makes it one of the top PS4 games of 2016 so far. For a mindless romp set in a LEGO world, you won’t find any better than Lego Marvel’s Avengers.

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Easy puzzles and some minor glitches aside, you’ll never want to stop smashing everything into tiny Lego pieces. The game contains a massive roster filled with Marvel superheroes, and some areas in the game require two specific characters to progress any further.

Despite the fact that it’s a Marvel game, it takes the Lego route of being child-friendly. However, adults will find plenty of joy in it as well (especially if they enjoy smashing things).

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Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably noticed that Overwatch is everywhere and everyone seems to be playing it. There’s a lot to love about this hero shooter which has shaken up the multiplayer shooter genre, and even now that there are so many similar games released (and being released) out there, we’re still sticking with Overwatch. In fact, I’ve put in over 120 hours of the game already, perfecting my Dragonstrike and Scatter shot. Overwatch is everything but bland, and it’s the game’s unique flavor that makes it so appealing.

If somehow you haven’t played Overwatch yet, you’re seriously missing out on the best multiplayer game of the year. Nathan Drake’s supposed final adventure, Uncharted 4, is on my own personal top 3 best PlayStation 4 games of 2016 list, alongside Overwatch and Ratchet and Clank. I’ve already shared my thoughts about Naughty Dog’s latest in my Uncharted 4 review earlier this year, but to reiterate, it’s the highest quality game on the PS4 so far (yes, that includes The Last of Us). Uncharted 4 hits all of the right notes, with its incredible visuals and massive set pieces leaving players in awe, and if it weren’t for the couple of false endings that dragged the game out, it would’ve received a perfect score from us here at Heavy. Still, sitting at a pretty 9.5/10, it’s an essential PS4 game you need to play. This year’s return of Insomniac’s Ratchet Clank franchise marked the series’ PS4 debut, and it released to a wild level of praise. In fact, it was our first perfect score of the year, as you can see in my Ratchet and Clank review.

The game was a successful update for the franchise that not only utilized the graphical prowess of the PS4 but also introduced the characters to a new generation of gamers who might not have played previous games in the series. Ratchet and Clank does everything right as it has impressive graphics, incredibly cool guns, and a meta story that is genuinely funny. Just when you think the game has given you everything it has to offer, it introduces new gameplay elements to add to the variety.

We’d fully understand if you’re burnt out on the Madden NFL franchise and sports games in general, as the yearly release schedule can certainly take its toll. But there’s still an undeniable quality set with Madden NFL 17, albeit an incremental notch up from last year’s iteration. Still, for those who prefer scoring touchdowns and intercepting passes as opposed to dungeon-crawling and looting, Madden NFL 17 is not only the clear choice, it’s the only choice.

For more on this year’s game, check out our Madden NFL 17 review. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided marks the sci-fi cyberpunk-themed action role-playing game’s debut on the PlayStation 4 system, and it’s definitely the franchise’s biggest game yet. The game brings a major revamp to protagonist Adam Jensen’s augmented abilities, placing him in a cybernetic playground that feels entirely new, although it’s a longstanding

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