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Your new password will then be emailed to you. 08/06/2017 at 06:13 Ericusson says: Page 6 of 26 Autodance (WiiU/X360/ Xbox One /PS3/PS4): Autodance is now on all camera-enabled platforms and has received an extensive upgrade! Players can use Autodance to transform their moves into music videos, bring their dances to life after each song, or simply goof off to create hilarious videos.

With Autodance, players can instantly share all their favorite moments with friends, family or the whole world! Grim Fandango Title: Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Developer:Koei TecmoPlatform: PlayStation Vita Game Type:Vita Download: 3.2 GB NA Availability: Digital EU Availability:Digital PSTV Support: YesI wasn’t a very big fan of the Musou genre until lately. Do you know what that is? It’s the official name of the genre of strategic 3D beat-em-up actions games that Dynasty Warriors falls into. There are other games that can fall into it as well, like Hyrule Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi.

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I really make it sound like they should have just called it the “Warriors” genre, right? Well, if you’ve played any of those games, or perhaps Dragon Quest Heroes or Hyperdimension Neptunia U, you should know what I’m talking about. With Dynasty Warriors, there’s been a trend as of late with different versions of the games. You have a numbered Dynasty Warriors title. Then you can have an Xtreme Legends version with extra content. But, then there’s the Empires version that drops the main game’s story mode in favor of a much more strategic Empire and Conquest focus in the game. The PlayStation Vita doesn’t have a whole lot at its disposal, as far as Dynasty Warriors is concerned.

It got Dynasty Warriors Next, built specifically for the Vita. Then it got a port of Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends, which didn’t quite live up to expectations, having game-breaking technical problems. So, now it’s time to test this once again, with the Vita’s very first “Empires” game. Here is my review of the PS Vita version of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires!

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Since this is an “Empires” game, the story campaign from DW8 was dropped. Instead, you have the Empires Mode, which does have a few story scenes at its disposal.

Essentially, you are a freelance officer in Ancient China with the goal of creating an Empire and unifying the entire country under a single flag, yours. You being any of the playable characters available to the game. What I should note is that the characters in this game aren’t completely works of fiction. Every playable character here has the looks, name, and background of a real person from Chinese history.

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If you go to a search engine and type in any of their names, you’ll find a lot of real history behind them. The story is pretty light, but it does have its moments with diving into some character development with character interaction, marriage, and other factors. But, overall, DW fans aren’t looking for a story when they play an Empires game. They’re looking for strategy.

Empires is a 3D action game with strategy and RPG elements thrown into the mix. While many define this as a beat-em-up game, I think action fits the bill a little better. When you’re in combat, you will be using weapons to fight off hordes of enemies while completing objectives.

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All in all, it’s a 3D action game, just like the original game was on home consoles. There are 4 main game modes for you to dive into from the Main Menu. There is Empire Mode, Free Mode, Edit Mode, and Online Play. Not quite as extensive, the game also gives you Gallery, Encyclopedia, and Options.

These are pretty straight-forward. Gallery lets you see artwork and scenes.

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Encyclopedia has more backstory about the characters involved, and Options has different settings, like display and sound settings. Empire Mode is the most expansive game mode and the real reason for you to buy the game. Empires is a strategy-based conquest simulation mode. When you play this mode, each turn is a month of time and your end goal is to become a ruler and unify China. You start at the lowest of the low. A freelance officer with no home to call their own. You work all the way up the ladder from peon to ruler of China. This simulation is divided into several sections.

Each month you can take one action, and there are a lot of different ways you can use these turns. You could go on quests or raid and invade other countries to get them under your territory. Or, you can raise money, build shops in your owned regions, recruit new characters, donate to your people to increase their happiness towards you. Apart from that, you can also spend time with your fellow officers, negotiate and forge alliances with other factions, hold banquets to help others get along with you, and the list just keeps going. There are a ton of options at your disposal.

Character interaction is something to note on. Something special to the Empires version of Dynasty Warriors 8 is marriage and offspring. As you spend time with officers, you can confess your love to them, or they can to you (of the opposite sex. This is ancient China, so you shouldn’t expect to be able to do guy-guy or girl-girl marriages).

The benefit of this is that you can also have children with your wife/husband. After you clear Empire Mode, you can play as the children in your next run, whom will adopt traits from both the mother and father.

During each turn, other factions also make actions. So, while you’re busying yourself with building a school for your land, other countries are invading each other, forging alliances of their own, and a few other things.

This can kind of put a wrench in your plan of what to do. If a country invades one of your territories, you are encouraged to go defend it so you won’t lose it or have it severely damaged, requiring repairs. This brings to the strategy depth of this game mode. Outside of the strategy of actual combat, you have to progress as you go through.

You need to be able to make new establishments like shops to be able to buy updated equipment. You wouldn’t want to prance around battle with a sword with a strength of 7 when there’s one available with a strength of 13. That’s why you need your people to be happy with you and to keep an eye on creating new establishments for new opportunities to buy upgraded weapons.

But, of course, money is the big thing you want to look for. You gain money based on your territory, and that is used to purchase weapons, and do pretty much everything else. You donate to your people, it costs money. You want to hold a banquet for your allies? It costs money. Everything costs money and you want to use your own money whenever possible.

Some options let you take money from your people, but that will only lower their happiness with you and could incite a rebellion you’ll have to take care of. That last part I mentioned is the beauty of the variety of this mode. Empire Mode lets you do this conquest in various time frames from Chinese History, and each time frame can have different events. The first is during a rebellion, and in the middle of it, your own officers may decide to rebel for a region you’ve already conquered.

There really is a huge amount of depth here, and that’s a nice thing, especially since Empires Mode replaced Story Mode. Combat is done in 3D environments and will be the bulk of your time. These combat missions can go in many different ways. You may have assassination missions, where you need to sneak past gua

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