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Tivity at the Presidential Palace, so she sends Bravo-One a laser designator and directs them to an enemy weapons cache. They make their way through the President’s personal golf course and head towards the Presidential Palace. Once they arrive, they find that the grounds are crawling with Legionnaires. They fight their way in to get the President but when Redford calls for an evac chopper, Mike-One-Juliet tells them that she cannot because the Army ditched them and that they were on their own. President Serdar then tells them he has a personal Mi-24 Hind that they could use to escape from Serdaristan.

The squad then takes the President’s helicopter and use it to destroy Serdaristan’s military infrastructure. Their helicopter soon runs out of fuel and they arrive at a refueling station.

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As there is no source of fuel near the helicopter, Marlowe and Haggard are forced to drive an M939 truck carrying fuel to the Hind. Haggard then accidentally pours the fuel into the cooling unit, making Sweetwater have to fix it due to Haggard’s incompetence. They hold off Serdaristan Army reinforcements and as several BMD-3’s starting moving towards them, Sweetwater fixes the fuel problem and they escape.

The President than asks Bravo-One to bring him to Russia for his exile and as he informs them about where the gold is, but the Legionnaire appears in his personal Ka-52 and shoots down the pimped-out Hind. Marlowe wakes up after the crash, only to find his squad-mates and the President missing. He tries contacting Mike-1-Juliet, to which she guides him to several areas where she thinks the squad is located.

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In one of the areas, there is a video screen of the Legionnaire interrogating President Serdar and later shooting the camera after he finds out that it was recording. Marlowe makes his way through a large Russian Army force to get to the monastery located on top of a mountain, where he finds his squad did not actually need much saving as they had just escaped captivity.

Together, they all head back down the mountain, evading Russian reinforcements as they head towards the sea where they may find a boat to escape with. After fighting tanks, APCs and a Russian Hind, they find the President in a small port about to be executed by the Legionnaires. The squad manages to stop the execution and, with the President, take a boat to Sadiz, along the Caspian Sea. The President gets his exile from his country on a small island near Sadiz while the squad goes after the gold. After fighting a large number of Middle Eastern Coalition soldiers and tanks, Bravo-One Charlie overhears that the US army is pushing onward toward the port of Sadiz, where the gold is located on the Legionnaire’s tanker.

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The squad then destroys two bridges to prevent the Army from getting there first. When they reach the port, they find the stash of gold in a warehouse. While they were staring in awe at the piles of gold, the Legionnaire shows up and attacks the squad in his helicopter.

They race towards the end of a pier where Sweetwater believes and anti-aircraft gun is located. However, just as Marlowe is about to man the VADS, the Legionnaire destroys it. Marlowe finds a M2 Carl Gustav helipad above and with a few well-placed shots, destroys the Ka-52. They return to the warehouse to find the US Army packing up all of the gold in the warehouse in to trucks.

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Just when the squad is about to leave in disappointment, a US Army Officer notices them and gives them orders to drive one of the trucks full of “scrap metal” with the convoy. They follow the convoy for a while until they turn off to a side road and speed away, each talking about how they will spend their share of gold. The last scene shows the Legionnaire getting out of his chopper’s wreckage with a look of vengeance in his eyes. Battlefield: Bad Company’s multiplayer supports up to 24 players.

The game still focuses on large scale vehicle warfare with a variety of maps, weapons, and vehicles. Thanks to the new Frostbite engine, Destruction plays an integral role into online combat as all maps are almost completely destructible and drastically change over the course of a match. Recon – Features sniper rifles best suited for long-range targets, a faction-specific sidearm for use at close range, and motion sensors to spot and track targets in the area when thrown.

Latest firmware Puppy Luv – Nintendo Wii

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A player may also choose to spent one unlock point to unlock the laser designator to allow the user to paint any neutral or enemy vehicle or emplacement to call in a laser guided bomb that may be guided towards the target. Specialist – Features compact assault rifles with a silencer that is best suited for close-range to mid-range fights, a tracer dart gun that can be planted on vehicles to allow rocket launcher so lock on to, and regular hand grenades.

A player may also choose to spend one unlock point to unlock C4 remote explosives that can be laid out as a trap or placed on vehicles or walls to blow them up. Many of the maps in Battlefield: Bad Company are large to accommodate the many vehicles used on them. With the added ability of destructible environments, every building, tree, wall, etc. can be destroyed as the engine allows 95% of the world to be destroyed. The other 5% that cannot be completely destroyed are internal walls of buildings, buildings themselves, and certain terrain types such as large concrete docks or water. Battlefield: Bad company features a total of twelve maps. The game features an array of vehicles, ranging from land, sea, and air. However, fighter jets, which have appeared in Battlefield 2 have been excluded from Battlefield: Bad Company, due to the decrease in player size to 24 players and the resultant decreased map size from the many 64 player-sized maps featured in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, and Battlefield 2.On June 5, the demo for Battlefield: Bad Company was released and featured the Oasis map, as well as a segment of the “Welcome to Bad Company” single-player mission.

How to install Puppy Luv – Nintendo Wii

The online portion of the demo featured four unlockable ranks, with rank five being displayed for over a million points as a joke. Players who reached Rank 4 by the end of the demo were awarded with the UZI for use in the retail version of the game. Those who were fortunate to pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company were granted early access to the demo on May 29. Nearly all of the bugs in the beta version had been fixed by the time of the demo’s release. DICE, however, did not predict the popularity of the demo, resulting in the ranking system to shut down which forced more servers to be set up to compensate for the amount of users. Find All Five was a promotional effort to allow players to unlock specific weapons for the game that were, at the time of the Final All Five event being released, unobtainable through playing the normal game. The weapon requirements are:F2000 – Being a Battlefield Veteran Swiss Franc Soul Orbs in Dynasty Warriors Online.

For the length of the battle, you are allowed to turn into the officer corresponding to that soul instead of having your weapon’s Advanced+ ability for a LONG time. Discover More I was about to go full retard on the lack of War Thunder love when I noticed it was one of the last games mentioned. WT is the best WWII game around (tanks and airplanes).

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It beats the shit out of World of Tanks/Warplanes in every department. No bullshit “hitpoints”, you shoot someones wings off, he’s dead. Kyle Platforms: Android | iOS Default image here thrilled with the experience I found myself laughing out loud. Not at a joke, or a clever reference – simply because my Cup of Happy was bubbling over, and had to be released through exultation.

“Expectations are so biased. Portable Gaming Excellent article.

All these games are really popular among the users. Thanks for sharing with us. The trouble with the Steam sales is that they are rather good, aren’t they? Gaming is an expensive hobby, so it helps if every so often you can get a bunch of the best games from the last few years for dirt cheap. The Steam Summer Sale this year is no exception. But the options are so many, where do you even begin? Because your Steam library is crying out for yet more unfinished games, an interminable list that you feel slightly ashamed of, please enjoy this collection of bargain games to get you started, varied enough to suit every wallet and all tastes.

Ori and the Blind Forest was received as one of the most beautiful, frustrating, amazing platformers in recent memory, and that’s not an undeserved reputation. Microsoft has just announced the sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, so picking up the definitive edition for 50% off isn’t a bad idea right now. NieR: Automata has five endings, so that’s more value for money right there. Telling the story of two androids trying to save a post-apocalyptic earth from powerful robots, NieR: Automata reviewed incredibly well, and was praised for the weird and affecting story as well as the self aware writing.

Good ol’ Yoko Taro and his weird mask, eh? Billed as a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, Torment: Tides of Numenera is half price in the sale, and given how many hours you can get out of it, it’s basically a steal. If, like me, you miss all those top down isometric RPGs, this will scratch that particular itch whilst telling a rollicking sci-fi fantasy story full of interesting characters. I don’t know how I can sell Reigns to you any better than with ‘Game of Thrones meets Tin

  • AcTiVision Neptune’s Secret for Windows for Age – All Ages (Catalog Category: PC Games / Adventure )
  • Agatha Christie: Dead Man’s Folly
  • GT Legends
  • GLOBAL STAR SOFTWARE 100 Great Full Version Games ( Windows )
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (Limited Edition)
  • Time and Eternity (PS3) (UK IMPORT)
  • Beach Head 2000 – PC
  • Monopoly Here & Now
  • Prison Tycoon 3 Pack: Big House + Maximum Security + Lockdown
  • Sims 3 Starter Pack PC
  • Chicken Run
  • Boku to Sim no Machi Kingdom / MySims Kingdom [Japan Import]
  • Record of Agarest War Limited Edition -Xbox 360
  • Major League Baseball 2K8 Bilingual
  • Streets of Moscow
  • Puppy Luv – Nintendo Wii
  • Xing Mahjongg
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 [Japan Import]
  • Shinobi Complete Collection
  • Saint’s Row: The Third – Xbox 360
  • NCAA Football 13 X360 (19730) –
  • Bandai Namco Knights Contract for PS3 [Japan Import]
  • Brand New Strategy First Battle Mages Sign Of Darkness Multiple Single-Player And Multiplayer Maps
  • Sierra Arcade – 3 Thrilling Games of Action
  • Guitar Praise Expansion Pack Vol 1 Win & Mac
  • Star Shine Legacy: Mystery of the Soulriders
  • Ship Simulator 08 Collectors Edition