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Lo III’s turnaround from one of the most apocalyptic launches in recent memory to a game deserving of its place on this list is as impressive as its sales figures. Vastly underestimating the latter, Blizzard didn’t have the servers in place to handle the number of players that flooded the game. Coupled with some dodgy decision-making regarding how the endgame operated and the always-online requirement, it wasn’t initially popular. That all changed with Patch 2.0 and the Reaper of Souls expansion.

The game was effectively redesigned from the bottom-up, making gear more interesting to get, characters more exciting to play, and binning the economy-nuking auction house. Overpowered items flowed freely from then on and 2.1 patch was almost as big an improvement again. Now the future of the game is in flux but there hasn’t been a better time to pick it up. There are hundreds of hours of fun to be had if you get on with the infinite monster-slaying, power-upping, gear-collecting formula. Oh, and huge damage numbers.

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Seriously. They’re massive.

Recent years have seen Telltale resurrect the adventure game format for the popular market once more. But rather than illogical puzzles and pixel-hunting gameplay, Telltale have been creating interactive dramas with the emphasis on choice and consequence. The Walking Dead has been their strongest tale so far, forcing players to consider what’s best for the wellbeing of their band of survivors as they attempt to fend off zombies, bandits, and starvation.

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Beyond the consequences of every action, decision, and sentence you utter, The Walking Dead is an emotional machine that skews your judgement by introducing Clementine, a young girl who begins to see main character Lee as a father figure. As time goes by you’ll likely find your decisions influenced by what you feel is best for your surrogate daughter, rather than yourself or the rest of your team. At times it may feel like there’s no real decision at all: instinct takes over, and you’ll murder and maim to protect her without realising there was a far more peaceful resolution available.

It may be a point-and-click adventure by definition but The Walking Dead feels more like a parenting simulator than anything else. The second season of The Walking Dead explores life for a slightly older Clementine, and while not evoking quite the same strong protective feelings as season one, it’s a great tale of being forced to grow up fast as the world goes to hell around you. The only subscription MMO that managed to get it right, World of Warcraft is now legendary in terms of its last effect on the industry, and its huge number of dedicated players. WoW is no longer in its heyday, and publishers have moved on to free-to-play for their cash windfall attempts, but the game itself is as good as it has ever been for new players.

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You can start a character at a high level to be playing quickly with your friends. The ten levels of adventuring that you do go through are easy to recommend as an RPG by themselves, either with other people sometimes showing up, or more regular interaction with fellow players.

When you reach endgame you’ll discover a load of things to do, all of them with different progression paths and dozens of hours of play. If you ever run out of time, money, or patience with it, there’s usually not much of a break before the next World of Warcraft expansion comes out and shakes everything up again, along with another ten levels of story, zones, and monsters. Rather than just one game it has become a decade-long lifestyle choice.

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System Shock 2 advocates will tell you that BioShock’s atmosphere isn’t as potent, nor its corridors as complex. But Irrational’s smash hit is elevated by Rapture: an impossible underwater city held together only by strength of concept, introduced with hypnotic finesse.

Once it’s hooked you in with the expertly-choreographed intro, BioShock goes on introducing instant icons – Andrew Ryan, splicers, the Little Sisters – with the flair of Valve or Kubrick. Irrational paint with both horror and wonder, and often mix the paints in surprising, memorable moments.

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The Big Daddy is the most important fish in the tank. You and him are the two catalysts crashing through Irrational’s neatly arranged systems, setting off alarms, forcing factions to collide. Your toolkit of traps and tricks encourages ambushes, and those chaotic encounters are one big reason Rapture feels like an all-too-real place. As far as the BioShock series goes we shold give props, too, to Infinite.

Its world is less engaging but every bit as beautiful and conceptually rich, and its narrative payoff is one of the biggest gutpunches in all of gaming. Obviously a MOBA has to make our list, but the correct one to be playing is the one your mates are into. Be it League of Legends, Dota 2, or Heroes of the Storm, the best MOBA to go for is the one you have friends to play with on the reg, and who can show you the ropes. (If you do fancy getting involved, check out our League of Legends beginners guide.)We’ve picked League of Legends for a few reasons.

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It’s arguably the most popular game in the world – there are upwards of 20 million players sitting down to play it every day. It has a massive community that dwarfs any other, and a development studio that has been purely focused on it for many years. It’s also a total triumph, taking what was a fairly cynical free-to-play title and turning it into a powerhouse of esports, design, balance, and skill-based gameplay. It’s paved the way for a thousand poor imitators who don’t have a hope of catching up due to the pure amount of money Riot Games pour into the game every single day. From music videos to short animated productions, to some of the best player interaction in the industry today, Riot know how to spend their millions (probably billions) of dollars.

Everybody knows now that the cake was a lie. By now, much of Portal has been meme-ified beyond all meaning. Going back to it, though, is like hearing Hamlet’s ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy in context for the first time. Portal remains the minimalist distillation of everything Valve knew about single-player games. It’s almost as if Half-Life has been stripped back to its naked frame: a series of self-contained environments with a problem to solve. The idea of a physics gun, with the entry portal attached to one button and the exit portal tied to the other, was both immediate and cerebral.

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On top of that, writers Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek give us GLaDOS: an AI with a character arc to rival any other developer’s flesh-and-bone creations. Over only a few hours she shifts from polite, to malevolent, to pleading – and voice actress Ellen McLain delivers belly laughs the whole way. Appearances can be deceptive.

For example, Braid is a puzzler, not a platformer. Still, designer Jonathan Blow took more than a moveset from Mario. As with Nintendo’s best work, nothing is repeated throughout Braid, and the rules of its time-rewind key are turned on their head with each new level. Soon enough you’ll be meddling with the rhythm of enemy patrols, applying knowledge gained from previous puzzles in strange ways, and marvelling at your own ingenuity.

Braid encourages you to be clever and to do so in your own time – leaving you to retrieve most of its jigsaw pieces in an order that suits you. You’re given too much room to move to ever feel properly stuck… unless you embark on the journey of retrieving every last one. Pretentious poems bookend the challenges, but they can be ignored for the most part as the real story is told through the puzzles – leading to one final reversal that flips the story of a princess rescue upside-down like an hourglass. Braid is smart, yes, but better than that, it’ll give you the space and support to be smart yourself.

Divinity is like one of those wonderful deep sleeps that cam leave you exhausted but perfectly content. It’s very possible you’ll never make it beyond the opening port city of Cyseal, since its map is so large, not to mention laced with encounters.

On top of that, you’ll find that this classic RPG makes character development an art, enough so that you’ll spend hours getting to the know the population. And then there’s the inventory management, which takes patience and good planning.

The combat in Original Sin, meanwhile, puts the magic back into spellcasting. A fireball can set off a series of explosions when hurled into a poison cloud – or melt ice into water, which can then be electrified by a lightning arrow. Every turn has the potential to be an engrossing exercise in rock-paper-scissors experimentation, as likely to blow your party to oblivion as win the battle.

This weightiest of adventures is carried by airy, alliterative dialogue – now voiced in the Enhanced Edition. Just don’t forget: when you’re mining every last NPC for funny lines makre sure to talk to the rats too. Forget Minecraft the phenomenon for a minute.

Remember Minecraft the game? Where a hundred survival sims on Steam now tell us to eke out an existence, Minecraft actually gave us reason to – pristine new oceans and our own skylines, all waiting for towers and lake houses (and the planting of endless Minecraft seeds) to fill them. Developer Notch experimented with freeform creation before in Wurm Online, but here was something different and immediate. In Minecraft you could pop a rock out of place as quickly as you could think to do it. And there was no need for

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