Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches / Scratches: Directors Cut – Haunted Collection (PC DVD)

Portable rus Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches / Scratches: Directors Cut – Haunted Collection (PC DVD)

Sunk, it’s all over! Successfully navigate the waters for long enough and you might even feel ready to tackle the mighty SS Doblons, Dutchman and Black Pearl – AI controlled ‘Boss’ ships bristling with cannons and armour. Be warned, it takes a lot of firepower to even dent it! It’s not exactly fair from the beginning, because it joins two pretty challenging games into a single powerhouse of perplexity. If either your Pong or Chess talents are lacking, you’re going to have a bad time. You must move your chess pieces to attack the Pong ball that your opponent is firing your way with a paddle.

Fail to successfully ‘take’ the ball with your move and it will sail past your defences and end the game. You’re unlikely to last for more than a few turns, but it does allow for a good amount of strategy if you’re up to the task. Move your pawns forward and you can start to move out your back row, including the Queen and Rooks. Move your pawns out to the board edge and you’ll spawn an extra high-scoring ball – but obviously, the difficulty spikes through the roof. There are even greater difficulty levels which remove some of your more valuable pieces! What do you get if you take a pinch of Super Mario Galaxy, a dash of Devil Daggers and squeeze them into a tiny Game Boy-sized package?

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You get YISAEWYD, that’s what. Made by a single developer for the latest GBJam, the retro-looking game takes place across several small planets and tasks you with surviving for as long as possible while being pursued by malevolent eyeballs. The GBJam has rules that the devs must follow, including only using four colours and the Game Boy’s resolution of just 160 x 144 pixels.

You’re not completely defenseless, because you’ll find objects to pickup and throw at the relentless swarm: sometimes it’s a crate which you can lob at the nearest threat, but you’ll also find bombs which can take three or four enemies out at the same time. There are also collectables to boost your score, but the longer you survive, the higher your score will climb. The biggest thrill in the game has to be the way you’re able to traverse from planet to planet with the help of low gravity. You jump and double-jump off the surface of a planet, and if you’re close enough to another planet when you reach the apogee of your jump, you’ll be pulled to the surface with its gravitational pull. You can pull some impressive escapes using this technique when all hope is lost and you’re running out of bombs! The humble text adventure has made somewhat of a heroic comeback thanks to the rise of indie development.

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For the Ludum Dare 36 game jam, a designer behind the Bafta-winning Alien: Isolation has created one of the most immersive text adventure games we’ve ever played. A House Abandon begins, like many other text adventures before it, with your character in front of a foreboding house – but quickly becomes something entirely unique.

Every detail of the game – from the loud tapping of the retro keyboard as you type to the flicker of the CRT television you’re playing the game on – oozes a delightful retro 80s feel. The soundtrack is exceptional – and after watching Netflix’s Stranger Things recently, we’re instantly reminded of why we enjoyed that so much. Taking inspiration from iOS and Android titles Super Stickman Golf and Desert Golfing, this fun browser-based game takes 2D golf gameplay and packs it with frenzied multiplayer action. The moment you join a game, you’ll be assigned a random username, and must battle it out with other players from around the world across multiple courses.

Portable rus Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches / Scratches: Directors Cut – Haunted Collection (PC DVD)

The aim, of course, is to sink your ball in the lowest number of strokes – with tie-breaks being decided based on how quickly you’re able to score. Gameplay is straightforward, with your arrow keys and space bar determining direction and power of your shots respectively. There are some quirks with the game’s physics that only add to the fun, as you’re never quite sure where your ball will end up – which makes sinking a hole-in-one all the sweeter.

On one occasion, our ball sailed to an easy hole-in-one, only to catapult into the air as it reached the edge of the hole. The group of players we played with all used the built-in reaction emotes to express their amusement. TwoTap is a deceptively simple two-button reaction-based browser challenge, tasking you with tapping either the left or right arrow key to coincide with a pattern of blocks.

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The faster you’re able to tap out each pattern, the more levels you’ll be able to skip, with each subsequent level having a much tighter time limit. What starts as a relatively straightforward game very quickly becomes impossibly difficult! We had to stop before we burned through the keys on our keyboard, but challenge anyone to beat our score of 9.47 actions per second!

It was probably a mixture of fluking it and an easier random pattern but we certainly felt like we’d achieved a decent score with this one! Anything faster than that gets a big hi-five from us – let us know in the comments. It’s a light-hearted RPG tale, concering a set-in-his-ways grandpa who must search for his over-excited grandson after he runs off searching for ‘Pokeymans’.

Operations manager Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches / Scratches: Directors Cut – Haunted Collection (PC DVD)

Original software Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches / Scratches: Directors Cut – Haunted Collection (PC DVD)

Fearing a telling off by his daughter, grandpa decides to join in with the search for Pokeymans to help him track down his lost grandson. The game features charming Pokeymans including ‘Peekachorp’, ‘Charblezorb'”, and ‘Literally A Ball With A Face On It’ – and there are 18 to find in total. Your progress will also be tested along the way by characters including punks, Pokeyman-playing kids and other elders who will stop you in your tracks until you’ve impressed them by locating elusive rare Pokeymans or leveling up your character.

The latest challenger to the wildly popular Agar. io has the distinct feeling of retro classic Qix and Disney’s Tron by bringing together the former’s line-drawing, fencing-off gameplay and the latter’s battleground game-grid. The multiplayer game is playable in your browser, and tasks you with scoring points by drawing lines to create rectangular shapes. Each successful shape adds a number of points to your score based on how large an area you were able to capture.

Portable rus Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches / Scratches: Directors Cut – Haunted Collection (PC DVD)

There’s an element of risk involved with this, however, as starting a run to capture new territory leaves you vulnerable to other players cutting off your trail – and carving out larger shapes makes you vulnerable for longer. The map is really large, so at first you’ll not notice the other players building their empires – but when you do find them, it gets really tense! It doesn’t matter how large your empire is either, you can be taken out of the game by a single mistake.

There are nine classes to choose from – including Rockateer, Arsonist, Run ‘N Gun, Detective and Duck – with each class having its own specific loadout. The available gear includes rocket launchers, miniguns, flamethrowers and hand-cannons – and some classes even come with secondary weapons, which can lead to tactical weapon switching in the heat of battle.

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Some of the game modes we were able to play included a standard free-for-all, team deathmatch, an end-zone rush game and even a few games of insane ‘rockets-only’ battles. You can also create an account to let you record your achievements and earn rewards, in the form of cosmetic upgrades, based on how well you play. Each battleground, though already slightly different in layout, can also be completely overhauled with texture mods to allow you to switch out all the textures and player characters models with new ones – including Minecraft, Mario and Undertale.

There’s also a very active subreddit if you’re keen to join the community. I fondly remember playing games on my Commodore 64 – and Crash!! instantly rekindles those memories thanks to its brilliantly retro asthetic and cool chiptune soundtrack.

The premise is deceptively simple: you must drive your little vehicle to the exit of a maze. Now, the game wouldn’t be much of a selection without a special mechanic to shake things up a bit – and Crash!! has just the thing. When you bump into a wall, your vehicle instantly changes direction – and what once turned your vehicle to the right is now flipped, and pulls you to the left! You steer your vehicle with the arrow keys, but the controls are extremely twitchy and you’ll very quickly throw caution to the wind and start smashing your way to victory. Headphone users will find it hard to play with the volume on for very long, as the soundtrack is quickly replaced with the cacophonus din of multiple crashes!

Levels get progressively more difficult, too with the addition of Breakout-like brick walls to smash through, one-way barriers, teleporters and door-opening toggle switches. Crash!! is immensely good fun – and playable immediately in your browser!

Just like Battlefield, the aim is to win each round by capturing flags and killing enemies to earn 200 tickets. You fight as as blocky blue soldier against a team of blocky red soldiers, assisted by weapons including a pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and shotgun.

There are also jeeps and helicopters for you to pilot, letting you support your allies from the ground and the air. Though it’s only single player, you’re supported by scores of AI troops, which flood out of the spawn point and fall about with satisfying ragdoll physics. Each flag you capture and hold earns your team a score multiplier, meaning each successful kill earns more tickets.

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