SEGA MegaDrive Collection 2 (PC DVD)

Latest firmware SEGA MegaDrive Collection 2 (PC DVD)

Rds and kill an officer wandering by him or herself. Or, you may need to hunt down some vicious tigers on the loose. These missions are mostly dealt with in the Quest section to help improve an officer’s rating of you. The biggest mission type is Invasion. This has two different sides, an Invader and a Defender.

You each have a set number of bases under your control and a certain-hundred number of troops at your disposal. The goal for the Invader is to take over bases until they reach the Defender’s Head Officer and Base and to kill them and take the base as their own. It is the defender’s job to either take the head base of the Invader, or outlast the clock with defending themselves from the invasion.

Latest firmware SEGA MegaDrive Collection 2 (PC DVD)

This is the biggest mission type because this is what you have to do to invade other regions and take them as your own in Empire Mode. This is also what you use when you get invaded and have to defend yourself. There are some other modes, like Raiding an enemy encampment for supplies, but Invasion and Defense Missions are what you’ll be doing the most. Outside of Empire Mode, there is Free Mode, which basically lets you set up your own missions for quick play. But the real mode you want to look at is Edit Mode. This is where you can create custom characters, banners, units of officers, Empire Mode Scenarios, and more. Character Creation is similar to that of games like Freedom Wars and Ragnarok Odyssey, but it’s a bit more extensive.

Aside from their physical appearance, there is a ton of equipment and weapons to choose from. There are dozens of armor sets for pure looks, but weapons are where things get really deep. Every weapon type has its own type of handling and attacks. The big thing to note is that there are 91 different weapon types to choose from in the game. That’s right. This isn’t like Monster Hunter where you only have about a dozen. There are almost one hundred different weapon types. From one-handed swords and swallow swords to giant boomerangs and flying Talisman Cards (think Ace from Final Fantasy Type 0), there is an overwhelming amount of customization to be done. To end the actual gameplay setting features, let’s talk about the Online Play. You can go online and play against other plays in the main kinds of game modes: Invasion, Defense, and Raid. You also are not limited to other PS Vita owners.

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You can play with others, whether they’re on the Vita, PS3, or PS4 version of the game. This can be set. When you’re in Online Mode, you can set whether you want to only look for other Vita users, or if you’d like to search all PlayStation users. You can also use Cross-Save throughout all three different versions. Difficulty is something I’ve researched and I should mention.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is not an easy game to beat, but it’s not as challenging as the last Empires game. While this shouldn’t bother handheld fans, since the Vita didn’t get a version of DW7: Empires, it should be noted that die-hard fans of the series won’t find an overwhelming challenge here. For the rest of you, though, you’ll still get a good challenge out of the game. This isn’t something you can just mash buttons through. You have to learn combos and know when to attack, when to dodge, when to call for reinforcements, etc. Finally, I’ll mention repetition.

Latest firmware SEGA MegaDrive Collection 2 (PC DVD)

Many people don’t like the Dynasty Warriors games because they are repetitive. It is true that many missions are similar to the last. In the end, you’re fighting hordes of troops over and over again. However, I think the strategy and difficult help it to not seem as repetitive.

But, if you’re worried, just download the Free Alliances demo of the game to see if that will bother you or not. As far as length goes, a single play through Empire Mode consists of an average of two or three dozen missions, I’d say. Since most missions (invasion) last a good 10 minutes or more, I’d clock a single play to be about 5 or 6 hours. That’s if you’re not rushing to get through as soon as possible, and if you’re lucky and don’t have people constantly invading you towards the end of the game. The controls for the game work well and not-so-well at the same time. First, let’s talk about PlayStation TV Optimization! When you play on the PSTV, all of the touch screen functions are redirected to the extra controller buttons, like calling your horse with L2 or pulling up the Strategems menu with R2. There are even some features that use the L3 and R3 buttons.

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Tecmo did an excellent job at optimizing the game for play on the micro-console. Now, let’s talk about the other controls.

Moving around is done with the Left Analog Stick and moving the camera with the Right Analog Stick. The D-Pad issues commands to your AI Team Members. The X Button is used to jump and interact with objects, like your horse or ladders.

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Square is used for light attacks and Triangle for Heavy Attacks. Circle is used for Musou attacks when your gauge is filled.

Finally, the L trigger is used for blocking and strafing, and the R trigger can swap what weapon you’re using. The touch screen handles everything else. Pulling up and using Strategems, calling your horse, activating Rage Mode. All of that is done with the touch screen. That’s where we run into problems.

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Empires’ touch controls aren’t what I would call well-optimized. Calling your horse reacts well on the bottom-right of the screen.

However, opening and using Strategems is hit-and-miss. I can tap the same area a dozen times before it will go into effect. The game just isn’t very good at recognizing those touch commands.

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The presentation is the biggest problem people had with the last Dynasty Warriors PS Vita game. Visually, Empires doesn’t look bad, but it also doesn’t look great. The world is colorful, but it’s very clear that there’s a lot of detail left out of the PS Vita release. When you see rivers, they just look like painted blue colors.

They do show light, but they don’t react at all when you enter them. I won’t call it the worst-looking Vita games, but it’s nowhere near the best. Performance is the other thing. Xtreme Legends had game-breaking frame issues in some area. It had areas where the frame rate would drop below 10 fps and would make the game completely unplayable. Empires is not completely free of frame drops. They are there from time to time, normally in certain areas of stages.

While some of them do drop down pretty far, they never drop down to the point of making the game unplayable. They become an annoyance, but nothing to completely ruin your experience.

The odd thing about the frame-rate is that the game tends to have more problems managing cutscenes than it does gameplay. All cutscenes reflect your character and the costume/armor they’re wearing and the game doesn’t play this very smooth at all. Most of the time, this is far worse than the frame drops in gameplayThe rest of the performance is really nice. Load Times never exceed 5-6 seconds and the game has a stellar soundtrack.

One thing you may want to know is that the voice work is in Japanese with English subtitles. I know many people wanted to switch to this when Xtreme Legends had an English Dub by default, so you don’t have to worry about that this time around.

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