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Graph suggests. The graph on the top right shows that missing data point: the actual frequency with which each hand is played. The brightest squares indicate the hands that are played most often, and the darker squares indicate those that are usually folded.

The graph on the bottom left combines those two data sets, providing a more accurate way of looking at average hand strength. Each hand is averaged over all opponent hands, but the average is also weighted by the frequency of the opponent hand. Again, blue hands win more often than lose, while pink hands lose more often than win. Finally, the graph on the bottom right shows the strength for one particular hand, here an eight of hearts and a queen of spades.

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The graph now represents the opponent’s hand; the redder the square, the more likely the opponent is to win. This is an interactive: You can visit Beaumont’s site to try out the odds for different hands. The diagram looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple: Use the top graph when you are X and the bottom graph when you are O. Your optimal move is given by the position of the largest red symbol on the grid. When your opponent picks a move, zoom in on that region of the grid where they moved and pretend as if that is the entire grid, again selecting the largest red symbol. Repeat until the game ends. If you ever go on “Wheel of Fortune” and manage to make it to the final round, choose the letters G, H, P and O, says Wonkblog’s Chris Ingraham.

A quick refresher: The contestant who wins the most money during regular play on “Wheel of Fortune” gets to try a bonus puzzle at the end of the show. Vanna White automatically flips over the letters R, S, T, L, N and E, and then you get to choose three more consonants and a vowel before solving the puzzle. Ingraham’s analysis of 1,546 “Wheel of Fortune” episodes between 2007 and 2014 shows that different letters appear at much different frequencies in that bonus puzzle.

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You’ll notice that all the letters that Vanna gives you (R, S, T…) are relatively under-represented in the puzzle. So are the letters that people choose most often — C, D, M and A. It turns out that the three consonants and the vowel that will give you the best odds of winning are G, H, P and O — compared with CDMA, you’re twice as likely to get four or more letters revealed, and half as likely to get nothing.

If you’re going to Vegas expecting to win, here’s a reality check: You probably won’t. There are all kinds of strategies out there to win at poker, blackjack and other casino games, but the fact remains that the house is likely to take a significant percentage of your money. If you want to minimize your losses, however, you can use the first graph above from Seth Kadish. The horizontal axis shows the total monetary value of bets placed in millions of dollars, while the vertical axis shows the percent of wagered money won by the house between March 1, 2013, and Feb. 28, 2014, at non-restricted locations in the Las Vegas Strip area. If you want to lose a smaller percentage of your money, the data suggests you should focus on the games that appear toward the bottom of that first graph. Your best bet is the $100 slot machines, where casinos take only 3.6 percent of your money. If you aren’t rolling in Benjamins, you can try the penny slots, where you lose only 11.8 percent.

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If you’re looking just at sports, betting on baseball will give you slightly better odds than basketball and football, and much better odds than racing. For table games, bingo is the clear winner, with the house taking on 8.8 percent of all wagers, followed by blackjack (11.1 percent).

The worst table game is three-card poker, where the house takes almost a third of all wagers. 07/06/2017 at 03:56 poliovaccine says: Reviewed on: 30 Jul 2010 Platforms: PC Mass Effect 2 Enter the Nintendo Wii, a system that put much more emphasis on the user interface than it did on the high definition, surround sound experience.

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The way we play was the biggest change to what we play: the idea was to introduce something that anyone could pick up and understand, and with the new input, it was hoped, a new market would form and a new audience would step forward to play games. Nzgameshop With a fragile peace negotiated, You can play Zork as an Easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Selected Penguins of Madagascar Kinect By THQ v6.0.1 The physics is rickety and random, the aiming mechanism is fiddly, and the aesthetics are basic, but Ballz is nonetheless compelling as you gradually fashion and unleash massive chains of balls. More polish, and it’d be a classic; as it is, it’s still a great freebie. Pentium 4 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card GeForce 6800 or better, 10 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7. Rayman M is better described by what it’s not than what it is. It’s not a karting game based on the characters from a cute platform/adventure game, with a standard track-unlocking structure and a selection of throwaway battle modes, hidden characters and assorted bonus games. However, insert running/climbing/swinging/sliding in place of karting and you’re pretty much there. Babality – D, D,D,4 (Jump) Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc – 6.4935 The Sims 3: University Life – 19.99 Taking a more liberal approach to the Clash Royale clone trend currently happening, Atari’s Goon Squad looks very similar to its source material with a few key differences.

wwe timeline. The game places the player in the role of an inhabitant of Vault 101, a survival shelter designed to With its cute isometric visual style, hoppy instadeath mechanics, and a range of characters to win in a semi-randomised lottery, you might be forgiven for thinking Down The Mountain is Crossy Road upended.

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While there are similarities, it quickly becomes clear Down The Mountain is a very different game to play. Borrowing from Q*Bert rather than Frogger, it has you tackle leaping down an endless mountain, on which hazards come thick and fast. Even on the easy mode, you must think quickly, leaping left or right to avoid TNT, bounding cars, and vicious spikes. On hard mode, it’s not so much Down The Mountain as Down T — Oh. Dead again. Score Sean R 489.00 Reviewed on: 23 Mar 2009 Platforms: PC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PENALTY AGAINST SONGBad Blood – The Damned ThingsWarrior – DisturbedI Can’t Win – DefaultSabatoge – Beastie BoysKilling in the Name of – – Rage Against The Machine Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row Player I: 010 Extra Info SOMA Deal or No Deal to American audiences.

Actor-comedian Howie Mandel hosts the exciting game of odds and chance. The Amazing Race 22: The Amazing Race 21: The Amazing Race 20: The Amazing Race 19: Commencing on September 25, 2011, the nineteenth season of The Amazing Race includes a pair of twin sisters, a retired professional football player and his wife, a pair of former winners of Survivor, professional snowboarders and the youngest person to sail around the world solo, racing with his father.

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The race will be visiting a multitude of new countries and with new twists and obstacles in their way, the nineteenth instalment of the programme promises to be exciting, commencing just twenty days after The Amazing Race celebrates its tenth anniversary. The Amazing Race 18: The eighteenth season of the race brings back former teams who have ‘Unfinished Business’.

The returning teams all have something to prove, as they begin their battle for redemption. The returning contestants include former NFL cheerleaders, Harlem Globetrotters, cowboys, a Gothic couple and The Amazing Race’s only deaf contestant, racing with his mother, who are one of an unprecedented four parent/child teams. Commencing on February 20, 2011, the returning teams will travel the world for a second time, vying for revenge, redemption and a million dollars.

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Sisters LaKisha Jennifer Hoffman became won redemption, by becoming the second ever all-female winners, following Nat Kat’s victory in the previous season. Congratulations to Kisha Jen! The Amazing Race 17: The seventeenth installment of the race became notorious on YouTube before the season even began, with a watermelon ricocheting onto a contestant’s face. The racers departed on September 26, 2010, with teams including a pageant queen and her father, a father/son team of Internet sensations, the first African-American gay team, home shopping television hosts, a pair of female doctors, beach volleyball partners, and a recently reunited birth-mother and daughter.

The race visited two new countries, Ghana and Bangladesh, and introduced two new twists — the Express Pass, which could be used to bypass a single task on a leg (used only up to the eighth leg), and the Double U-Turn, which involved two teams forcing two different teams to turn back and complete both Detours. In the end, the season, seemingly themed around woman power with several, several strong, formidable women competing, culminated in two all-female teams running the final leg, along with a young dating couple.

The ending thrilled many fans when, after seventeen seasons, an all-female team finally won the race. Congratulations to Nat Kat, winners of this season of the race! The Amazing Race 16: The sixteenth season of The Amazing Race commenced on February 14, 2010, stopping in places including Argentina, the Seychelles and Singapore. The teams include a pair of small-town cowboys, a notorious beauty queen well-known for her lack of intelligence, an MLB-winning coach an

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