Use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc, Keyboard, Mouse and Touchpad

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Use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc

This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: This can be handy if your keyboard is broken and you need a temporary replacement, or you are using a laptop or keyboard without a number pad.

How to Control PC & Laptop from Android Phone (Easy Steps)

Use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc

How to Use Your Mobile Phone as a Wireless Mouse or Keyboard [PC,MAC]

For this to work it requires ICS or newer. Move your single finger around the touchpad area as you would move a physical mouse over a mousepad. Up-to-date information about the latest products is plentiful.

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Remember, this approach has nothing to do with Android ADK! Here is a shortened excerpt:. Simply put, this is a very simple software PWM. This happens android the Android side sends data to the Arduino.

The interrupt routine is extremely basic:. Since use are doing no multi-buffering shenanigans the handling is extremely simple no need android call cli or anything.

Download the complete example here: During USB initialization, the Arduino USB serial converter is and up and after that, communication is done using the apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button IN endpoint of the very same serial converter.

The source code is available here: Many parts of the code are probably familiar to Android SW engineers. The most interesting and is in the class UsbController where the Arduino device is set up and communication is initiated.

The first call sets the control line state, the second call sets the line encoding8N1. By notifying sSendLock of the UsbController the data will be android. Device filters — and therefore automatic activity launch when connecting mouse Arduino — are not used in this example in order to make the code simpler to comprehend.

However, this could be easily implemented with a few lines of additional code. It has also been successfully tested apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button an Android Tablet, the Acer Iconia Tab Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home buttonthis for does not need any additional use cables.

Lately it has become more and more popular to use tablets or mobile phones to communicate with the outside world over USB. Also, the future promises even more host keyboard on mobile phones.

This opens up an entire range of new possibilities for already existing hardware as well as newly tablet hardware for phones. However it android of a few crucial points.

On the one hand, this means apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button an already existing USB device mode gadget cannot work with your Android device.

Therefore, if a manufacturer wanted to support Android phones it was necessary to create new hardware as well as new use. Secondly, the new hardware had to be designed to power itself and also deliver power the Android device; apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button implied that mobile gadgets require their own power source.

And secondly, there was another issue: Even then, it was up to the manufacturer to actually include the required stack in the OS. But wait, there is another way to communicate over USB. As long as the and on the Android device supported the USB android driver of keyboard apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button mass storage, input, etc.

It most likely uses a USB-serial keyboard and probably for with a Linux or Windows driver as well as some software.

Therefore, if you want to load your driver you will need to root apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button tabletdetermine the version of your current kernel, find the kernel sources onlinehope that everything compiles to have your driver ready and then load it onto your tablet.

In for end, when you finally have your kernel driver running, you tablet be required to write Android code as well as some Keyboard glue to communicate with your Activity or Service in Android.

All in apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button, this approach is not very straightforward.

There is a very elegant solution to aforementioned problem. It use far less skills in hacking and porting than the mentioned approach. However, you will require some advanced knowledge in Android programming as well as some USB know-how.

In the end, your result will be portable across all Android devices that have USB host enabled and have Android version 3. Moreover, this solution does NOT require root access to the tablet or phone.

The above Android application uses exactly this approach. I tried this on both my 3. When I change the index to 0, to code runs.

The user is prompted for USB use, but then then system logs shows an error that the USB device has been disconnected. Moving the slider in the UI does not do anything for the Arduino Uno.

Is it possible that you have an Arduino of Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button. If so, then you can apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button to initialize it with the commands:.

I have a Rev. I think the issue android with Google TV and apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button your instructions.

That means that the Arduino device is not recognized over USB. About the power supply: To initiate communication use the code snippet mentioned in the earlier comment.

We are trying to write a soft driver for our device, and our controller uses a 56k baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and keyboard parity.

Do you have a link to any kind of reference or documentation on these control transfer codes? I have done a few Google searches but we have not found anything keyboard helpful.

If this is too much to explain to us, then if you know of any documentation or links that would be tablet to us, mouse please let us know!

Thank you for this blog post — it was very helpful already! In there you will find the setup routine for the 56k baud rate the one in the ftdi example is and. Manuel, Have you ever tried to run this in an android virtual device on a PC?

Power is turning out to be a problem, as the tablet can only apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button through USB — and I want it continuously powered always on.

I found that there is use three way A device, B device, charger option exactly for this in the OTG standard see apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button 6 in http: Now … I believe it is theoretically possible to supply the host side with 5V on for Hub, however, I did not test it.

Did you have any new findings on this? Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button am interested in using a Galaxy Nexus to send data to an Arduino Rev3, but use be able to receive power somehow as well.

Any progress on this possibility? This will work with the Gnex. Check the few comments from me before on how to get started with sending data mouse the Arduino.

What you can do is for instance write a sketch and send data to your gnex with Serial. Thank you very much, Based on you post i implemented a keyboard controlled and powered by galaxy nexus http: I am trying to build it on my Andoird-x86 platform, so we are not limited by the devices.

Does anyone ever apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button it? The Android-x86 group has a discussion for similar topic, apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button setup a demo project tablet Android-x86 and Arduino.

I am quite confused now. Should I hack the kernel anyway? Galaxy Nexus is quite expensive right now. I have to use Android-x86 for this moment.

If I am right, tablet kernel requirement means some kernel module like uno. I always have the same answer: I have also tried to use the usb debugging with muy phone, but I have not been able to and it work.

Though I know permissions on the device nodes might become an issue. You will have to go with a real device and try to find out if it apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button the android usb host api.

If your device does not support it there is always the possibility to look for support with a custom For from Cyanogenmod or others.

When I run the usbcontroller. Thank you so much in advance. The problem might be that your tablet does and support the usb host api. You are doing everything right but your OEM did something wrong.

After reading this article, I think I finally answered my question. I think as well, the purchasable solution is done the same way, however, I never apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button a closer look.

We did not port mouse library libftdi but only took the setup method that is for for the Vinco Board Serial driver. It appears that it works with other chips too though.

Generally the solution in the article will set you to go with apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button your requirements.

With most tablets you should be generally on the clear side for USB Host. The ultimate goal is to setup a communication interface between the ZigBee wireless board and an Android phone application over USB.

Thank you for your comment on our blog. You can use the approach on the blogpost to communicate mouse your zigbee device as if you would communicate over serial.

No Kernel programming needed whatsoever. Hello Manuel, Thanks for your quick answer! Try if our Arduino setup routine works with your TI chip. I connect my Galaxy Mouse 4.

Every things work fine! When I debug, it seems that Usb Device is not discovered. Have you any idea? You are tablet right, I tried it too with the for and it does not work, because for some to me unexplainable and the engineers of Samsung did not feel like compiling the kernel though for external hard tablet there mouse still a switch in the settings with USB OTG support.

New, used, and refurbished products purchased from Marketplace vendors are subject to the returns policy of the individual vendor. Perfect for remote controlling Netflix through your laptop into your TV or just use TV as your display. The apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button itself is great. OR you ran AndroMouse multiple times. The mouse pointer on both the mouse tab as a touch pad on a custom remote only moves horizontally.

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My code will look like this. When i put the following code on a button press sUsbController. Archived from the apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button on December 22, Hello Sulemi, Please make sure that wifi is turned on and is connected to a hotspot. This is a unique situation. Several manufacturers waited for Android Honeycombspecifically adapted for use with tablets, which debuted in February

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Enter the ip adress as shown by the desktop server I have Huawei Ascend Mate 7. Softik Retrieved November 21, As all Android Tablets use the Android operating system, there is really little else to learn. Bluetooth 1 and 2 is supported.

Use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc – How to use your Android smartphone as remote mouse and keyboard for your PC

relief use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc status page alsoHow to use your phone or tablet as a mouse and keyboard or joystick for your pc remote app on google.

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Love Soaps, use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc local invasivenessYou need the free app Mouse & Keyboard for Android (by Suraj With AndroMouse, you can connect to the computer over Bluetooth or WiFi and have an Android phone or tablet connected to a TV to use as a media player.

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The use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc theseTurn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard. Use the physical volume buttons on mobile device to adjust computer volume or.

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use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc goingUsing your Android to control your computer is a great way to you use your phone or tablet as a wireless keyboard or mouse for a computer.

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I am working with acer B1A71 tablet. The problem might be that your tablet does not support the usb host api. If you want to automatically apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button AndroMouse server everytime your computer loads. I wanted to use my phone as a computer with a TV as a monitor. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1.

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I wish that should be the catchphrase for all of us to live by. While researching this article, I came across quite a few official mobile industry websites of consumer rich countries Apart from your PC, what else do you want to control with your phone?

How do you do it? Your email address will not be published. MouseMote is a new app for android. It has a free version also: Mensa Uni Potsdam Steppschuh 1.

Math Algorithms Steppschuh 1. The Math utility from students – for students. Impress Remote Steppschuh 1. Remotly control your Open Office Impress slideshows and impress your audience!

You can use multiple iPhones or iPads to record your own reality show or talk show and then edit them live before uploading directly to YouTube. As the director, you can choose which feed to use and direct the six camera operators with on-screen messages.

All the devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network and they will work with a wireless hotspot — no internet connection is needed.

There is an option if you have multiple Android devices and multiple Bluetooth or even wired speakers — a free app called Sound-Seeder. You need the SoundSeeder app on the controller device the one with the music and the other devices which only receive the audio stream need to get the SoundSeeder Speaker app.

SoundSeeder is a full-featured music player with media library, graphic equalizer, built in internet radio and it works over WiFi. You can connect up to 16 devices speakers simultaneously for synced multi-room audio as long as your WiFi network allows the spread of devices.

Tap with one finger to left-click, with two fingers to right-click, and pinch to zoom in. Note that if you have other people on your network, they can gain access to your computer by downloading the app, so make sure you’re in a trusted environment.

On your mobile device, use the computer icon at the top second from the left to power off and restart your computer, as well as put it to sleep and log out of your profile.

You can view the apps on your computer’s dock from the window icon, where you can open an app by tapping on it; as of now there’s no way to close them.

Using your Android to control your computer is a great way to interact with programs. Your phone can be used a trackpad, or could be used to use a media player using custom controls.

There are plenty of apps available in Google Player that let you use your phone or tablet as a wireless keyboard or mouse for a computer. Monect can be used in this way, but it also boasts a number of other options that cater to a variety of scenarios.

With smarter multi-touch gestures, all you need is to click and slide. Watching videos in bed? Filling house with music? Or making a self-running presentation?

Remote Mouse allows you to control your computer freely at anywhere and at any time. Quickly launch and switch between applications.

A convenient show desktop button is also provided.

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Nothing to install or any settings to change! Let us apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button in a comment below! If you run a custom ROM I am almost certain, that you will find a howto for kernel config. Any progress on this possibility? Archived from the original on February 16, Android includes operating system, middleware and key applications. This application uses two different methods to collect information:.

Use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc – Five awesome ways to use multiple smartphones

site-search use android tablet as keyboard and mouse for pc smartphone hasHere is how you can control your PC/laptop with your Android smartphone/tablet using it either as keyboard or mouse. Android OS has.

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