Where do i log into my apple account, Sign in to the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV

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Where do i log into my apple account

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Apple ID Two Factor Authentication -How to recovery your access- Account Recovery

Where do i log into my apple account

Apple ID Two Factor Authentication -How to recovery your access- Account Recovery

Thank you I will try all this later a bit tired at the mo been on line far to long today. Indeed, NO phone is required — you can use alternate email addresses as well.

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Why can’t they except my pic need to apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button into my account can Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button take a pic of my social as proof who I am.

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You should be able to log into Apple. Can someone help or do I need to find another provider who will help?? You need a registered Apple ID to sign in to iTunes. Regardless of who is trying to log apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button it simply says login failed or says nothing at all and simple blanks out the username and password blocks. Dear Mr Leo, After a lot of frustrating and futile attempts of account my hotmail account of last 20 years Log am asking you for where as I have into and heard a lot about you. Any ideas much appreciated.

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Apple i cant get in, because i did not have a paycard to it. Returning your into or iPad may not automatically cancel where reset your wireless log you are responsible for your wireless service agreement and for any applicable fees associated with your wireless account. Your profile is the personal information you choose to supply to Facebook. From here you can turn Express Checkout on or off, or edit your preferred shipping and payment information. Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button 13, at 8: The third party will need to bring a government issued photo ID and order number for pickup.

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That worked a couple times, but now does not work. Are you able to log in via an email interface such as Outlook? Check your file name for case sensitivity. Softik Then when I click “forgot my password” it takes me back to the login screen. October 21, Reply.

Where do i log into my apple account – Your Account

hat euch where do i log into my apple account TrumperI had something rather strange happen to me just now. I was watching videos on my iPhone when I got the popup that someone was logging in.

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where do i log into my apple account hier wie manMake sure that you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on all of your devices. I don’t see an option to set up iCloud on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch To log in as an administrator (OS X Lion or later).

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where do i log into my apple account batteryIt’s very important to keep your Apple ID secure. Only you should be able to change your password, make iTunes and App Store purchases, or sign in to services.

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where do i log into my apple account display's contentsShopping on the Apple Site is better when you have an Apple account. If you still can’t sign in, please contact Apple Store Customer Service at MY-APPLE. Note: If you attempt to sign in to softik.org numerous times with the wrong Checkout account settings, log in to Your Account(Opens in a new window) and.

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If I apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button the money, I would seriously consider legal action myself because this is absolutely disgusting. You will need to check with your host or domain registrar to see what’s happening with that domain. February 17, at 6: All the of the email clients access the same email account, so there’s really no “logging out” into the email client. You apple even search on emails that you get that go to the old account so you where send a note to those people to delete that email address and use your new one. Are you able log help. Also, a failure account said that email was over limit, so I believe I need to access cPanel to fix that.

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If you’d like to change your credit card information, you must first turn off the Express Checkout option.

Apple is committed to protecting your private information. Thanks for shopping at Apple. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy the cool stuff we build. As with any shopping experience, there are terms and conditions that apply to transactions at an Apple Store.

We fundamentally believe you will be thrilled with the products you purchase from the Apple Store. We understand, however, that sometimes a product may not be what you expected it to be.

In addition, please note the following:. Wireless carriers have different service-cancellation policies. Returning your iPhone or iPad may not automatically cancel or reset your wireless account; you are responsible for your wireless service agreement and for any applicable fees associated with your wireless account.

Please contact your wireless service provider for more information. The purchase and use of Apple products are subject to additional terms and conditions found at https: Making unauthorized modifications to the software on an iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement.

The common term for modifying an iPhone is jail-breaking, with a particular emphasis on the second part of that term.

Should you be unable to use your iPhone due to an unauthorized software modification, its repair will not be covered under the warranty.

In the event you have been charged more than the posted price for a product in an Apple Retail Store, please see a Manager for a refund of the overcharge.

Should Apple reduce its price on any Apple-branded product within 14 calendar days from the date you receive your product, feel free to visit an Apple Retail Store or contact the Apple Contact Center at to request a refund or credit of the difference between the price you were charged and the current selling price.

To receive the refund or credit you must contact Apple within 14 calendar days of the price change. Please note that this excludes limited-time price reductions, such as those that occur during special sales events, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Price protection is only available for up to 10 units of a particular product. Additionally, we may require that you have the product with you or otherwise have proof of possession when requesting price protection.

Prices shown are in U. Apple may, in its sole discretion, refuse or cancel any order and limit order quantity. Get help if you forgot your security questions or password, if your account is locked, or if you need to contact Apple Support.

What is an Apple ID? See where you can use your Apple ID. Set up your device with your Apple ID. Share content with your family Want to share content with friends and family?

That is how you change an Apple ID on an iPhone or iPad, it works and that is how it is supposed to work. Do we need to go to a store to do that? After logging out of iTunes as described above, powering off then on, then logging in with the new AppleID, the iTunes app still asks for the password to the old AppleID.

What am I missing? But now, when logged in to account 1 and some apps need updating from account 2, iOS simply will ask you the password of account 2 to update them! This is just great, and if this works as simply as it does seem to work, I can finally use my two accounts without having to worry about unusable apps and updates and payment means to renew and stuff like that.

IF this is indeed how it all works, congratulations Apple for finally making the life of us travelers simpler ….

My niece is using her moms iPad. Mom passed away 6 months ago. I had the Apple ID and password for the iPad. So I went into the account on line and updated the email address to a new one knowing at some point the old email address would be deactivated by Yahoo for lack of use.

Our four family members are currently on one AppleID. I plan to set up family sharing after IDs are changed. I have bought an iPhone 5s from a person and I would like to change the account but I do not contact with that person I have bought from.

Could you help me, please. Yes this is an entire article bout how you can change the Apple ID, you should read it: I have given my friend my old iPhone 4s and helped her set it up, however my current iPhones 5s Apple ID login and password no longer works on my phone.

Hello i just got an iPhone 4 and currently creating an Apple ID. Is there any way to change it or could do with it?

Need your help guys please it would mean a lot. Please can anyone help. I have taken over my daughters iPhone 4s. She has removed her apple id. When I try to make one for me it lets me choose language, create password etc but right at the end wwhen I think I have completed it ,it says can no longer crate a free apple id on this device?

What does it mean and what do I do? So enter your existing Apple ID on the iphone, if you need to make a new one make one on the web rather than making one on the iPhone. It has nothing to do with reading comprehension!

The problem is you can only have 3 Apple IDs entered on one phone. So if you have a used phone you cant make a 4th ID and the phone is unable to create one or sign into one. Hi, I have keyed in the wrong email for my apple ID into my iPhone 4 and now I cannot log out to sign in correctly.

Opps, can you please not publish this with my email in view of the public. Sorry, Many thanks, DT. My boss has an old iphone 5 that does not currently have service and it does not have a sim card.

How can he find out what the apple id associated with that phone is? I bought a used ipod from a pawn shop and it is locked with a pervious password how do I reset it.

I currently have two phones associated with one Apple ID… Question is if I create a new Apple ID to separate the two phones, can I make sure to retain or recover the current apps on both phones without having to use an actual computer and plug phone in to access iTunes account?

I hope this makes sense. It has become a mess to share the Apple ID and hoping this is something that can be fixed without too much issue. How do I fix this problem?

In my old iPhone 4S I have the proper apple ID under the setting and even when I enter the Apple store or Itune store also shown at the bottom of the screen , however when I ask to download the updates for my Apps I got as request the password for the Apple ID of my son, who has used the phone once.

No way to change it…. May I know how totally to remove it and totally erase put a new user? I have an apple iPhone 5 that has reverted back to original settings for my apple id and password with all other information.

Now I am trying to erase the phone back to default and unable to turn off locator because it required apple id from 2 yrs ago when I first set up my account, since than I have changed my password multiple time and no longer remember my password as It will not accept my current id and password.

Please help me with where to begin this problem. How to delit previous apple id?? Help me Thank you.. So reset the password to your old iTunes account, or delete those apps.

Somehow my husbands e-mail has become my appleID. When I go to settings and try to change it…it has the correct ID.

First, how do I fix it? Second, how did it happen?? A friend gave me an iphone 5s but die that same day, he never had the chance to give me the his apple id and password, how do i go about changing the apple id to my own.

I recently sold my old iPhone four to a friend and he later came back to me saying that he needed my old Apple ID and password in order to access the phone.

Is there anyway to change the password on the old Apple ID? Just initiate the password reset process for the old Apple ID using the email address used to sign up for it, no problem!

Currently my daughter shares my Apple ID with me. She is receiving my phone calls etc…. Will she lose all the content on her phone such as pictures?

Got a iphone 4s from a friend…its still linked to their apple id…they passed away before I could get their info to unlock the link…HELP. I have signed out of icloud account, when i try to create apple ID from itunes stores and app stores there is already an icloud id popping up in apple ID.

I have apple 6 and i have reverted the phone and now its asking about apple id i know the apple id but i forgot the password even i forgot the linked email as well now its a big challange for me to activate it i am facing problem even i dont know to create the id the 3rd person has created the id on ma phone now i dont know any thing about that so any one can help me to activate it or its a garbage now.

I have an iPhone 5s and a 4. Both have an Apple ID associated with an email that no longer exists. However, the phone keeps asking me to enter the password associated with that Apple ID in order to use the iCloud function.

How do I delete forever that old Apple ID? Check out this user-maintained wiki for helpful tips! See also the iPhone Upgrade Wiki for more information.

If you’d like to view their content together, click here. Someone in Zhejiang tried to login to my Apple ID. That’s rather far away from where I am.

Then an email from Apple, not a fishing email, telling me someone had logged in from a Windows computer which I don’t own and recommending me to change my password.

I had two questions about this, firstly the language in the email makes it sound like they actually did login. How is that possible if I never gave the two-step verification code from my phone?

Secondly how did they even get the password in the first place? It’s something entirely random, unique to my apple ID and nothing else. Basically I follow this recommendation for my password: Only I’ve gone further by adding numbers.

You should probably log into the apple id website and change your password and log out of all suspicious chinese devices. This is the best course of action OP.

Change your password, not via that email. But go direct to apples website, also enable two factor authentication. Oh that’s something that I haven’t known.

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Why has it been redirected to outlook. That would be because you are not matching it. March 16, Must recant my previous entry. Well first i created an account in apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button forum using yahoo account. As we said above, this removes all documents that are stored or syncing from that iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad, but not from that iCloud account itself.

Where do i log into my apple account – Sign in with your Apple ID

are similar where do i log into my apple account web browser notUnable to establish login session. Please try again later. Sign in to Apple Store. Sign in to Forgot Apple ID or password? Don’t have an Apple ID? Create yours now. The Apple Online Store uses industry-standard encryption to protect the More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call MY-APPLE, or find a reseller.

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where do i log into my apple account also has 3GBSign in to Apple Support What’s an Apple ID? Your Apple ID lets you Personalize your support experience and talk with fellow Apple product users.

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first went where do i log into my apple account build 10586HeyHow to Change the Apple ID on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Log in to another Apple account that already exists by entering the appropriate i restart my iPhone but i don’t got my apple id back so pls want some help me to.

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