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25.02.2018 – A nice addition to the usual scope of delivery was the provided back cover. Показать другие товары Больше ZTE s6 is a very handy, slim and light weight.
Zte blade v6 white
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Zte blade v6 white
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Zte blade v6 white
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Zte blade v6 white
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Zte blade v6 white
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Обновляется информация о размещении ставки. Productivity Index sort by value.Ранее указанные значения импортных сборов могут быть измениться в случае увеличения максимальной ставки. ZTE Blade S6 – user opinions and reviews. While the luminance of the Blade V6 is not very high, it manages a very good black value of just 0.It has a low maximum volume in general, tends to distort, and produces a very tinny sound. This allocation can also be reversed in the settings. By default, the right button opens an overview about the recently launched apps, while the left one acts as a “Back” button.
Zte blade v6 white

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However, is this enough to compete with the similarly equipped rivals? For the original German review, see here. Some other manufacturers also offer similarly equipped models in the price range of the two ZTE devices.

The following review will show how the two ZTE smartphones differ from one another and how the new Blade V6 can keep up with the competition. Are you a loyal reader of notebookcheck? Are you a techie who knows how to write?

Then join our Team! The two sides and most of the back are made of metal. Plastic is used only in some areas around the camera module and the speakers. The front on the other hand, is completely covered by glass, which is conveniently rounded in the peripheral areas.

The very good torsion resistance of the ZTE Blade V6 supports this impression, so we cannot provoke any creaking even with a lot of force. Ripples on the display are only visible with a lot pf pressure on the cover glass and should therefore not be a problem in practice.

There is no criticism for the build quality either and all parts are well integrated. Even though the Blade V6 is a mainstream model, the connectivity is actually pretty good. The card tray has obviously been designed with very compact dimensions in mind.

Unfortunately, the manual with its tiny pictures is not a big help with the correct orientation of the cards. Due to its design, you have to choose between a dual-SIM operation and a storage extension via microSD card.

The Blade V6 also supports the transfer of apps to SD cards. The operating system is Android 5. However, it is possible to switch to a second preloaded launcher Launcher 3 with an app drawer. It is handy that ZTE has included a rights management for apps ex-works.

It can be activated in the “App Rights” in the security settings and is indicated by a permanent symbol in the notification area. There were no signal issues during the review period in the Vodafone network, so there is no criticism for the Blade V6 in this respect.

These problems will probably be solved by the time the smartphone is available at the start of September. The Wi-Fi module of the Blade V6 supports only the However, we managed decent transfer rates of up to Mbps in combination with an Asus RT-AC56U router and the signal quality was convincing.

It is also possible to locate the position indoors when conditions are favorable, in a single-story supermarket, for instance, but we did not find any satellites on the third floor of a four-story apartment building.

The phone app is the standard Android Lollipop app, but this is not a disadvantage. Besides a speed dial function for favorites, there is a caller list and you have direct access to your contacts.

It is also possible to access the numeric keypad for the manual entry of phone numbers via the button at the lower part of the display frame, and there is a search bar for quick selection of contacts.

We can confirm that both sides were easy to understand during a call: The sound was quite natural and free of background noises. The smartphone user is still easy to understand with the hands-free function, so the microphone works pretty well.

Unfortunately, the integrated speaker of the Blade V6 is not as convincing: It has a low maximum volume in general, tends to distort, and produces a very tinny sound. The main camera takes decent pictures under good lighting conditions and you can see many details when you enlarge the picture.

Colors are always slightly too saturated, but it does create a vivid picture impression. The situation is not that good when the lighting is poor. While the flash can effectively increase the picture quality when you take close-ups, this is hardly possible at longer distances.

The resulting picture noise is completely suppressed by a strong soft focus, but it results in blurry pictures without any details. As expected, the pictures of the front camera cannot keep up with the main camera in terms of the resolution, but they are still decent.

We like the natural color presentation in particular. Because of the lower noise reduction, a picture of the front camera can even show a bit more details under bad lighting conditions compared to a picture that was taken with the rear 13 MP camera without flash.

The main camera can record Full-HD videos that can convince with a good sharpness and smooth presentation, while the front camera only uses a maximum resolution of x pixels. The results are stored in a 3GP container file.

Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device.

In addition to the standard accessories like a power adaptor, USB cable and a headset, our review unit comes with a transparent plastic back cover. It does not really increase the thickness and suits the design of the case well.

There is no warranty information in the box, but according to the ZTE website, the standard warranty period is two years in Germany. It supports certain customization features including the size of the keyboard, the tactile feedback during typing or automatic word predictions.

It is also possible to use the standard Google input. The touchscreen is very accurate and ensures reliable inputs. The three sensor buttons underneath the display are responsive and execute inputs reliably.

They are marked by light-blue symbols and are illuminated in dark-blue for a few seconds when you touch a button. By default, the right button opens an overview about the recently launched apps, while the left one acts as a “Back” button.

This allocation can also be reversed in the settings. Both the volume rocker and the power button leave a good impression thanks to the well-defined pressure points and sufficiently sturdy buttons.

This is the standard for this device category and all our comparison devices use panels with the same technical specifications. Despite these similarities, we can see rather significant differences in the measurement results such as the maximum brightness, for instance.

This means that the Blade V6 is in the last place within our comparison. The automatic brightness regulation still needs some improvements, because it changed the brightness noticeably under changing lighting conditions. Other devices manage an almost seamless transition that is much less noticeable.

While the luminance of the Blade V6 is not very high, it manages a very good black value of just 0. The resulting contrast of White in particular shows a significant deviation compared to the sRGB color space, which is at least covered by The color temperature of K is also much higher than the ideal value of K.

The comparatively low display luminance affects the usability outdoors, because the device cannot compensate for the reflections of the touchscreen. Nevertheless, you can see the display content under direct sunlight when you choose a good position, even though the image then appears to have a low-contrast.

The situation is obviously better in the shade. The Blade V6 uses an IPS panel, so there are no inversions when you look at the display from the side. However, you will notice that the color temperature changes when you look at the display from an angle above, but the picture is quite stable when you change the viewing angle horizontally or vertically.

However, the latter is equipped with an octa-core SoC and surpasses our review unit in the multi-core benchmark. The situation is similar in the browser tests: The situation changes when we look at the performance of the integrated flash storage.

It is also at the top when it reads smaller files. The writing performance cannot quite keep up with this, but the values are still above average. The system is always responsive and convinces with a smooth representation of animations.

The latter could even be played with high details, even though the frame rate was noticeably lower compared to the medium settings. Both the accurate touchscreen as well as the position sensor work very well when you play games.

The temperatures of the review unit are normal at The Blade V6 is average under load: Nevertheless, the comparatively moderate warming is clearly perceptible for the user because of the metal surface.

The power adaptor left a negative impression: Temperatures of up to Unfortunately, there is no good news about the speaker at the rear of the Blade V6. The maximum volume is pretty low, which makes it harder to use the smartphone in a large room or the hands-free feature.

This would be bad enough, but the music playback also creates strong vibrations in the whole rear part of the chassis. The supplied headset cannot convince us either. The first impression is already pretty bad: It smelled like chemicals when we took the headset out of the box, and there is no marking of the right and left earpiece, either.

It is therefore not surprising that the unbalanced sound without bass is disappointing, and it is very shrill at higher volumes. The sound of the Blade V6 is much better when you use better headphones.

Another positive aspect is the low standby consumption of just 0. A battery runtime of 6 hours and 40 minutes in our realistic Wi-Fi test is an average result for the Blade V6. The maximum runtime of 7 hours and 4 minutes in our video test is unfortunately surpassed by many comparison devices.

One highlight of the ZTE Blade V6 is certainly the very sophisticated aluminum chassis for a mainstream smartphone, which can also convince in terms of ergonomics: