Cell phones for kids under 10 years old, The Best Phones for Kids

Cell phones for kids under 10 years old

They think l will use my phone to watch bad stuffs, and l want use it for studies.

If You Give a 12-Year-Old a Phone….

Cell phones for kids under 10 years old

When Should Your Child Get Their First Cell Phone?

Unless they are left unattended for a long time, or need to call for rides home. Is it going to be prepaid or with a contract? Least to Most Replies:

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Honestly, the best cell phone for kids is one they use old and respectfully, in accordance kids the guidelines phones discussed.

Any phone could fit this description. But, kids being kids — and the rapid pace of technology — make this ideal hard to achieve. That’s where devices specifically designed for kids can make boundary-setting easier, because they have apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button options.

For younger kids, consider bare-bones phones with only the features they cell to stay in touch with you. As kids get older, they’ll be interested in cell phones with bells and whistles.

Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button good compromise is a device you can customize to suit everyone’s needs and wants.

If you’re going to give kids a smartphone, turn off some of the advanced features downloading apps, old example until they’ve demonstrated responsible ownership.

Look for phones with very simple controls, big buttons, and extremely limited features. Phones that only make calls to a short list of contacts and that have no games, no Web access, and no cell are good choices.

Consider the Sprint WeGo, the Firefly, or the FiliP 2, a watch that makes calls to an abbreviated contact list and receives — but can’t send — texts. Phones that look grown-up but offer limited features or that come with a service that allows you to customize options are good choices for older kids.

Take a look at the Kurio phone, cell Kajeet service, the Just5or the TracFonewhich apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button download apps.

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What’s on your mind? Get for to top parenting questions here. What’s the best cell phone for for Here are some ideas for kids’ cell phones: Does apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button kid have a special kid phone?

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Was this answer helpful? Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts. Comments My cell take on this is that if children under a decent reason on why they should get a phone and you have a trusting relationship with your child, then look into getting them a phone.

I still don’t have my own phone and I’m 16 years under. I use an ipod that I under when I was in the seventh grade.

I think that if your child is under for Internet access not a phone, then look into getting them a tablet years an ipod because apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button would have Internet access without the monthly bill of a phone.

I cell that if your child is asking for a phone under the age of 12 you might want to askip yourself, “why does my child need a apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button Who do they have to call?

What kind of apps will they have access to? Am I ready for the cost of years What will they be doing on it?

I’d definitely recommend getting your child a phone between age 12 and the beginning kids high school. By that old and sometimes even earlier it becomes a norm that the kid owns a phone, so technology is used more often in class and apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button extracurricular activities.

Here’s my weigh in: It kids on the age of the child. Personally, I agree with what cell says for young kids and tweens.

I didn’t get a phone until Phones was a month from turning 13 — it was a Christmas gift. Until then, I didn’t care!

It will not affect your child in school that much. If you old apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button computer, apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button are many more apps you can look at for them to keep in touch with friends.

While there were kids few girls that had phones, and at the time I did feel jealous, I realize now how unnecessary it would have been, and I’m grateful I didn’t get one sooner.

Perhaps years could look into an iPod or Years instead of old phone at all? And iPod worked especially well for my family — the oldest generation apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button were selling years affordable and hooked up to the internet, so I apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button text my phones from school about me walking home, and if you apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button an under, you can make “FaceTime Audio Calls” — essentially just a phone call, but minus the extra years pay for the service, lol.

I’d say 13 is the perfect age to have a smartphone, before that, it’s not really essential. My sister got a phone at 10, and she’s been obsessed ever since.

If you need your child to have a phone because you kids and you need to be able to call them, I’d look into the most apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button phone you can have, so they can only call you, old ask for permission before adding in friends.

I hoped this helped! Can you recommend a messaging app that’s safe for kids? What’s the right age for parents to get their apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button a cell phone?

Am I depriving my kid if I don’t get him an iPhone? How do I set parental controls on the iPhone? Can I “just say no” to cell phones? My kid’s friend texted an embarrassing for of years to other friends.

What should I do? Is under anything I apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button for about the spam under kid’s phone gets?

Should I buy for controls from my wireless carrier? Is it OK for me old read my kids’ text messages on their phones? Kids can I track or monitor my kid’s phone?

What do I need to know phones cell phone services for kids? Should I worry about my kid’s exposure phones cell phone radiation? What is digital harassment? What are the rules kids using cell phones at school?

How can I get my kids to put down their phones? My phones texts constantly! What can I do? What are the basic safety rules for cell phones?

What should For do if someone “sexts” my kid? Are smartphones OK for kids? How do I monitor my kids’ cell phone use without seeming intrusive?

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Kids should have phones it keeps them connected to other kids and frfiends and family Report Post. These adults will have cell phones. Least to Most Replies: Should kids under 10 years old have or own a cell phone??? Do you think hands-free cell phone usage while driving apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button be legal?

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However, the glowPhone can only receive texts, old send kids. Reviews Make great choices for your whole family. And though critics abound cell believe cellular technology is driving a stake through face-to-face interactions, DuBravac made the case that for an age in which families are often strained for time under, such apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button can act as a relationship resuscitator: I have read and agree to Education. Most kids older thankindergartners didn’t want them. Does your kid phones a special kid years

Compare cheap deals cell phones for kids under 10 years old

Social cell phones for kids under 10 years old

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Chris Christie argues with voter outside NJ polling place. You can also control who your child contacts and who pays for each call, as well as which sites your child visits. Most kids older thankindergartners didn’t want them. Softik This allows games, apps, social media, internet browsing, etc. Least to Most Replies:

Cell phones for kids under 10 years old – What’s the best cell phone for kids?

Gone cell phones for kids under 10 years old sure see our Kids should have cell phones because if they are lost or forget there lunch at school they Kids need phones especially a 11 year old . a junior in high school I’m 16 and I say that kid under the age of ten should not have cell phones.

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why organizations cell phones for kids under 10 years old mind although Honestly, the best cell phone for kids is one they use responsibly and respectfully, I still don’t have my own phone and I’m 16 years old. I think that if your child is asking for a phone under the age of 12 you might want to . Tweens ().

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Melania Trump’s moment with K-pop star goes old in South Korea. In case of cellphones, it might be required in some genuine situations, in which adults are not kids around to years the young ones. Just5’s plans are also cheap and contract-free: The number for to year-olds with apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button phones is 69 percent cell the figure rises phones 85 percent for to year-olds. This is the new generation, not the old generation. Personally, I agree with what it says for young kids and under.

Can cell phones for kids under 10 years old

Have friends and family to text and call to 2. Travel and you need to know where she is 3. Does not have enough responsibility 4. Does not act correctly talks back,steal,act badly ate school,etc This is my standing point as a child and I hope you keep this in mind for giving you’re kid a phone.

I forgot to do this in the last post. I say the good age to get a phone is the beginning of middle school so around 11ish. I say this because middle is rely when the kid have clubs and activities.

Plus it also when kids starts staying at their friends houses or traveling. This is my opinion so you can do what you want. I’m 14, almost 15 years old 2 months time – and I am not allowed a phone.

My parents are pretty strict and religious parents, but they have considered getting me a phone once- I asked when I turned 14 and they said no At that point I was like “there’s no way I’m ever going to get a phone!

I mean- maybe when I’m 16! It’s honestly depressing not having a phone when your friends do, because that’s how ppl communicate nowadays! Like- my parents also don’t want me to go out too?!

But then again, I would also say my parents are too damn strict!! I am a 13 year old teen, almost 14, and i still don’t have a phone. When I am allowed to get one, I will have to purchase it myself, along with paying the monthly cellular bill.

I ride the bus home, and yet the only reason my parents wont let me buy one is because i don’t need it. Otherwise, I see no need for a phone for kids 10 and younger. Also take into consideration how responsible your kid is.

If there always getting in trouble, then maybe they don’t need a phone quite yet. We are in a wonderful time. There are many devices out now such as the FiLIP. The FiLIP is a smart watch that is pre-programmed with 5 numbers your child may need to call.

This allows you to stay in contact with your child and can usually be added onto your phone plan for next to nothing.

This also allows a young child to not have unrestricted access to the internet or texts. I believe this is a good option up to about age At this age you get to start looking and evaluating if your child is mature and trustworthy enough for a phone.

My parents gave me the option of a cell phone or contacts at 14 and I chose contacts. At 15 I received a phone. Technology isnt avoidable, it is better to teach them to use them correctly than forbiding it.

Dont give them an outdated phone! It should at least have Android 5. Windows Phone isnt an option, lacking apps makes it suck. As a 13 year old teen I would advise to give a child a phone when they have shown they can be mature and responsible.

My mom gave me my first phone in the third grade only because I rode the bus home, and wanted me to call her when I got home to make sure I was okay.

Although it was a phone, it was no where near fancy. My mom gave me a flip phone, so it was really nothing to brag about. If you do give your child a phone young, do NOT get an expensive phone, as it could get lost, which happened to me.

Hope this advice helps: It is really up to the parent to decide when their child should get a mobile phone. My first phone was something called a ‘Gecko phone’.

I was seven at the time and all I could do with it was call my mum and mums friends in an emergency or the emergency number.

My mum was the only one who knew how to programme numbers into the phone and delete numbers from it. It only had the call, the hangup, the up and the down buttons on it. I had that phone for three years and on my tenth birthday, my mum got me a Motorolla flip phone.

At the age of twelve, I was given a smartphone. I am eighteen now and now have an iPhone 7 Plus. But as I said; it is up to the parent to decide when it is the right time for their child to have a phone.

I don’t have a phone, iPod, or anything of the sorts. I’m in my second year of middle school, and it’s starting to get old when I ask my friends to use their phones. I find that a phone would be very useful because there have been numerous times where I have been stuck at school or practice or whatever.

I have to wait till high school to get a phone, and my parents are adamantly against anything electronic. I think middle school is a good age, whenever that may be, because that is kind of the ‘transition’.

You’re no longer a ‘little kid’ when you enter middle school. I didn’t get my first iPhone until just a few days ago Christmas. Before I got my iPhone my parents started me off with a LG Cosmos 3, a simple starter phone that only texts and calls.

I had gotten the LG phone in 7th grade and kept it for two years and wasn’t really addicted to getting a iphone until my aunt kept bugging me about it which was in the middle of the summer I talked to my dad in August about it and asked him how many years you usually keep a phone for and he said 2 and I got very excited because I had kept my phone for 2 years already.

When I asked him when I could get one he said Christmas.. But it was worth waiting because now I am happy I have a new iPhone 6S. I think when kids start middle school they should get a phone, then again it really depends on the parent.

I think that kids ages 13 and up should have phones. I have asked my parents numerous times for a phone, and although my dad does not have a problem with it, my mom refuses to give me a legitamate reason why she does not want me to have one.

Every single person at my school has a phone, and I do not. I have a tablet, but this does not cut it. I do lots of sports, and numerous times nobody has picked me up from them, and I am afraid that one day I will be left alone after track with no way to call anybody.

I do have a flip phone, but it is VERY embarrassing to use it in public. All these things are great to consider when deciding to give your child a phone.

I suggest you should give first a phone is only for calls. Then, depending on age and maturity, you can give an upgrade. Don’t give a child a phone only to improve their social life.

I know you think I’m crazy, but here me out. Your kid needs to learn that a real friend does not care at all whether you have a phone or not and to deal with the fact that you can still have no social life even with a phone.

In fact, it could get worse. Kids, me being another kid without a phone, use this time to prove to your parents that you are a trustworthy, mature kid that can use a phone responsibly.

Then, when you get your phone, you can deal any problems with your phone with ease. Also kids, think about the financial trouble it could cost your parents to get a phone.

You may not know it but your parents have a lot to deal with their money. So, if you wanna ask for a phone, make sure you have a good reason.

Like, really good Thank you parents and children for reading this comment and thinking over it. I think kids should get a phone when they are 10 thru 12 because 1.

I got my first I phone when I was 10 2. By the time you are in 4th or 5th grade it seems like everybody has a phone so you feel left out. Considering all of the above it is ultimately the parents choice because they will know how responsible the kid is and if they are willing to pay the money on the phone and data.

I am constantly asking my mom for a phone but she claims i dont need one even tho i do actually need it for educational purposes. I ggot my hopes up during the holiday season but she is always saying that my older sister didnt get a phone until she was 15, but i am trying to explain to her that times have changed.

All my friends have phones and i always feel really left out. I think that giving a child a smartphone at a young age like 10 is not a good move.

I was given a cell phone at a young age and stumbled upon a lot of content not suitable for someone that young and impressionable. I say you should give your elementary school age child a flip phone with little functions.

Texting and calling family should be the only functions, no games to distract them. Also check your child’s phone often to see what they are up to if they are mature enough to be texting friends.

I think when a child grows to be in middle school it is okay to give them a smart phone if they are mature enough to handle the responsibility and are receiving good grades.

Not having a smart phone in middle school is alienating and can make you seem uncool, so giving your child one can keep their social life from lacking. A child should definitely have a smart phone by high school because they will have no friends without the most recent phone.

I am around this age and I can say that my peers who have phones are a lot more social and generally happier than those without. But, if the child has delinquent behaviors it is best to take away their phone and make them do specific chores or get better grades in order to earn their phone back.

I’m sorry, but I highly disagree with the first part. You may think that a kid should not have a smart phone which in a few ways I do agree with , but it also seems like you think that just because you first got a flip phone, everyone should.

Well, times have changed. You should get a kid a phone at age 9 or It also depends on the grades and behavior. My advice to the teens on here who are frustrated because they don’t have phones is to do some research on different phones, different plans, costs, etc, and present it to your parents with a proposal of how you can pay for it yourself either actually paying for it on your own if you have a job, or making an agreement to take on extra chores or responsibilities to “earn” the money from your parents.

Phones themselves can be very expensive, and the monthly costs of a phone and data plan can also add up very quickly. Especially if you get charged for going over your minutes or data.

I’d suggest shopping around for used devices and look at data-only plans since teens seem to very rarely actually call people and data-only plans can be much cheaper.

Also look into pre-paid phones and no contract phones. Doing this would 1 relieve some of your parents’ stress about the additional financial burden you are asking them to take on, and 2 show them you are responsible and have thoroughly thought through and researched this instead of just impulsively saying “I want”.

When my son was 6, I struggled because I felt like he was too young and immature to handle the responsibility of a cell phone not losing it, not playing games during school, not accidentally stumbling on inappropriate content but he rides the bus to and from school and it made me extremely uncomfortable for him not to have a way to get ahold of me if he needed to.

Especially because our district has had a few issues lately with dropping little kids off at the wrong place. I settled on getting him a gizmo through Verizon. Even though it’s a cell phone, it’s worn and looks like a smart watch – makes it much less likely to be accidentally left somewhere.

There’s also no internet access, no ability to download new apps, and the few “fun” apps built in aren’t distracting games, and he can only make calls to and receive calls from phone numbers that I’ve pre-approved.

Lots of carriers have similar watch phones for kids and I think there are several you can buy independently from a carrier. I think they make great options for kids who are too young for a cell phone, but still actually kind of need one.

All my friends talk on snapchat and there is no way they can communicate with me. If you dont have one before you are 14 all your friends if you have any will make fun of you so you shuld say bye to your social life.

I just turned 20 years old and do not have a cell phone. When I was younger I was given a track phone when I began driving, but if I wanted anything more I would have to pay for it myself. I started living on my own soon after first quarter in high school.

I have been living alone ever since. It is hard to afford everything when you are paying for college, and all of the bills of living, when you are only being paid minimum wage!

So currently my boyfriend and I share a phone that his parents pay for it is cheaper to have him on their plan for them. I completely understand not having a cell phone and feeling socially inept when you do not have one, but kids do not understand how the world works!

Having access to a crappy track phone is enough to contact parents, and friends, especially at a high school age.

If you want anything more you should have to work for it just the same as everyone else in the adult world. If you want things that are provided by your parents you should have to pay them for it if it is more than the bare minimum.

If you are already acting entitled to a phone at a young age, it will be hard for you in the real world. I am a 12 year old girl who goes to a school where everyone in my grade has a smartphone.

And I know that for a fact because each grade took a survey on if they had a phone and what kind, for a “study” that our principal was submitting into an article.

I’m in 7th grade and I got a hand-me-down flip-phone last year only because my parents were scared because I would be taking the bus to and from school on my own.

What annoys me is that I have excellent grades, one of the highest in my grade, I won student-of-the-month, I’m responsible and take care of the chromebook that I use at school school property , while others have destroyed theirs and I see people the exact opposite of me who have iPhone 7’s.

I feel left out and when we are supposed to do activities on our phones in school I just kinda sit and look around at people awkwardly. At my religious school, I see 9 and 10 year olds with phones.

Everyone seems to be getting a new phone except for me. I think the age to get a phone is My sister knows someone who got a phone in 12th grade.

And when she was invited to my sister’s graduation party all the girls in her grade came, but the person who had just gotten a phone didn’t talk to anyone and left early.

Any later than 14, and you can kiss your social life good-bye. I see the exact same issues. I am 13 years old. I too have a flip phone. It is only used for emergencies. We constantly use phones in the classroom.

When we do this, I constantly have to either watch everyone else and do some extra credit, or I end up sharing with someone else phone. I really do not like this. I asked a smartphone from my parents this year for Christmas.

At first, I had high hopes about this year, but then my parents keep saying stuff that discourages me and makes me feel all down and stuff.

I really want a smartphone because it contributes in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Everyone that knows about my flip phone constantly make fun of me.

I tend to try to keep my phone situation quiet but it is hard. It is also hard to be social. Every single person in my school have a smartphone.

At this point, your social life generally fails if you don’t have a smartphone. Fortunately, I play sports so people are still social with me. Over all, I think that 13 year olds should have a smartphone.

I personally believe that until you will be going places alone, you do not need a cellphone. My first phone was when I was when I was 12 years old.

It was not a smartphone, I could only call and text slowly lol and did not have internet access on it. I think first phones should always be strictly for calling. I think 14 or so is a good time for your child to invest in a smartphone theirselves.

When I got my first phone in ish it was a fairly different world and didn’t start carrying a phone with me all the time until I was about We are in a world now where kids feel like they need one to fit in in some respects they do but when I first got a phone a lot of my friends didn’t carry their phones everywhere because they had limited capabilities.

My rule will be 12 or older because a 10 year old does not need a snapchat or a Facebook or instagram. I haven’t reached this problem yet. My son is only 9 and homeschooled, but he’s asked before.

My personal opinion is unless they need one to communicate with their parents, cell phones are frivolous and a constant expense, not a one time cost like a Game Boy or stereo.

It’s a perfect way for them to learn some financial skills by paying for and managing their own payments for data, insurance minutes etc.

If they aren’t willing to work for it then why should they expect their parents to. Im 13 i do not have a phone i think my mom and dad should get me me one but no you are to young and that is so dumb.

I just messed up my tablet a few days ago it has a really bad glitch I haven’t even had it for a year! I don’t want them to think im going to ask them for one I feel like they have ZERO trust in me with a phone.

I feel really left out because I don’t go on school field trips anymore. The only reason is because I don’t have a phone to take pics or keep me busy on the bus.

We do have a house phone but im to embarrassed to call anyone of it. Also my friends text and send pics I cant do that on a house phone. I want to know one how my parents feel about getting me a phone.

How should I come about asking this? First, If you feel embarrassed you might question whether your friends are good for you.

I’m not ashamed of not having as much as others and my true friends won’t judge me for not being as “with it”. If your parents don’t trust you and you know they don’t, I would question yourself as to why they don’t and do they have good reason?

If you aren’t sure, one very grown up thing to do is ask them directly, if they don’t trust you with a phone and why. Follow that up with asking what steps you can take to improve and build their trust in you.

That alone could make them impressed with your maturity. That’s a step in the right direction. Trust takes time and consistency of character. I just turned 16 in October. I am a sophmore at a fine arts academy, therefore we do a lot of things outside of school and I am in many clubs and organizations mostly community service , and most importantly, I will starting to take a lot of dual enrollment courses at a college campus.

Still I have no phone. I think whenever your child starts doing things without a parent around and going out with friends and doing community service, going on trips field trips far from home would be the perfect time to get your child a phone.

Since we are at the end of , forget the flip phones and blackberries. If you want to get your child a phone and if they 15 or over, you should get them a good quality phone that you and your child can rely on.

Don’t be like my parents who are enrolling me into driving school without me even having a phone yet. Wow, I guess there are people my age without phones!

My parents have not given me a phone. They don’t seem to understand the relevance and usefulness of smartphones this day and age. I’ve never owned a flip phone or anything trackphone idk.?

I do very well in school, behave well and responsible, and am I think overall polite and reasonable with my parents. I know I live a pretty good life -we’re not rich, but we’re doing well- so I can’t grasp why my parents won’t accept that a cell phone is basically a necessity for someone my age.

I didn’t get my phone until April last year. I’m 16 now but I never had a problem with communicating with friends and being a part of social media stuff because I had an iPod!

In my opinion, you shouldn’t allow your child to get an actual phone until they are responsible enough and trustworthy. Definitely not under the age of But for the sake of their social lives and keeping in touch with friends, they should have an iPod for all of that, like I did.

When they are older and going places, needing to call parents and people, and other circumstances like that, then it’s time for a phone.

It really all depends on their maturity and life style. I think that the appropriate time for one to get a phone is in the 6th grade.

I personally got my phone in 7th grade and it has allowed me to communicate with friends better and it has made life easier in school now that technology is highly integrated into the modern school system.

The type of phone doesn’t really matter, but I’d say to buy an older phone at first and then to get a newer phone after one’s level of responsibility has been proven.

I started out with an ipod that I had to keep in tact for 5 years in order to get my first phone. Getting a phone too late can seriously hinder a teens social life, something that can be very emotionally stressful.

The ultimate choice remains with the parent, but do keep in mind the needs of your child while deciding! I am 13 and i still do not have an iphone.

If u want to know when to get your child a phone i’ve got an age try from get them a little tracphone it does not have to be touchscreen or anything it could just be a phone that were you could communacate to your parents if there is an emergency then from on their birthday or chirstmas get your child a pre-paid phone they have iphones if your kid wants an iphone it goes far as an iphone 5c or if they want a samsung get them a samsung that’s how i would do it.

My husband and I had always said our kids wouldn’t have cell phones until at least 12 years old. Our daughter ended up with one at the age of 9 but ONLY because she rides horses and started competing with her barn and I wasn’t always able to go.

We received the cheapest smart phone the cell company had with the minimal things needed. She is now almost 12 and last Christmas we upgraded her phone to a Samsung Galaxy because she showed she was responsible enough to have one.

He also got a Galaxy last Christmas and he does nothing but games on it as he is not interest in social media yet. I really think it depends on the child and the circumstances with the child as when they should have one.

I’m in 8th grade, so next year I’ll be off to high school. I’d just be chill and all, sitting there watching my friends snapchating each other or texting and all and I’m just there, the only one without a phone.

She’s chill with the idea. It is , and it is very dangerous out there. Sending me to high school without a phone is very unreasonable. My sister, however, does not want m with such power.

I mean, I won’t be addicted. I know I’m trained to resist the urge of using my phone too much. I have excellent grades in school, I do sports and I’m in clubs.

What more responsibility and well-roundness would you want? I remember once in 6th grade barely made honor role and then receiving an iPhone 6 Plus That stuff gets on my nerve when I work so much but others get the better.

It’s time to let you’re child grow up, not stay as the baby anymore. You should get them a phone not to early nor late, but when you see that they can handle the privilege. Sure, I have an iPod 5 that’s so slow it drives me crazy, but I’m very thankful for what I have until I get a phone.

I’m playing flappy bird on it or something and then one of my friends approach like, “Oh, you have a phone now! Apple would trash those iPods in a year or two just because you can listen to music on a phone or a cheaper MP3 player.

Reading all the thoughts here has inspired me to continue urging my family to see that it’s time I need a phone now.

After all, I turn 14 in a month, and 14 is way too late for a phone. I think that u should buy ur kid a phone at age 12 or 13 because they want to hang out with their friends and want to be in contact with them.

I am about to be 14 in 9 days and I dint have a phone. Is unfair because my brother has a phone and I dont. With that I stay after school and walk home and sometimes is unsafe because anything can happen but if u have a phone with j then j would be able to call for help.

My friends keep asking if I have a phone so we can stay in contact but I don’t. So I think u should buy them at the age 12 to 13 because soon they might start feeling left out which will lead to depression.

Maybe you can work out a compromise. How is it that your brother has a phone but not you? I think the age of getting your child a phone would be 11 or 12 because at that age they are just hitting middle school and they are becoming mature teens.

I for one believe an 11 year old is responsible enough to get there own phone. If they work hard in school, and study enough, then they earn the right.

Coming from a girl who was the youngest in the her grade all the time, I was always jealous to see how hard I worked and still never got a phone compared to the girls who got 5 phones in there lifetime without even trying to do any work whatsoever.

That feeling crushed me. A few weeks later, I was the only girl in my grade without a phone. Then came my 11th birthday, I got my hopes up too high, and guess what I got, another pair of clothing and a stuffed animal.

That was the day I didn’t feel like moving. I was hysterically crieng hugging my knees over a rectangular object. Unless you want what happend to me to happen to your child, I think if they are hard working enough, they deserve a phone of their own.

I came here because my friends are pushing for me to get a phone. My dad teaches at my school, so they are planning on sharing all of their reasons with him soon, but I think I am getting a phone for Christmas, so I keep telling them to hold off for another month and a half.

We have run into many conflicts with me not having a phone, mainly during soccer games, to let my parent or whoever is picking me up that the game is over.

Sometimes, I miss out on something that happened over the weekend because my friends couldn’t contact me, even though I have an email.

I have had to use my dad’s iPad to FaceTime people who are in my group for a project, but it is a pain. I came here to find when a good time to get a phone for a kid is, and I’m in the middle of middle school right now, and struggling with not having this important communication tool.

What age should a kid get a phone??? I got my iPhone when I was 9, and I still use it. My phone helped me become more curious and understand the world better and what goes on outside my room.

But not all kids are too mature. If the kid is immature, doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction, and irresponsible, you probably should reconsider. I am 13 years old and I have an iPhone 6s Plus, and I am going to upgrade to the iPhone 7 here in a few weeks.

I got my first ever phone when I was 9, and it was because we were visiting New York and my mom wanted me to keep in touch. It was a Samsung Galaxy S3, and it was a really good smart phone.

You could call text, access the Internet, download apps, play games, just about everything you need. If your children want phones, I saw let them have it. It’s up to you if you want them to have a brand new phone, or an older phone.

At the time, the phone I had when I was 9 was brand new, so that goes to show you my parents wanted me to have a good, working phone. But let me get back to the point. If your kids are over the age of 6 and they want a phone, just give it to them.

So I’m 14 years old and I have a phone. I got an iPod for my 12th birthday fifth grade and in seventh grade last year I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3.

My mum didn’t know for about a month but after that she was pretty chill. I walk from my school to downtown often or stay after school for sports so I figured if my mum wouldn’t get me a phone, I would.

Now for my 15th birthday I am buying myself an iPhone 5s and my mum will be getting me the iPhone 7 in a few months. Now, I have a limit on my iPod as of now because my mum was concerned I’d constantly be on it.

But she does not check my phone nor my iPod and she also doesn’t check my history of limit what I can search for. I don’t recommend putting access limits on your child’s electronics because if they are allowed one that means that they should be responsible enough to do the right things on the internet.

Putting a limit on the internet makes it so your child is protected from everything. Doing this can cause problems later on with social situations or can scare your child later on because it’s just being thrown at them.

It also tells your child you don’t trust them; also brings up the possibility of your child becoming rebellious and unruly because of ignorant rules. Parents please have more trust in your children and teens, they know more than you want to believe.

I would recommend getting a phone for your child in middle school. Anything after that would be considered too late. I got a phone last year, just before my 13th birthday.

Honestley, I think that anyone under maybe 12 years old does not need a phone. Yes, it is important for someone around that age to get a phone, as it is important to be in touch with parents and friends.

Even with this in consideration, most people get the latest or most expensive phone that has just been released. Personally, I got my mum’s old iPhone 4, and I don’t need anything more than that.

I probabbly will get a new phone soon, but my parents and I have agreed that I have to be able to save up to pay for at least half of it. I would say starting at 6th grade-ish, though.

Ok, so I’m It’s actually really sad to me that I don’t have one, mainly being honest because everyone else does.

And I’m homeschooled, which makes this more of a phenomenon. Money isn’t the problem. All my parents have to do is tell me I have to pay for everything and I will.

I’ll buy the plan, the phone, everything. I currently have an iPod Touch, which I had since I was eleven. You can text on it, which I think is the only thing keeping me from going insane. My friends from camp and I are going to meet up sometime later this month, and my only fear is that I’ll be left out because I’m the only one without a phone.

I feel so left out all the time. So the perfect age gap for a phone is Sending a kid into high school without one is honestly kind of cruel.

Having the iPod touch that I do, it’s enabled me to keep many friendships. Let’s be honest here; you can convince all your friends to email you if you don’t have a phone.

It’s kinda rude to those people, and they don’t use their emails anymore anyway. It’s inconvenient, and it’s not gonna work. Being left out is one of the worst feelings in the world – especially when you could do something about it, but the people you love most won’t let you.

I’m 13 and I got a phone at the beginning on 6th grade, I am a child who rides the bus and goes to the park after school. Personally tweens should get a phone at As they can use it for music, chatting with family and friends and used to emergencys.

I use my phone for all, but don’t get a nice new phone. A phone such as a HCT evo works fine for tweens. I have that phone and it’d a lot safer.

You can it do live streams and Snapchat lenses. Its not huge and its good for sound. I am 12, and there is a 10yr gap between me and my closest sibling. All of my siblings got a phone at 16, my mom’s rule.

I think it is unfair that I have to wait another four years for a phone. My friends are getting new phones and I don’t have anything. I am responsible and have all A’s, and I would feel safer if I had a phone.

I talked to my mom about it several times, but she said, “no. She loves to talk about any and everything to family members, and since my ex and aren’t together she is still very close to his family so getting to talk to them is great for her.

I get asked for my number. And then I say, “Yeah, I don’t have one. That’s part of what makes them kids. They’ll lose phones, drop phones, soak phones, and break phones. Assume it will happen. How about a non-smartphone?

We’re in an annoying transition period right now where the wireless carriers are reducing their non-LTE coverage maps, but they aren’t making a lot of LTE simple phones available yet.

Still, a simple phone can keep costs down and make it clear that phones should be used for calling your parents. Whatever phone you get, make sure to get a nice, rugged case for it.

I didn’t expect how creative she’d become with the S Pen, constantly doodling and making notes. Thanks to the pen, her Galaxy Note 4 isn’t just a phone, it’s an endless diary. When you get your kid a phone, whether it’s a new one or a hand-me-down, you have to address what service plan it’ll be on.

In that case, they only have coverage in known Wi-Fi networks, and can’t send standard text messages or make regular phone calls. Your carrier may have a good or convenient deal to add a line, which may also mean that you can get a phone on a monthly payment plan.

If you’re sharing a data bucket with a child, make sure that to limit their line to a certain amount of monthly data so that they don’t eat up all of yours.

You may also be able to save money by connecting your child’s phone to a low-cost service. Then you don’t have to worry about overages or about your own plan being used.

Make a deal with your kid: If they get a phone, you get to look at it. I check my daughter’s phone periodically. She’s fine with that; that’s the deal. Once she’s a teenager, I’m not going to read her text messages, because we need to build trust.

But she’ll understand that I have the option. But also, take a look at our Best Parental Control Software roundup. Android and iOS both have some built-in parental controls.

On both OSes, you can block purchases you should, immediately, because it’s way too easy to buy things accidentally , as well as application usage or installation.

Google’s Family Link software for Android 7 phones gives you activity reports and lets you set screen time limits as well. There are some apps that are frequently used for cyberbullying, and should stay off of any child’s phone.

These apps tend to change a lot, as each new cohort of kids finds something new. For instance, YikYak and Ask. FM were bad news a few years ago, but they’re less popular now.

Phones that only make calls to a short list of contacts and that have no games, no Web access, and no camera are good choices. Consider the Sprint WeGo, the Firefly, or the FiliP 2, a watch that makes calls to an abbreviated contact list and receives — but can’t send — texts.

Phones that look grown-up but offer limited features or that come with a service that allows you to customize options are good choices for older kids.

Take a look at the Kurio phone, the Kajeet service, the Just5 , or the TracFone , which can’t download apps. Log in Sign me up. Reviews Make great choices for your whole family.

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Comments My personal take on this is that if children have a decent reason on why they should get a phone and you have a trusting relationship with your child, then look into getting them a phone.

I still don’t have my own phone and I’m 16 years old. I use an ipod that I got when I was in the seventh grade. I think that if your child is asking for Internet access not a phone, then look into getting them a tablet or an ipod because they would have Internet access without the monthly bill of a phone.

I think that if your child is asking for a phone under the age of 12 you might want to askip yourself, “why does my child need a phone? Who do they have to call? What kind of apps will they have access to?

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Any phone could fit years description. Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button HERE for learn about phones that under you keep tabs on your child’s activity, allows you to control what they see and kids and permits you to limit their online time. You can update your preferences by clicking the link at the bottom of any Common Sense newsletter. Whenever I see a 12 year-old hanging out with his friends while playing on an iPhone, I feel like their childhood is being wasted. How can I track or monitor my kid’s phone? Kytephone old a free app that turns any Android device into a kid-friendly phones with customizable parental controls. Kids Phone Cell Parental Controls.


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