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The analysis is carried out in cooperation with the Complete all lifestyles. Did you know? Nov. 11 vs. Los Angeles Kings 40 – 49 inches I reckon the rise in BF3 is due in large to the fact that BF4 is still so bug riddled.

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Brand loyalty is important and when they guys can’t play BF4 for whatever bug reason they will fall back on to something they know and trust. In this case BF3. Tonight, top collegiate and international standouts converge on the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the much-anticipated NBA draft. The draft is a window into the future for the franchises and players that participate, and the results can profoundly affect a team’s competitiveness and even shape the sport itself. Look no further than LeBron James, who was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ top pick in 2003 who just brought home the franchise’s first championship while picking up his third NBA Finals MVP. Like the NBA draft, esports is filled with prospects, but not just the players.

Everyone — from sponsors to franchises — is eager to see which game will become the basketball of competitive gaming. Will League of Legends keep its perch as the most-watched (and most-played) esport in the world, or is there a game out there on the verge of coming out on top? Keeping in the spirit of the NBA draft, it’s time for the esports draft. Based on current viewership, sponsorship, player base and, most importantly, future growth potential, here is my draft board for the esports to look out for in 2016 and beyond.

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CS:GO has come a long way in the past year. What seemed to be a midtier competitive title only a year or two ago has begun to challenge League as the world’s most-watched esport. With the game currently on weekly television with TBS and Eleague, the potential growth for the title is even greater.

Outside of being huge in North America, Europe and South America, the game is starting to gain traction in China, and that can only mean more money, sponsorships and eyeballs directed toward the world’s top first-person shooter. Additionally, CS:GO’s straightforward five-on-five format with clear-cut attack and defense objectives contributes to its growing popularity among spectators.

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This simplicity has the advantage against games with thousands of spells and different characters like League of Legends, and makes this Valve game my top pick on the board. League of Legends, for all its issues and complaints, is still the game that has the farthest reach when it comes to worldwide appeal. There are professional leagues for League of Legends across the globe, and it’s huge in major markets like the United States, Europe and China. It has a wide array of famous players, like the Michael Jordan-esque Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, and Riot has done a good job marketing its leagues and talent while also investing in infrastructure behind-the-scenes.

The issue that League might run into, outside of how difficult it can be for a newcomer to understand what the hell is actually going on, is the regional parity of the competitive scene. Koreans dominate the game, and most of the top international teams in other regions have Korean imports on the roster. While nationalistic diversity isn’t the be-all and end-all, the same teams from the same region winning the major tournaments every year can turn away fans from budding regions.

Startup Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

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The second Valve game on the board, Dota 2, is a game that has staying power despite its smaller scale. Dota’s greater complexity vs. League adds depth, but it also makes the game less approachable for new audiences. While Dota has significant international presence, its inability to crack key esports markets like South Korea also contributes to its ranking behind League.

Still, Dota 2 is a safe pick as the third-biggest esport. The crowd-funded prize pools for Dota events are huge and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more loyal group of fans; add in its history in China, and I think it’ll keep its spot for at least the near future.

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For the fourth pick, I’m selecting the new game Overwatch, which doesn’t even have a competitive mode implemented inside it yet. Overwatch has been a huge success sales-wise for Blizzard since its release in May. And it unthinkably unseated League of Legends as the top-played game in Korean internet cafes this past week, threatening to end a 203-week streak for the Riot title. People love the game. People love the characters. People love the mixture betw

Opinions and reviews Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

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