Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked – 8 4 – ar

valid until 2018/1/23

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

05.03.2018 – The PlayStation Store had some noteworthy releases in February: The whole suite concept is a CON try to contat them and it gets even tougher.

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked jeux

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

What’s New?

1. 2Adobe has got a few of these products to give away as prizes.
2. 7 Discs, powerproducercyberlink media suite 8 is still the slickest collection of media editing, management, and burning tools around, but the competition is tightening. Recovery Professional v2.

3. 7 Ulead PhotoImpact 11 with Meg Update This board should be very affordable and a great match with the upcoming Sandy Bridge Pentium and Celeron processors expected later this year. mobile phone of choice, it would seem that there is much to look forward to where such firmware updates are concerned.

Specification: CyberLink Media Suite 9 Centra:

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked

4. 8 Razer Naga Epic gaming mouse review at Examiner Description: The report also outlines that the antenna will be redesigned and positioned just behind the Apple logo, away from edges and corners.Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 crackedAdvanced Security Administrator v Call of Duty 2

5. 8 This offers flexibility if the user decides to upgrade from a 3G to a 4G connection. Systran Professional Premium 5.

6. 2 Broadband Network Architectures PHP Designer Professional v5.

7. 8 These five keys will map instantly to the first five icons on your Windows 7 taskbar, allowing you to access your favorite applications faster than ever before.

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked down

Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Presentation Description No description available. VR-Zone Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.

Apple slash first-generation iPad prices Source: Well, we have took the liberty of summerising what has happened at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for your reading pleasure. Many didn’texpecthimtoturnupduetohisdeterioratinghealth,but he did.

This is not surprising since the new iPad 2 will hold the same prices as the original iPad’s launch price. Apple’s March 2nd media event Roundup Source: March 2nd, Besides having over publishers in iBookstore, Random House will joining the iBookstore today, bringing another 17, books to the iBookstore catalog.

According to Jobs, Apple should have the “most accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet”. VR-Zone Apple has announced its iPad 2 and overall it’s upgrades all around with a new dual core A5 processors, much faster graphics, lower weight, slimmer profile and of course the much wanted cameras.

That’s pretty much what everyone was hoping for and Apple has left out surprisingly little for an iPad 3upgrade,butwe’resurethey’llfiguresomethingouttoattract people’s attention next year.

Apple has announced its iPad 2 and overall it’s upgrades all around with a new dual core A5 processors, much faster graphics, lower weight, slimmer profile and of course the much wanted cameras.

The A5 processor is still ticking away at 1GHz, but it now has two cores and the graphics core is said to offer up to nine timestheperformancecomparedtotheoriginaliPad. Therear camera will shoot p video at 30fps, while the front camera is stuck at VGA quality at 30fps.

Amazingly Apple has managed to slim down the iPad 2 to a mere 8. Evenso,we’relookingatthesame10hbatterylife for the Wi-Fi models, or in the case of the 3G models, 9h.

The screen remains the same as on the old model, in other words we’re still looking at a 9. Some features that have been carried over includes Apple launches the iPad 2 Source: Mexico, Australia and New Zealand on the 25 of March.

March 2nd, same time as it’s connected to an HDMI screen or projector. It supports p video mirroring, but oddly enough Apple states that it’ll only play back H. The dongle doesn’t look like the most solid piece of equipment to ever come out of Apple and it’s really quite an awkward way to connect the iPad to an HDMI equipped display device.

Thecoverfoldsupin three and can be used as a stand. Most of the rumours about the iPad 2 didn’t come true, as we didn’tgetahigherresolutionscreen,nobuiltinSDcardreader and most definitely no Thunderbolt support, but cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked so, it looks like Apple has managed to a pretty good job in updating its tablet.

Apple will be offering them in both white and black from day one, which is another first for the iPad 2. AvailabilityintheUSisMarch11 th followedbyEurope,Japan, th Apple didn’t announce availability dates for other markets.

Is it as fast as it is rumored to be? A kind reader has dropped us some scores which do look in line with all the current GTX Ti specifications bits pieced together. Things look pretty ugly in 3DMark 11 though.

Clock speeds in excess of MHz are said to be attainable and that will send the 3DMark 11 score past P on a well-overclocked ‘Sandy Bridge’ system. With an expanded 3 Slide 4: March 2nd, product portfolio, ASUS hopes to fulfill its promise of providing choices for everyone.

VR-Zone enthusiasts to monitor and optimize clock speed, voltage and fan speed to achieve extreme levels of performance. Everything that made the Rampage III Extreme so great is back, but with a stylish black-themed design, plus many hardware and software improvements.

Apple Online Store down ahead of iPad media event Source: It is a standard operating procedure for the iPhone and iPad makerstobringtheironlinestoresdownaheadofmajorevents and new product releases.

So we can safely say that this is Apple’s way of telling us that they are going to introduce something new to their online store. The next-generation iPad is expected to announce within the next few hours.

Stay with us as we bring you the latest developement from Apple’s special media event. The two boards arequitedifferentintermsofwhattheyofferthoughandwe’re pretty sure that these are only two of the first boards of many to come.

Bear in mind that this is a budget board and it won’t compete with the H67 boards in terms of features. The two boards arequitedifferentintermsofwhattheyofferthoughandwe’re ASRock decided to show off its Z68 board as CeBIT too and it actually looks like one of the better boards that have been shownsofar.

We’renotentirelysoldonthecolourscheme,but that’s really a minor issue considering that ASRock appears to have loaded up the Z68 Extreme4 with pretty much every feature you could need or want.

Slot wise the board has three x16 PCI Express slots, of which of course the second one is of the switchable x8 type while the third slot only has four lanes worth of bandwidth.

There are also headersfortwoUSB3. This board should be very affordable and a great match with the upcoming Sandy Bridge Pentium and Celeron processors expected later this year.

We also noted a PLX bridge chip on the board that we’re not quite certain what the purpose of it is. OveralltheZ68Extreme4iswhatwe’dexpectfromahigh-end Z68 board, but this might not be the top of the range model from ASRock, as the company offers higher-end P67 models, so we might get to see something even more feature packed by the time the platform launches.

Retribution gets a new launch trailer. At least until now. First impressions, they look great! Unfortunately, looks won’t do anything cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked performance.

While it looks great, the Published by: VR-Zone question will be does it perform? Read on to find out if the performance matches the looks! New, more effective optical fibers have semiconductive core Description: Fiber optic cables can transmit over a terabyte of information per second — but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t room for improvement.

One of those improvements, which was officially announced today, involves replacing the silica glass core of fiber optic strands with semiconductive zinc selenide. This new class of fiber optics, invented and created at Penn State University, is said to “allow for a more effective and liberal manipulation of light.

This latest fan controller will hopefully continue their high-quality, high- value reputation. Sealed, all-in-one water coolers seem to be the fastest-growing segment of the CPU cooler market today.

Air coolers are reaching their physical limits: Watercoolingsystemsworkaroundtheseproblems by moving the heat exchanger off of the CPU socket, and using a fluid to transfer heat from the CPU to the heat exchanger.

Coolit Systems has been making retail and bespoke liquid cooling systems for some years now, and the Coolit Vantage A. Benchmark Reviews pits this new entry against existing air and water coolers in a performance showdown.

It can’t always be about the graphics cards, the gaming mice, the motherboards and the high powered speakers, right? Well no indeed, sometimes us reviewers have tolookatsomethingalittlelessexciting.

Let’s check it out. NAND flash contract prices stable Description: Meanwhile, the price of 32Gb 3- bit per cell MLC products was similar to the level in the first half of the month.

Bigfoot Networks, the technology company behindtheKillerlineofnetworkingproductsforonlinegames, today introduced its new Killer Wireless-N family of high- performance Wi-Fi adapters for laptops.

Consumer Electronics and Software News: For those of us that use a mouse everyday for hours on end we can be susceptible to RSI or repetitive stress injury. Google representatives, especially those high up on the ladder, are no stranger to major events.

This is especially true for Eric Schmidt who, over the years, has given keynoteaddressesatalmosteverytoptechnologyandbusiness event even slightly related to his industry. Razer Naga Epic gaming mouse review at Examiner Description: New Evernote Should Help Description: Evernote launched a redesigned version of its iPhone software Tuesday, adding new views and features that furtherhelporganizethoughtsonthego.

Evernote4,available 7 Published by: VR-Zone in the iTunes App Store, now supports multiple attachments and up to 90 minutes of audio recording per note. A new resources button helps to find information based on context, anduserscanfindnotesonamap,basedonthelocationwhere the data was entered, or browse by images or attachments.

Back in December of last year, I noted the existence of the first Foodspotting build for Android just in time for the holidays. Sony can get around LG patent shipment ban Description: Sony could still get around the PS3 shipment ban thanks to a loop in the patent enforcement code Dawn of War 2: Retribution Gets Launch Trailer Description: Retribution is setting in at Dawn of War 2 as the 2nd expansion of the original game goes on retail today.

Japanese developers comment on NGP Description: With the introduction of the Sony NGP, it’s inevitable that the people who will be working on the system’s software, the game developers and publishers, will be putting in their two cents on the handheld device.

How to turn your iPhone 4 transparent Source: Well, there’s now a simpler yetsomewhatcomplicated wayofachievingthatjaw- dropping transparent panel. March 2nd, In the original story of the transparent iPhone 4, what the Hong Kong enthusiast did was to disassemble and remove the front and back panel of the phone.

He then used paint thinner and carefully remove the paint from the panels and assemble the iPhone back again once the panels are clear. Whilethatsoundspainstakinglyriskyandrequiressometime, there’s now a somewhat easier way of achieving the same effect.

And this method is reversible. The folks over at M.

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March 2nd, CeBITexhibitionheldinGermany,wheretheTaiwaneseOEM has rolled out what appears to be its first foray into the home theatre market with three new offerings: Rugby Challenge Media Suite 9 Pro is the next step up. Microsoft Exam Q and A For those looking to replace a fixed line, or to simply take their broadband connection with them when traveling or commuting, the WLN3G offers a perfect balance of value and performance. Java Games Collection Part 01

Cyberlink media suite 9 ultra edition 9 0 0 2410 cracked video downloader

Details are somewhat sparse, but according to a report posted by The Telegraph, detectives now have the authority to send warning messages to cyber bullies informing them that their actionsarerunningafoulofthelawandcouldfaceprosecution if they do not desist.

In addition, to strike the fear of having that very veil of anonymity stripped away into the aforementioned bullies, the offenders’ parents will also be notified by law enforcement agencies via a letter describing the offences committed by the child and what are the possible consequences of not ceasing such activities.

This scheme is the brainchild of a police constable in England known as Dave Thomas, who described it as a move designed to “nip the problem in the bud”.

While we want them to realise how serious the matter is, we also want to avoid that and keep young people out of the criminal justice system if possible,” he explained. Internet Explorer sees modest gains in market share for February Source: According to the latest statistics released by Netmarketshare, Microsoft’s web browser gained more than 0.

Does this mean that Microsoft has finally gotten things right with Internet Explorer? VR-Zone It seems like the numbers for browser market share are filly out for public viewing, and that is always good news for most browser fans and pundits.

After all, there is no better proof than a bunch of statistics to justify one’s claim of ‘which browser is the next thing to look out for’, especially when the browser market is chock full of competitors today from the likes of heavyweight software vendors such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

However, it would seem that the numbers for February seem to buck the trend we have all been accustomed to: On the other hand, Firefox was the unexpected casualty time, dropping 0. March 2nd, However, fans of Microsoft and Internet Explorer might want to holdtheir horsesinstead of celebrating their newfound gain inbrowsermarketshare.

Thisisduetothefactthattheanalyst firm responsible for churning out the results have claimed in an announcement that the spike in IE’s share was the cause of switching to a new counting algorithm released by the C.

Unfortunately,thelackoffurtherdetailsfromNetmarketshare means that it is not possible to determine whether Internet Explorer’s sudden spike in popularity is truly caused by more users moving back to Internet Explorer especially when IE9’s Release Candidate was only released recently , or whether it is merely the result of a simple adjustment to the way browser market share is calculated.

Still, it does not change the fact that the numbers reflect positively on Microsoft and Internet Explorer for the month of February. After all, a gain is still a gain, and with Microsoft having demonstrated that it can produce a standards- compliant browser with IE9, it may not be that surprising to find out if the Redmond giant is really starting to win more Internet users back to its fold.

Google fixes Gmail issues, provides explanation for the freak incident Source: Well, it seems that Google has managed to identify the culprit responsible for the little incident, and has issued a statement describing what actually happened that day.

On the plus side, the search giant has also assured users that no data was permanently wiped off the face of the virtual world. Read on to find out more. Do you remember the article we posted two days back about some users logging into Gmail, only to find out that every 12 Published by: VR-Zone single message and folder in their Gmail account has been cleaned off without their knowledge?

We’re sure you did: Well, the good news about this little issue is that Google has confirmed what most people were probably anxiously waiting for. According to a message posted on Google’s official Gmail blog, the loss of emails was caused by a botched storage software update: However, uses can rest assured that their data is still safe from complete erasure.

This is because the search giant claims that it has kept additional backups on tape drives which are not hooked up to online-capable machines, and has thus survivied the failed update.

The only issue is that it will take time for the search giant to restore said data from the tape drives, as the recovery process appears to be much more complex than simply sending a request to another data centre.

Still, users can take consolation in the fact that Google has beenworkinghardtoensurethatallrecoveredcontentisbeing processed and sent out to affected users as soon as possible. Accordingtothelatestupdatefromthesearchgiant,allbackup content has already been successfully processed and are now currently on their way back to their respective users’ mail folders, where they rightfully belong.

With any luck, affected users should have their Gmail messages fully restored by the end of today. IT Show Promotions: Here are some of their promotions at the Show. March 2nd, Published by: VR-Zone simultaneously and was designed to for mobile professionals.

It features a conventional AC input for fast charging and comes with a detachable USB output module with embedded Li-ion rechargeable battery for portable power supply.

Uses can detach and carry just the USB output module when they need extra power on-the-go for their mobile devices. The new SSDs are set to launch in mid- April. The Series will be pushed as ‘the fast hard drive alternative’ with performance and data reliability as two key focus areas.

Final performance figures and drive lifespan are not available yet, but we do expect them to be pretty much the same as rumored specifications so far: Apple iPad 2 Rumour Roundup Source: March 2nd, Literally months and months of rumours have come about when it comes to the upcoming iPad 2.

While there are many claims, only a few of them we feel that are plausible and we have taken the liberty to feature them here. Through many leaked cases made for the upcoming iPad 2, as well as mockups seen at Macworld, we can conclude that the successorwillfeatureathinnershellthanthefirstborn.

Ontop ofsheddingweightinthatslimmershell,itshouldfeatureaflat back with sides tappering in. While the general consensus is that it will be made of aluminium, there is a rumour out there that the device will be covered in carbon fiber to reduce the weight and offers scratch resistant.

One of the most recent rumour is that the tablet may feature a white face as seen in the leaked front bezel found in China. If Apple do drop the whitey on us, it would not be surpising for Apple to launch it alongside a black version.

No Retina but better screen? Since the introduction of the Retina screen on the iPhone 4, many have expected Apple to incorporate that into the next iPad. But this myth was debunked by analysts and manufacturers as it would require more juice and raw power to drive the tablet.

Instead, we believe that screen will have the same size and resolution, but thinner design which gives the iPad 2 a thinner shell too. Quality of the screen could be improved too.

Guess we will only find out when it is officially out. Cameras Many other tablet makers have included cameras in their own versions and Apple has been criticised for not including any. With reference to FaceTime in the iOS 4.

Thefrontcameraissaidtobeofthesame resolution to those found on the iPhone 4 VGA-resolution. The back, on the other hand, should feature a 3. But judging from the sizes of current iPad and flash RAM prices, it would be unlikely.

Internal storage size will be somewhat irrevelant if Apple really launch their cloud-based iTunes and MobileMe. Holes With closer analysis of the holes of the leaked iPad 2 cases, it can be said that Apple will still retain its pin iPod connector.

Some might argue that Apple is scrapping that due to recent EU rulings. But we expect Apple to just go around that issue with a pin to micro-USB adaptor. The large hole at the bottom left of the iPad is expected to be a much superior speaker.

But the hole that raises more questionsisthe”new”holeonthetopoftheiPad2cases. But it might be a hybrid port featuring the recently released Thunderbolt. It is unlikely to be a USB port. There are other rumours that circles around the next iPad, but these are the ones which we feel might actually come true for iPad 2.

To find out the truth, remember to stay tuned to our coverage of Apple’s media event tomorrow. Intel’sunlockediKprocessor gets reviewed; AMD claims that Intel’s Thunderbolt is ‘just another proprietary interface’, Samsung is reportedly planning a Galaxy Tab 2 launch on March 22; Images of Apple’s iPad 2 appears to have been leaked out before its official launch; Our sister site SGCafe has a quick hands on with the new Crysis 2 demo, and Thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles have been seized in the EU, ostensibly due to an ongoing dispute between LG and Sony over Blu-ray copyright infringement claims Hardware News: The Sone is a perceived level of sound; it is not like dB ratings.

Since there is no direct conversion, in a roundabout way, 0. March 2nd, sound the same or quieter as the Scythe fans; I know I could not hear the Freezer 13 Pro over the Scythe fans Increasing processor efficiency by matching power with demand Description: As more and more devices go mobile and these devices become more and more powerful, chipmakers must also take the energy efficiency into account.

Harvard graduate student Wonyoung Kim has developed and demonstrated an on-chip, multi-core voltage regulator MCVR that he says could allow the creation of “smarter” smartphones, slimmer laptops and more energy efficient data centers by more closely matching the power supply to the demand of the chip.

After several weeks testing and trying out Intel’s Core ik Sandybridge processor, there isn’t a whole lot tosayotherthanit’srelativelycheap,it’sfastandit’sextremely overclockable.

There is enough space to fit a 2. There are vents on the top and sides that help expel heat and keep the case quiet. The X-Fit also has a sturdy build, constructed from 0. The style and finish is black, which matches perfect with most people’s decor.

ARM strikes microcontroller licensing deals Description: ARM has announced two strategic partnerships in the microcontroller MCU market with an aim to strengthening ties and developing on the technologies.

While we may have reviewed this unit before and we may not be doing full PSU reviews unless we have access to the proper equipment, that doesn’t stop us doing a quick unboxing and feature analysis preview right?

Let’s, you know, open the box and look at it; and stuff. Advanced Micro Devices, the second largest supplier of x86 microprocessors on the globe and the designer of half of the world’s discrete graphics adapters, said that Intel Corp.

The chip designer also doubted that the TB actually brings any tangible improvements. Samsung To Launch 8. Many of us can now wirelessly stream images from a computer to a screen over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without too much trouble, but the display is still inevitably powered by cables.

At CeBIT , Fujitsu is showing off a working prototype of a inch computer display that receives both images and power wirelessly. The power transfer is made possible by magnetic induction technology — similar to Powermat chargers — that’s concentrated into hotspots built into office furniture or conference tables.

Blisteringly fast, printing up to cps characters per second the MLeco Series is a range of reliable,highperformancedesktopdotmatrixprintersallwith truly versatile paper handling and low energy consumption.

A first for OKI, the MLeco Series incorporates a convenient front paper feed to complement rear, bottom and top paper inputs for maximum flexibility. Included as standard is a multi-position tractor feed unit to make feeding continuous paper, single or multi-part, easy and straightforward.

The prototype laptop has been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturer Lenovo and will be shown publicly for the first time at CeBIT in Hannover, March Antec has dominated the computer chassis market for more than a decade, and with many of their customers slowly converting to portable platforms it makes good business sense to diversify the product portfolio.

Enter soundscience, a subsidiary of Antec, that is dedicated to audiophile-level products for use on multiple platforms. The soundscience rockus 2. Nearlyeverythinglinesupwith the leaked info: It even matches-up with most of the leaked cases.

March 2nd, Description: Sony’scourttroublescurrentlyinvolvemorethan just tracking down hackers. According to a report from the Guardian, shipments of PlayStation 3s are being confiscated by European customs officers as Sony fights a patent battle with LG over Blu-ray.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Description: It is time to put on your nanosuit and have a feel of Crysis 2 PC demo. The PC multiplayer download is now available on the official site, that offers 2 maps available for online play.

Pier 17 and Skyline. PCgamersthatpreferplayingvideogamesonthe big screen will soon be able to take Steam from their monitors to their televisions. Valve announced its “big picture” plan for Steam today, responding to consumer requests to make the online gaming platform available in more places.

For those who don’t know what Gaikai is, it is a cloud-based gaming technology that is similar and probably a competitor to Onlive. Yes, you don’t need to downloadorinstallanysoftwaretoplaygameslikeCallofDuty or Mass Effect 2; simply play the game via your web browser.

Cloud-computing applications are not only limited to Facebook, email, Microsoft Office Live Workspace, Google Docs or Dropbox; it has also extended to the gaming space.

Imagine playing your favorite first-person shooter game like Crysis using your web browser, without the need of high-end graphics card, CPU, or even download and install software.

Yes, that could be possible in the near future. Gaikai is the latest cloud-based gaming technology that has gone live recently, which allows users “to play major PC and console games like Call Of Duty or World Of Warcraft 16 Published by: Well, that is also part of what Gaikai do since it provides a new video game advertising network for publishers, developers, retailers and affiliatesviaonlinegamedemosandsoftwareapps.

Well,there is no free lunch in this world – the company will need to sustain itself while providing users like us with great gaming experiences. At the moment, Gaikai is currently in closed beta though you can sign up for a beta invite and hopefully be chosen to try out Gaikai.

Also on display was Gigabyte’s P67X-UD4 board which is part of what appears to be a new sub family of boards from Gigabyte, as the P67A-UD4 is still aroundandwasjustre-launchedwiththeB3steppingchipset.

Not to be out done by its competitors, Gigabyte was also showing off an early Z68 board prototype at CeBIT, although in this case it appears to be a much earlier sample than its competitors were displaying, at least judging by the blue PCB, black slots and grey heatsinks.

In terms of slot configuration we’re looking at a fairly standard setup with two x16 PCI Express slots where the second slot is activated by switching to dual x8 in the BIOS.

That’saprettyloadedlayout,althoughbynowwewouldn’t miss the D-sub connector or even to a degree the DVI connector terribly. Around the back things are looking like a rainbow exploded, although presumably this won’t be the case on the final production boards.

Overall an interesting board and what looks set to be a good successor of the P67A-UD4 if that’s the plan, as we can’t see anyone not picking this over the old model, or even the P67A-UD5.

The Android phone features the company’s HTC Sense user interface and 8-megapixel camera with dual flash. HTC has unveiled their latest Incredible S Android smartphone that offers distinct design, great performance and 17 Slide March 2nd, value.

It also incorporates the company’s unique HTC Sense user interface that makes usability more simple and natural. With the stereo surround sound, it brings cinematic experience to the palm of your hand.

You can take high quality pictures with the build- in 8-megapixel camera with dual flash, and shares videos, photos and music from the handset direct to a TV using DLNA technology. VR-Zone Busy professionals have it good when it comes to carting that all-important notebook of theirs from one place to another, right?

After all, most of the aforementioned professionals tend to use small suitcases as their apparel of choice for storing various documents, and most are easily large enough to accommodate a laptop if the situation calls for it.

However, there are times where a typical suitcase might lack the real estate needed to shove a laptop into them for storage purposes, especially when most of the available space in one has already be occupied by all manner of documents and whatnot.

And it would seem that this is the very kind of problem that a Chinese OEM has attempted to solve with its new, one-of-a-kind business suitcase. After all, why struggle over putting the PC into a suitcase, when one can put the suitcase right into the computer?

It starts off a a very innocent-looking suitcase Now this is we would call a real ‘suitcase PC’ Source: Well, leave it to the Chinese to solve the little problem in what has got to be the most novel of ways.

Now this is certainly a good example of thinking within the box, no? VR-Zone Amazing, is it not? Unfortunately, this is where the classic ‘good news bad news’ situation comes into play. Apparently, in an attempt to squeeze the PC into the confines of a tiny suitcase, the OEM was forced to make some significant compromises with the machine’s performance levels.

While the ‘suitcase PC’ will come preloaded with Windows XP to ensure maximum compatibility with the existing Windows ecosystem, the hardware used to power the device is anything but impressive.

As there does not appear to be any room for a dedicated hard disk, storage is accomplished by loading the device with 8GB worth of NAND flash memory chips, while the inch touchscreen utilizes resistive technology and sports a rather low resolution of x Granted, the hardware specifications sound mediocre at best, but 1Pad.

As such, it would make sense that such a computer does not need to possess the computing power found in today’s PCs. The service will also extend to 17 countries. Read on for the details. Singapore Airlines customers in the US, Singapore and five other Asia Pacific countries and territories can now pay for their flights with PayPal on singaporeair.

After booking Singapore Airlines flights online, travellers can now pay for tickets using their PayPal account in as few as three clicks and without the need to re-type their credit card or financial details.

A year-long global marketing campaign will be launched to celebrate the collaboration between Singapore Airlines and PayPal. One lucky winner will be selected daily from 7 March to 6 April Besides using their online balance, PayPal users can pay for their Singapore Airlines flights from their bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards that are linked to their PayPal account.

Adobe kicks off Acrobat X Wizard quiz Source: Unfortunately, having the power of professional software at one’s fingertips usually comes at a heavyprice,literally. Butifyouwantachancetogetyourhand on some of Adobe’s software without having to foot a single cent, why not give this little quiz of sorts from Adobe a go and see what prizes await you?

March 2nd, Do you fancy getting your hands on a copy of Adobe’s latest office productivity and creative tools? If so, then you are in luck: Adobe has got a few of these products to give away as prizes.

All you have to do is take part in a simple quiz or ‘quest’ Published by: VR-Zone Here’s a caveat though: This is where having a huge network of virtual friends becomes a huge asset. Indeed, Adobe has confirmed that there are other ways of chalking up points, and that involves being an active member on Adobe’s PDF Guild’s Facebookpageandrecommendingmorefriendstotakeupthe Guild quiz.

Doingso will make you a member of the Guild. Of course, you can also expect some form of rewards for your efforts. Do take note that you will need to have an actual working copy of Adobe Acrobat X either day trial or full version in order to proceed with the quiz, as users are required to use the software as a tool for fulfilling certain tasks such as creating certain PDF files which must then be uploaded to Adobe’s servers.

Thegoalistoattaina’Wizard’rankingattheendofthe quiz to prove your mastery of Adobe’s Acrobat X productivity tool. The selling point of both boards is that they overclock, but youcanstillmakeuseofIntel’sintegratedgraphics,something that might become appealing with a sprinkle of LucidLogix Virtu software.

This might not be the final layout, so expect the possibility of some features to changebeforeitlaunches. Theboardhasthreex16PCIExpress slots, although the second one only works when two graphics cards are inserted in dual x8 mode and the third slot only has four lanes worth of bandwidth.

Around the back we spotted six USB 2. All pretty much par for the course, of course with the addition of the display interfaces, something that so far hasn’t been a feature found on high-end motherboards.

ThisboardalsofeaturesaVoltage readout block just in front of the power connector, just like the P67A-GD Of the two boards we’d say the MSI looks like the winner, at least in terms of features, but it’s also likely to be the more expensivemodelofthetwo.

Bothcompanieshaveworkedwith LucidLogix in the past, so we’d expect that its Virtu software will be bundled with both boards when they ship. Without it, the Z68 chipset is still something of a winner, although be aware that it’s not likely that you’ll be able to use Intel’s QuickSynctechnologywithoutit,atleastnotiftheZ68chipset worksanythingliketheH67chipsetwhenyouinsertadiscrete graphics card.

Dubbed the TITAN 17, this desktop replacement packs the high-end hardware components that offer superb performance to gamers and creative professionals. The TITAN 17 features the fastest processor – the Intel Core i7 X Extreme Edition – and with fast, intelligent multi-core technology, it claims to be capable of delivering an incredible breakthrough in gaming performance.

Built-in High-Definition Audio Published by: Kensington Lock and fingerprint reader – Dimensions: This enables easier and faster multi-GPU programming and application performance.

Developers can easily coordinate work across multiple GPUs for tasks such as “halo” exchange in applications. Donaminhaber has leaked out the presentation slides on the upcoming AMD Radeon HD graphics card which is slatedtolaunchonMarch8th.

VR-Zone everything else is secondary it if you are going for the scores. Pricing is unknown for now. Even though the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone was announced in February, the Korea manufacturer has not forgotten the loyal fans who are still using their flagship Galaxy S.

And the company is bringing the Android 2. Samsung has performed well in the Android smartphone marketin,withtheintroductionoftheirGalaxyS model: GT-I which has since sold more than 10 million units.

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S will soon have an upgrade to Android 2. A Samsung Germany official has expressed that the Galaxy S I will receive the update in March, though no specific date or details were given.

If the news is believed to be true, this surely benefits the Galaxy S owners and the Android 2. Looking at the slides, there is a dual BIOS switch on the card that allows to overclock the card on the fly.

The default shipping clocks for the card is MHz core and MHz memory and by switching to OC mode, the core clock becomes MHz but memory clock remains unchanged. However, the VGPU is increased from 1.

Do your own maths if that few percent improvement in gaming performance is worth the additional heat generated if you are a gamer but definitely, 25 Slide Well,ifyouranswerto that questions is ‘yes’, this might be just the news needed to kick off your Tuesday morning to a good start: Don’t we all love them?

After all, nothing can be more exciting than pressing the ‘Software Update’ button on an Android-based smartphone and learning that there is a free update in store for your device.

And this is especially so since each subsequent update of the Android operating system is supposed to provide additional benefits over the previous version, such as the introduction of various new features or more efficient battery usage.

AndifyouhappentobeutilizingaHTC-brandeddeviceasyour mobile phone of choice, it would seem that there is much to look forward to where such firmware updates are concerned.

According to a recent announcement made by the Taiwanese smartphoneOEM,thecompanyplanstoupdateatleastfourof itssmartphonestoversion2. ThisisduetothefactthattheDesire is one of the oldest phones in HTC’s current lineup, and it is understandable that many were worried if HTC would decide to drop the phone from future updates, considering that the Desire has already been given one such update to bring its firmware version up from Eclair to Froyo.

Still, we would encourage that owners of the aforementioned smartphone models avoid ‘sweating the small stuff’ and just enjoy what HTC is bringing to their mobile phones.

After all, a firmware upgrade is always a good thing, right? How power supplies work Source: Almost no technology equipment can operate withoutthemsinceelectronicdevicescannotoperateusingthe utilitygridACvoltage,whichalsovariesinlevelandfrequency depending on your position on the planet.

There are more than eight types of power supplies currently available; in this article we are going to focus on only the two types available for household and business equipment: Even though power supply units are the most critical part of almost every electronic device, being a component absolutely vital to their operation, they rarely are given the attention they deserve.

Several people may believe the power supplies are limited to computer applications. That is incorrect since almost every piece of technology need a power supply to operate.

Some examples include and are not limited to your phone charger, your TV and your alarm clock. As we mentioned before, no electronic equipment can operate on AC voltage.

It is the power supply’s job to convert AC voltage to another form, suitable for the equipment. Or, to be even more accurate, the definition of a power supply is that ” it is an apparatus designed to convert one form of electric energy to another “.

Most of them are not replaceable because those devices have no expandability or upgradeability and are hopefully! For example, you cannot replace the power supply of your TV because there is no way to upgrade or expand your TV and force it to require more power, meaning that ultimately there is no reason to perform a power supply upgrade.

Computers are an entirely different matter; they are fully expandable and customizable, meaning that not only each and every one of them has different power needs but that the needs of every single computer can be altered several times during its operational lifetime.

A power supply transforming the utility grid AC voltage to DC voltage for the equipment to use must perform certain functions at the highest possible efficiency and at the lowest possible cost.

The basic functions usually are: Voltage transformation – Adjust the supplied voltage to the required levels. Filtering – Smoothen the ripple of the supplied voltage.

Isolation – Electrically isolate the input voltage source from the output. Protection – Prevent any damaging power phenomena from reaching or take effect at the output. Readonforthevarious star products that will be sold at their booth.

While basic internet applications like browsing or file downloading can occur in 2. You can also connect external hard disks to enjoy instant file sharing with family and friends. Additionally, the twin USB ports allow the router to offer printer and file server functions.

Itofferstruehigh definition HD video and 7. The most powerful decoding and most popular media formats supported The O! Transfer media via USB 3. Play HD2 offers extensive media center features with server functionality for iTunes, Samba and more for fast local network file access and management.

Use your iPhone as a remote control The On-line Media feature allows you to browse over InternetTVchannels,20,Internetradiostations,Internet photo sharing sites, and weather updates directly streamed over the Internet to your O!

Over 20, stations Weather: Play Air provides users with the easiest way to share files wirelessly. Enjoy more Internet media contents in the living room The On-line Media feature allows you to browse over InternetTVchannels,20,Internetradiostations,Internet photo sharing sites, and weather updates directly streamed over the Internet to your O!

You can search World Weather by geographical Region or country Usual price: Allofthesefeaturesfitinatinydevicethat iseasytocarry,makingtheWLN3Gidealfortravelersand businesspeoplewhowishtoextendtheirinternetaccesswhen on the road.

Allofthese features fit in a tiny device that is easy to carry, making the WLN3G ideal for travelers and business people who wish to extend their internet access when on the road.

Incredible flexibility The first thing to note about the WLN3G is its compact size – its footprint is smaller than a business card. While this makes it very easy to carry and literally pocket sized, it does not come at the expense of functionality.

This is a full wireless router designed for those on the move, especially students, commuters and mobile professionals. Play Air takes the trend to bring new HD experience to viewers in the living room.

Users do not have to worry about the compatibilities of file formats to the most formats of the video, music and picture. March 5th, Six-in-one multi-role functionality for multi-user sharing Delivering spectacular utility and value, the WLN3G works as six different devices rolled into one.

First and foremost, it is a mobile wireless router, connecting devicessuchasnotebooksandsmartphonestoonebroadband internet service. Second, it can be used as a universal repeater in conjunction with other routers to extend the range of an existing connection.

Third, the WLN3G also functions as an access point when combined with a broadband modem, enabling connectivity for a host of devices. The WLN3G can also be deployed as an Ethernet adapter for Ethernet-capable devices like game consoles, printers and cable set-top boxes.

As a hotspot, it can serve as a mobile Wi- Fi connection for several PCs, while in 3G sharing mode, it provides internet connectivity for several devices through the 3G network.

Plus, the numerous ways this coverage can be extended to a host of different devices, all in a very portable manner, makes the WLN3G a very powerful connectivity enabler.

For those looking to replace a fixed line, or to simply take their broadband connection with them when traveling or commuting, the WLN3G offers a perfect balance of value and performance.

Meaning, additional features like photo and file sharing only available to BlackBerry users. So far no details on timing yet, but Android and iOS users can look forward to some time this year.

However, you can help alleviate this wallet pressure by getting one without too much storage space. The Battle Hero with its bold graphics is squarely aimed at gamers.

Solid aluminum construction gives it a solid feel and also helps to dissipate heat. Pop out storage drawers and twin cooling fans should keep most people satisfied beyond just the cooling performance.

This duo has the power to handle the most frequently used video signals for viewing, recording and other routine multimedia tasks. Thefitandfinishisexcellentandthefunctionalityisfirst- ratewithanintuitivelayoutincorporatedintothetouchscreen LCD display.

The company announced the service, which is available only in the US, on the Bing blog yesterday. Sony has admitted that PlayStation 3 consoles have been seized by customs officers in the Netherlands.

The system consists of a head or base unit and twobookshelfstylespeakersthatcombinetomakedecentlittle audio system. A top South Korean cybersecurity company says about 40 government and private websites are under cyberattack.

And according to them, they’re products are good to go as soon as Apple’s iPad 2 go on sale. Yes, LUXA2 is indeed a division of Thermaltake which specialise in exquisite design with a touch of luxury.

They has been manufacturing accessories for iOS devices for about 2 years and according to their press release, they are ready to spoil customers with their wide range of iPad 2 accessories.

Besides offering standard protective cases in different materials, they also have a iPad car mount and iPad stand which allows your tablet to sit upright for your hands-free reading or viewing pleasure.

Well, if you do, you might have noticed that a new addition was made to Apple’s software repository today. Apparently, Opera’s browser has just been approved by Apple’s App Store team, and is now currently available for download from the aforementioned service.

However, it will also seem that Apple has imposed some restrictions on who can download Opera’s web browser onto their Macs. Indeed, a quick look at some of the requirements listed by Apple on Opera’s product page in its Mac App Store has revealed an interesting fact; the company clearly thinks that web browsers have the potential to frequently featuresuggestiveorsevereadultthemes,andhastakenaction to stem the flow of undesirable content by requiring that downloaders be at least 17 years of age.

To prove that we are not trying to pull a fast one on you, here is a screenshot of the very requirement, taken from iTunes Japan: Well, Apple apparently thinks so: Who’dhaveguessedthatdowloadingasimplewebbrowser could be such serious business?

The good news is that existing Opera owners need not fret: Connect to your network with built-in Ethernet or March 5th, Still, it should probably come as no surprise that Opera had some rather interesting things to say about its browser being flagged out as unfit for OS X users under the age of It’s very fast, you know, and it has a lot of features.

So what happens for potential Opera users who fail the age verification check? Featuring HP ePrint, users can print anytime, anywhere using any mobile device. The printer also has a 2.

Print borderless documents with vivid color graphics and sharp text, using HP Officejet inks. HP’s booth can be found at Level 4, Booth , Hall HP ePrint combined with affordable individual inks lets you easily produce impressive prints from anywhere, anytime.

Key features and benefits: WithHPePrint,simplyemaila photo or document to your printer and pick up the pages later. Intel’s little chipset snafu has delayed the shipment a bit, although the dual core models weren’t really expected until about now anyhow.

The first notebooks with Intel’s dual core mobile Sandy Bridge processors have just started to arrive at retailers, at least if you’reluckyenoughtoliveinTaiwan,althoughothercountries should have them soon too and the first two models we’ve Published by: It has the same base graphics core clock of MHz as the Core iM, but it will turbo a little bit faster to MHz.

So what’s different between these two OEM models and the other models that Intel includes on its price list? Well compared to the Core iM the turbo speed boost is much lower, as this 2.

The graphics will also turbo to MHz, although this is unlikely to be as useful. The Aspire G weighs in at 2. The first model is a incher while the second oneisa We should point out that both of these CPUs differ somewhat from Intel’s other announced 35W dual core mobile processors, but more on that a little bit later.

Acer is currently the only notebook manufacturer to offers Sandy Bridge based notebooks in Taiwan with the B3 stepping chipset from Intel, 8 Slide Chiclet keyboard with individual rounded keys Hairline metallic effect cover Published by: VR-Zone March 5th, but it shouldn’t take long for other manufacturers to get their products ready as well.

And if one is going to invest in a PC for both work and play, why not take a look at what Lenovo has got to offer consumers in this year’s IT Show? Up on Lenovo’s list of offers are a couple of notebook PCs and a desktop machine up for grabs at discounted prices.

Lenovo’s booth will be situated at Level 4, Hall , Booth Now it looks like the phone could be launching soon, since it was recently spotted at Federal Communications Commission FCC. Fi and runs Android 2.

A new Windows 7 tablet with a difference: The prevailing logic is that if you need to do “real work”, you’re better off with a laptop. Dropbox , watch Flash videos e.

Skyfire Browser , print documents e. Airprint and using mobile broadband USB sticks with unlimited and inexpensive dataplans separate3GplanorSimcardcutting. Sohowdoes the BModo12G compare with other tablet devices?

Earlier news reports stated that the Samsung I will feature a 4. Quick Start Guide and Power Cord To my pleasant surprise, Bmodo has not fallen into the trap of delivering a crippled product just to save a few dollars which is in my opinion what a few other tablets have done and ended up being cheap but irrelevant.

The Bmodo screen is capacitive read: After a few hours with it, I realised that 10 Slide March 5th, Published by: If the screen were any smaller, I feel that sidebar scrolling would be quite impossible with adult fingers.

Tapping on small icons and tabs will also be difficult on a smaller screen size. However, anything that runs on a netbook will run on the Bmodo tablet. You will probably want to plug in a mouse for moderate gaming requirements, since the on-screen keyboard could otherwise make things a little tricky.

Here’s a look at its hardware specifications: The paper did not name its source. With good cooling performance from the four included fans and an innovative front panel design, In Win’s Track chassis is an interesting mid-tower chassis that also includes several tool-free features and a blacked-out interior andrearpanel.

Thebigmmsidepanelintakefankeepsthe graphicsandCPUniceandcoolandalsoboastsblueLEDsthat can be switched on or off from the panel mounted switch. The new EPA memory modules from Exceleram are using Powerchip Rev D x8 and even if the rating is PC, they are very overclockable and come at a very affordable price.

Antec recently announced a refresh to their performance one line of cases and they were kind enough to 11 Slide March 5th, send a few for us to take a look at. Today we’re reviewed the P,thetopoftheperformancepile.

Paired on the same die is a Radeon HD On the board we get all of the usual Gigabyte features as well. There’s the 2x copper PCB to reduce electrical waste and improve signal quality.

Japanese solid state capacitors. The extra power to the USB ports allows greater stability, compatibility, and the auto charge feature. This board will come with a lot of features like for example an additional Xonar soundcard as well as a Bigfoot Killer NIC network card.

For overclockers they further refined the power design and they’ve also overworked the BIOS and added some new options. The extra features that Crucial have added to their standard Ballistix sticks not only give the consumer more bang for the buck, but make this a very attractive kit, considering that they’re priced right in line with other MHz triple channel kits.

Its performance rivaledthatoftheIntelP67Burragemotherboardandattimes outperformedit. Weexpectedperformancetosufferabitwhile the on-board graphics were being used but that was not the case. Intel and ECS have done a brilliant job of sorting out the usability of this system Mobile editing in Google Docs now in 45 languages Description: Last November, we launched the ability to edit mobile docs in English.

What to Look For Description: Last year promised to be the year of the tablet, and at least for Apple, it was indeed. The nearly ubiquitous iPad managed not only to outsell every other tablet on the market by a wide margin, it also exceeded Mac sales in the last quarter.

But even if Apple is not likely to lose its throne anytime soon, competition is finally making itself present. If Android’sgainsinthesmartphonemarketserveanyindication it should be an interesting year for tablets as well.

Android in the U. That has helped HTC become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the U. Canonical, purveyor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, is on a quest to make Ubuntu the go-to server operating system for cloud computing.

Vietnam — Wizards with Napalm Description: When Arrowhead Game Studios’ Magicka came out earlier this year, it took up the number one slot on a lot of digital distribution sales sites.

Though it may look at a glance like a Diablo-style game, that’s not an especially accurate description. The gameplay is surprisingly involved, requiring you to tap in combinations of eight magical elements and then activate them for various effects.

The challenge of remaking Azeroth 12 Slide March 5th, Description: Blizzard game director Tom Chilton on the tough choicesthathadtobemadewhenrupturingWorldofWarcraft withCataclysm,andwhattheygotright andwhattheydidn’t.

You love ’em, we love ’em, and as such, we feel it’s our duty to direct your attention to an App Store near you. Epic’s award-winning touchscreen triumph, Infinity Blade, is now half-off, and a free expansion released today nearly doubles the size of the game.

Neither board appeared to be retail ready, but we’d expect the mini-ITX board to be available before the Z68 board. It’s easy to forget that Sapphire is back in the motherboard business, as so far the company has only launched three boards, but at CeBIT Sapphire was showing off two additional models for Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform, one full size ATX board with the Z68 chipset and one mini-ITX board with the H67 chipset.

The Z68 appears to be going under the name of PI-CI7S33Z68 as for now, but Sapphire tends to have much better retail names for their boards, so we’ll have to wait until the launch to find out what it’ll be.

We’re not quite followings Sapphire’s design either, as the board has three x16 PCI Express slots of which the second one only work in dual x8 mode while the third one is limited to four lanes worth of bandwidth.

This is all fine and good, but the only other expansion slots are three PCI slots, of which two will be unusable in CrossFireX or SLI and there doesn’t appear to be a reason why the topmost slot is missing.

We’renotquitesurewhySapphireput the additional two ports so far away from the six connected to the Intel chipset, but at least it should reduce confusion as to which ports goes where.

There are also headers for eight USB 2. One other interesting feature we spotted is that Sapphire has fitted a Proadlizer to the PWM, a feature that so far only appears to be popular on high-end graphics cards.

Overall we’re not soldonthisboard,ithassomeinterestingfeatures,buttheslot layout isn’t what we’d hope to see on a Z68 board. Sapphire decided to go with a single x16 slot for this design, which is pretty much all you can fit to a mini- ITX board, although hidden at the bottom of the board is a mini card PCI Express slot into which something like a Wi-Fi card can be installed.

Around the back Sapphire has managed to squeeze in four USB 2. Sapphire’s boards are still looking a bit rough and ready, but given some time we’re confident that Sapphire will come out with some excellent boards as long as the company listens to customer feedback.

We’re quite eager to find out what SapphireisworkingonforAMD’supcomingplatformsaswell, since Sapphire is a strong AMD partner on the graphics card side.

TherangeofOptimusdeviceswillensure that there will always be a device to meet your requirements. VR-Zone by the year This would probably be the highest in the world. Nope, no sign of Optimus 3D for this event.

Both smartphones are going to be available soon. This means even if you are under the outdoor sun, you will have no problem looking at the screen and navigate the various phone functions you want. James Park, president of LG Southeast Asia, region representative, said that the LG Optimus devices that are introduced today feature world’s first technological and innovative designs that set new standards for the user experience.

At the top, we find the power button, micro USB and 3. Abovethedisplayisthe2-megapixelcamera for video calls. The Optimus Black is also extremely slim, measuring approximately 9. Augustine Lim, director for Mobile Communications, LG Electronics Singapore, was there to share the company’s aggressive vision to be the leader in the smartphone market.

On the right are the volume controls and a unique “G” button or Gesture button. Pressing and holding the G button allows user to do various things with the phone by touching or shaking the phone.

March 5th, Opening the rear cover reveals the 3. It is currently running Android 2. Budget Wireless-N Router Comparison: Right now, Wireless- N routers can be found at less than Singapore dollars, making it a good time for users to upgrade from their obsolete Wireless-G ones.

Right now, Wireless-N routers can be found at less than Singapore dollars,makingitagoodtimeforuserstoupgrade from their obsolete Wireless-G ones. The dual 80mm PWM-controlled fans, heat pipes, large nickel-plated copper base and high fin density all serve to rapidly dissipate heat from the GPU.

On the other hand, the Silent Mode can be used while watching movies or even during gaming when fan noise is required to be as low as possible. Handpicked components for the best quality and stability MSI’s Military Class graphic cards became a favorite among enthusiasts for its military-grade components.

VR-Zone An iPad 2, you say? Well, China got the real deal two days ago! That is fine, but it would seem that all the hype that arose from the tablet’s veil of secrecy never made it into China intact.

Apparently, a Chinese IT website known as DGtle had managed to get their hands on the real deal as early as two days ago, and even has the photographic evidence to back up its claims.

But is that iPad 2 in its article really the actual iPad 2 that was released this morning? Add that to the fact that leaked renders of the iPad 2 were reportedly making their way around the depths of cyberspace before the actual launch event, and it should probably come as little surprise that many wouldhavehadamentalimageofhowtheproductwouldlook like as well.

However, it also seems that no one can beat the Chinese when it comes to digging out Apple’s secrets, and a recent article posted a couple of days ago on a Chinese website known as DGtle seems to confirm that fact.

Apparently, DGtle was able to obtain actual photographs of the iPad 2 two days before its launch, and had posted them all on its website for readers to make some comparisons.

Here are some of the images: March 5th, To ensure that we were not being taken along for a ride, we compared some of the pictures with those that were posted in Engadget’s hands-on with the actual iPad and it turns out that the similarities were rather striking.

In fact, the only inconsistency we spotted between DGtle’s and Engadget’s images was that DGtle’s device had a black bezel, while the official iPad 2 sports a white-coloured bezel instead.

VR-Zone What do you think? Did DGtle really get its hands on actual images of the iPad 2 while it was in its final stage of product development,oristhatdeviceweseenothingmorethanavery well-crafted clone?

Well, Lexmark will be one of the companies taking part in this year’s IT Show, and you can be sure that they will have some cool products up their sleeve to offer consumers.

Let’s take a look at what they have. VR-Zone March 5th, Usual price: Apple has just posted the QuickTime video for the iPad 2 keynote address that happened earlier.

So what does the Redmond giant have in store for bargain hunters this year? Let’s take a look. The mouse and keyboard combination is an essential tool for computing, and there is no doubt that you’d want to have the best tools when it comes to carrying out your daily computing needs,right?

Well,Microsofthasgotawidevarietyofelectrical rodents and keyboards in store for this year’s IT Show, so you are bound to find something that strikes your fancy. Microsoft Arc Mouse original design Published by: With a revolutionary crescent moon shape, Arc folds shut by almost half, providing consumers with the comfort of a full-size mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse.

When flipped shut, Arc automatically turns off and can easily be slipped into a bag, or placed in the included black carrying case to protect the mouse while on the go. Put your finger on the touch strip and zip through your documents with absolute ease.

Flatten the Arc Touch to power off and slip into any pocket. Unique design pops up for comfort and folds flat for portability. Touch strip offers flick scrolling and customizable touch buttons.

Trackspreciselyonsurfaces like polished marble, carpet and wood. Simply push and hold to set. These five keys will map instantly to the first five icons on your Windows 7 taskbar, allowing you to access your favorite applications faster than ever before.

The palm rest and removable feet provide a more comfortable wrist posture. HP and Reseach in Motion RIM are pointing fingers at one another, well, commenting on the resemblence of their tablet devices.

At one glance above picture , one can easily see the similarities in terms of user interface of both tablet devices: It is sometimes inevitable that similarities do exist between products, and for consumers, it doesn’t really matter to them who is copying who.

End of the day, whether the product will sell depends on its usability, features, performance and pricetag. Adobe Photoshop Plugin Plugins Collection Adusoft DVD Creator 2.

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