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Wipe Drives Doom 3 – Mac

Ll get a huge health boost to help you rule the skies! Noodleball is a two-player local-multiplayer title which the developer refers to as “drunken soccer” or “ragdoll soccer”. You each control a ‘noodleballer’ who can only stagger across the pitch in a vain attempt to score a goal in your opponent’s net. The controls are purposefully loose and your in-game character won’t always respond to your intended direction – so there’s a healthy dose of randomness to the game. Many years ago, we’d spend our afternoons crowded around small portable televisions with our mates, playing GoldenEye multiplayer on the N64. There was nothing quite like it at the time, with its four-way split-screen carnage, and many friendships were tested to their absolute limit. Darn those proximity mines! Team Goldeneye: Source have spent over ten years working on a total conversion mod for the Half-Life 2 Source engine, remaking the game with modern technology to bring back some of that nostalgic magic. They’ve recently released their 5.0 update, with a ton of new tweaks and adjustments, new levels and game modes – making it the perfect time to jump in on the action. The gameplay and visuals have been overhauled since the original, but there’s definitely enough familiarity to show that this is a labour of love from serious GoldenEye fans. Outside the visuals, the soundtrack is also all-original material – although heavily inspired by the N64 game’s unforgettable score. All 28 weapons are back, including the DD44, Cougar Magnum, RCP90, KF7 Soviet, and even remote mines and throwing knives.

There are 25 maps, too, including recreations of single-player maps that weren’t originally available in multiplayer. There’s also 10 gamemodes including fan favourites ‘You Only Live Twice’, ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ and ‘The Living Daylights’.

Wipe Drives Doom 3 – Mac

All told, this is a must-play for any fan of the original N64 classic. ‘Slappers only’, anyone?

We’re huge fans of ‘clicker’ games here at Geek Squad – especially those that aren’t quite what they seem at first glance. Spaceplan is a browser-based clickfest which puts you to the task of generating power for a spacecraft orbiting around an unknown planet.

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As the systems begin to awaken from an indeterminate slumber, your initial mouse clicks on the ‘KinetiGen generate tiny amounts of ‘power’ – the game’s virtual currency. Once you have enough power, you’re able to deploy solar panels from your ship and launch probes to survey the mysterious world below. Your first task is to understand more about the planet by dropping probes into a de-orbit towards it. These are quickly destroyed by the planet’s dense atmosphere, but it’s from these failures that you’re given the option to buy upgrades in the form of new unlockables, like heat-foil shields to allow your probes through the atmosphere.

These cost power, paid for with your KinetiGen, solar cells, ‘probetatos’ and ‘spudnik’ satellites. Those aren’t typos, by the way – each new unlockable is intentionally potato-themed, with similarly spudtastic upgrades and optimisations.

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There are several really nice touches that set this aside from you run-of-the-mill clicker game. Your solar cells will be less effective when your ship sweeps into the planet’s shadow and the screen darkens. Dust and air explode out of the airlock when probes are jettisoned before they twirl around the planet in a graceful orbit. Finally, the ship’s AI that describes what’s actually happening is pretty fun, and the game feels like a black comedy as a consequence.

The game’s developer says the game is based on a total misunderstanding of Prof. Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time – and based on the chaos on offer here, we’re inclined to believe that’s true. Think you know your Angorra from your Azerbaijan? How about your Djibouti from your Denmark?

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Your Zagreb from your Zaire? Oh dear! Anyway, this simple multiplayer geographical knowledge game is designed to test your expertise – or lack thereof – in a head-to-head battle with other players. Your task is to drop a pin on a world map to guess where you think the named city and country is located.

Scoring is based on how close to the target location your guess is – with no points being awarded if you’re too far away. Your score is also based on your last 20 guesses, to allow new drop-in players to catch up and compete against you. The game map is blank apart from the outline of continents and country borders and you’ll only get a few seconds to place your pin. Each new location is quick-fire and it’s best to take a guess because there are no penalties for being too far from the right answer. That is, of course, if you don’t mind the knock to your pride when your pin flashes up on your opponent’s screen showing that your guess was half the world away! Broken Sword 2.5 is one of those fan-made sequels you hear about which are inevitably hit with a cease-and-desist notice from the copyright holders well before the game even hits beta testing!

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Yes, this is a game built by fans who adored the first two Broken Sword games for their epic story, memorable characters and gorgeous pre-rendered 2D backgrounds – and it shows! But astonishingly, the project received the blessing of Revolution Software co-founder Charles Cecil, and even received assistance in the form of original assets and artwork to improve the game’s user interface to tie it even closer to the original games. The game takes place between the second and third games in the series – hence the 2.5 – and follows George Stobbart back to Paris after he receives a letter telling him that his on-again, off-again girlfriend Nico has been killed. Upon arriving at her apartment, he’s shocked to find that she’s still alive – but strangely, she refuses to see him. Bewildered by the recent events, he soon learns the alarming news that she could be involved with Neo-Templars – the villains of the first game – and is determined to save her. The game is free to download from the MindFactory website, and it’s also essential to download the official patch which contains fixes and the English voice pack. The actor voicing George Stobbart is certainly no Rolf Saxon – but for a fan-game, it’s a really close impersonation!

Fans of the first two games will be amazed at just how well presented the game is. The voicework is decent, the hand-drawn scenes featuring new and old locations are gorgeous, and the story and puzzles have an undoubted Broken Sword feel to them. This is not to be missed by any Broken Sword fan! With the latest Pokémon Go craze continuing with no end in sight, it’s only right that we challenge you to prove your expertise with this online “Who’s that Pokémon?” quiz game. Just like the ad-break quiz from the 90s TV show, you’ll be tasked with guessing the name of the Pokémon based on its silhouette.

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When you guess correctly, your score accumulates – and the game ends when you get one wrong, saving your high score so you can try to beat your best with another try. There’s four stages of difficulty, covering Easy, Medium, Hard and Ultimate, and you can even turn on the lights to reveal the Pokémon behind the silhouette if you’re really struggling! Uber-fans of the show and games should have no difficulty guessing correctly, so this is likely aimed at more casual fans, who remember watching the original show as a kid and have perhaps played one or two of the monster-hunting games. We have to admit, there were a few silhouettes that we really struggled with! After burning out on Fallout Shelter when it was available on iOS and Android, we were worried the PC version of the VaultTec vault simulator wouldn’t be able to hold our interest.

Thankfully, Bethesda have released the game with the latest 1.6 update which is their largest content update yet! For those unfamiliar with the game, as the vault overseer you’re tasked with building and managing an underground nuclear fallout shelter to protect local citizens from the catastrophe of nuclear war. You’ll need to build accomodation, food and water sources and weapons to protect your citizens from the dangers of the surface. The latest update brings a new overseer’s office where you can start and manage quests, the ability to follow your vault dwellers on their missions to places like the Super Duper Mart and Red Rocket outside of the vault, Nuka-cola Quantum which can instantly complete crafting, quests and travelling timers – and even new enemies like radscorpions and ghouls which bring a greater radiation threat.

Wipe Drives Doom 3 – Mac

Better stock up on those Rad-aways! Right now the game is only available to download via the Bethesda. net launcher – which means you’ll need to download another developer-specific library manager to your PC to play it. Zebawl is a fiendishly difficult physics-based puzzle game of skill and patience.

Similar to old-school favourites like Super Monkey Ball, Spin Dizzy and Marble Madness, you’re tasked with rolling a ball to the end of a twisting maze of narrow paths, perilous pitfalls, moving platforms and the greatest hurdle of all: overconfidence! Momentum is generated while rolling the ball so you’ll constantly need to quickly adjust your direction to stop yourself flying over the edge of a 90 degree turn after racing across a bridge of falling platforms.

Thankfully the controls are good even though you’re limited to the arrow keys of your keyboard which feels particularly evil considering all of the paths are diagonal. Like all the best browser ti

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