Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc – 2 6 – ar

valid until 2018/1/23

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

04.02.2018 – Frequent updating makes it possible to minimise the time it takes for potential victims of criminal attacks to get hold of updates. Later, you can open the Quarantine Manager and delete the files if you do not need them.

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc home edition

Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

What’s New?

1. 1Later, you can open the Quarantine Manager and delete the files if you do not need them. If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the Doctor Web technical support service and describe in detail how your computer connects to the Internet note:
2. 3 The information about the previous license will be deleted.http://softik.org/convert-photo-to-pencil-sketch-v6-51/Web for Windows, you can find your serial number in the personal data section of your My Dr. This option is used to neutralize autorun-viruses, which are automatically activated when a device is connected to the PC with autorun option enabled.

3. 9 In earlythe Trojan Mac. Web Light for OS X. http://softik.org/zte-nubia-z11-max-nx523j/New stealth algorithms allowing the utility to remain unnoticed by viruses rule out the possibility of blocking its operation before this point.

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Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pc

4. 3 It is not recommended to choose the Ignore option! Web for Windows Mobile.Dr web 7 0 2 11181 2012pcAn anti-virus guarantees that incidents when money is stolen from accounts will never be concealed.

5. 3 Web products, time of use is the only limitation.

6. 8 You must analyze your web site traffic to be New stealth algorithms allowing the utility to remain unnoticed by viruses rule out the possibility of blocking its operation before this point.

7. 3 If no key file is available in the system, you will be prompted to retrieve a key.

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Home – Dr Web Antivirus. Web CureIt is an indispensable Web CureIt detects and neutralizes Web LiveCD will clean your Web Cloud which is constantly Trojans, Spyware, hacker attacks Dr.

Web antivirus scanner allows detecting files Web anti-virus for Windows Blue Spider For Dr. Web is the alternative program for updating of Dr. Web for Android Light Basic Web for Android comprehensive protection Web Security Space Web Cloud – check URLs on Web Mobile Security For Android 9.

Web Security Space or Dr. Web Anti-virus are entitled to use Dr. Web For Android Kaspersky Free Antivirus Free antivirus software from Kaspersky includes file, email and web antivirusautomatic updates, self-defense Web anti-virus software will You can configure proxy-aware web clients to use Trend Micro Antivirus This Antivirus is economic and simple Trend Micro Titanium 5.

Norton Antivirus Rising Antivirus Free Edition Rising Antivirus System Kernel Reinforce into web browser program and, intercept Acronis Antivirus Acronis AntiVirus protects your family Superior antivirus and Web page scanning technologies keep Acronis AntiVirus further blocks spyware Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro Bit 8.

IM, email or the web. SquidClamAv For Linux 6. Psyc Test Hero 1. Britt knows from years Dobb’s Journal, in association EShield Free Antivirus 2. CG Gateway Antivirus inspects objects more deeply than traditional antivirus installed on each computer CG Web Proxy can be powered by an antivirusITL Total Security 1.

Web Protection makes your web surfing safer by installing Web Log Explorer 9. You must analyze your web site traffic to be Web Log Explorer supports more Web Log Suite 9. The Web Log Suite features intuitive interface.

Web Log Suite supports more Web Gallery Builder 1.

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You can’t update the anti-virus by copying virus databases onto a mobile device manually. You can also use the free scanner Dr. When the installation completed place the license key file to Dr. Download this file and transfer it to your computer. Web component updates, especially critical ones, as quickly as possible.

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Web software uninstallation tool. Web utility for collecting information on a system Download. Web utilities for combating Trojans Dr. Unlock Windows disabled by Trojan.

Winlock Utility for combating Trojan. License agreement for use of Dr. Terms and conditions provided herein regulate usage of the software, all its components and related documentation which are the subject of the intellectual property rights of the right holder.

If you disagree with any and all terms of the present License Agreement, you must not use any copy of the software. Violation of the terms of the present License agreement is considered an unauthorized use of the software and entails civil, administrative and criminal responsibility.

By accepting this License Agreement, you expressly agree to the terms of this agreement in full. Subject to your full and unconditional acceptance of all terms and conditions of this License Agreement, the right holder gives you a non-exclusive right to use the software in the entire world by reproducing it which is limited to its installation launching and writing it into the computer memory.

The non-exclusive rights to the software described in this clause shall be transmitted to you for the duration of the exclusive rights of the right holder to the Software software usage period.

The number of protected objects PCs, servers, etc. The non-exclusive license provided to you under the terms and conditions set forth herein is construed and regulated by the law of the Russian Federation.

All disputes regarding the non-exclusive license provided herein will be resolved in corresponding courts at the right holder’s location. Usage rights are granted to you only in respect of software, whose title is specified in this Agreement and in the license key file.

The software can only be used within a specified period of time under a defined operating system and with the number of protected objects personal computers, servers, etc. You are granted the right to make a copy of an instance of the software, provided that the copy is intended only for archival purposes, or for replacement of a lawfully obtained copy of the software in cases where the copy has been lost, destroyed or became unusable.

A copy of an instance of the software can not be used for other purposes and must be destroyed if possession of the software copy is no longer lawful. You are granted the right to receive through the Internet, virus database updates as well as upgrades of the software modules as they made available by the right holder through the entire software usage period.

All software updates are an integral part thereof and are used solely in conjunction with the software under the terms of this License Agreement, unless other conditions are established by the right holder in addition to the terms defined herein.

During the software usage period you are entitled to use the Technical support service of the right-holder or of its reseller that concluded a corresponding agreement with the right-holder.

You agree that information obtained from you during the registration including personal data , as well as information submitted to the technical support service, can be used including processing personal data by the right holder on its sole discretion solely for internal needs.

You may not distribute the software, in any format and by any means including selling, renting, leasing and importing the software for any of such purposes.

You may not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or perform any other actions with the software object code aiming to obtain information about algorithms implemented in the software unless you are compelled to perform such actions by the law or have a written permission from the right holder to do so.

You may not modify the internal protection mechanism of the software. Copying the software with removed or non-operational self-protection and unauthorized usage of such software is illegal.

The software, its components and the accompanying documentation are provided as is without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The right holder is not liable to you for any problems including but not limited to issues arising during installation, updating, support and maintenance of your software copy including any conflicts with other software products or drivers, problems due to your misinterpretation of guidance provided in documentation, failure of the software to meet your expectations.

The right holder shall not be held responsible for any negative consequences caused by the incompatibility or conflict of the software with other software products installed on the same computer personal computer, server, etc.

Infected files are moved to a special storage — Quarantine — from where you can remove the file if necessary, restore it to its original location or send it for analysis in our virus lab.

To answer this question, you need to understand the difference between viruses and Trojan horses. Typically, a virus adds appends its code itself to an infected file so it incorporates its own code and the virus’s code.

Together they represent a virus-infected file. Most of these files can be cured by the Dr. Here we speak about curing files of viruses rather then curing viruses. A Trojan horse is a complete malicious program.

It doesn’t inject its code into files but operates as a separate program, that’s why it can’t be cured but removed. Some Trojan programs compromise various system objects such as the Windows Registry.

In this case we can speak about curing the system but not the Trojan horse , which includes removing the Trojan and restoring the compromised objects to their healthy state. Find out more at https: We can only tell you for sure after you provide our technical support engineers with several samples of the encrypted files.

Use the form at http: If at the moment of infection you had a valid commercial Dr. Web license and installed Dr. Web Security Space or Dr. You are welcome to file a request at https: The proactive protection technologies for detecting and neutralising the latest and yet unknown threats, including encryption ransomware, are available in both products.

However, the Data Loss Prevention module, which creates backups of files that are important to you and protects them, is only available in Dr. That’s why we recommend that you purchase a Dr. Web Security Space license.

If your customer has a valid commercial Dr. Web license and at the moment of infection the system was protected with Dr. Attach to your request the power of attorney that entitles you to represent the interests of the customer, as well as documents confirming that your customer is the legal owner of this license a photo or a scanned copy of the license certificate, the payment receipt, an email from the online store or other confirming documents.

You can find user manual files on the page http: They contain a sufficient level of detail on how to use Dr. We first recommend that you study the user manual. It is quite possible that you’ll find the answer to your question there.

Also, users who are just getting familiar with our program can look for the answer to their question in the section Frequently Asked Questions. Of course, it is a good idea to test how the program operates on your computer before buying it.

Doctor Web offers its prospective customers an opportunity to evaluate a Dr. Web anti-virus for 30 days, once in 4 months. Availability of all features in the demo mode is a huge advantage of Dr.

Web products, time of use is the only limitation. Web, download the distribution , install and register the software Internet connection is required. In the License Key file step, select Receive Key file during installation and a key file with validity of 30 days will be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.

To evaluate corporate Dr. Web solutions, use the web-form to request a demo key. A demo version has no functional limitations. You can update the database as scheduled, or manually.

Removing the program from your computer is not necessary. To turn a trial copy of Dr. Web into a licensed version, you need to purchase a license and register it.

Right click on the Dr. Web icon in the system tray and select Register in the context menu. During registration you will need to choose the option Obtain a license key file with serial number.

Once you have entered your serial number, a key file will be downloaded to your computer automatically. An Internet connection is required for registration.

Web anti-virus with a day demo key functionally is no different from a similar product with a license key except for its time of use. Thus, the installed Dr.

Web anti-virus demo provides protection from all types of malicious software. The discount does not apply to day trials. To continue using Dr. Web after the day trial period, users must purchase a standard new license not a renewal license.

If you represent an organization, submit a demo key request through the form on our web-site. If you need keys for Dr. Web for Windows and Dr. Web Security Space, then you need to request a demo for Dr.

You can’t port a demo key to another PC, the anti-virus won’t work with the key file on another computer. If you already have purchased the serial number, you can ignore such messages If you don’t want to receive such reminders, follow these steps: Web icon in the notification area.

In the License Manager you need to remove the demo license key file drwdemo. This message means that the thirty day trial period is over. You need to either remove the anti-virus, or purchase a licensed version of Dr.

In order to migrate to Dr. Web anti-virus at a discount provided under this programme, you need a commercial license for a different anti-virus. Find out more about the “Switch to the green!

All products developed by Doctor Web come with comprehensive user manuals. Open a corresponding page and download the manual from the Documentation section. If you can’t find an answer to your question in the documentation, please go to the Frequently asked questions section or contact the Technical Support service.

The two versions differ only by their time of use — a demo version works only for 30 days. There are no other differences between the demo and licensed versions of Dr.

Web, because we believe that any limitation in the operation of the anti-virus will prevent a new user from making their own opinion about the product. A demo version is a full version of the anti-virus that will be operational for 30 days.

There are no other restrictions on its use. A beta version is a preliminary released, not yet officially available for sale version of the program. Beta versions are created to allow users beta testers to undertake extensive testing of the product which will enable developers to fix bugs before the program is released officially.

Using a beta version always incurs a risk since errors in the program can make its operation unstable or cause system errors. Therefore, anti-virus protection that includes a traffic control module and an access restriction module for removable data-storage devices and Internet resources is essential for embedded systems to operate normally.

It must be remembered that some devices may lack various operating system components. This is a feature of Embedded OSs. It should be noted that Dr. Web products, including Dr.

A peculiarity of the way embedded devices work including ATMs is that you cannot carry out updates specifically, updates to the OS and applications launched on them on them that may at some point require a device reboot as soon as update data is available — even if the system is busy.

Web ATM Shield has two types of updates: Basic components updates, carried out when new types of malicious programs appear, may require a reboot of the protected device. Moreover, these standards stipulate the requirements for protecting devices in general, not their separate components.

Symantec has more than just anti-viruses in its portfolio. No, every new version of the Dr. Open the folder where your browser saves downloaded files, and locate the file with a Dr. Web green spider brand con.

Remember exactly where you saved the downloaded file and look for the Dr. Web brand icon, and you’ll never lose track of the downloaded file. To neutrolize malware species from the Trojan.

The user is displayed a notification informing them that they can continue to work in the enhanced protection mode while other operations will be unavailable or run Dr. When running in the enhanced mode, you can’t switch to the standard mode until scanning is completed.

Self-protection of the Dr. Web anti-virus is activated at an early startup stage. New stealth algorithms allowing the utility to remain unnoticed by viruses rule out the possibility of blocking its operation before this point.

You can use Dr. In all other cases you need to buy a license. The unique architecture of Dr. No, you cannot, because Dr. This is, however, a great advantage of Dr. In order to update Dr.

Since a PC from which a LAN is scanned might not have an Internet access or its an access blocked by the provider, we strongly recommend to download an actual Dr.

At the final stage of registration a link to download Dr. You can register it on this page. Register the serial number for the valid Dr. Web Enterprise Suite license.

You are allowed to use Dr. Web Enterprise Suite serial number is valid. Therefore, you will have to register the serial number every time you need Dr. Every time a new Dr.

However, if there are many computers in the company, scanning each of them will take a lot of system administrator time and distract employees form their work. System administrator can operate from the single computer thus minimizing anti-virus influence on the performance of computers being scanned.

Web Enterprise Suite is designed to permanently protect the network. It is a very powerful product rich of numerous features. In order to use Dr. Web Enterprise Suite one has to deploy it on all hosts while with Dr.

Moreover, scanners will remove themselves from target hosts upon completion of scanning. Download the program distribution demo file to evaluate Dr. Remote curing is not available in demo version so you need to purchase a license to download fully functional Dr.

The product is licensed per number of workstations on which scanning followed by curing will be performed for 10, 30 or days of use. Such license periods are used because Dr. No anti-virus can detect all malicious programs currently in the wild, let alone the fact different anti-viruses vary significantly in terms of detection and curing capabilities.

The number of viruses in the Internet is huge and new species appear very quickly. In the menu, hover over the Firewall item and in the drop-down list, select Settings. Click the Application tab. To create an application rule, click Create.

In the opened window, specify the path to the executable file for the program for which you are creating the rule, and select. You do not need to configure rules manually if the firewall is operating in the training mode — it is easier to configure access for each application right from the firewall notification window when it attempts to connect to the network for the first time.

If you install a Dr. Web package that includes the firewall, you will be prompted to deactivate the Windows firewall. The Windows firewall must be disabled, doing otherwise will result in numerous conflicts that can cause errors or an OS crash.

You can’t disable automatic startup for the firewall with standard tools available in the system.. However, you can disable temporarily various anti-virus modules including the firewall at any moment.

If the Disable item is not available in the menu, switch to the Administrative mode. Web Firewall in the real time mode creates rules for applications running in the system but are not on its list.

Therefore, you must create rules for such applications when they attempt to connect to the network for the first time. A connection request is issued for specific ports and protocols utilized by the application.

You can allow all the requested connections, a connection only for a specific protocol and port, or block the connection. Once the rule is created, the firewall handles requests according to the rule and no longer gives out messages regarding application’s network activity to the user.

The predefined database contains rules for the most popular programs, as well as all Windows system services and applications. The database is updated on a regular basis. For more information see the video tutorial on configuring the Dr.

You can find instructions on how to install and remove Dr. Web LinkChecker for Internet Explorer here. Instructions for installing and uninstalling Dr. Web LinkChecker for Opera here. Web LinkChecker is a free anti-virus plugin for your browser.

Web LinkChecker checks on-demand visited pages and downloadable files, which makes web-surfing ompletely secure. For more details on how to create boot CD, please refer here.

You can also use our video tutorial to visually learn how boot CD is created. Web LiveCD is an emergency system recovery disk. Web LiveCD to boot your PC, you can check it for viruses and cure damaged Windows even if the system can no longer be started in its normal way.

Web LiveUSB to boot your PC, you can check it for viruses and cure damaged Windows even if the system can no longer be started in its normal way. Web LiveUSB distribution file from our website, connect your flash drive to your PC and run the file you have downloaded.

In the next window, specify which of flash drives you want to use if a number of them is available , and also if it needs formatting before use. Web LiveUSB and wait for the process to complete.

Most present-day desktop and notebook PCs have a key to select booting from any media type available in the PC. It is normally F11 key. When pressed, a boot device selection menu is displayed.

In previous BIOS versions, you may select boot device manually. To start scanning, press Dr. Web in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen acts like Windows Start button and select Dr.

Web LiveCD documentation is available for download on this page in the Documentation section, and Dr. To have all the messages marked with Dr. Web spam filter automatically moved to a specific folder — let’s call it Spam , for example, — follow the below steps:.

Below are detailed steps on how to set up rules for various e-mail clients. If you chose an alternative prefix, use it in accordance with this manual The following steps describe how to activate the spam filter:.

To move automatically all messages marked as spam by Dr. Web Anti-spam into definite mail folder in your mail client, do the following. In case some messages are falsely filtered, they should be forwarded as attachments to special addresses for analysis and correction of spam-filtering techniques.

Later on spammers switched into Cyrillic, too. But since the bulk of spam is still in Latin, there are some difficulties to filter Cyrillic spam. Otherwise such e-mails are likely to be marked as spam.

Ask your friend from the Buddies list you created when you configured Dr. When you receive the SMS with the command, the password reset will occur automatically. If your mobile phone is not blocked, you will see the Change password screen, where you can set a new password.

Click on Forgot your password? Web account page https: If you did not receive the email, click on the line Did not receive the email? Since the new version 12 has a single password for the account and the Anti-theft settings, we will have to be sure that the person contacting us is indeed the owner of the device and the Dr.

Send the trusted friends on your Dr. Yes, there are and their number is growing. SmsSend Trojan horses that emerged as early as in are the most common threats to the OS.

They are designed to send SMS messages at premium numbers and sign up subscribers to various services. Mobile banking Trojans are designed to intercept SMS messages, steal mTAN-codes and pass them to criminals who perform various financial transactions with accounts of unsuspecting victims for example, make online purchases pose an extreme danger.

Such malware as Android. Malignant applications for mobile OSs are the fastest growing malware segment. As popularity of an OS is growing among users, so does the interest in it on the part of intruders, whose main goal is to get money.

The number of threats to Android increases most rapidly. You don’t need to install anything — just visit a compromised web-site. And it won’t necessarily be a site with objectionable content — from intruders’ point of view, hacking news portals is much more useful.

News sites are the most visited ones on the Internet. They usually do not cause any suspicion among users or system administrators from companies which do not block access to such sites.

That’s why news portals are a very attractive field of operation to intruders. By Spreading malware through such sites, they can cause damage to a huge number of users and companies.

While out of the office, employees are not protected from hackers, applications they use may have vulnerabilities, their computers and mobile devices can be infected with viruses and Trojans that steal banking and payment system access passwords and money from bank accounts.

Employees regularly connect to the company’s network via their device, and thus put confidential data and money at risk—not only their personal assets but corporate too. In addition, banks often send SMS confirmations to maintain security of transactions.

There are malignant programs that can modify such confirmation messages. An anti-virus guarantees that incidents when money is stolen from accounts will never be concealed. In the subsequent window go to the SpIDer Guard section and check if the Monitor is enabled and protects the system message is displayed.

If it is, the anti-virus protects your device. If the message is Monitor disabled , the monitor is not running. Tap the monitor indicator button. Then tap the Update button – all the necessary files will be automatically downloaded and installed.

For a successful update, your mobile device must have access to the Internet. You can also enable automatic daily updating. To enable daily updating, tap the Menu button, then tap Settings.

In the Update section tick the Automatic check-box. To scan your mobile device for viruses, launch Dr. Web for Android, and tap Scanner. In the next window, specify the scan mode.

Web for Android protects from viruses and other malicious programs that may steal or damage information stored on the mobile device. It prevents viruses from getting and running on a mobile device.

Web for Android can only protect mobile devices and its virus databases are different from those used by the anti-virus maintaining security of desktops and laptops. To protect a computer, use corresponding products from Doctor Web.

Web for Android interface language corresponds to the current language of the operating system. Select Russian as the Android interface language and the anti-virus will switch to Russian automatically.

Web for Android and select Statistics. The statistics window displays the number of processed files and information about all actions performed by the anti-virus components. Tap Menu and choose Save log on SD card.

If you want to send a support request, use the web-form at https: To attach a file to your request, tap Browse , select the file you need and press Open. To send the request, tap the Send button.

Presently you can’t update the anti-virus by copying virus databases onto a mobile device. To update the databases, use the built-in update module. Web for Android is available free of charge and requires no registration.

To use it, just download the distribution. Web for Android and select Quarantine. Tap the file you want to restore. In the succeeding window you will see all the information about this file and malicious code contained in tt.

Tap the Restore button – the file will be moved to the original folder. In the Third-party tab tap Dr. In the subsequent application information window tap Remove. To permanently delete the anti-virus, tap OK in the removal confirmation dialogue.

SpIDer Guard is designed to constantly protect mobile devices against viruses and other threats. It loads into the memory upon Android start-up and scans all files accessed by a user or the system in real time.

Web for Android and tap the Menu button on your mobile device. In the pop-up window select Settings. Tap on the Dr. Web icon on the notification panel. In the succeeding window you will see all the available information about the threat.

Tap on this message, then select the desired action: It is not recommended to choose the Ignore option! If you believe that the anti-virus has made a mistake, select Quarantine and after that send the file to Doctor Web for a detailed analysis.

The anti-virus places suspicious and infected files into the quarantine folder. Suspicious files are quarantined to be sent to Doctor Web’s virus laboratory for analysis, infected ones are isolated if curing is not possible for some reason.

To send a suspect file, use the form on our website: Information about the number of virus definitions in the databases and date of the last update is contained in the anti-virus statistics. Web anti-virus occupies about 1 MB in the device memory.

Only the file monitor that keeps track of the system processes resides in the memory at all times. The monitor requires a certain amount of resources, but it has no noticeable effect on overall performance.

In the application’s main menu, select Anti-theft. In the Configuration Wizard window, enter and confirm a password. If necessary, create a friends list a list of trusted numbers.

More detailed information about configuring the anti-theft can be found in the corresponding section of the documentation. Then you can adjust anti-theft security parameters: More information about this can be found here.

There are three ways to choose from to unlock the device depending on the version of Dr. Web for Android you use and availability of the friends list. It defends your Mac from all types of malicious programs—including those created specifically for OS X.

With the growing popularity of OS X, malware tends to target specifically this operating system. Incidents involving large-scale botnets comprised of infected Macs did occur: Web for OS X.

However, bear in mind that, while an update containing a corresponding virus definition has arrived, no anti-virus can protect your Mac against new malware, which hackers tested against latest versions of anti-virus engines.

To protect against such malicious programs, you need to use advanced security tools and, of course, be careful when you visit certain sites. The first virus for an Apple computer was created in Leap appeared in In early , the Trojan Mac.

Iservice infected machines that comprised the iBot zombie network. In , half a million of computers were connected to the botnet created by the Trojan BackDoor.

It was Doctor Web who first discovered this zombie network. An attacker does not necessary need to hack into your computer to install malicious software. In most cases, unwanted programs get onto Macs due to careless of users when they visit legitimate sites, such as news portals.

They can be compromised, so that infection gets onto computers of visitors regardless of their OS—in most cases, the target platform is detected and selected automatically. Two simple conditions must be met for a system to get infected with BackDoor.

Java Virtual Machine must be installed in the system, and a user must load a compromised webpage in the browser. SMSSend family programs can be easily downloaded from various websites under the guise of a useful application.

Today, adware for OS X is also rather common. There are also e-mail and removable data storage devices—the traditional media that spread malware with no regard to the operating system.

It is a botnet of infected Macs which took shape with emergence of the Trojan Mac. Iservice in January To date, it has several thousand computers and has managed to manifest itself in a number of DDoS-attacks.

For evaluation purposes, you can use the trial version. Download the distribution from Doctor Web’s site at download. The period of a demo license is 30 days.

You can also use the free scanner Dr. Web Light for OS X. The scanner incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to detect and eliminate viruses. You can use it to check your system, whenever you need to.

Web for OS X is a more feature-packed product as compared with Dr. Web SpIDer Guard file monitor to scan files in real time. Web for for OS X protects against viruses whose definitions are present in the Dr.

They can be written to infect OS X as well as other platforms. The non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing and heuristic analyser help neutralise threats yet unknown.

Download the program’s distribution at download. In the License Manager, select Demo license. Administrator privileges are required to install Dr. After mounting the drive you will see the following window:.

Web anti-virus for OS X. Read the Installation Wizard’s welcome and click Continue. To continue the installation, read the License Agreement and accept its terms. After that select the disk onto which Dr.

Web for OS X will be installed. Enter the administrator password. Web for OS X will be installed automatically. When finished, click Finish. You can also register your serial number at Doctor Web’s server at products.

You can choose to update the anti-virus automatically and manually on demand or according to the schedule. By default, only anti-virus file monitor settings are protected. To change them, click on the lock icon in the bottom left corner of the SpIDer Guard window, enter the administrator password and make the necessary adjustments.

Administrator privileges are required to remove the anti-virus. Read the Removal Wizard’s welcome and click Uninstall. Web for Mac OS X will be removed automatically. When removal is completed, click Finish.

Iit is recommended to reboot the computer after uninstallation. Messages received from contacts in the black list are automatically deleted without warning or confirmation dialogues displayed to the user.

The monitor requires a certain amount of resources, but it has no noticeable effect on performance. Web doesn’t block outgoing calls. With the anti-spam you can block only incoming calls from specified numbers.

Web for Symbian OS and open the Settings menu. Select Anti-Spam and go to the Black list tab. To add an entry, select Options and tap Add. In the drop-down list, specify what type of record should be added:.

In the subsequent window enter the number, a contact or group you want to add onto the list. You can also add your comment in the Description field. Select Anti-Spam and go to the White list tab. The black and white lists are user-defined groups of contacts that will be processed by the Anti-spam according to pre-defined rules: If the contact has been added both into the black and white list, it will be blocked because the black list has a higher priority.

The anti-spam is a Dr. Web for Symbian OS module. It enables a user to filter incoming calls and messages manually and automatically and block unwanted ones. The anti-spam is an effective tool against intrusive advertising messages and emails.

To send a suspect file for analysis, use the form on our website: In the alert dialogue window select the infected or suspicious file, and then tap Options. In the succeeding menu select an action: The update log file DrwUpdaterLog.

If you are submitting a request for technical support, you can send the report via the request form on our website https: You can open the file with any text viewer. To obtain a key file use the same serial number that you’ve entered to receive a key file for your desktop anti-virus.

It is also possible to use an existing key file. To install the key, copy the drweb Web installation folder on your mobile device default location is C: This can be done via a direct connection to the PC or with a memory card.

Web for Symbian OS is licensed only for mobile devices manufactured by Nokia, so installing it on handhelds from other manufacturers is not possible. In the future, a list of supported devices will be expanded.

Open the menu on your mobile device and go to Settings. Web Anti-virus on the subsequent list. To complete the uninstallation, tap Yes in the confirmation dialogue.

Web for Symbian OS and tap Menu. Select Quarantine and then choose the file you want to restore. Open the menu and select Restore. The file will moved to the folder where it was stored before it has been moved to the quarantine.

You can find out how to acquire a demo key for mobile devices at https: Web for Symbian OS. If no key file is available in the system, you will be prompted to retrieve a key. Enter the serial number you purchased and tap Ok.

If the serial number is correct, a key file will be automatically installed onto your mobile device. You can’t update the anti-virus by copying virus databases onto a mobile device manually.

Web for Symbian OS interface language corresponds to the current language of the operating system. Select Russian as the system language and the anti-virus will switch to Russian automatically.

In the subsequent menu select the language you need and tap Ok. Web protects handhelds from viruses and other malicious programs that may steal or corrupt data on your device.

Web for Symbian OS can only protect mobile devices and its virus databases are different from those used by the anti-virus maintaining security of desktops and laptops. To protect an ordinary computer, opt for corresponding products from Doctor Web.

To perform a full scan of the handheld, launch Dr. Web for Symbian OS and select Full scan. If you want to scan only selected files, launch the anti-virus and tap Custom scan.

To suspend the anti-virus monitor, open the Options menu and select Monitor. In the subsequent window set Disabled in the Monitoring section. With the anti-virus disabled your mobile device becomes vulnerable.

Be sure to activate Dr. Web as soon as you can. Go to Settings and select Monitor. In the subsequent window you need to check the Monitor option. If Enabled , the resident protection is operational, if Disabled , the anti-virus monitor is inactive.

The number of viruses created for mobile devices is still negligible. However, the booming mobile technologies, growing popularity of online shopping and wide application of mobile devices in business and daily chores will inevitably spur mobile virus making.

Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile protects handhelds from viruses and other malicious programs that may steal or corrupt data on your device. Web for Windows Mobile can only protect mobile devices and its virus databases are different from those used by the anti-virus maintaining security of desktops and laptops.

To protect an ordinary computer, use corresponding products from Doctor Web. All registered users who have purchased Dr. Web anti-virus for Windows, Dr. Web Security Space, Dr.

Web for Windows Mobile free of charge. The key file used by the above mentioned anti-viruses can also be used to run Dr. Web for Windows Mobile. If you are not a registered Dr. Web software user, you can purchase a commercial license for any product listed above and use Dr.

Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile free of charge. Web for Windows Mobile license will have the same validity as your purchased license for Dr. Request a demo key via the web-form at https: Tap Menu and choose Update from the drop-down list.

In the resulting window tap the Start button. If you lose your mobile device or change it for another one, you can run Dr. Web on another device. To do this, download and install Dr.

Web for Windows Mobile on your new mobile device. Copy the key file obtained during registration of your purchased Dr. Web anti-virus into the Dr. Web for Windows Mobile installation directory.

If the anti-virus is running, the Dr. Web Anti-virus icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If you see no icon, go to the anti-virus settings launch Dr.

Web Anti-virus and tap Settings , open the Monitor tab and check the Display monitor icon checkbox. If the Enable monitor checkbox is clear, tick the checkbox to enable resident anti-virus protection.

Tap Ok to save the changes. Web Anti-virus, tap Settings. In the Monitor tab clear the Enable monitor checkbox. Tap Ok in the right upper corner of the screen for changes to take effect.

To perform a full virus scan, start Dr. Web Anti-virus and tap the Full scan button—in this mode Dr. Web will check all the files on your mobile device. To check only a specific file or folder, tap Custom scan.

In the subsequent window select objects to be scanned, and then tap Start. Run the application Dr. Web Anti-virus, and then tap Settings. In the Interface tab select Language and choose Russian , tap Ok to confirm your choice.

The scanlog file is located in the anti-virus installation folder default: If you make a request for technical support, you can send a report via the request form available on our website https: To attach a file to your request, tap Browse , select the file you need and select Open.

An Internet connection is required for updating. Web Anti-virus and tap Menu. In the drop-down list tap Get Key. In the subsequent window tap License key. Enter the serial number you purchased and tap Next.

This can be done via a direct connection to a PC or with a memory card. Web Anti-virus, and tap Menu. Select Quarantine , in the subsequent table check the box next to the file you want to restore and tap Restore.

The anti-virus monitor is designed to permanently protect mobile devices against viruses and Internet threats. It loads into the memory upon Winidows Mobile start-up and scans all files accessed by a user or the system in real time.

If the monitor icon is displayed on the screen, just tap on the Dr. Web icon in the bottom right corner. Web, tap the Menu button and select Monitor statistics. The statistics reflects the number of processed files, the number of entries in the virus database and the last update date.

In the drop-down list select Scanner log. You can tap the Clear button to clear the log. Web Anti-virus and tap Settings. In the subsequent window point to Scanner.

Here you can select scan targets, configure the log and archive scanning. Doctor Web specialists are continuously adding sites to the list for each category. How they do this is described in this Moscow News article.

Popular search engines, such as Google and Yandex, offer a safe search option that enables links to sites containing dangerous or unwanted content to be excluded from search results. So that the browser toggles on the safe search option automatically, enable the corresponding Parental Control feature.

If you choose Read-only , your child will be able to view files and folder contents but won’t be able to change or delete them. Add the site’s address onto the white list, or if you are sure that the site is blocked by mistake, report the false positive to Doctor Web.

Send links to web-site mistakenly rated by the module as undesirable to Doctor Web’s laboratory via the web-form on our website. Enter the password and select Allow access to all sites.

In the Local Access tab, select Allow and Unlimited in the corresponding sections. Click Apply to save the changes. There is no way to recover a Parental control access password.

The only solution is to import a new password into the registry from a special file. If this is the first launch of the Parental control module, you will need to set a password for it.

Then in the subsequent window select what you want to block and then click Apply. If the password for parental control is not specified, each time you open parental control settings, you will be prompted to set a password.

It is Recommended that you set a password right away to prevent unauthorized access to these settings. If no password is required, click Cancel. If upon activating the Parental control you receive the message “Unable to find a key file”, it means that your license does not cover the Parental control.

In this case, it is recommended to remove the component: Web anti-virus on the list, click Modify and follow the wizard’s instructions to disable this component. Use the local access settings to restrict access to resources on your computer – files and folders.

In addition, it is possible to prohibit the use of removable storage media and access to the LAN. By restricting access to such resources you can avoid damaging or removing sensitive data by a third party and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

The Parental control module allows you to restrict users’ access to certain sites on the Internet, local files and folders, local network resources. An administrator can manually configure a list of banned sites or take advantage of the constantly updated thematic lists provided by Doctor Web.

Local access protection and the URL filter are parental control features disabled by default. You need to activate them manually by setting the parental control operation mode and access password in its settings.

The Parental control module can restrict acces to any specific sites or web-pages, as well as to all known sites containing information on certain subjects such as sites about drugs or weapons, sites of paid on-line games, etc.

A list of specific websites to be blocked is set up by the user; both individual addresses and keywords found in URLs can be specified in this block list. Blocking websites by subject is carried out automatically using the lists, updated regularly by Doctor Web.

If you set a password for accessing the Parental Control, only the computer’s administrator will be able to do so after entering the password. If no password is set, then any user with administrative privileges will be able to change the settings.

Not all the files are checked, but only those specified in the scanner settings instead. By default, files are checked by format — i. You may choose to scan disks, folders, scan by file types, by preset mask, or scan all the files.

Quick scan of the critical system objects with the anti-virus scanner is launched automatically as the program starts. It is required to find out if any viruses exist in the system. After the scan is complete, two right windows indicate numbers.

The left one shows the number of viruses found on your PC, while the right one — the number of RAM objects and files scanned with the anti-virus scanner. Web Daily Scan task pre-installed during installation and open it to edit.

In the Task tab, check Enabled. In the Schedule tab, specify scan frequency and time you need. Press Ok to apply the settings. Enter user name and password upon the operating system request.

In order to edit a task pre-installed during the anti-virus installation, right-click on the Dr. In the next window, select the Drweb Daily Scan task, which is disabled by default. You should enable it by right-clicking the task and selecting Enable option.

In the Triggers tab, edit launch time and frequency. The Move action in respect to infected and incurable objects means the following: Web installation directory and accessible even after the scan is over.

Furthermore, after having been moved, the file loses its extension. Enabling this option allows to block automatic launch of autorun. This option is used to neutralize autorun-viruses, which are automatically activated when a device is connected to the PC with autorun option enabled.

Enabling this option allows to block attempts to modify HOSTS system file used by operating system to make an Internet access easier. Modifications of this file may be resulted in virus or any other malicious program activities, and this may cause loss of access to some websites or network resources as a whole.