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View Profile 350,000 sq feet of gaming space; 6,405 gaming machines and 377 table and poker games. Nothing says love like chocolate cake, pink frosting, candy hearts and all the yummy gummy fruits, sprinkles and roses you can pile on. Let your Valentine know you mean business this season with an… Free | Download Smash Hit Other Press Monthly: 10000000 Page 7 of 26 194 Kratos Microsoft Greetings Much of the magic in Super Gridland is in figuring out how everything works, and so we won’t spoil things. It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? You knew that at some point I had to look at Angry Birds Star Wars. Why now? Well, I didn’t want to look at any Angry Birds physics until I finished looking at friction in Bad Piggies – but I could only hold out for so long. Oh, also you can play Angry Birds Star Wars (ABSW) for free on Facebook.

What’s different in ABSW? It’s essentially the same as the normal Angry Birds except that the birds are now cast as Star Wars characters. This means they have different “powers”.

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In particular, the yellow bird (named Chuck) is cast as Han Solo. Instead of increasing his speed when you tap the screen, he fires three blaster bolts. It’s the blaster bolts that I find interesting. Before I get to the blasters, let me look at the scale of the game. I did this before with the normal game, but I need to make sure things still work the way I expect.

Here is a plot of Chuck’s vertical position on a particular level. You can get his data by making a video (screen cast) of the game and then using video analysis. I prefer Tracker Video Analysis (free).By setting the length of the slingshot to 4.9 meters, I get a constant vertical acceleration of about 9.5 m/s2. That’s pretty close to the same acceleration and scale in the original Angry Birds game that I found previously.

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Sure, you might argue that my assumptions from my previous analysis are no longer valid. I had assumed that the birds were on the surface of Earth and now they are on Tatooine where the gravitational field could be different. Ok, that is a valid point. However, if you have watched the Star Wars movies as much as I have you would know that everything seems to move as though it were on Earth. I will assume that the gravitational fields (and thus the vertical acceleration) on Tatooine and Earth are the same. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

I am going to be looking at speeds of things. If the scale is off a little bit it will be fine. Let’s start with something simple.

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I will shoot the yellow Han Solo bird and have it shoot the blaster. Pretty simple right? Here is a plot of the horizontal position vs. time for three different shots. Do you see what I see? I expected a constant horizontal velocity for the three bolts. However, it appears that the speed of all three bolts increases after some time. Is that odd? Yes. Before we get too carried away, I suspect it is a frame rate problem.

Here is a plot of the x-position of the bird during the same time. A normal bird (without firing blaster bolts) would have a constant horizontal velocity. This one slows down while the shots are fired and then speeds back up. Why do I think this is a game problem?

Wipe Drives Dream Pinball 3D

Features Dream Pinball 3D

Here’s why. This is a trajectory plot (x vs. y) for the bird and the three shots. Nothing looks crazy here now that time isn’t in the plot. Let me play around with my video and see if I can get a video without a changning frame rate (if that’s what is actually happening).After playing around a bit with both the Facebook version of the game and the one on my phone, it seems this is a real effect and not something created from my screen capture.

I guess the game goes into “slow motion mode” when the bird shoots the blaster. Ok, I can handle that. This just means that I will just look at blaster speeds AFTER the bird shoots.

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If I fit a linear function to the x-position of the blaster plots, I can get the x-velocity for each one. I can also do something similar for the y-velocity. To find the magnitude of the velocity, I just use the following:Using data from the three shots, I get the following speeds: 41.18 m/s, 44.11 m/s and 52.09 m/s. I thought they would be the same, but now I’m not so sure. How about more data? More is better, right? Here are the speeds of 16 more shots. These shots have an average value of 38.49 m/s with a standard deviation of 5.86 m/s. That’s not what I was expecting.

I sort of figured the speed would be about the same. Now, let me be clear. In order to miss the slow motion part of the shot I only looked at blaster bolts after the last one had been shot (so time goes back to normal time).There is still the possibility that these bolts all have the same speed and I am just seeing a large measurement error. But is there another reason? What if the blaster bolt speed depends on the speed of the bird as it shot the blaster?

Wipe Drives Dream Pinball 3D

So, a bird moving in the same direction as the shot would produce a higher speed relative to the background. Also, a “backwards” shot would be slower.

So, I tried a simple experiment. What if I shoot forwards with one bird and then backwards for the next? For three forward shots, I get an average x-component of velocity of 45.09 m/s and -37.35 m/s for the backwards shot (but the bird is moving in the positive x-direction).

This shows a difference in speeds – but just a little bit. If I look at the horizontal motion of the bird after it was shot, I get an x-velocity around 20 m/s. If the bolt speed was based on the bird speed, there should be a much larger difference in speeds. I suspect the problem might be with the backwards shots. Just based on the level layout, there wasn’t much room to shoot backwards.

I found one. It is Tatooine-36. Why is it better? First, it’s in space – so I don’t have to worry about acceleration.

Second, it is bigger. There is more room to shoot. Oh, as a bonus you get 3 Han Solo birds to shoot. Here is the experiment.

First, I will shoot Han in a direction where there is not much to hit. Then I can try shooting the blaster in the same direction and then the opposite direction as the motion. I should be able to get fairly nice data. Also, I can launch the Han-bird at a slower speed (just don’t pull back on the sling shot as much). This will give a total of 4 different birds each with 3 blaster shots. Since all the motion will be in a line, I can just look at one dimension.

Why didn’t I do this from the start? Probably because I lack patience. You can clearly see the motion of the Han (Chuck) slows down during the three shots and then speeds back up. This plot doesn’t show it, but if you have enough data the bird does get back to the original speed (most likely).

Civ 4 is my favourite, as they made Civ 5 way too simplified. USA: 25 August 2009 Shut up and Drive When I got in the page I just have something like (can’t use this plugin)…

any idea ? Someone ? That game looks very cool 🙂 Digital Distribution The PC Saviour?

on Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a write-up of a panel at the Develop 09 conference discussing the growing impact of digital distribution on the world of PC games. They offer data to outline the scope of digital sales, outline discussions of the pros and cons of online sales, and the outlook on how this impacts piracy. Here’s a portion discussing the PC market’s shift from stores to online: Use up all your magic! When you die or a new level starts, you get some back. Silent Hill 2 For more on how we rate US friendly online casinos, click here . 4 Page 22 of 26 read reviews Top 10 Then you’ll take them out onto the track to pull off tricks and jumps, drift round corners at high-speed, and out-drive your opponents to take pole position.

After three, you get a chance to harvest – and this is where things become more complicated. You get more points for harvesting many plants at once, which requires them to be on adjacent squares.

But on harvesting anything, the soil beneath is turned over. Soil cycles between blue, yellow, and green, and gro

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