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Ld and a parent; in fact, Eragon seems practically designed to be played that way. But with a co-op tie-in game, it certainly should have been conceivable to make sure both players were truly occupied during certain sections of the game. The closest to this you get is Fury Mode, only activated when both players have beaten enough enemies to charge up a meter that lets them both gain enhanced defense and attack damage for a brief period of time. In single-player, the second player activities could’ve been simply assumed by the AI; certainly this is how Lego Star Wars handled things. Instead, most levels are interspersed with moments where one of the two players is left doing little or nothing. In dragon-flight levels, Eragon’s player can do little more than fire arrows; often in puzzles on foot, the second player cannot contribute at all. These moments are just frequent enough to disrupt the flow of co-op play, although not severely so. If chemistry with your partner is good, then you’ll only notice if you happen to be the second player and find yourself putting down the controller during a puzzle.

Still, it’s a puzzling design flaw. Perhaps the intent was to have player two protecting player one during puzzles, and player one protecting player two in flight, but in practice, it simply feels unbalanced. It’s a forgivable flaw, but one that limits the game’s replay value. Eragon is still quite fun despite its flaws. The gameplay is refreshingly direct, extremely easy to pick up and enjoy quickly, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

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The game can easily be completed in 10 hours, but those hours are all fresh and fun. There are no irritating attempts to pad out the game with unnecessary mandatory repetition simply because more hours of gameplay sounds better on the back of the box, which you surely would’ve gotten out of an Electronic Arts take on the license. Few modern games are willing to not overstay their welcome, and I’d certainly like to see this approach to design become more standard.

The gameplay itself involves exactly what a game based on the Eragon license should be, and levels play out with a marvelous storybook quality to them. It may be more of a rental than a purchase for the hardcore, but it is definitely something a fan of the movie will find very enjoyable, and is the rare game that would be absolutely perfect for a parent to play with a child. If anything, the disappointment comes from seeing how the game falls short of its full possible potential. There is an obvious commitment to quality on the part of the creators.

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It makes criticizing Eragon difficult, because this is an extremely well-intentioned title. Frequently, it seems like the industry’s only really committed to reliable mediocrity. Eragon instead badly wants to entertain you, and the design combines many very interesting gameplay elements in an intriguing way. They didn’t cohere together completely in the final product, but still result in a good, interesting title that has the untapped potential for an amazing title lurking within it. It’s the sort of game that leaves you really wanting to play a sequel that might be able to get everything just perfect.

Do yourself a favor and play Eragon when it comes out, either on your own or with a friend. You’ll see one of the most interesting licensed titles to have come out in quite some time, one that makes a sincere effort at doing right by both the license and the gamer. It fell a bit short of the mark at the end of the day, but chances are you will enjoy yourself and wish there was another one to which to look forward.

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JDU should have more, if anything. Each character can open a majority of the chests.

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Opinions and reviews Fisherman’s Paradise II (Jewel Case)

Effect Johnny Cage Page 32 of 101 Unity CEO argues games are at, wants Jurassic Park in VR 521 comments Medieval Shark Free iTunes Enter Electro plays about the same as the title before it, starring a quick-witted Spider-Man swinging around NYC in search of the electric super villain thats planning to steal some otherworldly device. The game has the playful nature of the original, but it lacks the same polish, and has a much worse collection of bad guys to fight. Enter Electro does have the interesting footnote that its final battle had to be altered weeks before its October 2001 release to excise an appearance by the World Trade Center in its final boss battle.

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