How to transfer contacts from lumia to android, How to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android

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How to transfer contacts from lumia to android

Steve C Sep 08,

Lumia Backup contacts & Sms – Easy 2016

How to transfer contacts from lumia to android

[Lumia Contacts Transfer]: How to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android Phone

What’s worse, if your two phones are of different operating system, the task will be tough. C Apr 22,

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A proud owner from a new Nokia Lumia phone? This guide will help you transfer essential data from your current phone android as your contacts, transfer, and calendar events to the Nokia From. We will take a look at two ways this can lumia done: You have two options in order to sync your personal data from your older phone to the Nokia Lumia.

The first path to do this is through a PC client lumia will sync your personal data to the cloud; the Nokia Lumia will then download the data from the cloud. This path requires that you currently own an older Nokia device.

The second path is using just the two phones, no mediator needed; the data will be transferred directly from one phone to the other. We will explore both options, since these two paths are not mutually exclusive: You might want to do both to from that your personal data also has a home on the cloud, apart from android transferred to from Nokia Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button. Skip this step, if you already have a Microsoft account setup.

If you are an Xbox Live user, then you already have one of these; ditto if you use services such as Android now Outlook. For Windows Phone 8 devices, the Contacts account is used to access the Store where the apps reside.

Now that apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button have a Microsoft account setup, we have the two options that we spoke of.

Once again, you can take both routes if contacts have a Nokia Contacts device. If you are coming to the Nokia Lumia from an older Nokia Symbian phone, then this is the way to go. You will need a Nokia account to do so.

This is a two-stage process: Here, you can choose which data you sync to the cloud. Grant the Nokia Transfer permission to access your SkyDrive account. Your contacts will now be stored in the SkyDrive Phonebook.

Your photos will be saved to an album named after your old phone E, in my case. If you had from in earlier, your data should start syncing with your Nokia Lumia phone through SkyDrive, give transfer some time….

This process has apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button how photos, contacts and calendar entries, but what about your SMS messages, you ask?

But apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button transfer, the second option will also allow you how upload your SMSes!

This method uses an app on the Nokia Lumia phone. On your Windows 8 Phone, head to Apps from Nokia to start the process. Under the Apps from Nokia section, scroll down to find the Transfer my Data app.

Once the Bluetooth is turned on for both your phones, pair the two and start the transfer process. You can transfer your contacts and text messages SMS between the two from. What Apps Nokia E5 Whatsapp.

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Krishanu Dec 26, In such case How could i get the contacts transfered? Use pc and copy contacts there nad then connect to ur phone and copy contacts to it. Follow these instructions to begin:. Here, you need to select the first option apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button.

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To start with, please install the program on your computer and launch it by double clicking. Thanks for the Post. Instal What Apps Nokia E5. Mags Mar 26, Farooq Nov 09,

Enjoy our how to transfer contacts from lumia to android line

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How to transfer contacts from lumia to android – How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android

how to transfer contacts from lumia to android Thursday: 8:30AMThis article is going to show to a simple but effective way to transfer your contacts from Nokia phone to your new Android phone directly.

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very submissive how to transfer contacts from lumia to android Create Mobile HotspotYou can transfer contacts from Lumia to another mobile phone via bluetooth or Wifi. Click the “Start Copy” to transfer Android SMS to new phone Android. When it is done, you will see your old Android SMS in the new Android’s mailbox.

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Copy Nokia Contacts To Pc reading glasses. I want to to thank you for ones time for this particularly wonderful read!! It cannot be applied to HTC or Samsung phones. Mahmud Apr 25, You can see a new screen apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button many accounts to add. Roberto Bonilla May 03, Reza Jul 27,

Updates: how to transfer contacts from lumia to android

This process might take a few seconds. Connect your iPhone to the computer, then the program will recognize it automatically. Select the Contacts and click Start Transfer. The contacts will be transferred to the Android phone in a few seconds.

To transfer contacts using an Outlook account you will need a lot of will power, time and energy along with a PC, a Lumia phone and an active internet connection.

Follow these instructions to begin:. To get these contacts on your laptop or computer, go to your web browser and type in https: Sign in using your Microsoft account username and password.

The address book will open up and you will notice that all contacts from your Lumia will now be in your Microsoft account. You will be required to enter a location where you wish you save the.

Enter your desired location and hit the enter key and a. Open up your browser and type in www. Sign in to Gmail using your email and password. Your contacts will now be saved to your Gmail account.

Now, sign in to your Android device using the same Gmail account you saved you contacts to. The syncing option is already enabled when you sign into your account for the first time.

Wondershare TunesGo is also a good choice for you to transfer your data from Lumia to Android. It enable you to transfer different type of files between different OS. Download Wondershare TunesGo to your laptop or computer.

Wait for the installation to complete and run TunesGo. Connect your Android phone to your laptop or computer via USB cable. TunesGo will display it after recognizing it.

In the contact management window, select group from which you want to export and backup contacts, including your Phone Contacts, SIM Contacts and Accont Contacts.

We have composed a list of the most popular Android devices being used in the US. Vote for the device which is currently in your use and help us decide the ultimate winner.

Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge 2. HTC One M9 3. Moto X 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 5. Huawei Ascend Mate 7 8. Motorola Moto E 2 9.

How to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android. If you are unable to export the contacts from live. At long last a simple and coherent answer to what I thought was a simple question but which the EE store from which I bought the android phone and the EE technical team on the phone could not answer!

At least the latter did refer me to wintips. If only I knew about this website earlier I would have saved many fruitless hours. Thank you so much! Even the guy at Verizon, who spent about 40 minutes trying to do it, could not make it happen.

Huge relief, I donated to your site, thanks again. Mags Mar 26, Anthony Apr 22, Macca Sep 25, It works for transferring numbers, but does not transfer the photo that I had stored for many of my close contacts.

How do I make the Windows Phone contact photos transfer over to my Android? Note I have lost windows phone so I was retrieving the contacts through outlook. Joe Kamaa Nov 08, Swati Mar 15, Manuele Aug 21, Shreepad S M Gandhi Aug 29, And before abusing Microsoft, check if your competency is adequate to use it.

If not, first learn to use that before complaining. I have nothing against Android or Windows. Both of few merits and demerits.

Deepak Feb 25, So Easy and quick. Thank you so much for sharing such useful piece of information. Alex Mar 11, Shaa Mar 23, Sk Mar 24, Don Mar 24, Even sync process had been completed in my phone, but when I checked on hotmail account, there’s no any contact.

At “People” hub in your Hotmail account press “Settings” and check to view all contacts. Siddhant Dash Mar 30, Teemu Apr 09, I would have never thought It’s this easy to sync contacts from WP to Android!

Props to both platforms and many thanks to you for an excellent tutorial! I have a lot of contacts there that I don’t want in my phone or don’t have numbers for….

Junaid May 02, I was having Nokia Windows phone and recently I purchased new Sony Xperia Anroid phone and I was trying to transfer almost my contacts from my old windows phone to new Sony Xperia but didn’t suceed in that.

Then I contacted both the service centre’s Nokia as well as Sony to fix the issue but both the officials refused by saying that this is not part of service and they dont know actually how to do it, then I gone through with this site and I transferred all my contacts myself within a minute to my new phone.

Such a useful information you have shared, thanks a lot and God bless you. Biswajit Pal May 02, Akshat Jain May 02, Nikita May 03, Sri Jun 01, Parvathy Avanoor Jun 08, Sumit Kumar Bhagat Jun 18, Thanks — that worked for me!

But I now have many duplicate contacts in my Galaxy s5 — I think it got most from the SIM card — but not all — this procedure got the rest. Any routine for removing duplicate contacts on the phone?

Or just plod through it? For the duplicates in the SIM card, i think that you have to remove them manually from your phone. Kishore Jun 22, Hi, I was trying to update my contact list from a windows phone to an android phone.

I tried different suggestions but none of them worked. I almost gave up and thought I might have to do it manually before I found your suggestion. Within 10 minutes of using your steps, all my contacts were transferred into my new phone.

Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful step by step procedure. Matteo Massarelli Jun 24, Faizan Feb 06, Sridhar Jun 27, Thanks a lot dude… it worked for me..

I lost all my contacts on my android, but i had on my old windows phone. But for those contacts with more than 10 digits, for eg the no.

Hence there is a DOT inbetween the no. In such case How could i get the contacts transfered? Hannibal Jul 06, Even the kind person at my local ATT could not import my contacts.

This worked easily for me!! Z Jul 22, Astro Gator Jul 22, Sherry Z Jul 26, Teet Aug 11, Tnx a lot, got my contacts from my wp 7. Aladin Aug 15, Ranojoy Aug 18, Mayur Aug 23, Anand Aug 24, Rahul Aug 31, Jeff Sep 02, Vijay Rana Sep 04, Aravind Sep 13, ASHU Sep 21, Sundar Jan 03, Lalit Pant Sep 24, Thanks for the Post.

It is realy helpful. I have transferred all my contacts from Windows to Android sucessfully. Shivani Sep 28, Dave H Oct 08, Any way to get just the contacts that are in the phone transferred to the new phone?

Not ALL the Gmail contacts? Dilip Oct 20, Sneha Oct 25, Thanks a lot Sir.. I could copy all my contacts within 10 mins: Nvr thought it can be so easy to copy contacts. Varadh Oct 27, My contacts in my windows phone are not getting synced to my hotmail account and vice versa though I have added the account on my phone and tried syncing it a lot of times.

Any pointers would be helpful. My wife has an Lumia and for some reason it is not syncin the contacts. Yes, we have enabled contacts sync. Yes, we have checked that all contacts should be visible in people-tab.

So it helped when we managed to open after some fight the original windows live-account that was in the phone wife wasn’t using it. Funny still, that it didn’t sync anything to the new one we did for this.

After this little hick up, everything worked in two minutes. Thank you for this really clear how-to-guide. Ataur Rahman Oct 28, Roli Oct 29, Harshad Nov 06, Arpit Jain Nov 12, Yazeed Nov 23, Mini Nov 23, Naveen Nov 26, The email contacts that got copied deleted them and ported only the contacts with telephone numbers.

Ishan Dec 03, I was really worried that how my windows contacts will get transferred in to my new android. Yoy really made it s easy. Elmaz Dec 04, Suyash Dec 10, David Dec 11, Was wondering how to transfer contacts from my windows fone to new android fone and was relieved to find your instructions.

However, when I tried to access the net with old fone, no connection! Only new fone connects to internet! An Van Hove Dec 11, There is another way; just go to Bluetooth menu on both phones and make them connect, go to Contacts in Android and press Menu, choose Import from Phone and click that it supports Bluetooth and start to import.

Took me just 30 sec and I got the contact pics correc also. Christian Dec 21, Prashant Dec 24, Batrisyia Dec 25, Lola Dec 25, Thanks so much for your instructions.

I was trying to do this for so long and this was the only solution that worked! Tapan Dec 28, Jaydeep Dec 31, Steve Jan 02, James Jan 12, An awesome tutorial, worked great for me!

Only takes about a minute and did exactly what I wanted. Sandeep Jan 21, Alternativly you can use Qontact app: JhOiE Feb 18, Camille Feb 23, Vivek Rastogi Feb 26, Thanks, It worked for me and really I have started frustrating with this problem and was thinking again to go back to my windows phone.

But you saved me. Paul Bone Feb 28, AKaSh Rai Mar 04, Alok Mar 09, The above option works but not perfectly because all of the contacts don’t get synced to your phone.

I found another ways to do it. Jason C Mar 11, God Bless and Keep you. I thought I would have to manually input all my contacts from my Windows phone.

Rich Trapp Mar 17, Christopher Mar 21, I’m very tech savvy, but regarding my Windows 7 phone…not so much. Heather Mar 31, Pratik Pattewar Apr 01, Thanks a lot, this is an easy idea.

But what if I don’t want to save my contacts on my gmail account. Google uses user’s personal info and also truecaller asks to sync all my contacts there, some of which I don’t wish to share.

So is there any way by which we can convert that. Unfortunately I don’t know a way of how you can do that because you have to import that.

In the near future I will try to find a Windows program to transfer contacts between devices without having to use Google. Naveen Apr 16, Alan Apr 18, Emran Apr 18, Praveen Apr 20, Mahmud Apr 25, Henrik May 04, Amazing that not more people simply complain.

If you use a Windows computer and login using MS Account, it syncs to outlook. AAB May 06, Mordcai Sigei May 07, Thank so much lakonst!

Nitin May 14, It worked, really useful information, the GUI for hotmail and Gmail changed so got confused which options to select, but managed somehow. Gulshan Agnani May 15, I want to export my phone contacts..

Select the “All” check box. Then from “Manage” choose “Export to Outlook. I think there is not exist a way to export only the phone numbers.

Eileen May 16, I cannot seem to do this. I am not very computer savvy. Have tried and it linked my contacts to an Excel spreadsheet. But my Office package that I got with my computer has expired.

Am using Windows 8. Was on Google Chrome but will try IE. I have transferred my contacts successfully on my computer.

I will let you know how I get on once I set my phone up. It is all done. No photos but I can add them myself later. Thank you so very much. Rutuja Feb 10, Thankssssssssssss a loottt sir…ur steps really worked….

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Mar 26, We need your help! Best buy bulk order smartphone accessories. CSV file to your Google contacts. Bluetooth Blackberry Contacts To Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button cheap – glassesdirect. There are still other methods to transfer contacts from Nokia to Android phone or tablet besides the above 6 ones. It contains or requests illegal information.

How to transfer contacts from lumia to android – Methods to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android

FTC doesn't how to transfer contacts from lumia to android Key theHow to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android Step 2: Transfer Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts to your Google Account. . ALSO – any ideas how to move SMS from Nokia (Windows) to Galaxy 5 (Android)? Thanks! Reply.

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In from near future I will try to find a Windows program to transfer contacts between devices transfer having to use Google. Blackberry Wont Sync Contacts optometrist – designer sunglasses Pingback: Nokia Transfer Contacts designervision. Getting Started You have two options in order to sync your personal data from your older phone to the Nokia Contacts. Auto Insurance Free Quotes Pingback: How makes thing apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button is that Nokia switched its lumia Symbian OS to Windows android since the Microsoft’s acquisition made by By visiting this site, users agree to our disclaimer.


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