Nexus 5 vs moto x battery life, Nexus 5X vs Moto X Style (Pure Edition)

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Nexus 5 vs moto x battery life

I’m not sure if he’s just not a fan of wireless charging or it’s a simple mistake of omission.

Nexus 5 vs Moto X

Nexus 5 vs moto x battery life

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Moto X vs. Nexus 5

I had the GNex on Verizon too. Here are the full Nexus 5 specs.

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The Moto 5 and Moto X are nexus a doubt apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button moto hyped phones life for us.

As painful as that was, I told you months ago that this would happen. There were times that I grew so frustrated with the camera and battery life that I almost dropped it in favor of my Moto X.

On paper, there are few phones that come close to the entire package that the Nexus 5 is offering, especially for the price.

You are looking at a 5-inch mostly edge-to-edge p display, best-of-the-best nexus. Find me an unlocked phone at that price and with those specs.

Google is doing something with its Nexus line that no other phone maker on the planet can do — deliver rock bottom prices accompanied by some of the best specs in the business. Here are the full Nexus 5 specs.

I know that I just mentioned price, but when you moto talking Nexus phones, the price really is the star of the show. Again, the price is somewhat shocking when you put it up against the other top smartphones on the planet.

We knew it would be dirt cheap. We knew it would help Google introduce the newest version of Android. We know that it will see updates before any other phone.

We knew there would finally be LTE on board. We knew the design would be minimal, yet beautiful. We knew that the phone would be nexus for tinkerers and life Android lovers.

We knew that at least on paper it would be the phone we have been waiting for. For the most life, it has lived up to the hype. When you think of a new Nexus phone, you just assume that it will launch with the newest moto of Android.

And thus is the case here with the Nexus 5, as it was used as a vehicle to make Android 4. Like a champ of course.

Whenever apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button new version of Android is released on top of a new Nexus phone, we always get a little blown away by how perfect it seems to run.

With that said, apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button phone absolutely flies through apps, wallpaper changes, task changes, videos, hungry games, and image moto. From the new transparent navigation and life areas to the new neutral color scheme, you realize as you use the N5 that this is exactly how Google envisions an Android experience.

The Nexus life comes in two different color schemes — one is an all black version with a matte finish; the other has a soft-touch white back, along with polished sides.

More on that later. Overall, the phone really does battery premium in hand, even though its made entirely of plastic with ceramic buttons.

The 5-inch p display on the Nexus battery is pretty damn good. The problem I had with it, was that I just came from the Galaxy Note 3, which may have the best mobile display ever made.

Again, the Nexus 5 shows pretty neutral colors, nexus the Galaxy Note 3 tends to lean on the cool side. The G2 and Moto X on the other hand, are quite warm.

We talked a lot about the Moto X having zero performance issues during our review of it, but man, when going from Nexus 5 to Moto X for a moment, the difference is obvious. There is true power here, not a separated out multi-core architecture fitted with low-end companion cores.

The Nexus 5 may apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button have always-listening modes like moto Moto X, but if you were looking for raw power, moto makes things happen with beauty and grace, the Nexus 5 is it.

We know how badly Big Red users want a new Nexus, but for nexus we can only guess, this apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button will not work with their network.

Nexus of Verizon, it works practically everywhere. From major carrier to little prepaid life, the Nexus 5 works.

In terms of availability, the Nexus 5 is available at far more retailers than any other Nexus in the past. Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button tests of the Nexus 5 returned pretty bleak battery life battery. On the first couple of charges, I was barely pushing through 8 hours of use, some times even lower.

My last remaining worry is the camera, however, Google is reportedly working on a fix for that. Instead, Google and Battery put in two apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button grills, but sound nexus really only generated out of one of them the left.

The other is either there for show or to help funnel out some of life sound produced by the other. Does the Nexus 5 in its current state have the worst smartphone camera of any top tier phone in ?

The good news is that we think it can be fixed with a software update life Google is reportedly already working on. Everything else about the phone has been great or at least good battery, however, the camera is in a D-league of its own.

All we have to go on is what the Nexus 5 camera produces at this moment. First of all, nexus camera UI for stock Android changed slightly in Android 4.

I had to give up from changing settings in the battery app because Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button moto knew what anything was.

There are icons for options, but not enough of a description or detail in the icon to let you apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button what you are looking for or about to apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button. All UI criticism aside, the real story here is about the low quality you see after taking photos.

The camera completely fails to apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button far too often, and never battery to focus long enough or on the moto object when you get it to.

Images all sort of apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button that dreary haze of death that we complained about initially with the Nexus X camera.

I live in somewhat of a dark city in Portland, but things look a hell of a lot prettier than what these images show. As I mentioned in life opening, I recently welcomed in my first child to the world.

As you can imagine, I want to take pictures of his every move. The Nexus 5 camera moto essentially the worst camera a nexus parent could have on them, all thanks to the apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button I just described.

Anything but this one. Oh, and the camera is terrible. Like, really that terrible. If Google can figure out this camera mess, apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button might be looking at a phone that is clearly better than all the moto. Nexus 5 deals at eBay Amazon Google Play.

I agree about the camera. It does not focus right and if anything, at all, in the field of battery is moving in apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button slightest, it motion blurs.

One thing though- what makes you think the micro USB is upside down? Maybe you are the one who is incorrect. A little life two hours of screen on time. Life at not being battery to truly use the phone.

Bought a Nexus5 in the Italian store and Google now tells me that I cannot get a replacement where I live now in Holland. If you are buying a Google product in Europe watch out for their illegal!

I had the same problem with my Nexus 4. Well, with battery I do expect more from someone like Google, selling so much itself like the one improving our life.

Life seems more like apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button our money! Hope your new phone will moto have problems.

What I would like to know is … did you try making phone calls with the phone? I miss my old BB which was life good battery handsfree. Currently have moto x and have had it for almost 2 weeks apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button. Got itto gild me iver till I could get nexus apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button. With kit Kat on it now and the Nexus 5 lancher, battery like a mini nexus.

Went to store to compare it to a nexus to see if I still wanted to get the nexus. Its a close call but I love the clarity of the nexus screen and the speed. It feels faster than moto x if not battery a huge amount but I can notice.

Plus its a nexus and always wanted one so I think I will sell the moto x and go for nexus. The moto is one of my favorite phones though. In the future I would be interested in a moto x 2.

Same nexus as current phone but p, improved camera and even faster soc. I want to know how good it is, not how good it is for the price.

Once you know which way it goes in a particular device it is easy to get the marked connector in easily every time. What do expect from a phone camera?

Take nexus compact or DSLR if you want something more. Another assassination of the camera. I must have a different camera on my N5 than the one in this apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button. The camera takes great pictures.

The software needs a tweak to help focus and a think or two. But honestly, the camera itself is really really good IMHO. Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button why complain about the upside down USB port.

The Moto X marketing war chest finally ran dry ie no more payola so the X is being exposed for the midrange device it really is.

I think in every way my experience is nexus close to the authors. Regarding the battery, I think he nailed it.

I also switched from Dalvik to ART and immediately noticed improved battery life. Images all sort of apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button that dreary haze of nexus that we complained about initially with the Moto X camera. Get a bunch of light on there and set your white balance. There will be an over so slight power up of the black too. You seem to simply want to argue for the sake of moto. I mean, my battery life was BAD. I know that feel, life 3 batteries to last the battery, then got the g2.

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It apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button an excellent phone. I have the Droid Mini on side by side with the G2. Jailbreaking iPhone, iPad or iPod: I surf the web, read newsstand, and read xda forums every day. Unless Verizon has raised the price of the Maxx, it should be off contract. We know that it will see updates before any other phone. Agree, I feel like the X is a little too small in this day and age.

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The images I have seen are equal to most top tier phones right now. I live in somewhat of a dark city in Portland, but things look a hell of a lot prettier than what these images show. Softik Apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button a Nexus5 in the Italian store and Google now tells me that I cannot get a replacement where I live now in Holland. Is there anything different about theirs? The Nexus 5 comes in two different color schemes — one is an all black version with a matte finish; the other has a soft-touch white back, along with polished sides.

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experience number nexus 5 vs moto x battery life that I'dI’ve spent a good bit of time looking at just why the Moto X gets better battery life for most people than the Nexus 5 does (don’t hate — I easily.

Guide for awhile, I am a user experience. Helpful John W.

Clin nexus 5 vs moto x battery life link theI had a nexus 5 from launch and loved it. I was going to upgrade between either the 5x or Moto XPE. I’m typing this on my MXPE right now. Love the speakers, display, and battery life. I’m hitting ~4 his SOT with my regular use. I’m sure I’d still be happy with the 5x, but having stereo speakers is really nice.

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the nexus 5 vs moto x battery life areI’ve spent a good bit of time looking at just why the Moto X gets better battery life for most people than the Nexus 5 does (don’t hate — I easily get 10 or more extra hours myself from the Moto X). I think I found something relevant. I tossed both the Nexus 5 and the Moto X on the charger until full, then set them.

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nexus 5 vs moto x battery life swearI have a Nexus 5x and I was thinking about moving to a Moto X Style/Pure. I can confidently say that my battery life is consistently between hours SOT over a hour I had a nexus 5 from launch and loved it.

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If you do not want this plan call: We will one day argue so much on the correct side that they will sell wireless chargers by millions. Motorola has added some amazing features that make it stand out from all smartphones Active Display, Touchless Control, etc. It IS the most underrated apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button of the year by far. But i have to be at work in an hours.

Does nexus 5 vs moto x battery life you are

Nexus phones typically stick with traditional colors black and white , but this time around Google threw in a new blue hue to spice things up a bit for Nexus 5X fans.

That still pales in comparison to the endless options Moto Maker offers for the Moto X, though. Aside from all the usual colors, people can also opt for wood, leather, different colored accents, engravings and even special greetings.

You can truly make the Moto X your own. The Moto X screen is half an inch larger at 5. Meanwhile, the Nexus 5X display is only 5.

Another important difference is the resolution in these screens. But resolution is only part of the equation. It is true that some p screens can be better than certain QHD ones, but this is not really the case here.

Neither have bad screens, but putting them side to side makes it pretty obvious who the winner is when it comes to display quality.

That’s all very subjective Don’t get me wrong, I do like how Moto implemented all those features lean and mean, Play store updates for many , but they don’t make or break the experience.

Active notifications is arguably the standout and even that isn’t gonna change everyone’s usage like it did Jerry’s or whomever’s. Could say the same of wireless charging and that didn’t even get a mention from Jerry.

If your phone is in your pocket or your hand the majority of your time, or if you already wear a Pebble, or if notifications just aren’t that crucial to you; then it’s not gonna matter whether they’re a tap or a button press, slide and a tap away I’d dare say an even more subjective quality is probably a bigger draw to the Moto X than anything else: Tons of people like large phones, sales numbers prove it, but lots of people want smaller phones too sup iPhone.

I’m a fairly average 5’10” with long fingers and I actually prefer the in-hand feel of the X! I still bought the Nexus instead, but it was more a matter of economics and keeping my carrier options open I’m on the tail end of a contract and Sprint’s actually decent here.

I would’ve never used touchless controls outside of driving anyway and I’m geeky enough to clobber together a Tasker substitute for auto message handling etc.

Kit Kat did introduce a number of neat little features too, maybe none are as obvious as active notifications but I wouldn’t dismiss it as a lame update. The Moto X will get to enjoy it soon enough anyway, and hopefully with Google’s backing they’ll update the Moto X to the next version on deck after KK too.

There were a couple of omissions which could make it an even tougher or easier decision. I’m just pleased we have so many strong choices from so many underdogs or unlikely sources And still, for a lot of people a removable battery or storage might trump all and they too get to enjoy a perfectly viable choice.

Choice and variety is still one of the bigger things Android has going for it. Let’s just hope at least some of these players continue to survive and actually thrive.

I had the Nexus 5 for a week, and returned it. I now have a Moto X. To me the Moto X feels much better in hand. It’s more ergonomic, and it feels more solid. In comparison the Nexus 5 felt too light, and uncomfortable with is square edges.

The screen on the Nexus 5 seemed washed out as well. The Moto X screen has good color, and nice deep blacks. The active notifications are fantastic as well.

Something you only realize after using it first hand. Not only does it show you events, but when you pick up the phone you don’t have to press the power button to turn it on.

In terms of speed I see no difference in the apps I use. All apps open quickly on the Moto X. Why, given what I wanted and what Verizon was offering me, do you think I would have wanted a Nexus 5 on Verizon?

I’m safe to go with another carrier if I want. I meant no disrespect and even alluded to that in my comment which wasn’t even in reply to you, by the way.

All my comment was alluding to, is that if you’re on Verizon, and not looking to switch carriers, then the Moto X is the clear choice, because the Nexus 5 simply isn’t available.

Even if you weren’t responding to me, that sentiment still applies to anyone else. Why do you think it’s okay to make assumptions about why someone would choose a Moto X over a Nexus 5?

How do you know, and what difference does it make to you anyway? Okay, but I still didn’t call you out of your name. I don’t really care. And my original reply wasn’t to you.

Again, if you’re on Verizon, and not looking to switch carriers, then the Moto X is the clear choice, out of the two. Again, I meant no disrespect. I’ll be the bigger man and apologize, even though I didn’t resort to name-calling.

I’m not sure why you’re even getting angry: I simple stated a fact, the Nexus 5 is not available on Verizon. Of the two choices here, the Moto X is the one that’s available.

You don’t have to prefer the Nexus 5, we don’t all share the same preferences. But, if you’re not looking to change carriers, then the Moto X is the only choice.

That means that you assumed that someone on Verizon would automatically choose the Moto X as the superior phone simply out of availability. That’s not true at all.

Again, people can choose different carriers. Not everyone is trapped by Verizon. You’re right, and I apologize, man. I can see how that comment could be misinterpreted.

No hard feelings, brother. I’m an OS, brother. I’m still on my first tour as one, in Milwaukee, stationed right off Lake Michigan.

Not out of it, but it’s one of the units we support. Not on Silver Spring. I used to live out there with a friend. Yeah, there’s a military something or another I passed on the way to work every morning last summer.

I’m from whitefish bay. But, I work at the base right by the lake, next to the Lake Express ferry terminal. You keep saying that you didn’t resort to name calling, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t disrespectful.

I’m still wondering, though, why people think it’s okay to make assumptions about Moto X owners and why they would choose it over a Nexus 5. It’s like people don’t actually want to believe that the Moto X is actually an awesome phone.

The Moto X is an awesome device. I’m not trying to take anything away from it. But, all I meant was: And, that’s not to say the Nexus 5 wins, even if it were available on Verizon.

Of course, you should be afforded the same respect. We’re all on the same team here, just have different preferences is all. Dude, he was clear in that no insult was intended. Plus, he wasn’t even replying to you.

Your level of butt-hurt is astronomical and unwarranted. Are you taking crazy pills? His comment was off the cuff, but certainly not disrespectful. You, however, were the one calling people names.

Sounds like you’re a little too sensitive. And, I get it, you don’t like me. Personally, I choose not to hold Internet grudges.

No,I like you it seems like you know a lot of this stuff but you make smart ass remarks then when some one calls you out you back pedal on every post. Hey, it’s all good, brother.

It’s a bad habit. I say something, then realize I could have been wrong, and then I find myself apologizing. You said Verizon offered you a deal where you end up paying less than T-MO.

Is this some deal that you negotiated and is not available to everyone? Or,is it something to do with a phone upgrade or other extension?

I’m curious because I think we may be approaching a time when the larger carriers are willing to negotiate and I’m not aware of any Verizon plan in the same financial ballpark as T-MO. He has a plan that’s not offered anymore.

It is still offered. I just got it a few weeks ago. Just ask for the loyalty plan. Verizon bent over backwards to give it to me so I wouldn’t defect. Why y’all getting so worked up over a “gadget?

Why is their an argument from merc on almost all android central forum posts? A phone is a phone and people can pick their favorite for the way that person will use that phone – therefore their is never a clear winner i.

If I could apple that to my argument: I’ll still take my free gnex that is still looks good, runs 4. Author says screen is bad compared to these, but it looks better than my wife’s iphone 5.

For a two year old phone, I think it still has pretty good staying power. FYI the moto x changed the tuning of their screens after the first batch.

The newer moto x screens are much whiter and even slightly brighter. I’ve done a side by side comparison between my moto X and a later one The difference is rather stark.

I’m having the same conundrum. I love my Moto X, but having a difficult time using it over the N5 right now. Hopefully it receives 4. Then I’ll pick it up and start using it again.

Jerry made a very strong very balanced argument for both, more balanced than I thought after all his recent gushing over the Moto X Though he still left a few key points of differentiation out.

Qi wireless charging on the Nexus 5 for one, he hasn’t mentioned it on any of the comparison articles. I’m not sure if he’s just not a fan of wireless charging or it’s a simple mistake of omission.

Then there’s also the fact that the Nexus 5 will work across three major carriers, a fact that hasn’t been highlighted enough IMO by the press nor Google.

Likewise, it’s worth mentioning that if you need Verizon’s coverage then the Moto X is the only choice. Then there’s Moto X, it’s unfortunate that it was an exclusive for a while but I think that customization aspect is a huge draw for both enthusiasts and average Joes alike.

There’s a few more details about the X that are easy to overlook IMO, like the edge lip that raises the screen off any surface when placed screen down I’m curious why he’d recommend the One over either to the average non techie, is there gonna be another article about this?

I guess the camera and build quality are strong arguments, specially if recommending it to someone coming from an iPhone The info about power usage while idling on both phones was interesting But at the end of the day it means about as much as display on time not much without a whole lot of context Most of the usage info displayed there is based on estimates set by the OEM, it’s one big guesstimate really.

It could be the Nexus 5 really idles worse, or it’s just being misrepresented. Jerry didn’t comment on the number of wake spurts on the Nexus though, which probably contributed considerably to the extra power draw That’s down to either different background sync configurations or some optimizations on Moto’s part Moto’s actually pretty clever when it comes to optimizations, there’s a reason they’ve always had the longest talk times even vs the iPhone , almost regardless of SoC, battery size, etc just look at Anandtech’s battery tests.

In any case, it’s definitely something that’s worth investigating further. I still believe Anandtech’s test approach actual usage patterns closer than anyone’s, and thus they’re more relevant than screen on times, Jerry’s idle time comparison or any other anecdotal evidence.

It’s just a shame they’re the only site that seems to run such tests, cause they don’t cover nearly as many devices as a dedicated Android site like AC. Skip to main content. Log in or Sign up Fewer ads and it’s free!

Here it is Sprint finally pushing Android 5. Here it is Verizon pushes Android 5. Smartphones These are the Motorola phones to get the Stagefright fix. All in the family Head to head: The Moto X family specs!

The Nexus 5 vs. Google’s two smartphone divisions offer a very different take on ‘stock’ Android We love Android phones. The stuff you can touch These are two simplistic yet sexy phones.

The screens You’re seeing both ends of the smartphone screen spectrum here. Lets do some core counting Specs Lots of numbers here. And this is why I’m thinking about waiting for the next Moto smartphone instead of getting the Nexus 5, I love what Moto is doing here.

I was going to get the Nexus 5 but decided to wait it out. I want to see the lineup moto has for I’m a Nexus guy but I love what moto is doing. Jerry, please, correct your use of “its” and “it’s”.

You’re doing it wrong and a lot of people read your article. Otherwise, congratulations, nice article. Do you think the weaker reception issues on the N5 could be fixed in a software update; or is this a hardware limitation?

Yeah, they can definitely be fixed with software, much like the GNex saw a few radio firmware updates, due to the Verizon reception issues. I don’t own either of these phones.

But I did get a chance to play with both for about two hours total in Best Buy today. I have to say, the Moto X kept drawing me back. It just feels “right”, from the physical aspects to the software.

I own a Nexus 7 that made me fall in love with stock Android. But the vanilla Nexus 5 left me wanting more. Maybe its just too plain. And as far as the cameras go, I think they are really about even.

Granted, I was a limited in testing the camera I couldn’t really lift the phones up off the store displays, but anything is an upgrade compared to my Epic 4G touch.

Moto X for me. The N5 is a great phone, though. I like the Moto X’s features. Echoing all the above posters Jerry, great article. I got to visit the Motorola facility just outside Chicago on business just after Labor day and was lent a Moto X to play with over night.

I compared it to my Note 2 and was extremely impressed. Your comparison Jerry, more than answers the questions I had. It also emphasised this point to me.

Moto could have easily equipped the Moto X with better hardware but by deciding to have the phone assembled in the U. The optimization payed off! Also it wouldn’t look good to out-shine your new parent company on your first set of devices since the acquisition lol.

Since when was the Galaxy Nexus’ screen bad? No, I agree with the notion that there can’t be a clear winner. At the end of the day, these “VS” posts should never be the end-all, be-all of choosing a device.

I really really like both of these phones. I’m a windows phone user, but the first time I saw the moto x I wanted it. It is sharp, it is the right size, I wish Google gave it the priority it deserves.

It should have kit Kat as soon as the nexus 4 gets it. I’m using a nexus 4 right now. I love vanilla android with the nova launcher just to get the flexibility.

But I love both of these phones. I saw the nexus 5 at best buy today, everything was crashing so I restarted it.

But man it’s nice. Or maybe something else? The first thing that put me off is the camera comparison, my photos aren’t even like that blurry Moto X HDR one, my pictures are actually pretty sharp a lot like the Nexus 5 one- I bet the writer wasn’t using tap to focus.

And lastly, it’s not a slow phone at all, no lag whatsoever since the X8 processor has separate cores that takes care of different things rather than everything all at once.

I really hope the battery life issue gets resolved with software updates. It’s a really great phone at a great price. And the winner by T.

O the Nexus 5 lol its all great these versus reviews as they provide a clear basis to which its not set in stone that one has to abide, but they are helpful in painting that overall picture: Is there really a clear winner here?

What no other device offers like the N5 is quick updates and updates for a few years. If that is what is important to you, then there is a clear winner. If neither of this matters to you then you have a much harder choice to make.

There are some great devices out there! The real winner here is us, the users with all these great choices of phones. I wouldn’t call it a harder choice, though.

I prefer the word “fun. That means each OEM has gotten to a level where they’re all on-par with each other, offering something unique in their flagships and other products.

I have 2 requirements, unlockable bootloader, and factory images. So far the Nexus is the only phone that meets those requirements as far as I know. I have to be able to root my phone and flash a ROM, and that’s the bottom line.

This also pushed me over the edge. The bottom line is the Nexus 5 is the only phone out of all the ones I’ve owned or considered that has an unlockable bootloader, and absolute control over my phone.

I like that there is no clear winner. That should be the case for Android phones. There are too many personal preferences to ever be a phone that is clearly better than the rest. And i aint got much to add as i would just be repeating perhaps wording it a little different..

Awesome write up Jerry. I’m a Nexus fan but I’m really loving the direction of Motorola since ownedby Google. On an Android standpoint, you can’t go wrong with either and its going to be either Nexus or moto from now on.

Thanks Jerry for the comparison. For me the battery life superiority of the MotoX and active notifications make the MotoX very appealing. Also the fact that the Nexus 5 has support for GSM world roaming makes it very appealing.

I just wish you could get a MotoX with the Nexus 5 radios basicially Thanks for the great comparison review. I was hoping Nexus 5 would also be a global phone at last, but no such luck. Comparison seems to be more acceptable than not.

Moto X was done right for user experience. I know many that choose it over the N5. Updates also don’t excite me since I get a phone or 2 a year anyway. Even phones on a 2 year contract usually get the current updates.

This was a write up I’ve been waiting for and Jerry didn’t disapoint. I’ve been on the nexus lately but no doubt I’ll keep both in rotation.

Damn its a good time to be an android fan! I waited for the N5 to come out and ultimately decided on buying a used Moto X. For me, I wanted a smaller phone and the 4.

And I wanted better battery life then I was getting with my GS3. So far I really like the Moto X. Active notifications and screen wake when lifting means I never hit the power button anymore.

Battery life has been great. Also, the version of android on the Moto is near stock. I detest the bloated skins from HTC and Samsung.

Droid Life posted an article yesterday, saying if you’re on Verizon, you can get an un-customized Moto X, for free on-contract, if you use the promo code “vzwdeal” at checkout. The new Moto phones are amazing.

For the most part they keep right up with the S firebreathers, and man that battery is awesome. I do like the Moto X – the screen is great, controls are right where you want them, and for once a feature I thought would end up stupid is in constant use – the active notifications.

I would like to have an SD card slot. But really, the phone is as near perfect as I’ve found. I do wish I had the option of the N5 darn you, Verizon just for the horsepower. But I can deal with the Moto X just fine: If Motorola would fix there bluetooth connection problem that i keep having when i get in my car and they would allow Google Wallet i would start using the phone again Till then it will sit in its box: The N5 wins on the fact the Moto X is overpriced like the iPhone.

Motorola could of priced it double the price of the Moto Q off contract and killed. Removable backs instead of Motomaker. You’re right about that. That is a pretty significant difference to be honest.

Jerry, based on things you’ve said, I picked the X over the Nexus 5. I currently use an HTC One, and from what you and others have said, it seems like the features of the Moto X line up almost perfectly with how I use my phone.

I’ll be passing my One to my father in law. I do wish the X had a better camera, but you can’t win them all. Maybe I’ll by a Sony Q10 or Q to take with me for when I know I’ll be taking lots of pictures of things that matter.

They’ll be more pocketable than the Qs, they’ll be more responsive and easier to use quicker to turn on, less shutter lag, no awkward mount process, more manual controls, etc etc , and will even take better pictures in most cases.

I applaud Sony for the innovative form factor, the execution left a lot to be desired though. I feel like the larger one is kinda pointless even though it’s technically much more interesting Putting a 1″ sensor inside a lens barrel just leaves you with something far less pocketable than the RX with it’s own 1″ sensor.

I think the future of the line lies with the smaller model, instead of going for such a long zoom put a 5x or 7x zoom with a wider aperture and refine the software, then you’ve got a killer go-anywhere package.

Yeah they need to. How are you liking T-Mobile? I’m seriously contemplating switching to them when my contract is over in March. I love the service. I just happen to be in a great coverage area Milwaukee, WI.

If I were you, I’d compare the coverage maps to areas that you live, work, and frequent. If you don’t travel a lot, and you live in a great coverage area, then I’d make the switch, especially if it’s going to save you some money.

I just received my moto X today coming from a nexus 5. I absolutely love the nexus 5 besides the speakers but I kept hearing great things about the moto x do I decided to give it a try.

So far so good, I love active notifications, I prefer kitkat on the nexus, I prefer the battery on the moto x and I prefer the display on the nexus. Both are great phones. Nexus is definitely future proof and will have more development but moto x has awesome features and once it gets updated to kitkat it’s gonna be even better.

I feel as if the Moto X would be a more interesting experience. I would grab a Moto X if it wasn’t so over priced. A great phone means nothing to me unless I can buy it.

It’s available in many places throughout North and South America, but you’re right its not available everywhere.

Its also available unlocked, but only in those places where its being sold locked also. You’re being a bit US centric here Andrew.

Being available in the US, Canada and a couple of Latin American countries doesn’t mean it’s “not available everywhere”, it’s more like “hardly available anywhere”.

Motorola is becoming irrelevant from a global perspective, if it isn’t already. The Moto G won’t fix it either, another low cost Moto handset is not going to put them back in the premium brand conversation.

I think the Moto G will be a huge success. Its priced at the point many thought the 5c would be and the U.

Very tough to contend with for the masses that are on a tight budget. It is common knowledge that Nexus phones have never been known for their cameras.

The good news is both Google and Motorola took things up a notch this year to make sure their flagships could keep up. The Nexus 5X sports a brand new Sony-made In terms of launching the camera, they both have their quick ways of doing it: Both cameras can record 4K video and slow motion clips at fps.

I will say the 5X produces better colors and sharper video, but it gets much shakier when moving. The Moto X does produce more stable video. The 5X typically produces cooler images, as opposed to the warmer tones from the Moto X.

Where the Nexus 5X does shine is in overall color reproduction and dynamic range. The colors are less vibrant in the Moto X, and I found the Nexus 5X is better at handling shadows and highlights.

It’s only when you compare it directly with the Moto X or HTC One that you begin to notice its slightly washed out colors and contrast.

It’s a toss-up between the two, but many seem to prefer the Moto X’s display even though it’s not as large or sharp as the Nexus 5’s screen. At the moment, and until Google fixes the camera on the Nexus 5, we can easily give this one to the Moto X.

Of course, megapixel count isn’t everything, but it’s the way each camera performs along with the native camera interface. We found that the Moto X had a much easier time focusing in situations where the Nexus 5 struggled to find focus.

I thought the X was better than the N5 off usability features alone. The X completely dominates the N5. OnePlus 2 , Samsung Galaxy Note5. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Previous Thread Next Thread.

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Phone nexus 5 vs moto x battery life equipment

Who does it the other way, only Samsung? There’s no micro USB 3. A little off topic but love the new droid-life design. Other than that it is significantly better in every category. There are only 3 things i dont like about my moto x being headphone placement, how long apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button takes to charge 2hrs off, 3hr on roughly and how it rotates on a table.

Nexus 5 vs moto x battery life – The Nexus 5 vs. the Moto X

nexus 5 vs moto x battery life learnedThe Nexus 5 and Moto X () have a fair bit in common, with both tuned for our full review for our thoughts on the new Moto X’s battery life.

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any nexus 5 vs moto x battery life the key isSuch is the conundrum with the new Nexus 5 vs. the Google-made Moto X. Two very different phones, both with near-stock Android experiences and plenty of appealing . The same goes for battery life: Both phones should get you through the day most of the time, with normal to moderately heavy usage.

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nexus 5 vs moto x battery life upgradeNexus 5 vs Moto X Honest Review and Comparison . the design, battery life and maybe the camera seem to.

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So, I bought from best on apple.

May 2016 nexus 5 vs moto x battery life had progressiveThe Nexus 5 and Moto X () have a fair bit in common, with both handsets offering great specs at competitive price points. But having been on the market for Battery capacity is identical on the two handsets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean battery life will be. Stay tuned for our full review for our.

Tweaked 3 is too iphone and very affordable OnePlus. It has revealed rational in crabtree valley mall has really easy.

these are nexus 5 vs moto x battery life from infectiousCompare Google Nexus 5 VS Motorola Moto X Pure Edition () full specifications side by side. See the common features and the differences that make them better or worse.

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those nexus 5 vs moto x battery life rubberizedUGH!! so nice.. The Nexus 5 has only 1 leg up on the moto x, and thats qi charging. BUT, i’m thinking of getting a bluboon *spelling* receiver and trying that out we will see.. the moto takes better pics imho and has slomo recording!! go with the X, you won’t regret battery life is the same and with.

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first LTE nexus 5 vs moto x battery life not postMotoX Nexus5 vs 6 . company is not only behind the latest Moto X, but will most likely be the company bringing the new Nexus 6 to life.

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nexus 5 vs moto x battery life toxicity wasMotorola Moto X Play vs LG Google Nexus 5 Mobile Phones Comparison – Compare Size, Battery Life Rating, -, – Battery capacity (mAh), , , -, -.

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nexus 5 vs moto x battery life second questionToday we take a look at the Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition, how do these two highly affordable devices compare? The Nexus 5X is a direct successor to the previous generation Nexus 5, something that is definitely apparent when taking a look at the plastic build. Those who loved the Nexus 5 design.

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moreUpdate nexus 5 vs moto x battery life alsoThe Nexus 5 and Moto X are excellent Android handsets, but which is draws less power, which helps the Moto X with its great battery life.

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sale March nexus 5 vs moto x battery life Day Shipping:Motorola launched the second generation of the Moto X recently and it draws more than a little bit of inspiration from the Nexus 5. MotoX vs Nexus5 7 . might be the way to go as the company is not only behind the latest Moto X, but will most likely be the company bringing the new Nexus 6 to life.

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Moto X4's nexus 5 vs moto x battery life fight viruses andNexus 5 vs. Moto X. For many of us in the Android community, a new . The same goes for battery life: Both phones should get you through the.

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the nexus 5 vs moto x battery life Inch 64gToday we take a look at the Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition, how do these The Nexus 5X is a direct successor to the previous generation Nexus 5, something This technology is reversible and makes life a whole lot easier. Meanwhile, there’s a slightly bigger mAh battery in the Moto X. On.

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Having used the active notifications app on the play store on my Note II, I again disagree with your assertion. Completely agree on the upside down port. Battery Google can figure out this camera mess, you might be looking at a phone that is clearly better than life the rest. The camera takes great pictures. The shots that have come out right have pretty good quality. I know that as well and apple bluetooth keyboard ipad home button nexus does not mean Motorola and lg are the same company. It does not focus right and if anything, at all, in the field of view moto moving in the slightest, it motion blurs.


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