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S. Red takes on the role of Luke Skywalker, Bomb the black bird becomes Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chuck the yellow bird is Han Solo, Terence the big bird gets Wookified into Chewbacca, and Stella the pink bird dons Princess Leia’s hair buns. Meanwhile, the Bad Piggies take on the assorted roles of the antagonistic figures, including petty alien thugs, Greedo, the Stormtroopers and even Darth Vader himself. It does not stop with the characters. All the levels are designed to resemble the iconic Star Wars locales.

The game starts off on Luke’s home planet of Tatooine before letting you smash up the likes of Hoth, Cloud City and a porcine rendition of the Death Star. The birds don’t just squawk unintelligibly either; Han Solo gives us a boisterous “Wahoo,” while Chewie growls like a Wookie should. The game over screen doesn’t just have a pig laughing evilly at your failure, but a pig dressed up as Darth Vader cackling at you in his reverberating and metallic voice. Even the music follows suit, being the absolutely perfect blend of both Star Wars’ heroic theme song and the playful tune we associate with Angry Birds. Needless to say, Rovio took everything we know and love about Star Wars, ran with it, and had a lot of fun in the process.

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It makes Angry Birds Star Wars all the more fun to play as well. Thankfully, the Star Wars trapping are not the only things going for this game. They’re just the icing on the cake. All things considered, Angry Birds Star Wars would have been a great entry to the series if it only retained the new features and levels. At first breath, this plays just like any other Angry Birds game. Your birds and their slingshot are one side of the screen while the Bad Piggies and their assorted contraptions and ramshackle fortresses are on the other. It is up to you to destroy all the pigs by flinging the birds at them with great force. Each bird has his or her own unique properties, attributes and abilities that make them more suitable for different tasks and materials.

For instance, Red is great for knocking down just about anything while the blue triplets excel at demolishing glass. Things look good and familiar so far. However, the birds have completely different abilities. Just as their appearances have all been made over to look like the heroes and villains of Star Wars, so too have their skills.

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Red is no longer just a basic projectile; true to his new Jedi nature, he now whips out a light saber that can destroy everything in an arch in front of him. Bomb no longer blows up like a bomb, but unleashes a Force wave that can scatter debris and pigs alike. Chuck trades his speed boost for a blaster which can be used to vaporize blocks and snipe well-nested pigs. Aside from revamping the old birds, Angry Birds Star Wars also introduces a couple of new ones. They come in the form of everyone’s favorite hapless droid duo, R2-D2 and C-3PO. After delivering the obligatory robotic scream from being launched, the former can turn pigs and buildings alike into dust with an electronic zap. Meanwhile, the nervous wreck that is C-3PO can become a literal wreck when he falls to pieces with the click of your mouse or a tap of your screen. His pieces can then be used to cause even more damage to the scenery.

Both of them are featured in the game’s bonus levels, which you can only access by acquiring stars in the regular stages. These stages are unique and challenging on their own and well worth the time it takes to unlock.

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For the longest time, the Bad Piggies have been standing their ground to the birds’ unending assaults. They can erect crude fortresses, build not quite impenetrable walls, and yet never quite had the heart to fight back. That ends in Angry Birds Star Wars; for the first time in the series, the porkers finally return fire! Some levels feature piggies that are armed with blasters which they’ll use to shoot a constant stream of lasers.

They won’t necessarily aim at you; they’re Stormtroopers and don’t quite know how to aim after all. However, you still need to time your launches properly because nothing messes up the flight of an Angry Bird more than a face full of red-hot light. The shooting mechanics make for some really interesting level designs. Although the pigs’ lasers will often serve as obstacles, they can also be used to your advantage.

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The pigs will keep on firing no matter what angle they’re rotated at, so you can use them to take out their comrades and structures for you! Metallic surfaces also reflect laser blasts, which can allow you to pull off some cool shots that bounce all over the screen. This applies to Chuck’s own laser blasts as well. A lot of levels are in fact designed to capitalize on trick-shooting, which adds an element that had gone unexplored in previous Angry Birds games. In fact, much has been done to revamp the design of the puzzles.

Angry Birds Star Wars may not bring as much innovation to the table as Angry Birds Space did before it, but it’s definitely no tired rehash. The Bad Piggies use more wild contraptions than ever before.

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There are rigged explosive that are designed to cause destruction to very specific areas of the map. Springboards are ready to launch hapless pigs in the air and to their doom. One stage in Tatooine has you contend with a swinging crane, and the detention levels of the Death Star are loaded with crushers. Speaking of Angry Birds Space, the gravity mechanics from that game return in full force! Birds fire straight and true when they’re fired in the vacuum of space. Any objects they collide with can fly or drift into any direction, making them useful for taking out wayward pigs. Gravity only exists around planets and they’ll pull anything that comes too close straight to their surfaces, bird and pig alike. These puzzles, combined with all of the previous additions, makes Angry Birds Star Wars not only one of the most varied entries in the series, but one of the most challenging too. It’s not a hard game to beat, but getting a three-star rating in each level will definitely take some time. No game is perfect, Angry Birds Star Wars included.

Like always, luck can be the ultimate decider between victory and defeat and it stinks like a scruffy nerf herder when the latter happens. More than that, the most notable issue in the game has to be the camera.

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Star Wars requires more precision than any other Angry Birds game to date. You need to know what angle to launch your birds at, you need to know when to execute their abilities, and for the more directional-based powers like Chuck’s blaster or Bomb’s Force wave, you need to know where on the screen you’ll want them to go. Old Angry Birds games always allow you to pan the camera to get a bead on things and this one is no different, but with all the new things to keep in mind, more tools are needed to plan out your destruction properly. Zooming controls would do wonders for that and it’s high time for Angry Birds to consider expanding its camera controls.

Although it seems that not everything has been updated nearly as much as they should have been, Angry Birds Star Wars is nevertheless an excellent addition to the series and a wonderful game in its own right. Everything built up over the course of the series has been incorporated into a single package, it brings a few new things to the mix, and it’s challenging without being frustrating. The birds’ new abilities are a lot of fun to use and the Star Wars theme is executed both flawlessly and hilariously!

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