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Pen. It turns out that it wasn’t a problem because people just poured out [the other two doors]. So I decide to head to the Zebra Room to see what I can do. I started to run down the hallway. I got about a third of the way and this huge ceiling-to-floor cloud came barreling toward me with people running [ahead of] it. It was like the smoke was chasing them down the hallway. Jim Teter: We’re standing there on stage, talking to some of the audience, trying to keep them calm and moving, when all of a sudden I look toward the entrance in the back of the room and a big roll of smoke, like a cloud, came right under the entrance and into the room. I dropped the mic down by my knee and I said, “Jim, we gotta get out of here.”Susan Gitlin: We start to go across the stage and somebody said, “Please do not go this way. There’s no exit off the stage.” Then one of the Schilling boys came running through the doors into the room with a handkerchief over his face, panicked, and behind him came this wall of smoke. I said, “Jeff, Jesus Christ, there really is a fire!”Janice Popp: I remember we started to the left, [toward the northeast exit] but the line was moving so slowly we turned to go in the other direction.

Right about then smoke started to come in around the lights. Then this big ball of flames shot out of what I later learned was the light booth. After those flames shot out, the lights went out. You couldn’t see a thing. The four of us tried to stick together but people were running and screaming, you couldn’t keep track of everyone.

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Then somebody yelled out, “Get low!” That’s when I tripped. I fell once down these little steps, managed to get back up again, and was just trying to feel my way around.

But the smoke was really coming and you could hardly breathe. I took one breath and that was it. I went unconscious.

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To this day I have no idea how I escaped. Jeff Ruby and Susan Gitlin couldn’t figure out which exit to use and got caught up in the chaos as close to a thousand people tried to find their way out in the smoke and darkness.

Jeff Ruby: We went to the right but there was a busboy saying you can’t go this way. We then turned to our left [toward the northeast service bar exit] and started that way, but there were hundreds of people over there. Hundreds, and not even a line. Just a mass of people and we were at the end of it. So we turned back to our right and that busboy is telling us again that we can’t go that way. Susan Gitlin: So Jeff being Jeff, [he] stood his ground, looks at the guy, and says, “Fuck you. We’re going this way.” And the busboy said, “OK, OK, but hurry up.” Once we got into the hallway it was really dark and smoky. We were all packed in there. I kept rubbing my arms and rubbing the back of my hair because it felt like it was so hot my hair was going to singe up. I remember thinking about my mom. My father had been killed in a plane crash a few years before, and I was thinking, It’s so unfair that she’ll have to go through this all over again. Jeff Ruby: People are pushing and shoving, so finally I make an announcement. I said, “Just stay calm and we’ll make it out of here alive.” I started giving orders.

Latest firmware Selected Penguins of Madagascar Kinect By THQ

I’m a big guy and I was in shape. I took charge like a freakin’ sergeant. Susan Gitlin: I was standing behind Jeff and he kind of had his arms back around behind me. I told him, “I can’t see you. I can’t breathe.

” He said, “Keep your face in my jacket. Hold on and don’t let go.” At one point, I looked up and saw those ventriloquist heads coming toward us. I guess the comedians had grabbed them before they left. They were just floating up high through the smoke. It was the most eerie, surreal vision.

Latest firmware Selected Penguins of Madagascar Kinect By THQ

Jeff Ruby: The next thing I saw was the greatest thing I’ve seen in my life: daylight. The door was open and you could see Alexandria Pike and the entrance where that little sign that says Beverly Hills was. Susan Gitlin: When we got to the doors, Jeff said, “Hold on, the stairs are really steep.” They were these metal stairs that were kind of tilted and slippery.

What was holding up everything is that because John Davidson was performing, there were a lot of older women in their long gowns, falling down these stairs. When he knew I was safe, [Jeff] turned around and started almost catching them as they came down the steps. Jeff Ruby: We got off those stairs and I turned around.

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Smoke was coming out of the exit. Then that door shut. There couldn’t have been more than 10 people that came down after us. On the opposite side of the room, at the northeast corner, the exit took people through a small service bar and then left to a door that opened to the garden area in back of the club. The route was initially slowed by a large group of seniors who were having trouble getting up the ramp to the swinging doors. When the smoke appeared and the lights went out, there was a stampede. Some people got stuck in the service bar area; others didn’t even make it that far. In the rush, several people collapsed behind the first set of swinging doors, obstructing the door on the left and preventing firefighters from pushing it open when they arrived on the scene. More people perished behind them, asphyxiating from the toxic smoke. Customers and employees tried to crawl over one another to get out the door on the right, but it soon filled with bodies.

Donny Hammond: Everyone started to push. I got pushed to the side and fell to the ground, [so] I started to crawl to the exit. By then heavy smoke was pouring into the room. I remember one of the waitresses fell near me and was screaming, and I told her to just shut up, to try not to breathe. I don’t know how far I got—it wasn’t far—but what happened is the doorway got stuck up with people.

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I just laid down there because everyone was falling on me. I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t even know how long I was there. There were maybe six people on top of me but they were already [dead], which I didn’t know. Whatever air was left was about a foot from the ground so I put my tuxedo lapel over my mouth to protect me. Half of me was in the Cabaret Room, the other half was in the service bar area. I had one arm free and I was waving at the bartender for him to see me. For a little bit I could hear people saying last rites and then it got really calm. I didn’t hear anybody. The sound blanked out. You know how they say you see the light? It was like a camera filming a movie backwards.

There was a really bright white and then I just felt like I was coming out of it. The bartender saw me waving my hand and he and a fireman started yanking me out from underneath the pile. It felt like they were pulling my arms off. They finally managed to get me free, carried me outside, and laid me out near the wedding chapel. The next thing I really remember is Ricky Schilling slapping my face to keep me awake. I still kid him about that. At 9:04 p. m., three minutes after the call to the dispatcher went out, three Southgate fire trucks arrived at the Beverly Hills. The department, a 55-man all-volunteer crew, knew the club well. Firefighters had frequently been dispatched to put out grease fires and the occasional car fire. Ernie Pretot was a Southgate police officer and the first emergency official to arrive at the scene. He’s now a security officer at St. Luke Hospital in Ft. Thomas.

Opinions and reviews Selected Penguins of Madagascar Kinect By THQ

I was about a half mile, if that, away on Route 27, when I got the call. When I got to the top of the hill, I pulled the cruiser over to the left and saw all these people pouring out of the building. Some of them were kneeling down on the ground, like they were sort of gasping.

The parking attendants came up to me and said, “Where’s the fire department?” “They’re on their way,” I said. Richard Riesenberg was the Southgate fire chief. He’s now retired and lives in Alexandria.

You could smell the smoke. But we didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. We got in our trucks and there’s a point on Route 27 [where] if you’re traveling southbound you used to be able to see the club. When we reached that point, my God, there was smoke and fire coming out. Ernie Pretot: I went up to the first step where the hostess would’ve been and I was going to go back farther into the building, basically right where the fire came from. And I swear to God, I heard a voice that said, “Stop.” Right then, an older woman came out with a pale green floor-length dress on. She came down those steps and almost tripped. I managed to grab her by the arm and right when I did I heard this poof. And I looked back to where I had planned on going and there was this black oily smoke. John Beatsch was a 21-year-old lieutenant on the Southgate Fire Department.

He’s now the chief. I was on the first truck that arrived at the fire. As we pulled up I saw about two dozen people outside. I thought, Oh good, everybody got out. Unaware of what was happening inside the Cabaret Room, Chief Riesenberg directed two of his men to the top of the building to respond to a report that there were people trapped on the roof. Having already requested help from the Newport and Ft. Thomas Fire Departments, Riesenberg put out an additional call to firefighters from nearby Wilder, Highland Heights, and Cold Spring.

In all, 33 departments and 522 firemen would respond to the Beverly that night. Few, if any, were prepared for what they saw. Ernie Pretot: I stayed in front doing crowd control. It never occurred to me that people might be dead. I kept thinking that everyone would get

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